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Katiba Institute Connection to Africog

Katiba Institute Connection to Africog

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Published by Dennis Itumbi
Reasons why Katiba Institute cannot be allowed to be AMICUS
Reasons why Katiba Institute cannot be allowed to be AMICUS

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Published by: Dennis Itumbi on Mar 26, 2013
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KATIBA INSTITUTE –Amicus Application

Headed by Yash Pal Ghai, Katiba Institute is an organization funded by Akiba Foundation. In Fact the Evidence trail of the Parenting oversight Akiba has a mother body is captured by www.whois.com - an Internet tool with information on purchase of domains and their activities thereafter. Who is shows that an akiba Foundation email was used to register the www.katibainstitute.org website – infact as show in the screen capture below Akiba even used its own address and Physical location to register the new kid on the bloc.

So who are the directors of Katiba Institute?

It is crucial to note the Akiba Uhaki Organization, its structure looks like this

The Linkage with Katiba Institute as shown by whois.com is further confirmed on their website – Note in the Screen capture that Katiba Institute is a key part of the foundation;    

      The  Contacts  as  used  in  the  registration  of  the  domain   above  match  with  what  Akiba  provides  on  their  website   as  their  contacts    

  Now  when  you  look  at  Katiba  Institute  Partners  here  is   the  list;  


  Most  Importantly  its  crucial  to  note  that  Katiba  Institute   are  one  of  the  organizations  that  benefit  and  work   together  with  the  Petitioner  in  Petition  Number  4  note   number  27    and  also  note  number  16  –  Haki  Focus  is   actually  headed  by  an  Executive  Director  called  Harun   Ndubi  who  is  also  counsel  for  Africog  on  this  matter    

    In  fact  Gladwell  Otieno  in  a  Bio  posted  in  the  Kings   College  of  London  admits  that  Africog,  Petitioner   Number  4,  convenes  ‘the  influential  network  KPTJ”  –   KPTJ  has  over  30  bodies…the  Gladwell  Otieno  Bio  is   here  posted    

    Now  back  to  Akiba  Uhaki  headed  by  Betty  Murungi  –  two  

people  have  signed  petition  4  one  is  Gladwel  Otieno  and  the  other  is  Zahid  Rajan.     Zahid  Rajan  and  Yash  Pal  Ghai  and  others  are  in  the  steering  committee  of  the   Kenya  Asian  Forum,  but  that  is  just  a  connection  based  on  being  in  the  same   interest  group.     The  significant  issue  here  is  that  Rajan  is  the  Executive  Director  of    a  magazine   called  @AwaazMagazine.     Now  one  of  the  key  financiers  to  that  magazine  is  Akiba  Foundation.    


  Now  the  evidence  has  established  that  there  is  an  active   relationship  between  Akiba  Uhaki  Foundation,  that   basically  mothers  and  nurses  Katiba  Institute  and  that   they  all  are  convened  by  Africog  who  is  Petitioner  4.   Further  that  one  of  the  listed  petitioners  in  the  Africog   matter  is  actually  financed  by  Akiba.     On  a  lighter  note,  Zahid  Rajan,  actually  appreciates  the   funding  so  much  that  on  his  facebook  page  he  has   requested  to  add  Betty  Murungi  as  a   sister…unfortunately  Betty  has  yet  to  click  the  accept   button…    

    Well  the  court,  should  therefore  reject  the  application   for  Amicus  applied  by  Yash  Pal  Ghai.     Regards,    

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