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wedding crashers

wedding crashers

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Published by: doolgirl on Mar 14, 2009
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W e ddi n g Cr a s he r s CHAPTER ONE Sonny Corinthos walked into Alexis Davis hospital room bright and early and

dressed to impress. He had mulled over his and Alexis’ conversation concerning their exspouses to no end and had finally come up with a foolproof plan. The problem lay in convincing Alexis, he was sure she would see the fool part, but he wasn’t too confident about the plan. That’s where he prayed his charm, dimples and Armani suit came in. Sonny slowly opened the door to Alexis’ room and poked his head inside, surprised to see her up and packing her bag. He thought to himself how beautiful she looked in a chocolate angel sleeve tunic and matching chocolate flare leg pants, large hoop earrings and a large nugget necklace with brown and beige stones. “Alexis, what are you doing?” he asked. Alexis quickly turned towards the voice and stared up at Sonny, who was dressed in all black from head to toe. “They think I’m sick Sonny, not dying. Try not to be so eager, you’ll get the chance to dance on my grave all in due time.” “Don’t make jokes like that Alexis, you have to stay positive.” “I’m sorry, too morbid for you? It’s just that all these frequent trips to General Hospital to be poked and prodded, stuck and smooshed with no diagnosis in sight is starting to wear thin. Enough of that, if the suit isn’t for me, who is it for? Has one of your associates gone to meet the original Godfather, Father God?” “Ha Ha Alexis. I see your sense of humor is alive and kicking.” “Was that your attempt at a joke?” “Yes it was.” “Then stop. So, what’s with the suit?” “I’m wearing black to celebrate the death of Carly and Jax’s engagement.” “Wow and you accused me of being dark.” “Well then, you Alexis are the light.” “Seriously Sonny stop it. You’re starting to scare me.” Sonny let out a hearty enough laugh to make sure his dimples flashed in the process. "Trust me Alexis, when you hear my plan you’ll be thanking me and you haven’t done that since the night Kristina was conceived.” Alexis blushed as the memory of their one night together ran through her mind and quickly changed the subject. “Okay who are you and what have you done with the real Sonny Corinthos?” “It is me, the old me, who has been inspired by you.” Alexis looked around the room whistling. “If you keep this up, I won’t need a diagnosis because I will be in a sugar coma, so spill it Sonny.” “Well I was thinking, you don’t want Jax to marry Carly and I don’t want Carly to marry Jax, what better way to get what we want than to team up?” Sonny asked. A stunned Alexis looked at Sonny not believing this “While I abhor the thought of that unholy union as much as you do, I don’t have the time or most importantly the energy to waste, especially on Carly.” “Think about it Alexis. You’d be doing it for Jax, not Carly.” Alexis looked at Sonny intrigued “Okay Sonny, let me in on the inner most workings of your mind, but please be gentle. I’m very fragile right now.” “You seem fine to me. I know that you’re strong enough to keep throwing those jabs my way.” Alexis plopped down on the bed while Sonny stood close “Shoot.” At Sonny’s glare, Alexis burst out laughing “I’m sorry. No more, I’ll be quiet.” “Thank you, you’re so kind. As I was saying, neither of us want a Carly and Jax union so we’ll do something about it. Together.” “Alright, I’m in.” Alexis said as she picked up her bag and headed to the door “Call me at home with the details because if I have to stay in this place a minute longer than necessary…” Alexis thought of a crude comment involving Carly but refrained. “Let’s just say it won’t be pretty.” “You can’t go home Alexis” Sonny said plain and simple. “What are you talking about, I can’t go home? We’ve only been speaking to each other using our inside voices for about a week and you’re already bossing me around.” Sonny ignored Alexis’ words and kept talking “You can’t go home for two reasons, one and the most important, my psychotic brother, your husband, is running around plotting God knows what and two, it messes with the plan.” “I can understand the part about Ric but what part of the ‘plan’ prohibits me from living in my own home?”

“The part where you move in with me.” “If it wasn’t for the biting chill in the air, I would swear it was April Fools Day, because you have to be joking about wanting me to live with you and Carly. ” “I’m not and it’s not a joke. You heard correctly, I want you to move into Greystone.” “Why?” “For a number of reasons; for your protection, for both of your daughters, since they’re already there and it will drive Carly up the wall.” “Forget about Carly for a second, what about me? Living in a house with you, Carly and all our children, I don’t think so. I might as well stay here and let them prepare me for Roselawn. Because I would have to be certifiable or on my way there, after dealing with all of you.” “Come on Alexis, it’ll be fun.” “Maybe for you to watch Carly and me torment one another, but for me, not so much. I bet you already have the mud wrestling ring set up as we speak.” Sonny laughed out loud “Alexis I’m crushed. Have a little faith in me.” “There you go, freaking me out again.” “Alexis come home with me. It would be easier on you than traveling back and forth, Molly and Kristina are getting into a routine there, and it’s safer. And besides nonmarried couples live together all the time.” “Couple? Excuse me, did you just say couple?” “Yeah. Our coupledom is the foundation of the whole plan, living together is just extra. We’ll tell everybody that we’ve made up, which is true, and that we’re going to give our family a try. Then all we have to do is sit back and watch as Carly and Jax implode. So let’s go the limo’s waiting.” Sonny said as he put his hand in the small of Alexis’ back to usher her out of the room. Alexis suspiciously looked back at Sonny as she tried to take in all the information that he had just dropped on her. But when she saw the devilishly wicked gleam in his eye, Alexis relaxed a little and thought that the plan could work, could be fun and would get her mind off her on problems. Smiling at the sometimes ironic twists of fate, Alexis started humming the words to the song Reunited. CHAPTER TWO After feeling a light fluttering at her wrist, Alexis flinched and stared up quizzically at Sonny from her seat. “What do you think you’re doing?” “Just familiarizing myself with your body all over again,” he answered nonchalantly as if him touching her was the most natural, normal thing in the world. “Here’s an idea, why don’t you take that hand and reacquaint yourself over and over with your own body because mine is off limits. You can look but don’t touch.” Alexis quipped. Sonny turned from her with a tight smile on his lips to look in Milo’s direction to close the partition, not wanting the rest of their conversation to be overheard. “Look Alexis you said you were in, so you have to be all in. How are we going to convince anybody of anything if there’s enough distance between us to squeeze in all our children.” “You’re right. Point taken.” “Thank you. Now could you move a little closer? Please,” he added after interpreting the look she shot him. “Why?” “Alexis please stop fighting me. We’re supposed to be going for a brand new couple vibe not that of an old married one.” “Okay, if we must. But since it was your idea bucko, you move. I’m quite comfortable where I am.” Without any hesitation Sonny moved in close enough for their thighs to touch. Alexis became strangely affected by the sudden contact and close proximity and tried to downplay it. “Better now? We’re practically Siamese twins” she cracked. Sonny let out a full and hearty laugh at words and placed his arm around the back of the seat where her head lay. “You know what Alexis? Whether you believe it or not, I’ve missed you. I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.” Weirdly touched by his admission, Alexis smiled. “I’m glad that I could be of amusement to you. So what’s next?” “Well I thought that we could…you know…practice.” Sonny said, treading lightly as he prepared himself for her reaction. “Practice for what? Some sort of test?” Alexis asked jokingly with no earthly idea of what he could be talking about. “We could call it that if you like. Sort of a chemistry test,” Sonny said as he focused on her lovely mouth. “Now you’ve went and totally lost me. I have no clue…”

