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Assisgnment No. 3 Management in Organisation

Assisgnment No. 3 Management in Organisation

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Management in Organisation 2012


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Course No. Course Title Assignment No. Date of Dispatch Registration Nos. Name of Student Last date of Receipt of Of Assignment at SODE Office

PGPM 11 Management in Organisation 03 2nd Nov 2012 212-08-31-10966-2141 Ashutosh Kumar

Your company has bagged a lucrative contract to construct a housing colony for an Industrial Group to be located in Western Maharashtra on coastal belt. You as a Project Manager have been asked by the company to evolve Organisation Structure with following conditions.  Organisation should be as lean and thin as possible with bare minimum of personnel on company roll upto Junior Engineer Level  All supervisors to down below will be temporary for project duration only to be recruited locally from 100 Km radius. Suggest and discuss an organisation structure denoting responsibility, authority, communication control for all facets of construction work and management functions as visualised by you. Housing colony consists of 10 Bungalows for senior executives, 20 Apartments in five buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue coloured workers. Colony will have market and entertainment complex.


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The rational of organizational management is to facilitate the application of knowledge. need to study its vision. what kinds of individuals required in what time frames and then select the right people INTRODUCTION Management of materials and information flows are key strategic priorities for construction firms. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 2 .ABSTRACT Management in Organisation 2012 This assignment is about “Management in an Organisation for a Residential Housi ng Project”. In choosing the right people for the team. This grade varies from senior executive to blue collared workers. Using the right system The concept of how to choose the right people for the task and how to set up the right organization was also discussed in this study. Participant satisfaction. advantages and drawbacks. Choosing the right people 2. Setting up the right organization 3. skills. the important steps include: 1. managers need to define what kinds of skills are required. mission and its strategic intent and then strive to pick strategies and structures that are congruent. in choosing the right organizing structure. the managers and the environment. A Housing colony generally compromises of building blocks which are categorized based on grade of personnel working in the firm. Sound performance in these two areas can provide them with significant benefits and allow the adding of value for clients. There are many organizational structures and each one of them has its own application. Cost. the size of the firm. the subordinates. In organizational management. Quality. Time. tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements in terms of Scope. Selecting the appropriate structure for an organization will therefore be dependent on the task. Managers.

The present assignment paper is done by keeping in mind the above factors for attaining the best and profitable output. materials and expectation of the client. Management in Organisation 2012 Similarly. PROJECT. Block A Area (Sqm) 120/Block Personal Senior Executives Nos. The elimination of waste and inefficiency from the supply chain builds in value in the process. 90 B C 100 80 White Collared Workers Blue Collared Workers 100 300 Remarks 10 Bungalows comprising of Two Apartments Each Individual House Individual House NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 3 .The introduction of supply chain management in construction is intended to integrate processes.SCOPE OF WORK The project is about construction of a housing colony for an industrial group in Western Maharashtra in a coastal belt. Sir John Egan reaffirmed the aforementioned recommendations in his report title “Rethinking Construction’’ (Egan. The colony may be divided into three blocks tabulated as. and Commitment to people. There are three main aspects to be studied in the course of project namely man power. 1. The report identified five key drivers of change. 1998: 16). reduce uncertainties and weed out inefficiency as much as possible. manage interfaces between companies in projects. namely:      Committed leadership Focus on the client Integrated processes and teams Quality driven agenda.

Considering on the economical basis the market can be also kept inside the complex as a shopping mall. The number of labours can be altered in the work load. Apart from these as all the materials and are purchased from the nearby market and availability of materials can be made on demand and there will be an assured supply of materials. No permanent accommodation is required for local workers. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 4 . Considering the fact that the local labours can be engaged in the field of work due to the following facts. a. 3. Entertainment complex comprises of a theatre and a multi-purpose hall and a small park at the entrance. b. Only travel arrangements can be made on demand as the people are around 100KM radius from the work site and c.Management in Organisation 2012 2. Apart from the housing it is also proposed to build an entertainment complex and a market.

SITE ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Management in Organisation 2012 Project Manager Manager (Contracts) •Assistant Manager (Scheduler) •Qunatity Surveyor •MEP Qunatity Surveyor •Document Controllers Manager (Engineering and Design) •Assistant Manager (Design) •Assistant Manager (Quality Control) •Project Engineer (Safety) Manager (Construction) •Construction Manager (Civil & Structure) •Assistant Project Manager (Civil) •Manager Services (MEP) •Site Engineers Manager (Procurement) •Assistant Manager (Logistics) •Assistant Manager (Accounts & Administration) •Assistant Manager (Supply Chain Management) NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 5 .

