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National Electronic Sports Commission (NeSC) tentative name of the group

3.20.2013 Attendees / Founding Members 8:30PM (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Shakeys Espaa, Manila Ronald Robins & Kenchi Yap for Mineski Eric Redulfin, Jeffrey Bercasio & Emerson Albo for (TnC) Justin Almeida for Dreamz Jason Gavieres for iZone Vinzon Yap for Pacific

Mission (1 st draft)
1. To lead the community towards the progress of professional e-Sports by outlining procedures for player acquisition, at the same time, by laying down benefits and protection of players. The case of MSI-EvoGT.TnC - DOTA 2 players, Kimuel Rodis (Kimo) and Earlwin Libre (Ewe): Voted for suspension: iZone (3 mos), Dreamz (3 mos), TnC (3 mos), Pacific Abstained: Mineski Majority voted for a three-month ban on the erring players, i.e. they will be barred from joining tournaments organized by members of NeSC. Immediate action: Announcement of the formation of the association and the sanction for Kimo and Ewe. Same article / position statement to be posted simultaneously by Mineski, Pacific and TnC in their respective websites. Who Mineski Mineski Who All All All All All All Deadline Deadline



Action Items Logo of the organization (Mandatory in the future: Inclusion of the orgs logo in all member teams uniforms) Article / announcement For discussion next meeting ideas and suggestions on: Rules for player acquisition Trading season Drafting season Players benefits Individual players contract / rates Classification: Professional vs Amateur establish levels/tiers

Next meeting
April 3, Wednesday (exact time and venue to be decided)