Alexis’ babble was cut short the moment Sonny thought it was better to demonstrate than explain. His hand traveled to her head and pulled her forward so that her lips connected crushingly to his. Sonny deepened the kiss ever so slowly as he savored, memorized, and drank from Alexis’ lips.

How could I have forgotten this? Sonny thought as he sent his tongue in search of hers. Surprisingly to him, it was granted full, total and unrestricted access inside her warm inviting mouth. And when Alexis moaned her approval, his hands fisted tighter in her hair, pulling her mouth and body closer and deeper into his.
Alexis was taken aback by all of the sensations roaring through her body with just one long continuous kiss from Sonny. Hesitantly choosing air over a sweet delicious death, Alexis slowly removed her hands from around Sonny’s neck and placed them on his chest as she regrettably broke her mouth away from his to see in his eyes the thing she was feeling in her body. Heat. Lots of scorching, blazing heat. And judging by his gaze Alexis knew he felt it too. Neither of them spoke and just slowly watched the other with glazed, passion filled eyes and swollen lips as their erratic breathing started to resume a semblance of normality.

What are you getting yourself into Alexis? she thought. But not wanting to analyze or overanalyze anything at the present moment, Alexis shut down all reasoning and threw herself into Sonny’s arms and into a frenzied frantic kiss initiated by her.
Partially lying down with Alexis awkwardly on top, Sonny leisurely ran his hands down Alexis’ back to cup her buttocks as Alexis’ hands were busy swiftly removing and grabbing at Sonny’s suit jacket while her mouth kissed, licked nipped and sucked at his neck. After several minutes of tongues mingling and hands exploring, Sonny was given a long enough reprieve to ask “How do I get you out of this damn thing?” “What?” Alexis asked so intoxicated with Sonny and the feelings he released in her that she surprised herself with even a single coherent word since her mind and limbs felt like mush. “Your top,” he clarified. “How do I get it off? It seems almost…” Apparently they had been so wrapped up in each other that they had been oblivious to the limo coming to a halt a while ago. The rest of his inquiry was cut short because the back doors to the limo were surprisingly, harshly opened. “You’re not getting away with this,” Carly’s voice barked and snarled before actually paying attention to what she was witnessing. But when she did “What the hell? Sonny?” “Alexis?” Jax questioned as he stood behind his fiancée. “Mommy! Daddy!” Kristina shrieked and clapped from her Uncle Jax’s side. Stunned, Sonny and Alexis re-shifted their bodies into normal sitting position to stare into the faces of Carly, Jax, and Kristina. From the adults they saw surprise, shock, and looks ranging from mild to moderate disgust. But on their baby girl was a look of confused amusement. “Jax…Carly” Alexis stammered. “We… uh” Alexis chose to just shut up because she was unable to find the words. “What Alexis is trying to say is” Sonny said as he came to her rescue. “We’re glad you’re here. We have something to share with you.” When their exes said nothing and just continued to stare, Sonny added “But first could you two give us a couple of minutes. We need to make ourselves decent.” Sonny said flashing them both a megawatt smile. When they still didn’t respond, Sonny and Alexis looked at them and saw that Carly and Jax weren’t moving a muscle. The duo stood outside the limo with their mouths gaped open. “Oh and Carly,” Sonny asked with one hand on the door handle. “Could you take Kristina to her room? This isn’t for little eyes and ears” he said, not waiting for a response before he promptly closed the door. After hearing the door slam, Sonny turned to Alexis just in time to see her succumb to a fit of laughter and joined in. Minutes later, weakened from tears of joy, Alexis rested her head on Sonny’s chest and said “Did you see their faces? Who knew it could happen so quickly?” “Yeah” Sonny agreed. “Who knew” he repeated as he caressed Alexis’ hair and held her tightly to him, referring to the dormant but ever present feelings for her she had awakened in him. CHAPTER THREE Jax watched Carly suspiciously as she paced back and forth in the living room of Greystone without uttering a word. After catching Sonny and Alexis in the backseat of the limo, she raced like a bat out of hell to dump Kristina in her room to prepare for the confrontation of a lifetime. “Carly, are you okay?” “OKAY,” she screeched. “You’ve got to be kidding me. How can I be okay? The poor desperate prude has finally reattached her claws to Sonny. I know she’s been counting the days, biding her time until she could have another chance with him and when she found it she jumped all in. God she’s so clingy and suffocating. Did you see how she was draped all over him?” “Yeah I saw. But what I didn’t see was Sonny putting up much of a fight. So don’t go blaming it all on Alexis.” “Why are you being so calm when we’ve got to put a stop to this Jax? Didn’t you see what I just saw? Are you OKAY with it?” “No I’m not. But I’m not going to wear a hole in the ground worrying about it either. So my question is, why are you?” ************

Alexis sat in the limo and stared at Sonny who was standing outside the car waiting for her with an extended hand. “We’re a couple, remember?” Sonny said in response to the look of disdain on her face. “Right. Couple. I have to keep telling myself that.” “Or you could let me give you a reminder you would never forget” Sonny said teasingly. Alexis blushed at his words and tried to casually remove her hand from his grip but he must have been wise to the move because Sonny held on to her even tighter. “Alexis, I think we should talk about…” She already knew where he was going since her mind was still on the event as well. Things between them had escalated pretty quickly at a very intense pace. And if she were being honest she would admit she could still feel the residual effects as her body was still humming with excitement and anticipation. But she wouldn’t, because she had to tread lightly where Sonny was concerned. From her own personal experience she knew he was a dangerous, serial heart breaker. “Later,” she replied. “But for now, let’s take in the fireworks.”

