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English Course Intro

Verb TO BE Present
1) Write the short form: a) she is: SHES b) they are: THEYRE c) it is not: IT ISNT d) that is: THATS e) I am not: IM NOT f) you are not: YOU ARENT

2) Put is am, is or are: a) The weather IS very nice today. b) I AM not tired. c) This bag IS heavy. d) These bags ARE heavy. e) Look! There IS Carol. f) My brother and I ARE good tennis players. g) Ann IS at home. Her children ARE at school. h) I AM a taxi driver. My sister IS a nurse.

3) Write full sentences. Use is, isnt, are or arent: Example: (your shoes very dirty): Your shoes are / arent very dirty. a) (my brother a teacher): MY BROTHER IS A TEACHER. b) (this house not very big): this house ISN'T very big. c)(the shops not open today): The shops arent open today . d) (my keys in my bag): my keys are in my bag. e) (Jenny 18 years old): jenny is 18 years old. f) (you not very tall): you isnt very tall.