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HSAjet CU XJ500 Se INK JET PRINTER "SOLUTIONS. HSAjet CU XJ500 - The Powerful and Economical High Resolution Print System Fully featured print system with Touchscreen Controller for the operation of mulitple XJ500 70mm Printheads. 185dpi quality graphics at speeds up to 60mpm. The HSAjet CU XJ500 System is a compact but powerful printing solution. Controlling up to 2 x 70mm XJ500 printheads, all kinds of graphics, barcodes, logos and time data can be printed directly onto cartons. The CU print system uses a fully integrated ink system to control the precise flow of high contrast ink automatically in a clean closed fluid circuit. Print layouts are created on your PC and transfered to the controller via Compact Flash Card or Network. RS232 and TCP/IP are supported. Technical specification: CCN oc ZU Ned PES ecm Re MRR Ce ied eee eu eu ee Remi Ces aS Tee een re eu rn toca Operation: 1- The CU system prints messages stored on a Compact Flash Card. Layout templates can be designed off line using a PC and the supplied software, Inkdraw OBVJ. it is easy to create and save a template from your PC to the CF card. Insert the CF card into the printer and printing can begin. 2- Once saved on the CF card, variables such as best before date etc. can be updated via the built in keypad. The CF card will store many different message designs. 3- When in print mode the CU will print on each product moving past the printhead and detection sensor. Ink is supplied to the head from a 1 litre cartridge. An alert lamp warns when the ink level is low. Product Details: System Includes: Printhead Specification: = Controller / Terminal ~ Xaar XJ500 70mm Engine - Compact Flash Card - Speed 36 m/min @ 185dpi - PC Design Software - High Speed CM Engine 60 m/min - Mounting Bracketry Max. Resolution 185dpi - Product Detector = Ink System 1000m! Bottle - Printhead and Ink System = Solvent Ink / Oil Inks - Connection Cables Options: - Extra Printhead (max 2 heads) = Printhead Auto Clean System = Shaft Encoder - Collision Control Bracket "Windows is trademark of Microsoft Corp, HP is trademark of HP Corp, Womccee nus cai a ca Bo Ee [one INNOVATIVE PacKAGING ‘soLuTions.,