Greetings and peace to you all that only God can give.

We are assembled this night to honor our dear brother David Ellis. Let us memorialize his life and his ascension into the Kingdom of our God, Jesus Christ. I want to thank Davids family for their courage and presence this evening in the church. I cannot begin to express the grief we all feel in loosing such a good person. We thank the Lord always for having the luxurious blessing to know David Ellis as a man of God. My hope and my expectation from God this night is one of Joy and also one of remembrance. In this present darkness, let us not forget that we are the light of the world and God is the consuming flame of that brightness. David walked hand in hand with that light and always carried the fire of God within his heart. As it written in the bible: it is impossible to please God without faith.

David is in heaven. So tonight we are going to rejoice. David walked at the feet of our God having faith and never taking his eyes off of those promises. Even as the storm clouds would attempt to obstruct the light and warmth of Gods love in his life, they where never fully able too. Jesus is the one who says “Peace be still”. Now let the storm of your hearts dissipate and allow calm to abound and The Peace Keeper, who spoke peace into Davids heart when the storms closed in will give you that same comfort liberally as you seek it in faith just as our brother did. No weapon formed against us will prosper. Neither depression nor sickness, nether bitterness nor disappointment, neither hunger nor thirst, neither loneliness nor fear, neither sorrow nor death shall conquer us. No they will not conquer us and they did not conquer David, because in the midst of all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

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