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Speed summary process flow

Topic items to include are..

1) General Communications
-Emails from Members

2) Action Items
-Divisions headlines
-New ESAi Project information

3) In the media (any Public Relation information)

-Highlights of radio news discussions
-Press release
-ESAi Publications

1) - Members will submit “Email” to the ESAi Listserv.

- Moderators will submit “Action and Media Items” to the server.
These things evolve into a list of output data items that produce information to
be sent to members.
2) Each item will reside in a server with date stamped (an accepted date should be
set for this process) to track and filter the most current items in the server.
3) Taking the items one at a time, the moderator or (a program could be
implemented here to process the item) verify whether or not an item is
4) If the item is new (based on the acceptance date), the moderator (or a program)
approve the item.
5) Steps 3 and 4 are continued iteratively until no new items are submitted.
6) Any new item that is reviewed and formalized for final submission will be sent to
the member.
Data flow Diagram

Member Submit

Email On list General Items

Serve On ESAi Server

Email and General Items On server

Yes No
Item New

Items to be Stop here


Send Item
Email Format

ESAi This Week

Date, XX- X-2006

ESAi this week is created to provide a quick review of organization related news and new
email items from members along with important information. Click the links below to
read more details on the items.
(you can change the wording to whatever you feel appropriate.)

ESAi This Week is distributed every XXX. The upcoming issue schedule is “Date here XXXX”

General Communications
Amharic Software of the Year 2006 Submitted by amahrica keyboard
Ethiopian Students Health Professionals.. Submitted by ashenafi waktola

Action Items
MIT OCW Material installed at Ethiopian Universities
By Yilikal, Tue Nov 07, 2006
ESAi hands in Google Amharic page
By ESATboy, Sun Nov 05, 2006

In the Media
Press Release - The Ethiopian Students Association international: Summit 6
Publication - Gizeyachin – Volume I – Issue I, March 2006

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