He is assisted by:  Assistant Manager (SCHEDULERS): Prepares the work flow for a project. We have not considered the Client Organisation requirement in above Structure.  The project manager will have clear idea about all the process that takes place in the project. The orders are executed by the junior engineers through their senior engineer who is guided by the construction manager. MEP on site. The top most position in any project is the project manager.  He forms a planning department under which all the essentials of the project are been maintained and recorded.  He should be influencing the team to follow in the achievement of a common goal.  He should be able to identify the delay if it is occurred and should be able to rectify it. Assistant Manager (DOCUMENT CONTROLLERS): Maintains all the records of the project  MANAGER (ENGINEERING & DESIGN)  The Manager (E &D) makes the plan and does the design of every single member of a structure that has to come in the project.The above organization chart is prepared keeping in mind Basic Design and Engineering is provided by Client-Architect. This Structure is applicable for Contractor Organisation deployed at site only. The functions of the personnel are discussed briefly below Management in Organisation 2012  PROJECT MANAGER  The project manager is a leader of the team. Assistant Manager (QUANTITY SURVEY. He is answerable to the top level management of the firm and to the clients. MANAGER (Contracts Administration)  The function of a Manager (Contracts) is to regularise the work flow in the project.e. Page 6 NICMAR-SODE/PGPM . Assistant Manager (QUANTITY SURVEYS-Civil): Preparing and checking Bills of Quantity related to all the civil and structure work on site.Services): Preparing and checking Bills of Quantity related to all the Service work i.  The Manager (Contracts) being the head of the planning department has to keep up the above mentioned functions.

  As for the residential project. Assistant Manager (Structure): He will be responsible for allocating duties to supervisory staff as well as idle labour for works related to Structure. 4. Manager. He has a team consisting of engineers’ ad his sub-ordinates for various works in the field. he does prepare the layout of the entire colony with specification of the every single apartment and bungalow allocated as per the specification proposed by the clients. Assistant Manager (QC INSPECTOR): He takes care in examining the quality of the all the products from reinforcement. Management in Organisation 2012 Assistant Manager (Design): He will take care and assist Manager for design related calculation and drawing preparations. The main function of the execution department is to execute the orders received from the planning department.Civil& Structure) and responsible for all construction related issues accept the structure as that part is headed by his hierarchy boss. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 7 . Thus he assures that the risk factors in the site are minimized and a safe working environment is provided. report to Manager (Construction. He prepares the drawings which provide all the essentials for the structure. Site Engineers: They are responsible for looking after site execution work under the guidance of their respective managers. MANAGER (Construction. The most active post in the organisation is the construction manager since he decides upon the plans proposed on assumed working conditions and executes them under the actual working conditions. concrete to a completed building.Civil & Structure)    He is the head of the execution department.Service (MEP): He will be responsible for all Service related work on site.  Construction Manager (Civil): He is the head of civil work over site. Project Engineer (SAFETY): He assures the safe working condition prevails in the site to all the people working in the site.

He will provide the status of material in transit. He will also look after HR work for Manager (Procurement) NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 8 . administration and HR related work Banking and managing cash flow Site Legal matters General books of account maintenance Subsidiary records Financial reports Payment of invoices Billing Personnel records Payrolls and records Wage and personnel reports to public agency Assistant Manager (Logistics): He will be responsible for logistical and delivery of material to site. MANAGER (Procurement)            Management in Organisation 2012 The commercial Manager looks after finance.5. Assistant Manager (Accounts and Administration): He will be responsible for all accounts and administration work for company and supporting hand for Manager (Procurement) Assistant Manager (Supply Chain Management & HR): He will be responsible for material and manpower supply flow to site and checks for idle labour on site.

1 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Qualification and Experience Min.No 1 2 Positions Project Manager Management in Organisation 2012 Nos. 1.) Civil projects Project Engineer Min 2-5 years exp in Construction Projects :6 : 12 1 1 1 1 2 6 2 2 The number of Professional Personnel The numbers of junior manager The number of skilled labours The number of unskilled labours : 20 (This may vary on demand) : 80 (This may vary on demand) Hence total Senior executive and labours required Total= 118 persons min. B. Planning Department. Materials. Accounting Construction Manager Min. M.Tech (Strcuture) with 15-18 years of & Design) Experience in Structure Design of Residential Complex Manager (ConstructionMin. BE (Civil) with 20-25 years of Experience in Civil Industry Manager (Contracts) Min. BE (Civil) with 15-18 years of Experience in Civil Industry and almost 5 years of experience in handling contracts Manager (Engineering Min. 7-8 Years of experience in Estimation surveying in respective field of Civil and MEP Assistant Manger Min 5-8 years of experience in Construction (Civil) Industry Assistant Manager Min 5-8 years of of exp in handling complex (Accounts and Admin. 2. INFORMATION FLOW AMONG SITE FUNCTIONS As discussed above the breakdown in an organisation can be categorized four departments namely. 10-12 years of exp in the field of HR. Commercial department. Logistics. 10-12 years of exp in the Civil and structure work Quantity Suveryors Min.NOS OF PERSONNEL IN ORGANISATION STRUCTURE S.Tech (Civil) with 15-20 years of Civil & Structure) Experience in Residential Complex construction related work Manager (Procurement) Min. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 9 .