“Damn it Carly answer me!” Jax screamed. “Why are you so bothered by…?” “The idea of Alexis and me” Sonny asked as he interrupted the two. “I would like to know the answer to that myself. But not right now. We wanted to let you two know that we’re together now, but it would be a waste since you saw first hand. So if you’ll excuse us, Alexis would like to spend time with the girls.” Alexis looked from Carly to Jax thinking of how she could cut the tension between them with a knife and a pang of guilt hit her when she thought of how she was to blame. But she quickly pushed it away when she recalled what a conniving leech Carly really was.

He would be better off alone.
Carly shot Alexis an angry glare as if she could hear her thoughts and Alexis wondered why she wasn’t getting assaulted with expletives. And then she realized Carly knew that whatever happened next would be crucial in her relationship with Jax so she was just buying time. “Jax,” Alexis started. “I know this is a shock for you and I promise I’ll explain everything tomorrow, but for now Kristina, Molly and I have some catching up to do.” Alexis explained as she went to place a kiss on Jax’s cheek. “It’s just as well. We really don’t have the time to listen to your psychobabble, Alexis. Jax and I have plans,” Carly bragged. “Had. We had plans,” Jax corrected as he stormed out of the room, leaving Carly Sonny and Alexis to stare after him. “Jax don’t leave! Come back!” Carly called, but after hearing the door slam shut she knew her half hearted attempt was even more wasted. “Well, I guess it’s just the three of us,” Carly announced as she took a seat on the sofa with a magazine in hand, completely clueless to the look of longing that passed between Sonny and Alexis. CHAPTER FOUR “Sonny, I was thinking,” Carly said. “Since my dinner plans have been ruined,” she emphasized the last word while shooting Alexis an angry glare. “How about….” Carly’s suggestion had to be put on hold because Max and Milo burst into the living room, interrupting them, flanked with suitcases and smaller bags waving around in the air. “Sorry, Mrs. C…but boss where do you want Ms. Davis’ things?” “Excuse me!” Alexis wailed. “Did you say my things? How did you two get my things?” When realization dawned on her, Alexis turned to Sonny and gave him a look so shrewd that she could only see him through the very thin slits of her eyes. “You sent your thugs, albeit nice thugs to my home without telling me? Hold on a second, how did you two get inside?” Max and Milo hung their heads in shame and right then Alexis knew that they had broken in. “Well I’m taking back my compliment and sticking to the regular everyday thugs description.” “Alexis!” Sonny chastised. “Boss,” Max called with noticeable strain in his voice. “These things are unbelievably heavy, so what room do they go to?” “Put them in my bedroom. I mean our bedroom,” Sonny added as he caught and then ignored Alexis’ furious glance. “You, Sonny Corinthos are an overbearing, egotistical, pompous…” Carly watched everything unfold between them and thought that something wasn’t right. She sure didn’t understand this sudden thing and living arrangement between the two and Alexis had a right to be ticked with the guards springing her luggage on her, but there was something else that she just couldn’t figure out. Alexis seemed

downright hostile towards Sonny and that was weird for a newly reunited couple. “I really don’t know what the fuss is all about Alexis. I thought you two were in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, so why all the anger? Why are your panties in a twist about your belongings and them going in their proper place?” Alexis closed her eyes and chanted Operation Free Jax about a dozen times before releasing a breath and smiling sweetly at Carly. “That’s not what I’m upset about. Sonny and I had planned to move me in here together then the next thing I know Milo and Max come trouncing in with everything except the lake house, so it threw me. But now I realize that Sonny just didn’t want me to have to deal with the stress of packing and unpacking." Alexis looked at Sonny and gave him a "Thank you baby.” To drive her point home, Alexis walked to Sonny while Carly looked on and gave him a deep kiss to illustrate the fact that all was forgiven. But what Carly didn’t see as Sonny pulled Alexis closer to envelope her with his arms was the bite Alexis placed on Sonny’s bottom lip. Before Sonny could respond to the painful move, Alexis licked the spot with her tongue and then proceeded to nearly swallow Sonny’s down her throat so that the only audible sounds that could be heard from either of them were moans. Sonny’s hand quickly found Alexis’ backside and squeezed so vigorously that Alexis’ eyes widened in stunned surprise as she swiftly pushed him off of her in time to shoot him another warning look. “Sonny, Carly, if you’ll excuse me. Now that this little misunderstanding has been cleared up, I’m going to see my daughters.” Alexis quickly escaped the room by way of the stairs as Carly still lounged on the couch and Sonny stood staring after her. “As I was saying before being rudely interrupted, for dinner how about pasta and…” “Not now Carly. I’m going to check on Alexis as she checks on Kristina.” Before reaching Kristina’s room, Sonny had to bypass his own and when he did he noticed Alexis through the slightly cracked door kneeling with her back to him. As he got closer Sonny saw clothes flying through the air at warp speed from open suitcases. Soon as Sonny touched the door he had to quickly close it because of the very pointy stiletto headed directly at him. After he was certain that it had hit the floor, Sonny cautiously entered his nearly destroyed bedroom and cleared his throat before asking “Need any help in here? What are you looking for Alexis?” “No, I don’t need any help and I’m not sure what I’m looking for yet. But I’ll know it when I see it.” “How long are you going to keep this up Alexis? Until my clothes are on the floor too?” “What another great idea Sonny. You’re really full of them or it,” Alexis said as she made her way to Sonny’s closet. “Wait Alexis! Please stop. I’m sorry.” “For what,” she asked. After narrowing her eyes to stare deeply into his, Alexis groaned. “You have no clue do you? You’re just saying that so I’ll leave your precious duds alone.” “You’re right; I don’t know what I did. But I know it must have been pretty bad for you to go on this rampage.” “Yes it was. And you can start your apology with…hmm…let me see… I’m sorry Alexis for talking you into this cockamamie idea to begin with. Then work your way up to repenting profusely for ordering your hired guns to break into my home and removing all of my possessions. I tell you Sonny, the thought of those two buffoons rifling through my underwear drawer is giving me a serious case of the willies. And last but not least you can apologize for what happened in the back of the limo.” “I’m truly sorry about Kristina walking in on that Alexis.” “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what happened between us while we were alone. You know the kiss.” “Oh hell no! I will not apologize for that and there was a lot more than kissing going on I might add. For one thing it felt damn good and we both enjoyed it, so why apologize? And for another you participated as much as I did and even more so at times, so if anybody is apologizing it will be you.” “I don’t think so. This whole plan was your idiotic idea, initiated solely by you. Especially that ‘chemistry test’ bit. You know how I feel about the importance of education, so you brought that on yourself buddy.” “In that case,” Sonny said as he stepped closely into Alexis’ personal space and traced a single finger from the side of her face to the swell of her breast “There are a few more areas of study that we should…” “UGGGGGGGH!” Alexis screeched as she threw one of her skirts to the ground and shook her head “You just don’t get it, do you?” she asked not waiting for his answer and stalking off in search of her girls. Sonny stayed behind and rubbed at his bottom lip and smiled as he thought of the apparent reactions Alexis’ body was having to his “Yes I do and I’m going to prove it.” CHAPTER FIVE Alexis abruptly came to a pause in the hallway as she headed in the direction of Kristina’s bedroom. Tiny voices that giggled and spoke with infectious happiness rang in her ears captivating her and making her smile. She immediately knew the playful, excited babbling belonged to Molly and that the enthusiastic whispers were coming from Kristina. As Alexis leaned in closer, Kristina’s words became more understandable. “Carly opened the door and I was standing with Uncle Jax when you know what we saw, Molly, My mommy and my daddy were k-i-s-s-i-n-g,” Kristina sang.

