SQ3R is a study system developed by Francis Robinson. SQ3R is the acronym for survey, question, read, recite, and
review which are the five stages a student will move through when appropriately studying a text.
SURVEY—the first stage of SQ3R
1. Skim the chapter elements of Chapter 4 to answer the following questions:
a. What is the chapter title? _________________________________________________________________
b. What are the first and second level headings (including those in question form)? ____________________
c. What are the key terms you need to know for this chapter? _____________________________________
a. What are some significant words that are in boldface, italics, underlined, in larger fonts, bullet points,
or boxed texts, and why are they in this arrangement of type? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
a. Describe three ways that identifying your values can help you achieve college and life goals.

b. Explain what short-term and long-term goals are and how they relate.

c. In your own words, define the word “stress” in the context of your life as a student.

d. Describe what emotional intelligence is.

3. Are there words you do not recognize? If so, go to the glossary or index (also known as the back matter for
SQ3R) and look those words up. Write the word(s) and the definition(s) below.

QUESTION—the second stage of SQ3R
1. What do you know about the topic setting goals (goal achievement plans) and managing stress?

2. Using one of Bloom’s verbs level 4 or higher (p195), write one question for each chapter heading (for chapter 4,
there should be 4 level one headings). Try using a different verb for each question.

READ—the third stage of SQ3R—to be completed only AFTER you have actually read the chapter.
1. What is the main idea for each topic—there are four in Chapter 4?

2. How do you prioritize your reading assignments?

RECITE—the fourth stage of SQ3R
1. Create a way to teach someone two of the topics from Chapter 4—your choice, but take this seriously.

REVIEW—the final stage of SQ3R
1. Summarize the main ideas for Chapter 4 in your own words.

2. Write three questions you have regarding topics in Chapter 4.

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