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A Typical Manager

A Typical Manager

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Published by Daniela Andrei
English preparation
English preparation

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Published by: Daniela Andrei on Mar 27, 2013
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A Typical Manager's Desk

Managers often have desks that are surprisingly empty! These empty desks can show that the manager often travels and is out of the office most of the time. An empty desk can also demonstrate how powerful the manager is by its representative status. Sometimes, in the USA, you can see footmarks on the desk because some managers like to put their feet up on the desk when they are talking on the telephone! In the States, managers put their feet up on the desk to show that they are in control in their office. Managers usually have a laptop computer on their desk. In fact, this laptop computer is their true desk. These days, most managers do almost all their work on their laptops. Another thing you might find is a cell phone another sign of the mobility most managers demand. 1. Managers often have _________ computers. a. laptop b. beautiful c. fax ANSWER: 2. Some managers in the USA like to: a. talk a lot b. put their feet up on their desk c. work from home ANSWER: 3. Many managers have ________ phones. a. portable b. cell c. walkable ANSWER: 4. Most managers need to: a. stay in the office b. travel a lot c. type their own letters ANSWER: 5. A clean, empty desk represents: a. laziness b. power c. indecision ANSWER:

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