Even though Molly didn’t have a clue as to what Kristina was talking about she joined her big sister in another round of giggles as her chubby hands rubbed at Kristina’s face. Alexis, not wanting to miss out on the fun, moved to step into the room, but a masculine body deeply pressing into hers stopped her from doing so. After instantly recognizing Sonny from the feel of him and the smell of his cologne, a quick breath caught in Alexis’ throat as she flinched. Sonny chuckled as he bent his lips to Alexis’ ear. “Don’t worry Alexis and just stay calm. It’s not like I’m going to take you up against the wall or anything. That is, unless you beg,” he winked and flashed dimples while watching her from the side to see her face contort. Alexis swiftly turned around to Sonny to stare at him in disbelief. “You’re an ASS!” she shouted before walking towards the playroom. Entering the room, Alexis almost fainted when she heard the rest of the words that were coming out of Kristina’s mouth. “I was so happy when I saw them. It means my wish is coming true and that my mommy and daddy are going to be together. They are going to get married and we are going to be a real family.” Alexis looked back to see Sonny watching her while her face reddened at the little girls desires. She promptly stared up into the heavens and closed her eyes as she recounted Jax’s earlier pain and Kristina’s wildest dream. What her daughter wanted most was for her parents to really be together and they were playing games. Dear God what have we done? She shook off her misgivings to concentrate on Molly and Kristina. Alexis made them aware of her presence by clapping her hands together and then leaving her arms wide open “There are my girls,” she said. “Mommy” the daughters squealed as they ran into Alexis’ embrace. As Kristina lifted her cheek to receive a kiss from her mother, she spotted her father as well. “And daddy too. It’s going to be like this all the time now,” Kristina beamed. Sonny watched Alexis for a long moment and when no words came he looked back to Kristina. “Hey pretty girl. I just wanted you to know that Viola’s almost done fixing lunch and then she will be up here to get the both of you. I was also told that it’s your favorite, so be ready.” “But before you go sweetie, there’s something I want to talk to you about. I heard you talking to your sister about what you saw earlier and I need to tell you, it’s not what you think. Mommy and Daddy are working together on something very important…” “My little brother? You know how much I want one mommy. Thank you!” “No Kristina, that’s not it. It has to do with Uncle Jax. He’s a very special man who I love very much…” “But not as much as Daddy,” Kristina interrupted again. “Sweetie, that’s enough,” Alexis said with quiet exasperation. When she thought she heard light laughter Alexis looked to Sonny only to see him preoccupied with Molly. “I’m trying to explain something to you. Your daddy and I are pretending. It’s all make believe. We’re only acting the way you saw so Uncle Jax and Carly will leave each other alone. So now do you understand? It’s fake, not real.” “I get it,” Kristina answered while playing along. She understood what her mother was saying and she didn’t like it one bit. Now that she had glimpsed her parents together she knew that’s what she wanted and what should be. And if her mother only wanted to pretend she would have to find away to make it real. But first she would need help and she knew just where to go. “Kristina, I’m sorry baby. Mommy and Daddy should have thought about how you would take this and we didn’t. It’s our entire fault,” Alexis said remorsefully as she hugged her daughter. “It’s okay Mommy,” Kristina said as she squeezed back and thought of ways to really make it okay for her whole family, forever. *********************** “Well wasn’t that just oodles and oodles of fun,” Alexis asked Sonny sarcastically as she bent over to pick up the toys the girls had left lying around in the playroom. Seconds after Alexis’ explanation to Kristina, Leticia came and retrieved the girls to get them washed up for lunch while Viola arranged their meals on plates. The nanny almost broke into a run to escape the tension in the room but she put the children first and applied the rationale that she had to maintain as a Corinthos employee. “You were right Alexis. We didn’t factor Kristina into this and we should have. I get it, but can you please drop the attitude now?” “Attitude?” Alexis questioned as her head swung to look at him while the rest of her body was still bent, leaning into the toy box. “The reason I have attitude is because you’re an insufferable, cocky Neanderthal.” “And you still want all of me,” Sonny accused, inching closer and closer to her. As Alexis watched his movements, she realized where he was going, and quickly changed her position to a rigid stance. “And you are apparently delusional,” she cracked. “Why don’t you be honest Alexis, if you know the truth yourself? Are you acting this way because you want me and think you can’t have me or is all of this because you know you can and you’re scared?” Sonny questioned. “YOU…” Alexis seethed. “I know I know. I’m the bane of your existence and all that is wrong in the world. If only you could see what I see Alexis. You spew some of the harshest insults at me… but you’re body,” Sonny motioned to her figure as he stared her up and down “Tells me a completely different story,” he finished before moving in for a soul stirring kiss.

