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Training & Development

Antarip Chatterjee, Miranda John Priyanki Das, Shivani Mishra Khusboo Sawant

Training and development, have emerged as formal corporate functions, integral elements of corporate strategy, and are recognized as professions with distinct theories and methodologies as companies increasingly acknowledge the fundamental importance of employee growth and development, as well as the necessity of a highly skilled workforce, in order to improve the success and efficiency of their organizations.

(D.De Cenzo and S Robbins)Training is a learning experience that seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve his ability to perform on the job. A more generalized definitionThe field which is concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.


In this project we intend to take a live example of Infosys and TCS. Understand the training and development module currently being followed in these companies. Recommend a training and development module which can be a simulated version of the actual one currently being followed in Infosys.


Infosys sets the world class benchmark for T&D by its training and development programs for its recruits at the Global Leadership Center in Mysore, India. It covers the following: Technical training by Education & Research department Quality Process Training Personal Effectiveness and Managerial Programs


There is a three-tier mentoring process at Infosys
Tier-1 of the Infosys Management Council, which consists of the company's board of directors, mentors Tier-2 leaders who in turn guide the

Tier-3 group.


Cybernetics of Training


Cybernetics Influence Diagrams-


TCS Training Model


The Initial Learning Program:- The training at the ILP served as a bridge between academic and professional life.
The ILP is divided into 3 phases: Pre ILP- ASPIRE is an Online Pre ILP Learning Program for new recruits, before joining TCS. ILP Post ILP

Both companies have excelled in their respective areas and have earned respect from all quarters of the globe.
TCS is known for its quality, work ethics, then Infosys would be known for its impeccable record for achieving excellence.

A Specimen Training and Development Module for Infosys

The training module that we try to devise, is basically aimed at training and developing IT Professionals, so that a holistic approach towards individual development is noticed. It will comprise the following aspects:-

Course content
Unit 1 Technical training Advanced Programming languages, Software Engineering.
Unit 2 Soft Skills training Business Etiquette, Personality Development Program.

Course content( cont.)

Unit 3 Communication training Verbal Communication, Non verbal communication, Barriers for effective communication.
Unit 4 Case Studies and Presentations.

Course content( cont.)

Duration of the training program:- 90 Days
Working Days:- Monday to Friday. Time Duration:- 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Daily Schedule

Course codes: Advanced Programming Languages APL Software Engineering SE Business Etiquette BE Personality Development Program PDP Verbal Communication VC Non verbal communication NVC Barriers for effective communication. BEC Case Studies CS Presentations PR

This module should be adhered to for the entire period of 90 days.

Recreational activities such as outings can be organized on Saturdays and Sundays. At the end of the duration, a written as well as viva examination will be conducted, subject to qualifying which, candidates will be given their permanent postings, the qualifying marks being 6 out of 10 point CGPA.