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0 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 PPE Requirements - Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Work Gloves, Steel Toe Shoes, Back Support.

Review JSA for tripping out of hole with drill pipe. Inspect Equipment: Tongs, Lines, Shackles, Slips, dies, keepers, tong heads, clamps. Upon the Driller's signal, assist in setting the slips when the top drive is in the breakout position and elevators are latched. Stand clear while Driller latches elevators, breaks out top drive, and picks up elevators against tool joint. After releasing the back-up tongs from the A-leg place tongs on the bottom tool joint, using proper handles. Stand clear while lead-tong is latched onto top tool joint. Make the back up tongs bite at the same time the lead tongs bite, using the proper tong handles. Keep the back-up tongs biting while the Driller breaks the connection. After connection is broken, unlatch lead tongs, using proper handles. Look for: Slack, Missing parts, Damage, Wear, Broken cables, Shackles, Dies, Keepers, tong heads, Lines (proper length and proper size). Slips - Bolts, Inserts, Keepers (Cleaned and Doped), and Handle Conditions. Minimum of two people to set slips. Avoid drilling fluids. DO NOT assist in latching lead tongs. Avoid pinch points. Avoid jerk chain. 7 Assist in installing pipe wiper based on operating procedures or hole conditions as