Geotechnical Model for Tunnels Supported by a Pipe Umbrella

What is a Pipe Umbrella System? Portal Umbrella at the Birgl Tunnel (Austria)

• Pre-support System • Forepoling Method

tectonically sheared rock • soil with cohesion • no flowing/running ground 1st Support Effect Trojane Tunnel (Slovenia) • supports the working area • reduces the overbreak volume => increase in safety => decrease of costs .0 MPa) • weathered.Typical Ground Types for Pipe Umbrella Systems Partly open face at the Trojane Tunnel (Slovenia) • weak ground (UCS < 1.

Reasons for the application of Pipe Umbrella System Publications mention that Pipe Umbrella Systems • • • Increase the stability in the working area Support the face Decrease the construction induced deformations Reports of projects but no rules for the design Concept for Research Work Collecting On – Site Data Geotechnical Model of Support System Laboratory Tests Rock Mass Laboratory Tests Support Strength Validation of the Geotechnical Model by using numerical methods .

Additional Measurement Instrument • • • • Horizontal in-place inclinometer chain Each link is 2 m long 10 links connected to each other (20 m) Measured data is stored every minute Result: deformation path around the working area at 11 points in the crown Birgl Tunnel c = 0.2 MPa .06 MPa φ = 20°-30° E = 100 MPa UCS < 0.

2003) Measured Bending of a Roof Pipe Each pipe transfers radial loads in the longitudinal direction .1 MPa (Zlender. UCS < 0.Trojane Tunnel c = 0. φ = 20°. E = 75 MPa.016 MPa.

Input Parameters for 3D – Model Numerical Calculation Each pipe transfers radial loads in the longitudinal direction Each pipe is under compression ahead of the face .

experience. or 3D numerical calculations Determination of expected deformations can only be done by using 3D numerical calculation Optimization of support effects can be done by 3D numerical calculations or on-site during construction Pipe Umbrella Systems lead to a safe and economic construction process in weak ground • • • • . normally used support measures. and Pipe Umbrella Systems clarified Design can be done by analytical methods.Simulated Bending of a Roof Pipe Conclusion • Interaction between the ground.

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