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Rabbit or Venus

Patch-work Quilt Awakening – The Ideal Stance

Pearls on a Pig – Adyashanti 1:49:01 Video Journal
This is fun – the first call to journal in a good while. Wonder what it's about? Let's find out. All is changing so fast anymore that it's tricky keeping up with the self. Actually, there's only one way to do it that I see – that's to stay in or with Heart, to rely on its knowing, its Be-ing to lead the way. I see this not just in this self, but in the comments threads, too – that “others” are experiencing their own changes. Not that there's really such a thing as “others,” though – all being One. We appear to be getting closer to our own experience of that union, though – each in their own way. A lot of us are dealing with kundalini or chi energy pretty much every day. We may view it in different ways – whether as aches and pains or as heat or as an area just being charged with a palpable energy – but I suspect much of it is k-related. It goes along with the DNA changes I suspect. We're getting ready for the launch into our ancient Wisdom, my friends – into conscious union with Higher Mind. Are you ready? The best way I know to be ready is – you guessed it – by staying Heart-centered. That's the best way to meet or greet simply anything. Hope you will keep checking it out, re-centering when you

notice mind has taken hold of your attention yet again. Patience is good. Love is better – conscious Love for the self that has been, that is going through so very much. In the midst of that Love there is not thought or consideration of patience. There is no need for it. I'm not sure it's even a word known by Heart. It may be purely a mind thing – and that would make sense. Why? Just consider – patience is a word necessarily linked up with time . Absent the concept of time there could be no such thing as patience – right? Well, anything that requires time to exist can't be real – IMO, anyway. Even just one dimension up our experience of time is hugely different – providing no blocks or barriers, thus no need to wait. I suspect there are other things like the whole concept of patience that, unknown to our conscious awareness, are purely mind-dependent. The surest way I've found to test something's reality out is to take it into Heart with me – to look at it from there. That's how I discovered what a phony thing judgment is, for instance. When I looked for it in Heart it was nowhere to be found – and I really searched. This is one of the things that sets apart Heart people – the differences between them and those still dependent on mind for their whole reality. Certain major things widely accepted to be real and powerful by mind simply vanish in Heart. They have no reality there. So Heart people's reality is just different. This can be felt or sensed – though not at all understood by anyone's mind. We're also able to handle huge cognitive dissonance – seeing the reality in seemingly opposite things that just don't co-exist within mind. We can see that something both is and is not, and at the same time. Mind can't handle that. It violates mind's dualistic sense of reality. One can say it pretzels or twists mind – a mind pretzel. So, as we look around at those closest to self on our journey we tend to find many dropping off along the way – dropping out of our close circle of friends. I hope you won't get trapped in mourning this. That would be mind. Can you see how this would be so? Sure, it can feel like a pain in the heart, in the feelings – but do look, again, dear ones – from Heart. Let us all realize, more and

more, how mind was and remains largely in charge of creating our daily “reality” - which has its foundation in the layer of our beliefs. We are more powerful by far than we yet have a clue about – and it all begins with thought and belief. While this cannot be seen at all from the mind perspective, all it takes is repeatedly dropping down into Heart. As we stubbornly persist in our determination to awaken to this deeper layer or core of our reality, like a patch-work quilt, things begin to appear, to fall into place. We begin to see through mind's version of things. We see how fragile it is in places – then the places join up, enabling us to see patterns. It takes a willingness to sit with “I don't know” (IDK) – to spend significant time there. This is something just too awkward, too uncomfortable for mind to willingly engage in. Those willing to accept this strange emptiness know more and more about presenting the empty cup – about being that – and not mentally, but rather by the feel of it. This is Heart knowing or sensing. I feel more and more of you really sensing these things – not just mentally accepting or knowing them. That's not of Heart. And you will have also noted how very unlike any previous definition of heart your experience of it turns out to be. From Heart, we can begin to see deeper into how nothing is what it appears to be – how all appearances lie. Heart is a really strange world – or is it? Is it really? Could it perhaps be that mind is the strangest world of all, and that Heart is simple soul sanity? Have a look for yourself. Another thing we directly experience is this conundrum around unity and individuality – how they are both real at the same time. Now it's only Heart perceiving that – since mind cannot stand the gross violation of its structure of duality . For mind, opposites cannot co-exist without violating basic premises. Heart has no such rules or structures. It's very much another world. So there is a self-reinforcing aspect of our Heart understandings. In Heart we have the direct experience of these things – whereas all mind can deliver is discussion about them – and often enough the illusion of belief in things later seen through as false. One can't take a Heart thing into mind – nor a mind thing into Heart. This you can discover for yourself.