Purchase and logistics management at site   Engineering and Design department  The Quality Team will have a structure as follows: Quality Control plays a very vital role in a project. sequence material and activities. one team member in Architecture and one in Execution. Management in Organisation 2012 Planning Department  The Planning team would work on the Project schedule. it would be critical to have a Quality team member involved in every critical aspect of the project. Site Layout. initial site mobilisation activities planning. Execution department. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 10 . A coordinative effort between these two divisions will ensure that that the product is ready for the execution team to deliver. The Planning team would ensure that the basic infrastructure like Water and Electricity is made available to the units. The intention to club these two divisions is based on logical interpretation of the basic tenets on which the two teams work. Town Planning and Connectivity.3.  Execution department   The primary thing that has to be realized is that execution is a very critical team for the success of the organization. Engineering and Design Department and 4. Hence. Booking to ensure that all the required books are to do the book keeping and also execute the plans Store.    Commercial Department  The team will work around the year to ensure that the required cash flows are maintained and also to ensure that the work doesn’t get affected due to the inherent issues of managing the project. This team has to be closely monitored and should also be given enough flexibility to allow intelligent deviations from the plan and also should be flexible enough to incorporate the changing conditions in the environment. A team member would be involved in the Engineering Drawing and Interface with Engineering Consultants.

Supplies. Finished Products. So as a result the client is pleased and at the same times the work progress is also maintained at the same ratio. NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 11 .e. Consultants and Clients. Resource Flow i. Orders. Equipments etc Thus it is very clear from the flow chart that in the field of construction there is no unidirectional flow of orders or communication it is a must that a for an efficient project there is a must that all should be knowing the happenings around them so as that the problems can be discussed and hurdles are overcome. Management in Organisation 2012 Design and Studies Consultant Client Use Need Contractor Management Site Execution and Handing Over after QC Approval Fabrication Part Production Material Production Sub-Contractor Information Flow i. Estimates.Information and Material flow chart as shown in the flow chart below among construction site. Procedure etc.e. Programs. As a result for the company time efficiency is gained which at the day’s end earns a lot of profit and fame for the concern.

which places heavy reliance upon the skills of its workforce. and Ram Charan (2011). Kagioglou. G. a very fast employment growth is expected.      BIBLIOGRAPHY Hinks. and Personal Talent". J. the retention of good people is very crucial. ISBN 978-0-307-46026-4. U. (1997) IT and The Design and Construction Process: A Conceptual Model of Co-Maturation.. Retrieved 2007-10-17. "The Changing Environment of Professional HR Associations". Jonathan E. DeGraff (21 February 2010). Additionally. (1995) Occasional Paper No. Storage of workforce results in delays leading to a cost escalation. Wright. and Sexton. Towers. excellent job opportunities will exist as number of job opening exceeds the numbers of qualified applicants. This it is necessary to keep these factors in mind before processing with project. Aouad. and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists". NICMAR-SODE/PGPM Page 12 . July Construct IT report.RECOMENDATION Management in Organisation 2012 Construction is a labour-intensive industry. Retrieved 3 September 2011.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Crown Publishing Group. Bill.. Availability of workforce differs from region to region.. Sheath. D. R. "Human Resources. Patrick. Communication is very important aspect. Functional. Even the cost of man hours is different in different places. The international journal of construction IT. Pre-planning for the manpower should be done with a proper estimation of required personnel. Thus. M. David. Good manpower planning is necessary. 1: A Process-Based Study of an IT Research Work Plan. This will be great help to avoid labour related uncertainties. Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS). M. It is recommended to use the e-mail and communication tool effectively. 2011. Conaty.. Training. Retrieved 21 December 2011. University of Salford. Cornell HR Review.  In the construction sector. The structure of site organisation should be such that is able to focus on its core activities and outsourcing is cost effective. Cooper. "The 2011 CHRO Challenge: Building Organizational. The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. "Human Resource Management essays".

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