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Synergy Within

Synergy Within provides you the functions necessary to easily adjust the ratios of male and female energy within your body at any time. Some people are uncomfortable in the gender body they were born into. Gender Freedom! If you were in an androgynous form prior to your life on Earth, being in one gender is an odd inner pressure until balance is known. Anyone, single or in a relationship will benefit from Synergy Withins influx of the perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine. Shape shifters who shift into a gender that is different than the form they are usually in will enjoy Synergy Within. Synergy Within channeled and manual written by: Mariah Windsong Couture ~August 25th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved

Singles, courting or those in a romantic relationship or marriage: Know the freedom of having your male and female energy needs met by Source, thus arriving to your mate or prospective mate whole, well and glowing! Everyone has both male and female energy within them. When there is an imbalance of male/female energy in ratio to the gender you are, there is discomfort and neediness. Many people in a relationship await their mate to give them affection and share energy with them. While intimate sharing is very beneficial to a relationship, you need not await such in order to have your energy needs met. By receiving the wonderfully perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies of Synergy Within, you will be well inside. Many people arrive to their mate feeling needy, on a daily basis. You will now be able to have inner synergy of masculine and feminine energies that enhance your being. You will be complete and able to share with him or her your healthy aura, heart full of love, and sensual outpouring of passion! Starseeds and those of Angelic Lineage or other androgynous forms: Many starseeds and those of some Angelic or other lineages from various places and dimensions have soul memories of lives in bodies that exhibited no gender. These androgynous light or physical bodies were comfortable. Now, being in a body of one gender, an imbalance is daily felt and disliked. Synergy Within will bring the influx of the other gender and balance within. There is a great need on this planet for a synergy and balance of gender energy. So many beings have arrived to assist humanity and planet Earths path into Light and away from the Karma game that was set forth here. Many of these beings do come from other places and times. They have either arrived into bodies that are of a different gender than the ones theyve spent most of their existence in, or they were used to being androgynous. Being in one gender can be a pressure that is difficult to describe.

Balance is always strived for and can be illusive. Synergy Within has been brought forth at this time to assist such discomfort so that ones can more easily stay on task. It is important for us to be comfortable so that we can stay within our purpose. Your Synergy Within attunement: Say, out loud or in your mind: "I now call forth Synergy Within attunement as sent out by Mariah Windsong, and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source, to release perfectly unto me!" Your attunement is a dose of the energy frequencies that compose Synergy Within. When you accept your attunement, these energies drop down into your crown and make their way down through your body and energy fields as a great meet and greet for you and your body.

Now that you have paused to receive your attunement you have the ability to access these energies anytime you activate them saying their name, and Activate! with strong feeling and want for their assistance to arrive to you!

Simply say, out loud or in your mind: Synergy Within, ACTIVATE! You can then think about the symbols or use the heart symbol here that swirls and blends the energies, perfectly for you! Synergy Within is wonderful to use before you sleep or after youve been around someone who has upset you. Simply activate the energies and use this Synergy Within Symbol or the male, female sex symbols to adjust your inner energy balance. Allow a few minutes for these energies to flow. Use this energy often, speaking to it as you would a friend. People on planet Earth are very hyper about sexuality and about the gender of energy you appear to be. Synergy Within is designed make your Earth travels easier.

Shape Shifter assistance by Synergy Within: There are people who know how to shape shift. Some of these people do this in their spiritual journeys, meditations, and night dreams, others do so in this reality. Sometimes it is only for an instant, other times for longer periods of time. If someone is shape shifting into a body that appears to have a gender that is different than what they usually live in, the affect will be more believable when Synergy Within is activated. Wherever you are, for as long as you are there, Synergy Within will help the ratio of male, female energy be appropriate to the gender body you are appearing within. Gender Ease and Freedom! Gender ease for those who arent naturally comfortable in the gender of the body theyve arrived into. Synergy Within gives tools for the transgendered, pre and post surgery. ---Or if no surgery or hormone treatment is chosen.

Gain the ability to increase or decrease the prominence of masculinity or femininity that you dwell within and outwardly exhibit at will. You can choose what percentage of male or female energy you are sending out to others. It doesnt matter what your sexual orientation is for the purposes of this energy system. We are simply speaking about your gender identity, not which gender you wish to attract. The sexual gender of a person is often key to their identity, how they identify themselves and how those around them identify them. For people who feel that they are living in a body of a gender that is not comfortable to them, Synergy Within may help. It will bring a perfect balance and synergy of Feminine and Masculine energy that will be much more comfortable to live within. The energy you emit outwards to others influences how they respond to you. Yours can be a male or female body and depending on the gender percentage mix of the energy you send out, a person will think they are talking to a man or a woman. Thus the energy is much more important than physicality. Yes, you can dress femininely, or masculinely, and doing so in alignment with the gender you wish to present is essential. However, you can be dressed in a dress, and still be sending out masculine energies, no matter whether you are in a male or female body. A person will likely feel that you are a man or a woman, based more on the way you feel energetically, than how you are dressed. When the way you are dressed, the energy you dwell within and the energy you send out are all in synergy, you are believable and more easily accepted. Some people are so uncomfortable in the body they were born into or found themselves within, that they choose to undergo gender re-assignment. This can encompass hormone therapy and even surgery that changes the physical body to more closely resemble the gender that the persons feels that they really are.