How blessed and privileged we truly are, to be living in this most special transitional age – on the cusp of such delicate, beautiful, overwhelming change. It is, in one way, an honor to have a body and a life at this time. Nor is it a time for the weak or the easily overwhelmed – no such thing. Now, what is weak or easily overwhelmed within us? Whatever it is, that's what is dying . Perhaps you have noticed? We either come from strength or get crushed – though it won't really be us getting crushed. What will it be? It will be areas where we identified with the mind. Nor is it mind getting crushed – just the false creation it made. Mind, itself, was misused, yet all unaware. Only the plotters and planners toward the top of the hierarchies of TPTW (The Powers That Were) consciously twisted and misused our minds to bring forth the false creation that amounts to so much of society, today. The rest – as in us – were but sheeple and sleeple, carried along absent any conscious awareness. As I've often said, TPTW quite took over the realm of 3D mind. From their somewhat (though not much) higher vantage point it is easy for them to take advantage – to take control of 3D mind. From their perspective we'd also be quite able to see this – and thus unlikely to fall for it. What to do? Have you tried on emptiness? When we're Heartcentered it's easy to see how it's Be-ing, not doing, that is the way of things – that is the power. Mind's power is ever involved in its do-ings – to such an extent that it can hardly bear to even contemplate just Be-ing. Have you noticed? More and more these two ways of being – mind and Heart – will self-reinforce. The more we're able to be self-observant and to simply watch things the quicker our clarity will come. Don't expect it to descend like a burst out of heaven, suddenly illumining you. Instead, watch the little things – watch for the little things. Soon enough you'll be seeing how they're not really so little, after all. It's best not to expect anything, really. Best to be empty. You “do” the best observing that way – without any beliefs (i.e., expectations) clouding the clarity of your vision. If you don't YET see the awesome power of beliefs to create, then just accept their potential to do so – just the fact that it's possible. Be real with you

instead of taking on someone else's beliefs. My awakening has and continues to come much like a patch-work quilt – pieced together bit by bit, square by square. The patterns don't all come through at once, but rather in sketchy pieces that often don't connect for quite a long seeming time. This brings up another aspect of our mind-to-Heart shift – the aspect of time , of patience, of waiting, etc. Know that when you find self pushing ahead or pushing against this or that that it's mind doing the pushing. That isn't Heart's way, at least in my experience. Nor is Heart endlessly patient. I find no concept of patience anywhere within Heart. It's a foreign concept that's just not required in this reality. Anything having to do with time is of mind – period. Heart is always just in Now. Heart sees no future to push toward. Heart just is. While the whole understanding or experience of this will not necessarily come to you, whole and complete, you have the power to at least make way for it – to cultivate the ground of your being to make ready for the deeper understanding to bloom (via openness and being expectation-free, for instance). Does this make sense to you? In some ways we are setting mind aside – firing it from the position of boss or dominator. In other ways we are cultivating it, working with it to help it make this huge transition. Believe it or not, at some point you will be pleasantly surprised to discover in mind a wonderful ally. This occurs largely through carefully tending your Garden of Belief . The more weeds (i.e., old, outworn beliefs) you pull there the better the newly chosen belief flowers will grow, moving you into increased clarity. You can come into this understanding about the power of beliefs to create through the back door , so to speak. What does this mean? By simply accepting the possibility of certain things presented in the journals (or wherever you find them), you make room for the changes within self that you seek. Even though you may not fully accept or understand this power of beliefs, you can still work with them. You can still pick and choose which beliefs to keep, which to discard. In doing this you will experience the consequences of changing your beliefs. At some point, if you are self-observant, you will