************** Kristina Corinthos finally arrived in the kitchen, overjoyed that she didn’t have to wait for her helper to come around. Because there at the table sat Carly. Kristina smiled a quick smile before tucking it away to put on her most sad, pouty face. The one that worked on everyone in her family, including her mother. “What’s wrong, Kristina?” Carly asked after tearing her eyes and appetite away from her freshly baked frozen pizza. “Nothing,” the little girl replied in her most innocent voice. “I can tell from the way you sat down in that chair and from the look on your face that’s not the truth. So spill it.” “Okay. Okay. But you have to promise not to tell.” “I won’t.” “I’m just sad that’s all.” “Sad? How can you be sad? You just found out your parents are together.” “I’m sad like mommy.” “Why is your mommy sad? She should be happy as well,” God knows she’s waited long enough for this Carly thought. “She’s not happy because she had to lie to me. She said her and daddy were pretending everything. They are making believe so that you and Uncle Jax won’t be together any more. They said you would be too busy thinking about them.” Carly’s mouth hung open at Kristina’s shocking confession. She closed it and then opened it a dozen more times before finally finding her voice. “They said what… They wouldn’t dare… Well Sonny would and Alexis would follow suit for Sonny and for Jax... I can’t believe it… the nerve of them,” she screeched. Kristina jumped at Carly’s grating tone, but proceeded to egg her on. “My mommy thinks Uncle Jax can do better.” “BETTER” she yelled. “Who’s better for Jax than me?” Carly asked not really wanting an answer because she knew there was no one who fit the bill. “I don’t know, she didn’t say. Hey, weren’t my mommy and Uncle Jax married before? Maybe they…” “Kristina no! Don’t put that out into the universe. Alexis is not getting my fiancé. Jax and I belong together. We love each other. We’re good for one another.” “What about my daddy?” “We’re the past. We’re just two people who are raising our boys.” “But what about the plan? What my mommy and daddy are doing to you?” “Don’t you worry Kristina,” Carly said as she got up from the table. “I’m going to find Uncle Jax so we can work this out and then we’re going to teach your parents a lesson on what happens when you interfere with true love.” After Carly left the room in a tear Kristina looked down at her plate and smiled and thought about what suckers grown ups were. CHAPTER SIX “Come on Jax. Open up!” Carly yelled. She stood outside his penthouse banging on the door with her open palm. “I know you’re in there, the bellman told me so,” Carly said while she continued pounding. “Look Jax, I’ll stand out here all day and night if I have to and you know I will. I mean it, I’m not going anywhere.” Carly breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the door unlocking, because despite her words she feared Jax had finally had enough of her drama. “What do you want Carly?” Jax asked standing with the door only slightly opened. “To talk,” she replied simply. Then without thinking twice about it, proceeded to push her way into the apartment through the little space Jax had provided. “Carly, I think your reaction to Sonny and Alexis said enough for a lifetime.” “Oh yeah?” she questioned. Carly threw her coat and purse on the leather sofa with her body following her belongings. “Well you haven’t heard anything yet. I’m anxious to see how you handle the latest news.” “What news?” “Your dearest friend and my ex-husband have been working together to tear us apart. It seems we’ve been had.” ******** Kristina Corinthos sat at the table in the best mood of her young life. Earlier she had witnessed her mommy and daddy kissing and now she was certain that her daddy’s ex-wife wouldn’t be in her family’s way anymore. The only thing that was left was for her parents to get it together. “Whatcha smiling about, Krissy?” Viola asked while cleaning Molly’s hands and face. “Nothing,” Kristina answered as she dunked her vanilla Oreo cookie into the cold milk in front of her. She had quickly plowed through lunch, even making the yucky vegetables disappear, so she had been rewarded with a treat.

“Kristina,” Viola said suspiciously. She narrowed her eyes on the little girl and studied her, knowing that something was going on inside her inquisitive mind. Viola had been taking care of her since birth and picked up on the slightest things concerning the child. The only response Kristina gave was nonverbal in the form of a shoulder shrug as she bit into her cookie with a smile on her face. *********** Jax sat down beside Carly on the couch, stunned at what she had relayed via Kristina. “I can’t believe it. From Sonny yes, but not Alexis. It’s such a Corinthos thing to do, he’s probably blackmailing her…waving custody rights over her head again.” “Oh please Jax. Alexis is no lost angel that just fell from the heavens, she has a mind of her own. She’s an adult that makes her own decisions and she has decided this is the perfect way to pant after Sonny, with his permission of course.” “You sound jealous,” Jax pointed out. “Not jealous, just angry that they played us for fools. That they toyed with our future.” “Well, it seemed like jealousy earlier.” “I’ll admit I was taken aback, but not because of Sonny, but because of who he was with. Alexis and I just don’t mix, we never will.” “Are you sure that’s all it is?” “I’m positive Jax. You’re the only man I want.” “And you’re the only woman I want,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her. Carly gently pushed him away, smiled as she wiped at her lip. “Now it’s time to talk plans.” “Wedding plans, great. Shoot.” “Uh, Uh. I’m talking plans for Sonny and Alexis.” ************** Viola looked at Kristina and Molly and then to the door. She wondered what was keeping Mr. Corinthos and Ms. Davis. Since they had moved into Greystone during Alexis’ hospital stay, Sonny had at least two of three meals with the girls everyday, sometimes all three. And she was sure Alexis wouldn’t miss this time, it being her first day back. Worry starting to set in, Viola reached for Molly in her highchair. “What are you doing?” Kristina asked hurriedly. “Going to find your Mommy and Daddy, they should have been down by now.” Kristina thought about her parents in that lip lock, then the smiles and looks her father had been giving her mother recently. “I don’t think you should go. They’re probably just napping or something." ************* “Carly, no. We’re supposed to be planning our future not plotting the downfall of our exes.” “But…It wasn’t going to be anything major. Maybe just trap them somewhere together, so Sonny can remember how boring Alexis is and she can see that he’s still as controlling as ever.” “My beautiful bride-to-be, when it comes to Sonny and Alexis you have no clue or either you’re in serious denial. They may have wanted to break us up on some level, but of all the ways to do it they chose to pose as a couple. Two people who know each other, having to kiss, touch and snuggle non-stop, that’s pretty risqué. And then their little limo escapade,” Jax clucked his tongue at the recollection. “If you’ll remember, they didn’t know anyone would be around for that, so what was the point?” Carly looked at Jax horrified as she started to follow his reasoning. “Oh my God…do you mean…do you think Sonny and Alexis…” Carly dropped the subject, deciding that denial was a great place to live having been a resident for so long. Jax tenderly caressed the side of Carly’s face. “Yes, honey. Sonny and Alexis are in love, whether they admit it or not.” ********* Alexis roughly pushed Sonny away from her and eyed him while she bit down on her bottom lip to stop the flow of curses from coming forth, but one managed to escape anyway as she boomed “What the hell did you do that for?” “Because you wanted me to and I wanted it as well,” Sonny replied. “Ooh, you insufferable pig. Could you please stop talking before you use up all the air? Even though with the size of your ego, I’m shocked there’s still any left.” “There you go with the words again. And I would almost buy the hate, that is if you could get your body under control,” Sonny said as he watched her breast heave. Alexis followed Sonny’s gaze and saw her hardened nipples peaking out, outlined against the material of the thin fabric. “Jerk,” she spat. Sonny broke out into a hearty laugh at Alexis’ predicament and her reaction “Hey…you know,” he said with his eyes still mesmerized by her breast. “That’s just one of your body’s natural reactions. I’m flattered.” “Yeah, well so is vomiting. Anyway, this has nothing to do with you,” Alexis lied. “Really? Well it’s not from the wind and over the last couple of minutes it has gotten really hot in here, so it’s not the air around us,” Sonny deduced while stepping closer into Alexis’ personal space as she walked backwards until her back came in contact with the wall.

