Beginners’ Course for Degree and Graduate Students, 402896, 4ECTS

Milloin? Missä?

25.1. – 3.5.2013, pe klo 10-12 Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2B Exactum, room DK 117. Note! 15.3. & 3.5. room CK 111, and 12.4. room CK 107.

Mitä? The course includes 2 hours of contact teaching per week, in addition to which students will work in small groups and be responsible for a large amount of homework. Simple everyday conversation will be practised. The topics will range from introducing and telling about oneself to numbers, greetings, family, food, shopping, weather and telling the time. The topics will also include daily activities, living, transport and the immediate surroundings. The aim is to introduce students not only to the basic structures of Finnish, but also to the Finnish way life. Regular class attendance (over 80%) is highly recommended. The course will be assessed on the basis of a final examination on a scale of 0-5. Target level: A1.1. Oppikirja / Course book Leila White, From start to Finnish. Finn Lectura 2012. 10th or later revised edition. Chapters 120. Notice! The key for exercises and the vocabulary is in the end of the book. There is also audio material available in CD form, but it’s not necessary to have that material. Kurssi Moodlessa In Moodle you’ll always find what we’ve done in class and what you are supposed to do independently and with your group. Password: KumpuKumpu (you only need this when you visit the course page for the first time) Opettaja Huom! Taija Udd,, p. (09) 191 22887, ti klo 15 – 16 1.3. testi 8.3. & 29.3. EI opetusta 26.4. tentti

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