Gender re-assignment therapy is as much about how the physical body feels and appears to the person within it, as it is about how they present themselves to the world. If you are not comfortable in your own body, self esteem and your very ability to function are adversely affected. We know this to be true about many physical attributes. For too long people have assumed that the gender/sex of the body you were born into is what you are stuck with. It is becoming more and more common for people to change their gender. This can happen at any age, so long as it is conclusive that the gender of the body is not the gender of the person inside. Sometimes people are manipulated to believe that they are female in a mans body, sometimes they are made to believe that they are a man in a female body. Before anyone choose to embark upon hormone therapy or gender re-assignment surgery it is imperative that theyve received extensive counseling. This counseling MUST be with someone who would receive no personal benefit, no-matter the choice of their patient. This counselor must not have beliefs that are adverse to gender reassignment. This counselor must ask good questions to help the person discern the gender within. Many people feel the need to only change the way they dress. Others prefer hormones to make the skin, amount of hair growth and voice tonality be more natural for the gender they resonate with inside. Whether any surgery is chosen to further change the physical bodys appearance to be in alignment with the gender a person is inside themselves is a matter of personal choice. It is also a matter of financial wherewithal. If someone has the money to make such changes, they may do so. Changes are more often made to the breast area, reduction or augmentation than they are to the genitals. Genitals are hidden under clothing. Gender has much to do with the way a person presents themselves to the world and the gender determining genitalia in the crotch region are usually hidden anyway. Some people want surgery for sexual reasons, others are happy so long as they can pass in public as the gender they feel they are inside.

These symbols are your keys to increase or decrease Divine Masculine or Feminine energy concentration in your body. Think about these symbols when you wish to appear more masculine or more feminine to others. You can use Synergy Withins symbols of the male or female sex to increase or decrease the concentration of gender energy. Look at these images.

These symbols are about concentration of gender energy. Use the double male symbol to strongly increase masculine energy, use the double female symbol to strongly increase the feminine energy. This is not about sexual orientation of who you want to be with. This is about your energy. Use the male/female symbol for inner balance and synergy. Single male or female symbols increase that genders energy just a small amount.

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently Synergy Within in the manner of your choosing. Advise your student on the best way to receive the attunement you have sent out. Synergy Within manual must be included freely, and fully intact with no changes when its empowerment is provided. If you are not a Reiki or Seichim Master you can still pass Synergy Within on to another person by wanting to oh so very much. Intention is powerful! Please ask your energy team, your helping healing guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source, to bring you a Sphere of Light. Mentally stream the energy of Synergy Within into a Sphere of Light. Ask that it be sealed and carried to (name of student). Ask that it be securely protected by that persons guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source until the person calls in the attunement for Synergy Within. Intend that their Synergy Within attunement release perfectly to them at that time. And so it is complete! Please activate your Synergy Within energy system often. I hope you can see by the many descriptions of how many different situations Synergy Within can be used for, that it has a wide range of benefits. When you know a synergy within of your own masculine and feminine energies, there is peace and a coalescing of creative forces that are ready for whenever you need to call upon them. Your daily life is lived with a sense of poise and balance! You will glow with the inner confidence of your connection with Source and complete readiness as you live your life! Synergy Within is an original energy system channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture and is unlike any by any other person previously or any that may arrived in the future. August 25th, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved

Synergy Within energy system has a minimum resale price of $19.19USD each or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this manual with any Synergy Within attunement, fully intact, with no changes. No text or any portion of this manual may be used on u-tube, in movies, on social networking sites or personal websites. No text or portion of this manual may be copied, posted on the internet, linked or plagiarized, unless quoted briefly (50 words or less) as part of fair use in a review, listing or other commentary. Please contact the author at for permission to translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and manual must remain exactly as original form without any changes. This system is unique and is not related to any system now or to come.


Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Synergy Within

attunement/empowerments is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with any form of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement, empowerment or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged in rendering medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort to provide accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no guarantees are issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement in this manual you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel, defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or loss or damage allegedly caused. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others in advertising this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Windsong Couture from all liabilities and expenses including lawyers fees arising from such claims based on this manual. August 25th, 2010

Some content and fall under the fair use permission to copy. All photos I own a lifetime royalty free license to use commercially.

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