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Conversational Koine Institute

Get Greek!

The Conversational Koine Institute, founded by T. Michael W. Halcomb, exists to help people Get Greek! Put differently, the goal of the Conversational Koine Institute is to enable people to learn Greek through a variety of means, especially hearing, speaking, and conversation. In fact, the cornerstone of each class is conversation (hence the name). When paired with hearing, speaking is not just a quick tool to help you memorize but rather, a tried and true approach to helping you internalize a language. Besides, its much more fun than rote memorization of vocabulary words. When one speaks a language, it comes alive. You might say that the Conversational Koine Institute is in the business of helping bring ancient Greek to life for modern students.

Classes Year-Round
Learn Koine Greek inexpensively from the comfort of your home. Classes are online in a real-time format. Summer courses begin May 14th. Get Greek! with this fun, innovative and interactive approach. Whether youve studied Greek for years or have never studied, this class can get you into the language quickly and effectively.

Immersion Events
On May 31st - June 1st the Conversational Koine Institute will be hosting a Weekend Immersion event in Lexington, KY. Enroll online or via email (use the above email address). Get immersed in Koine and interact with others who want to Get Greek!