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The Swiss Family Robinson Family

Johann David Wyss Robison

When the Robinson family are shipwrecked on an uninhabited desert island, they find a new world of adventure and knowledge. As they learn to cope with the many problems of life on the island, they become even closer as a family. Chapter 1: The Robinsons’ ship hits some rocks after a bad storm. However, they decide to spend the night on the ship. The next day, the children (Fritz, Ernest,Jack and Frank) explore the ship, find useful things and animals and they make a boat. Chapter 2: They arrive on the island the next day. They make a tent with sailcloth and beds with grass. They find shellfish and use the shells as spoons to eat soup. They also save the corn to sow later. Chapter 3: They explore the island to look for people. They find a variety of plants, sugar cane, coconuts and gourds to make utensils. One of the dogs kills a monkey and the children take its baby to the tent. Chapter 4: Father and Fritz spend two nights on the ship collecting more things. They tie barrels to the animals (a pig, a donkey, and some sheep and goats) to take them ashore. Chapter 5: Mum finds a perfect spot across a river for a new house. There are huge trees and it is cool so she thinks of a tree house. They build a bridge and cleverly take their animals across. Chapter 6: The children help Dad to make a rope ladder with bamboo steps. The chickens liked it. They also make a bow and arrows to save the gunpowder in case they meet dangerous men. Chapter 7: They use the donkey to pull more wood. They make the floor of the tree house on two thick branches and hang a sail from a higher branch as a roof. Chapter 8: They go back to the tent for some more supplies. They find potatoes in a bag but father persuades them to plant them instead of eating them. The boys get some salt from rocks near the sea. Chapter 9: Mr Robinson makes a sledge to carry heavy things, but is sorry he didn’t bring more from the ship. They will probably be on the island for a very long time. Chapter 10: On their second journey to the ship, the Robinsons bring plants and objects which will help them on the island. Now they have to build a hut for the tools and for the animals. Chapter 11: The Robinsons start work in their garden very early. They need bamboo to protect their garden and to make huts for their animals. They must go to the other side of the island. The river will carry the bamboo down to where they live. Chapter 12: When the family goes up to the river, they take the dogs with them. This is a mistake because when they see a herd of buffaloes, the dogs start barking. The boys have to shoot down one of the buffaloes because the family are at risk of being attacked. They catch two young 1

Type of Plot: Adventure Time of Work: Late eighteenth century Setting: An island near New Guinea Characters: Mr. This is good because the buffaloes will give them milk and pull the plough. He uses the Socratic method to teach his family. Fritz wants to visit the parts of the island he has never explored so he builds himself a canoe. The author pays tribute to his source in the title of his own book but the influence of the original goes much deeper than merely the basic plot line. One day. a mother. The house on the tree is no longer as comfortable as before and there is little food left so they have to kill a few of their animals. the planting of crops. Chapter 13: In winter. the building of various houses. and four sons: Fritz. Ernest. although they do have some unique qualities. leave the island. Many of the incidents in the original are exactly mirrored in this story: the visits to the sunken ship at the beginning. The mother is strong and quiet with virtually no discernible personality. Then Mrs Robinson makes clothes for the boys with plants. Emily Montrose 2 . dogs and chicks) grows and the donkey mates a wild donkey. The characterizations of the sons are vague. Chapter 17: In the end. and finally. Summary/Analysis of the Characters The Robinson family consists of a father. Robinson. Jack. they don’t want to go through the same experience next winter. helping them find their own answers to their questions. Chapter 15: Years go by and the children grow older.Kevin Corcoran The Swiss Family Robinson Johann David Wyss buffaloes. learning to live with nature. and flower for his sons. The pastor-father occupies the chief role. and Franz. Jack. Chapter 14: Winter is over and the family look for a cave to live in. a ship comes to rescue Jenny. The family have a very bad time. Now the family need more food for all these animals. Fritz. two of them. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. which will make them rich and another shipwrecked person who has been stranded for a year on a small island nearby. Francis. herb. He has an incredible knowledge of nature and identifies every tree. They find a suitable cave full of salt. Ernest. General Themes The idea for the story was clearly taken from the earlier classic. Fritz and Jenny. The number of animals (pigs. life on the island is very harsh: the rain never stops and the family are always wet. Robinson. Mrs. Chapter 16: In his exploratory journey.the meeting with another human being. Fritz finds pearlbearing oysters. but the rest of the family decide to stay.