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Objectives Cognitive: Explain the meaning of typhoon signals Psychomotor: Role-Play the activities that should be done in a particular typhoon signal Affective: Show appreciation for PAG-ASAs great help on determining typhoon signals


Subject Matter Topic: Explaining the Meaning of Typhoon Signals Science Concepts: Typhoon signals issued by PAGASA warn the public of the coming tropical cyclones Typhoon signals are raised according to the strength and speed of the wind and the time when such kind of winds may be expected Science Processes: Observing, Predicting, Describing, Explaining Values: Awareness and Appreciation Materials: pictures, materials used in group work; envelope, cartolina, marking pen, masking tape References: RBEC Unit VI, 5.3 Science and Life pg. 240-243, BEAM Learning Guide pg. 33-36


Procedure A. Routinely Activities Prayer Greetings Attendance Review (5 minutes) True or False (The pupils must be given 2 strips of paper with different colors before the class starts.)Inform them that the yellow strip represents true and the black strip represents false. Instruct them to raise the yellow strip if their answer is true and the black strip if it is false. A tropical cyclone is a big whirling mass of strong winds and rain. Tropical cyclone refers to either a depression, a storm or a typhoon. A tropical depression has a wind speed ranging from 63-118 kilometers per hour. A typhoon has a wind speed greater than 118 kilometers per hour.

B. Lesson Proper 1. Motivation (5 minutes) Show several pictures like radio, television, newspaper, and siren signals.

Ask them to identify each one. Raise this question: How do you think these objects help people? Elicit responses until weather forecasting is mentioned. Ask: What is weather forecasting about? Whats the importance of knowing the weather? Tell them that their activity is all about the meaning of typhoon signals. Introduce the term signal.

2. Activity (10 minutes) Group the class into four. Give each group an Activity Sheet and materials. Let them do the activity for 5-10 minutes. Present the rubric before they proceed. Let them post their output on the board if they are done.

Group Work and Reporting Rubric

Performance Criteria 5 Good All content was CONTENT completely presented. They gave clear DELIVERY and detailed explainations. All members TEAMWORK take an active participation. 3 Fair Only 80% of the content was presented. They gave clear explainations. Most members contribute. 1 Poor 50% of the content was presented. Their explainations are lacking. Few members participate.

C. Post Activity 1. Reporting by group. (10 minutes) 2. Analysis/Discussion What are the different typhoon warning signals? What is the meaning of each typhoon signals? What will you do if it is Signal no. 1? Signal no. 2? Signal no. 3? And Signal no. 4? 3. Generalization When will PAGASA announced that it is signal no. 1? Signal no. 2? Signal no. 3? Signal no. 4? Value Infusion: Why are typhoon signals put into effect? What do you think would happen if there were no public storm warning signals? 4. Application (20 minutes) Role playing Using the same groupings let the pupils role play the activities that should be done by the people during a particular typhoon signal. Give them 10-15 minutes to prepare and practice. Let each group present their role playing in two minutes each.

Role PlaYing Rubric

10 5 Fair Their role-play reflects a general understanding of the topic. 3 Poor Their role play shows minimal understanding of the topic.


Good Their role-play reflects an indepth understanding of the topic. The acting is appropriate for the characters and

The acting is sometimes appropriate for the characters and situations.

The acting is not appropriate for the characters or situations. Few members participate.



All members take TEAMWORK an active role.

Most members contribute.


Evaluation Answer the following questions.

1. PAGASA announced Davao under Typhoon Signal # 2. What does it mean? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 2. Under Typhoon Signal# 4 are Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga. What does this Typhoon signal mean? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

3. Panabo was declared under Typhoon signal # 3. What does it mean? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

4. Cebu is under Typhoon Signal # 1. What does it mean? _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


Assignment What should you do in the following situations?

1. You do not have classes because storm signal number 4 has been raised. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

2. Your parents are still in their offices. When you turned into the early evening TV news, you learned that storm signal number 1 has been raised. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________