FORM 8 THE COMPANIES ORDINANCE, 1984 [Section 94] NOTICE OF INCREASE IN NUMBER OF MEMBERS Please complete in typescript or in bold block

capitals. 1. CUIN (Incorporation Number) 2. Name of the Company Day 3. Receipt No. Dated (Bank challan to be attached in original) 4. Memorandum of fee: Rs. 4.1 Total amount payable with reference to the number of member as increased 4.2 Amount which would have been payable with reference to the number of members immediately before the increase. 4.3 Difference of 4.1 and 4.2 now paid with filing fee 5.
Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 94 of Companies Ordinance, 1984 that by Resolution of the company, on:





Name & Branch of the Bank Special



The number of members with which the Existing number company is registered has been of members increased by the addition thereto of


New number of members


Signatures of Chief Executive/ Secretary

8. 9.

Name of the Signatory Designation

10. N.I.C Number of signatory Day 11. Date Month Year

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