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Pictorial story is a picture from the results of an expression or work of someone in mind, pouring make an image as a joke against criticism or reality is happening at the moment. As seen in a rubric GABOL Bobotoh critical in Public Daily Galamedia using pictorial story as media criticism towards Persib Bandung and elements-elements contained in scope Persib Bandung. To discuss Social Criticism in Cartoon opinions "Gabol" on the Public Daily Galamedia, the method used is the qualitative semiotics approach. While the technique of data collection is to make observations on the caricatures found in the rubric "Gabol" Bobotoh Critical Public Daily Galamedia, conducted interviews with the makers of caricature in the rubric Bobotoh Critical Public Daily Galamedia, as well as collecting some literature, books, and information information relating to the research. The purpose of this research, as described by Roland Barthes, to know how the myth of meaning, connotative meaning, denotative meanings of the stories contained in the sections illustrated in the rubric Gabol inside Public Daily Galamedia. By analyzing the method which has been described, the interpretation of the meaning of Myth, meaning Connotative, Denotative meaning can be determined. There is a difference difference in meaning makes researchers want to try to be delivering a message from Cartoon opinions "Gabol" on the Public Daily Galamedia can run well. From the research that has been done, the cartoon "Gabol" contains about criticisms by using the cartoon by using two different cast of characters that contains Bobotoh comment on Persib and Bobotoh Persib, social criticism more specific in scope, very few chances for the theme Persib beyond social criticism and bobotoh, it is visible from every theme raised by cartoonist. cartoon opinions "Gabol" on the Public Daily Galamedia work Ayi R, Sacadipura can be seen that cartoon makers try to invite Persib Bandung lovers and football in Indonesia, in this case is Bobotoh, to see the problems that occur with broad thinking, not just home talking and give criticism but give a solution in order to provide an input for the future progress.