Resistant Parties


Short Term Strategy 1.) Determine Key Players. 2.) Meet with key Players. 3.) Do 2 Base building activities 4. Get out vote for on initiative/cong ressman, woman who can help. Same

Long Term Strategy

Short Term Success

Long Term Success

Mandatory Minimums

Hard on Crime republicans, Police Unions, Mayors w/ prisons as main employwer

End to federal mandatory minimums

Pell Grants for Prisoners

Hard on Crime republicans

Pell grants restored to prisoners One urban public funded at the same level of its surburban peers. Veteran teachers forced to teach at under resourced schools.

Equitiable Teacher Funding for Unions Public Schools


All Urban Public schools funded at same level as suburban peers. Transparent funding.

Hard on Crime National Prop Republicans, 36 Conversative Black Christians Financial Literacy Federal Banking Industry


Same Hip Hop and Feminnism Study Groups. Reflection Retreats. Political Education Workshops

Teen Violence Sexual Health

Civic Participation