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Moreno Valley Free Neighborhood Shuttle

Sunnymead Blvd
6 Moreno Valley Plaza 7 Sunnymead Plaza

Molina Healthcare is underwriting the cost to provide FREE reliable transportation to residents of Moreno Valley.

Fir Ave

Heacock St

Eucalyptus Ave Indian St

5 Eucalyptus Towers

For years, Molina Healthcare CEO Dr. J. Mario Molina believed that by simply introducing free reliable transportation into a neighborhood, the residents health and wellbeing would improve.This month his vision becomes a reality. The Neighborhood Shuttle will begin 8 Moreno Valley traveling the 12 mile route from Molina Medical stopping at a variety Senior Center of locations both medical and non medical.At the Molina Medical clinic, residents can see a physician and receive immunizations or other primary care services. Residents are not only able to keep their doctors appointments and fill their prescriptions on a timely basis, but they also have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Because the shuttle is not just for healthcare, residents can use it as an adjunct to public bus service and engage in activities such as going to the market or the senior center. Ride the FREE Neighborhood Shuttle. Go to the doctor. Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. Or use the shuttle to get to the hospital. Call (877) 665-4623 for more information about this FREE service.

Corporate Plaza (WIC) 4

Alessandro Blvd

Kitching St

Laselle St

1 Molina MedicalMoreno Valley

Perris Blvd

Nason St

Cactus Ave
John F. Kennedy Dr

Riverside 2 Regional Medical Center

*map not to scale

3 Cardenas Market

Hours of Operation:
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Stop times are approximate)
Riverside Regional Medical Center Molina MedicalMoreno Valley Moreno Valley Plaza Moreno Valley Senior Center 9:23A 10:30 11:27 12:56P 1:54 2:51 3:58 4:55

Corporate Plaza (WIC)

8:30A 9:37 10:34 12:03P 1:01 1:58 3:05 4:02

8:40A 9:47 10:44 12:13P 1:11 2:08 3:15 4:12

8:51A 9:58 10:55 12:24P 1:22 2:19 3:26 4:23

9:00A 10:07 11:04 12:33P 1:31 2:28 3:35 4:32

9:05A 10:12 11:09 12:38P 1:36 2:33 3:40 4:37

9:13A 10:20 11:17 12:46P 1:44 2:41 3:48 4:45

9:18A 10:25 11:22 12:51P 1:49 2:46 3:53 4:50

Sunnymead Plaza

Eucalyptus Towers

Cardenas Market