The Black Death!!

. this period is the most remembered one.And also because there are lots of books. led lots of people to death. . beacause during this period we have the biggest number of death beacuse of the plague.The plague. The most important one is by Boccaccio. In 5 years (1348-1353) we can extimate between 75 milion and 253 milion of death. stories and novels which deal with this event. named The Decameron. for two reasons: First of all. .

.and obviously too many death! . Negative effect • Demonstration of people’s ignorance • .POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE EFFECTS ? Positive effect • A lesson for society.

but this theory is the most accepted one. Some scientists think that this is an exaggeration. .  The most important theory which is accepted today tells us about ‘yestina pestis bacterium’.ORIGIN OF PLAGUE. which was brought by India to China in 1363. and then to Europe by rat flea.

. People thought that plague was a punishment of God. People had their mind corrupted by the religious fanatism which bloomed in that period.WAYS TO DEFEAT THE PLAGUE (?)  The ignorance of people reached high levels during the Middle Age. and used different ways to defeat it without basing on scientific dates.

. This presentation wants to be just a support for the discussions of plague.  Created by: alexia inebria and michele lucarelli. orally.