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Python Scripting for Rhino Workshop Schedule: Day 01 Introduction Introduction: course description and objectives, introduction to scripting and parametric design Preliminary settings: installation of the Python plugin and introduction to the environment Variables and flow Data types (Integers, doubles, string) Mathematical operations and logical operators Computational geometry: vector and points (xyz coordinates) Introduction to lists Defining a problem, individual /group assignments

Day 02 Computational geometry: curves (t parameter) Geometry analysis and manipulation: rhinoscript syntax Conditional statements Loops Nested lists Solving a problem, individual /group assignments

Day 03 Scripted / not scripted Computational geometry: surfaces (u,v parameters) Theory of tessellation Simple to complex tessellations Mesh vs. nurbs (vs. solid) Fabrication processes and issues Finalizing a design, individual /group assignments La Tienda del CAD, 2011. Todos los derechos reservados. C/ Roger de Flor, 32-34 bajos. 08018 Barcelona. 902 364 601 932 687 308 915 416 439