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Curriculum Vitae.doc Mr.sadik

Curriculum Vitae.doc Mr.sadik

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Published by: Praveen Singh on Mar 25, 2013
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Curriculum vitae

Md.Sadik Pasha H-No 12-11-1610, Jamie Osmania, Secunderabad . Mobile: +919949634766


Career Objective: Would like to work in a creative and challenging environment where there is a scope for upgrading my skills and knowledge, and I can take the active part in the growth of the Organization. Academic Profile:     M.B.A (finance & Marketing) from Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2008. Graduate in B.Com (Computers) from Kakathiya University in 2004. Intermediate from Board of Intermediate in 2001. S.S.C from Board of Secondary School Certificate in 1999.

Professional Skill Set: Accounting packages Office Tools : : Tally7.2, Wings, Focus. MS-Office.

Significant Strengths: Positive attitude. Commitment and Determination towards work. Quick adaptability to new environment.

  

Andhra Pradesh. I am also confident on my ability to work in a team. Markandeyacolony. Hindi. Declaration: I consider myself familiar with marketing aspects.Sadik Pasha Salamoddin 14th Apr 1983. Reliance Growth fund. Telugu and Urdu. Indian English. Kotak 30. Godavarikhani. listening to music. Date: Place: Hyderabad (Md. male Single. Personal Profile: Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Nationality Language Known Hobbies Permanent Address : : : : : : : : : Md. H. watching cricket.Sadik Pasha) . I hereby declare the information furnished above is true to the best of knowledge. Karimnagar (Dt)-505209.No: 19-2-35. HDFC Capital Builder Fund.Project Work: Title Organization : : Comparative Study on Mutual Funds of Kotak Asset Management Company.

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