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Public Agenda

Public Agenda

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Environment and Energy Committee Senator Marty, Chair

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:00 p.m. – Room 107 Capitol—meeting will recess and reconvene at 6:00 p.m. in room 107


I. Call to Order II. SF1092 (Saxhaug) Fugitive emissions rule modification. a. Michael Twite, Environmental Manager, Magnetation, Inc. III. SF1040 (Hawj) Gas utility infrastructure cost recovery modifications. a. Rick Evans, Xcel Energy, Director of Government Affairs, Xcel Energy b. Paul Lehman, Energy Regulatory Department, Xcel Energy c. Grania McKiernan, Manager, MN Government Affairs of Excel Energy d. Bill Heaney, IBEW State Council IV. SF883 (Hoffman) Public utility transmission costs recovery regulation; transmission projects advance determination of prudence requirement. a. Rick Evans, Xcel Energy V. SF1104 (Koenen) Public utility emission reduction projects cost recovery. a. Loren Laugtug, Otter Tail Power Company VI. SF1011 (Dibble) Clean energy resources teams activities funding requirement a. Diana McKeown, Metro CERT Director b. Lissa Pawlisch, Statewide CERT Director VII. SF1135 (Dibble) Energy conservation and savings policy goals expansion. a. Sheldon Strom, President, Center for Energy and Environment VIII. SF1121 (Dibble) Local government energy improvement program term definitions modifications.

IX. SF248 (Bonoff) Narrow-leaved cattail mechanical control rulemaking requirement. a. Peter Davis, President of Shaver's Lake Preservation Association X. SF1021 (Tomassoni) Greater Minnesota parks and trails commission creation and appropriation. a. Al Lieffort, Chair, Greater MN Regional Parks and Trails Coalition and Douglas County Parks Director XI. SF613 (Scalze) Public facilities authority provisions modifications; wastewater treatment projects total maximum daily load grants reorganization; small community wastewater treatment grant requirements modification. a. Jeff Freeman, Executive Director, Minnesota Public Facilities Authority XII. SF796 (Schmit) Miscellaneous natural resources department (DNR) provisions modification. a. Kathy Doncarlos, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources b. Kim Dimmick, Hastings c. Scott Slocum, White Bear Lake d. Jody McIlrath, Chair, Save Our Bluffs, Goodhue County e. Tony Kwilas, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce XIII. SF1018 (Schmit) Silica sand and nonmetallic minerals mining model standards and criteria development requirement. a. Tony Kwilas, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce XIV. SF901 (Marty) Solar electricity standard establishment; cogeneration and small power production provisions modifications. FOR DISCUSSION ONLY XV. Adjourn

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