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Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plants

Eros Envirotech is manufacturer and exporter for Lead Recycling Plants like Blast Furnace, Rotary Furnace, Refining Pots, Ingot Casting Machine , Battery Cutting Machine, Effluent Treatment Plant and Ball Mill for Lead Oxide, Rotary Furnace with Air Pollution Control Device, Induction furnace and Steel Rolling Mill, Water Pollution Control Devices like Sewage Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant. Air Pollution Control Devices: We provide effective Air Pollution Control Solutions for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Secondary Recyling Industry and our equipment are based on Bag Filtration System which are best suited to the industry. Water pollution control devices: We provide Sewage Treatment Plants of various technologies (Extended Aeration, SAFF, MBBR, etc) chosen according to suitability for client’s requirements and wide range of capacities (from 5-10kld to 2.5 mld). These units meet even the most stringent of norms and are automated to suit client’s requirement & budget, as also the capacity of the unit under consideration. We provide Effluent Treatment Plant for Textile Dyeing and Washing, Electroplating and Food Processing. Lead Smelting Plants: We provide for Lead Smelting (Recycling) Plants i.e. Mini Blast Furnace, Rotary Furnace, Rotary Loading System, Jumbo Ingot Modules and Air Pollution Control Device. Refining Pots for Refining and Alloying along with Air Pollution Control Device, Auto Ingot Caster and Modules. Fugitive Emission Control Device for Rotary Furnace and Refining Pots. Ball Mill with Collection System for Lead Oxide. Effluent Treatment Plant for Acid Neutralization. Air Pollution Control Device for Battery Manufacturing Unit. For more information visit here: EROS ENVIROTECH PRIVATE LTD 108-109, 1st Floor, Savitri Complex-1, G.T. Road, City - Ludhiana 141003 State - Punjab, Country – INDIA Landlines : +91-161-2542109, 2542110 E-Mail ID :,