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Nee at les i AIRLINERS BOEING 737-700: 110° BOEING 717: 124" BOEING 757-200: 155! widebodies -A300:177° BOEING 767-300: 180° MD 1: 202° BOEING 777: 209° BOEING TA7: 232° STEP 1: Use this configuration chart to narrow down your choices. Look for the number of engines & where they're attached. * widebody 2 engines on wings 4 engines on wings PTT ae PTET vile To Pony co 2 engines on tail note: “T” tail mer ate MCDONNELL | poUGLAS jon i | merged with Manone Dany) j BOEING i ‘ in 1997 3 engines: 2 on wings, 1 on tail AIRBUS = aclue fortwo engine widebodies: look at the tail- aoa AIRBUS fuselage is a straight line across the top BOEING? BOEING fuselage slopes downward at the tail DID | Airliners are good gliders. Even without YOU_! engine thrust, an airliner can glide about KNOW?| 100 miles from a typical cruise altitude!