Songs of Degrees: A Sense of His Presence

Psalm 127 4. Solomon was scheduled to “build the house” if he did what? 1 Chron 29:19

Psalm 127
Psalms 120-134 are Songs of Ascent (called the Songs of Degrees). God’s people were required to come to the temple three times a year to worship and celebrate feasts before the Lord. To the child of God, this was the highest physical spot on earth, and in ancient times one only arrived there by climbing Mt. Moriah to Mt. Zion (Psa 78:67-69; 87:1-3). It was a physical ascent from anywhere in Israel. The pilgrim families sang these songs to encourage and remind them of what the trek was all about; why it was worth it. The trips to the temple to worship God became a metaphor for spiritual life and growth, for gaining greater intimacy—a sense of his presence. In order to help you focus and meditate on each verse involved in this Psalm, answer these questions from the cross-references listed below.

Verse 2 5. Why will the Lord’s beloved “sleep easy”? Psalm 3:5; 4:8 7. What is the role of fathers in passing on a godly heritage? Ps 22:4; 44:1; 78:5; 103:13 Verse 3 6. In a day when infant mortality was high, and half or more of all children died before the age of five, what did the ancients know about God’s role in building a house-hold? Genesis 29:31; Psalm 113:9

Verse 4 Children born in a man’s youth were part of his social security in old age. But they must be aimed like arrows, for they will go where they are shot. 8. Take a concordance (or use the “advanced search options” at ) and look up every occurrence of the word son in the book of Proverbs and you can describe the role of children in keeping a godly legacy going (44 times in 40 verses).

man delivered? Psalm 33:16-18; 121:3-5

Why is that? Proverbs 16:9

Obviously, many fathers in our society have missed the idea that fathering children involves undertaking a stewardship from God.

2. What is the criterion God uses to protect or abandon a nation? Jer 18:7-10

3. What is the worldly viewpoint as Solomon records it from “under the sun” (Eccl 1:14)? Eccl 9:11

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Rev. W. Alan Shelby /hbcbluesprings /ashelby PSALM 127 Verse 1 1. How is a king saved and a mighty

Describe the Christian viewpoint as Paul records it “under the Son.” 1 Cor 3:9-15

{Psalm 127}

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