notice a change in your personal world – one that will make you pause and reflect on its origin. You may even wonder if changing your beliefs has anything to do with the new change. As you keep tending your Belief Garden this will continue to happen. The pieces and patches of your own patch-work quilt will continue to appear. Thus, even without full belief or understanding, you are empowered to make this experiment with beliefs. You can come into full recognition of the creative power of beliefs by just being open . There is no need to believe first. However, there is the need to get rid of all disbelief – all belief in the opposite of that (new belief or possibility) which you have chosen to cultivate. This can be tricky. How? Since the huge majority of our beliefs are maintained in the subconscious area of mind, our conscious mind doesn't have easy access to them. We can't see them all, hidden away as they are. Thus, we're working in the realm of the invisible – yet it's only invisible to the conscious aspect of mind. This is all visible to Heart . Yet Heart won't necessarily share what it knows with the conscious mind. Thus can it be rather tricky. It takes being truly alert and a good deal of self-observing. What shall you watch for? Nothing – just watch. Watch from openness, from emptiness – while being in Heart. When we've either taken on a new belief – or an openness to the possibility of something – then what's natural is that all our other beliefs that go against the new thing will arise – will come to the surface to do battle with the interloper. Most of these will be beliefs we weren't aware of having – remember, they're largely sub conscious. So we may be having some unaccustomed thoughts or feelings. If – and it's a big if – we have cultivated sufficient space between self and mind – then we're in good shape to recognize what is happening. As long as we remain identified with mind we won't be able to distinguish the depth of what's happening. We'll just be carried thither and yon on the (superficial) waves of what is arising – mistaking that for what's real. We'll be going round and round with mind on the hamster wheel. Do you see? Yet those who have cultivated this breathing space, this gap

between who they are and what mind is – these have sufficient space in which to stand back from mind and recognize what is coming up. While they may not yet understand much of it, they can at least be sufficiently empty to productively self-observe. It is in this open self-observance from Heart where the delightful alchemy first shows up. I would call this the ideal stance for the awakening ones. Absent this emptiness not so much will be seen. It's there to be seen, but you are not – you are otherwise engaged – yes, with mind – and mind is structurally unable to see such things. Anyone can prove this for him/herself in the laboratory of interior being. What will be seen by the one in this ideal stance is how the old beliefs arising are reactionary – are reacting to either the new open stance or the new belief. Thus, their arising is advantageous . It is your chance to see and re-examine them, making your conscious choice to either discard or retain them. It is ideal. So what is seen by mind is a bother and a discomfort – the arising of interior dissonance – is known by Heart to be a blessing in flimsy disguise. This is simply to be expected, this arising of contrary beliefs. It is to your advantage if you take it that way. On the other hand, if you take it to be a problem, then it will be one. You get to choose. Of course most of us, early on in our awakening, don't take full advantage of the way things work. We don't see it as beautiful because mind is unable to see it that way. To mind it's a disorganized hassle, these clashing beliefs. Yet seeing is doing . How we see things turns out to be how they are for us – by the power of our belief. Friends, this is, at least initially, somewhat subtle – or even invisible to mind. That's okay. It's time for us to know and recognize our desire to know and to have a well organized set of beliefs as a pure product of mind . Let mind think what it will – you don't have to agree. Yes, you can actually disagree with your own mind – strange as that sounds at first. Sometimes all one can do is remember the ideal stance : open, with no expectations, and centered in Heart – self-observing. When in doubt or confusion, take up the ideal stance and just watch. Truly, nothing more is required.

Mind won't agree, but do your best to just ignore that. Remember, you're taking your power back. Mind is no longer in control – if that is your choice. It's a choice you'll have to make again and again. One last point – be sure to enjoy. That, too, is a choice :) Namaste ~♥ ~


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