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Sonntag, Borgnakke and van Wylen

Concept-Study Guide Problems

9.1 In a steady state single flow s is either constant or it increases. Is that true? Solution: No.
e dq se = si + T + sgen i Entropy can only go up or stay constant due to sgen, but it can go up or down due to the heat transfer which can be positive or negative. So if the heat transfer is large enough it can overpower any entropy generation and drive s up or down.

Steady state single flow:

9.2 Which process will make the previous statement true? Solution: If the process is said to be adiabatic then: Steady state adiabatic single flow: se = si + sgen si 9.3 A reversible adiabatic flow of liquid water in a pump has increasing P. How about T? Solution: e dq Steady state single flow: se = si + T + sgen = si + 0 + 0 i Adiabatic (dq = 0) means integral vanishes and reversible means sgen = 0, so s is constant. Properties for liquid (incompressible) gives Eq.8.19 C ds = T dT then constant s gives constant T.