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Ed Fallone
Supreme Court Justice


State Superintendent Of Public Instruction

Tony Evers

Candidates endorsed by the following citizens:
Anderson, Betty Atkinson, Jimmy & Sandy Atkinson, Myrna & Curt Bitler, Roberta Blanding, Sharon Borchsenius, Georgien & Bill Burford, Terry Costerisan, Audrey & Richard Crane, Doug & Diane D’Jock, Louis & Pat Daniels, Greg Denotter, Robert Durand, Joseph & Barbara Haines, Tom & Grace Harden, James Hubbard, Lavergne Hulleman, Diane Imme, Polly Jacobsen, Ed & Mary Jorgensen, Clayton Kramer, Joan & Fred McLaughlin, Jean & Jim Nehring, Emily Petersen, Wilke & Rita Peterson, Anton Jr. & Joanne Peterson, Francis Quinton, Richard Richard, Dorothy & Vern Sahr, Charles & Lois Schauer, Marianne Sexton, Grace & Paul Stoylen, David & Kathleen Trepczyk, Kim & Jerry Wallace, Eldron & Beatrice
580170 32Lp 22ap

Authorized and paid for by endorsees.