Shit. Alexis crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously when Sonny kept staring at her as if he were picturing her naked and doing something very naughty.
“What’s wrong, Alexis?” “I think that question is better suited for you,” Alexis corrected as she started to wave her arms around. “We’re supposed to be working on separating Carly and Jax and it appears we have both gotten sidetracked. One of us more than the other,” Alexis added at the wicked smile on Sonny’s face. “We already did that and if it didn’t stick Carly and Jax can go fuck themselves,” Sonny replied while letting his hands roam over Alexis. “Which is exactly what I want to do to you.” Alexis stood with her mouth gaping open before responding with a resounding. “Ugh. Crude much?” “Sorry, I’m just being honest.” “Well then, let me follow your example. Against my better judgment I find myself strangely attracted to you. But I’ll be damned if I give in to what you want.” “Why not? It’s what we want.” “Because a few hours ago you were all about you preciously, dysfunctional Carly and now you wanna do me in the children’s rocking chair.” “Not what I had in mind, but I’m flexible,” Sonny joked. “So not funny. If you’ve forgotten, Carly/Sonny/Alexis part one was a disaster and this time I’m sure it would be Armageddon.” “I don’t want to get into all that but I sure as hell remember that night. The candles, the black satin sheets, you and me. You were so wild, we were so intense together. We created our daughter that night.” Alexis shook off the deliciously warm feeling his description and her memories conjured up from their first and last time. “I’m glad your memory is still sharp and I hope that night stays ingrained in your mind because we’ll never be doing that again.” Sonny listened intently to what Alexis said before the laughter escaped. “By never you mean tonight right?” Infuriated that Sonny knew her so well; Alexis hauled off and slapped him. “I hate you.” “I know,” Sonny replied before sweetly applying his lips to Alexis’. When she responded with whimpers instead of protests, he deepened the kiss by offering his tongue which Alexis eagerly and hungrily accepted. With one hand on each buttock, Sonny lifted Alexis onto the wall and planted himself between her legs. Then his mouth found her neck to feast from as she ran her fingers through his hair while both of them wished like hell that she had worn a skirt instead of pants. With their bodies on fire for one another Sonny tried to feed their need by grinding himself into Alexis’ warm, soft entrance as ragged, heavy breaths ensued. But amazingly somehow, amidst the panting and moaning they were able to hear voices. “Molly…Kristina. I said hold on,” Viola called. Alexis quickly disentangled her legs from around Sonny’s waist and fussed at their clothing just as Molly and Kristina entered the playroom with the nanny not far behind. Kristina looking from her mother then father as they smoothed at their clothes and questioned them. “Mommy, you and Daddy have been doing that all day. Why?” Sonny chuckled as Alexis’ face turned beet red but was spared from answering by Viola “There you two are,” she said. “Right where we left you. Sort of,” Viola added after noticing their unusually close proximity to the wall. “Yes,” Alexis stammered. “Here we are. And since we’re here, we’ll put the girls down for their nap while you take the rest of the afternoon off.” ****** “That was a smooth move, getting Viola out of the house, Alexis. You must plan on making a lot of noise.” “I did that for her, not you. She’s been swamped since I’ve been away. And the only noise you’ll be hearing from me is my annoyance.” “Are we really back there again. A few minutes ago…” “I had a lapse in judgment. I’m sane again or as close to it as I ever was.” “You’re really going to make me work for it, aren’t you?” When Alexis didn’t answer, Sonny continued “That’s fine with me because I like a challenge.” “Sonny, we have more important things to concentrate on besides sex, namely Jax and Carly.” “I already told you, that plan is done. I have another proposition for you.” “What is it?” Alexis asked trying to sound unaffected. “Since we’re doing this dance of you resisting yet sticking to me like a magnet all within the same breath, why don’t we see who caves first? I mean we already know this is going to end with me inside you, so let’s predict how we get there. I say before it’s all said and done you’ll be begging for it.”

“Why am I not surprised? You are God’s gift to all women,” Alexis said sarcastically. “You think you’re so damn irresistible, well I’ve got news for you buddy. I plan to have you on your knees in more ways than one.” “Promises. Promises,” Sonny said mockingly. “You can bet your ass it is.” “I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we seal it with a kiss instead?” Sonny suggested right before his mouth swooped down to plunder Alexis’. When they came up for air with dazed looks on their faces, Sonny stared at Alexis as he brushed the hair out of her eyes and smiled. “And don’t forget sweetheart, you’re sleeping with me tonight,” Sonny reminded before walking away whistling while leaving Alexis alone and aching. CHAPTER SEVEN Alexis lay on the bed staring up at Sonny as she threaded her fingers through his hair. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this, Alexis? How long I’ve wanted this, wanted you?” he asked. “I think I can imagine and to be honest I’ve wanted it too,” Alexis revealed. “Really?” Sonny asked as he caressed her skin then dipped his head low to kiss at her neck. “Mmm,” Alexis sighed reveling in the feeling. “Yes really. And now that you know, are you going to make me beg?” “No, I’m not going to make you beg but I am going to make you feel good. Do you want to feel good, Alexis? Do you want me to be the one to make you feel that way?” “Yes, Sonny, my god yes. Yes. Yes Yes.” “A-leeeexis,” a masculine voice sang from a distance. Suddenly Alexis’ body flinched as she swatted at something and opened her eyes. OH. MY. GOD. Alexis thought as the blurry figure came into view. She had awakened to find Sonny sitting beside her on the bed rubbing a gardenia on her exposed neck and chest. “Sonny, what are you doing?” “Well I came to check on you since your nap was taking so long but then it seemed like you having much more fun without me and I didn’t like it one bit. I want in.” Alexis blushed at Sonny’s words then even harder when she realized she must have been talking in her sleep. While she was dreaming. Her very naughty dream . “One question Alexis, was it as good for me as it obviously was you?” Sonny let his eyes wonder her body seductively. “Scratch that, I already know the answer.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Alexis lied as she sat up in ‘their’ bed. “Oh sure you do. But just in case you’ve forgotten it went something like “Oh yes Sonny…you're so…” “Alright stop it,” Alexis interrupted, “I don’t need any added humiliation.” “Don’t be ashamed Alexis. I’ve been thinking about you nonstop too. And if you hold out on me any longer, you can be damn sure I’ll be dreaming about you as well. But if that little preview was any indication I’ll say you’re well past ready for me.” “PIG!” “Maybe, maybe not. But at least I’m honest about my wanting you, can you say the same? I mean your body’s screaming for me so bad that you had to go and dream about it when I’m right here more than willing. So why are you keeping me at arms length?” “Because we have a bet and I’ll be damned if I lose,” Alexis explained. “Nice try Alexis but you’re lying and we both know it. The bet came about a couple of hours ago and you were trying to hold back way before then.” “Look, I don’t want to talk about it. What are you doing in here anyway… with a gardenia no less,” Alexis asked, changing the subject. “Cause it’s my room,” Sonny stated simply. “And because this is where Max said I could find you. After I wrapped up my meeting I realized neither one of us had any food so I thought about making us a late dinner, you up for it?” he asked with a lascivious grin on his face while tracing circles on Alexis’ wrist. “I have to hand it to you Sonny, you are good. Whipping out your culinary skills, going through my stomach to weaken my resolve.” “You should know by now Alexis that I play to win.” “And so do I.” ************** “Play to win my ass,” Alexis muttered under her breath. It was close to an hour since Sonny had left her alone in the bedroom again and now Alexis stood at the top of the stairs going over a game plan of her own. Since Sonny had chosen to use her love of food to try and seduce, she felt it was only fair to use her knowledge of him to return the favor. There’s no way in hell I’m letting him win this bet. After recalling a couple of memories of her own to put into action Alexis was ready for their dinner.

