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Describing People

Describing People

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Published by: Rubia Mara Bragagnollo on Mar 26, 2013
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Describing People (Appearance


Wavy hair .Hair *Type .Straight hair .

Hair .Curly hair *Haircut .A crew-cut .

Bald head -Receding hair .Hair *Quantity .

Hair * Color Auburn Black Hair color Red Ginger Grey Dark White Blonde Fair .

Thin -Round .Face .

Face -Chubby -With beard and moustache .

Skin and Complexion .Dark -Fair .

Skin and Complexion .With freckles .With wrinkles .

.Height and Build .Plump (positive) or stout.Slim (positive) .

Obese. fat (negative) overweight (neutral) -Stocky .Height and Build .

Anorexic .Height and Build -Muscular (well-built) .

General Appearance Intellectual Ability Smart Intelligent clever Stupid Brilliant -Smart=intelligent=clever=brilliant # stupid .

General Appearance Elegant (women) Well-dressed The way people dress Scruffy Untidy-looking -Elegant=well-dressed#scruffy=untidylooking. .

General Appearance Beautiful (women) Handsome (men) The way people look Unattractive Good-looking Attractive -good-looking=attractive=beautiful =handsome#unattractive .

.More Adjective suffixes -ish *Tallish She is tallish. * Brownish He has brownish hair * Thirtyish He must be thirtyish.

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