Geotechnical Model for Tunnels Supported by a Pipe Umbrella

What is a Pipe Umbrella System? Portal Umbrella at the Birgl Tunnel (Austria)

• Pre-support System • Forepoling Method

tectonically sheared rock • soil with cohesion • no flowing/running ground 1st Support Effect Trojane Tunnel (Slovenia) • supports the working area • reduces the overbreak volume => increase in safety => decrease of costs .Typical Ground Types for Pipe Umbrella Systems Partly open face at the Trojane Tunnel (Slovenia) • weak ground (UCS < 1.0 MPa) • weathered.

Reasons for the application of Pipe Umbrella System Publications mention that Pipe Umbrella Systems • • • Increase the stability in the working area Support the face Decrease the construction induced deformations Reports of projects but no rules for the design Concept for Research Work Collecting On – Site Data Geotechnical Model of Support System Laboratory Tests Rock Mass Laboratory Tests Support Strength Validation of the Geotechnical Model by using numerical methods .

Additional Measurement Instrument • • • • Horizontal in-place inclinometer chain Each link is 2 m long 10 links connected to each other (20 m) Measured data is stored every minute Result: deformation path around the working area at 11 points in the crown Birgl Tunnel c = 0.2 MPa .06 MPa φ = 20°-30° E = 100 MPa UCS < 0.

Trojane Tunnel c = 0.016 MPa. E = 75 MPa. φ = 20°. 2003) Measured Bending of a Roof Pipe Each pipe transfers radial loads in the longitudinal direction .1 MPa (Zlender. UCS < 0.

Input Parameters for 3D – Model Numerical Calculation Each pipe transfers radial loads in the longitudinal direction Each pipe is under compression ahead of the face .

normally used support measures.Simulated Bending of a Roof Pipe Conclusion • Interaction between the ground. and Pipe Umbrella Systems clarified Design can be done by analytical methods. or 3D numerical calculations Determination of expected deformations can only be done by using 3D numerical calculation Optimization of support effects can be done by 3D numerical calculations or on-site during construction Pipe Umbrella Systems lead to a safe and economic construction process in weak ground • • • • . experience.

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