Alexis walked towards the kitchen and opened the door ready to take aim “I know I’m a little underdressed but finding something appropriate in all my belongings was becoming too stressful. So I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your shirt.” Alexis said while casually straightening the collar on Sonny’s black silk shirt. At the word underdressed Sonny stood frozen at the stove with a spoon stuck in the sauce but when Alexis mentioned his shirt Sonny bit down on his tongue to control the urge to run to her and drag her to the floor. I'll be damned if I let her win this bet. After coming to his senses Sonny slowly turned around to face Alexis and let his gaze leisurely travel up and down her body, lingering on her long legs then back up again. “You look damn good in my shirt but you already knew how I would react. And no I don’t mind you wearing that, you could have worn even less and I would be more than happy to help you get there now but I think our guests might have a little problem with that.” “Guests?” Alexis asked “What guests?” Just as Sonny was about to catch Alexis up, Carly rounded the corner coming from the adjoining dining room observing the bottle of champagne she was carrying with Jax following close behind. “Here we go Sonny, I told you, you had a 198…” Upon seeing Alexis Carly quickly stopped everything. She stopped walking, talking and breathing. She didn’t even feel Jax slam into her suddenly halted body. Jax stumbled over the words that tried to come out of his mouth as he stared at his mortified ex-wife. “Alexis…” “You sure know how to make a couple feel welcome,” Carly finished with a grin on her face. Alexis looked from them to Sonny as she tried to cover herself with her hands while wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole. CHAPTER EIGHT “Well, I hope this is better for everyone,” Alexis announced as she confidently walked into the dining room to join Sonny, Carly and Jax. When Sonny heard Alexis’ voice his eyes immediately locked on hers and he became frozen in time. He didn’t even notice the silverware that had dropped from his grip to land on the table with a clanking sound. All of Sonny’s focus was on Alexis as he swallowed and thought that Alexis’ choice of the word ‘better’ was the understatement of the century. After staring intently at her choice of clothing, Sonny realized that not only did Alexis want to win, she wanted to be victorious. And with the way the dress was hugging every curve of her body he knew that he was damn close to giving her whatever she wanted. After his gaze traveled the length of her body, Sonny looked back into her face to see a deliciously devious smile on her lips.

She’s trying to kill me he thought.
Even though Alexis didn’t have much time to decide on clothing after Carly and Jax’s ambush Sonny noted that she made sure it was just as lethal and stimulating as his shirt was and from the expression she wore, Sonny knew that was her plan. The empire dress was black and long-sleeved, reminding him of the shirt she had donned minutes earlier. The fabric was similar and they had both played beautifully against her skin. The lengths were even the same. After Sonny did a double take, he realized the dress was even shorter, treating him or better yet, tempting him to an even more revealing sample of leg and thigh.

So this is how it’s gonna be. Sonny straightened his stance and cleared his throat as Carly and Jax stared from their exes then to each other, silently asking one another “what the hell is going on?”
Sonny clapped his hands together, getting everyone’s attention. “Alright then, Carly and Jax you sit here,” he motioned to the chairs opposite him. “And Alexis and I will sit across from you.” “Excuse me, Sonny dear” Alexis interrupted. “I don’t mean to nag but that’s not the way it goes. Since you are the host, you should be at the head and I’m at the end. Carly and Jax should be across from one another.” “I’m well aware of that Alexis. I thought that we could make this dinner a little more intimate, if that’s all right with you?” Sonny asked with a challenge in his tone. “Sounds good to me,” Carly interrupted. “Now can we please eat, I’m starving?” Alexis looked around the table and gave in “Fine, but if you really want intimate why don’t we try candles as well?” Not waiting for a response, Alexis left the room, giving everyone a view of her completely exposed, bare back. When Sonny saw that Alexis’ dress had a backless cut that dipped to her lower waist, he closed his eyes, held on to the tablecloth and swore under his breath before pulling himself together “I’ll help you find them,” Sonny volunteered, leaving their guest behind at break neck speed. Sonny walked into the next room to see Alexis bent over searching cabinets “Now where are the candles?” she asked to no one in particular. “Right in front of you” Sonny answered as Alexis jumped at the sound of his voice and tried to readjust her body from its compromising position. “Here let me,” Sonny offered, at the same time hindering her from moving by molding his body to hers, pressing middle to middle before lightly kissing at her back and nipping at her neck. A single sigh escaped Alexis’ mouth at his maneuver and Sonny chuckled “Glad to know I still have an affect on you.” “As if you didn’t know that already,” she retorted. “Well I wasn’t so sure anymore. I mean ever since you came down from your nap you’ve been doing your calm, cool, and collected act and it’s been working well. Up until now that is. And now that I know I’ve still got you, I’m not going to stop until I push you over the edge.”

“Oh really?” Alexis asked. “Yes, really. I know what you’re trying to do Alexis,” Sonny said while letting his eyes rake hungrily over Alexis’ body. “And even though the package is exquisite you are going to have to come much harder to break me.” Alexis clucked her tongue at Sonny “And you talk about the way I use words,” she replied taking the candles from Sonny after having shifted until they were face to face. She smiled triumphantly as his erection caught her eye. “Well from the looks of your ‘package’ it seems you are closer to the edge and to the point of breaking than I will ever be.” Before leaving the room, Alexis leaned her body into Sonny’s and whispered in his ear “Now tell me how does it feel to be the one whose body is contradicting their words?” *********** “This dinner sure is awkward,” Carly said, attempting to break the ice. She could tell that something was up between Sonny and Alexis by the strained tension that seemed to be circling her ex as he slowly chewed his meal. Whereas Alexis was sitting beside him happy and carefree, whistling even. My God, Jax is right, Alexis is really getting to him. “I think awkward is quite nice of us since you and CandyBoy invited yourselves to this dinner” Sonny snapped out as he thought of what he would be doing right now if the happy couple hadn’t shown their faces. He imagined Alexis laid out beneath him on the kitchen table as he slowly undid the buttons to his shirt, her hair fanned about…. “We only came over because there is something we wanted to talk to you…I mean the both of you about,” Carly corrected at Jax’s tender pinch. “And you haven’t heard of the telephone? Don’t tell me he was too cheap to spring for them in the hotel or was he?” Alexis’ laugh at Sonny’s grumpiness turned into a cough that had her dropping her napkin on the floor. Sonny stopped her from retrieving it by taking hold of her wrist. “Baby, I’ll get it,” he said with a smile on his lips. “That’s okay, I’m more than capable.” “I know you are but I want to, for you. What’s wrong, Alexis. Are you scared?” Sonny asked flashing his dimples. “No, not at all,” she answered not even aware if Sonny heard or not because he was already conducting his search. Sonny located the napkin easy enough but found himself distracted by long, smooth legs. Sonny smiled at such a perfect opportunity before him and then lightly tongue kissed Alexis’ leg all the way up to the knee, making her respond with a gasp. “Everything alright, Alexis?” Jax asked. “Yes, fine. It seems Sonny accidentally pressed on my foot with his hand as he reached for my napkin but all is well now. Isn’t it dear?” Before Sonny could respond Carly peered closer to study Alexis “If that’s all it is, why is your face so flushed?” “It’s probably because it’s getting hot in here. Don’t you think so Alexis?” Sonny smirked as he massaged her knee with a feather soft touch that kept inching higher and higher. Alexis closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the surprise she had in store for Sonny and not the erotic movements of his enticing fingers. The surprise that she was sure would break him, declaring her the winner. The thought of beating Sonny Corinthos brought a smile to her lips and then she opened her eyes to stare squarely into his “Now that you mention it, it is a little hot in here and it’s bound to get even hotter if we don’t hurry up and do something about it.” CHAPTER NINE “Hot, I don’t think it’s hot in here at all. What about you Jax? Never mind,” Carly quickly decided before her fiancée could answer. “Sonny, the reason we’re here is to talk about our upcoming wedding.” “Okay,” Sonny said slowly “And that concerns us how?” he asked while his hand steadily crept up Alexis’ thigh.

He’s good Alexis thought as she tried to keep her composure. Sonny sat next to her coaxing her body to fever pitch while chatting up their guests as if nothing were going on. She tingled with anticipation as Sonny’s fingers found the inside of her thigh.
Overflowing with need, Alexis gave in and shifted herself so that Sonny could make contact with the spot on her body that craved him most. Feeling the heat pulse through her veins, Alexis readied herself for a wonderful experience and just as she felt his hand get closer and closer, Sonny removed it and picked up a champagne flute instead. Sonny looked at Alexis and gave her a devilish smile that had his dimples working overtime. Full of heat from desire and anger Alexis glared in Sonny’s direction and chose a glass of ice water and downed it in place of bubbly. “I’d like to make a toast,” Sonny announced. “I bet you would you jerk,” Alexis muttered under her breath. “What was that, Alexis?” Carly asked as Sonny laughed out loud, having heard Alexis. “I said dessert. Because it’s almost time for dessert,” Alexis covered. Getting back to his toast, Sonny watched Alexis as he declared “To happily ever after.”

Carly looked to Jax and shrugged before replying. “Thank you Sonny that was very sweet. And very appropriate considering our wedding is what brought us here tonight. We wanted to let you both know that we pushed the wedding up…to this weekend,” she explained after her brief pause with a smile plastered on her face. “Huh?” Sonny asked as Alexis simultaneously chimed in with an outraged “What?” “I know, it’s shocking isn’t it? Well there was no way we could let you two have all the fun and be the talk of Port Charles.” Carly replied “But wait... I haven’t even told you the best part yet. It’s this weekend… in Vegas…and we want you two to stand up for us as our witnesses…our only witnesses.” Alexis looked at Sonny in stunned disbelief then turned to Jax “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! It’s way too soon,” she yelled. “Hey our engagements been a lot longer than this little love hookup you’ve got going on with Sonny. Carly and I aren’t even living together yet, too bad I can’t say the same for you,” Jax retorted. “Watch how you speak to Alexis there CandyBoy,” Sonny threatened. “Well how about you show Jax a little respect?” Carly told more so than asked Sonny. “It’s my house and if you don’t like it, leave! As a matter of fact, I’ll show you to the door.” “No, they can’t go yet! Not until I talk with Jax,” Alexis interrupted. *********** Sonny stared in amazement as Alexis got Carly to switch seats with her so she could derail the bride’s wedding plans. Carly unfazed and hopelessly in love could care less, she was completely confident in Jax's love for her and their future together. “Go ahead and do your worst Alexis,” she said. "But Jax and I will be getting married this weekend so when you’re finished you should go ahead and pack your bag. I know you are not going to want to miss this.” ********* Carly chatted non-stop in Sonny’s ear while he poured all of his attention across the table onto Alexis who was becoming more animated by the second. He guessed all of her pleading was falling on deaf ears because Sonny witnessed her slight irritation, denial then her acceptance. Then he saw something that made jealousy stab at his heart. He saw the love that Alexis held for Jax apparent in her eyes. Even though he knew it was nothing more than friendship, it still didn’t sit well with him. He remembered a time not so long ago that she looked at him that way but he had taken it, taken her for granted. Idiot.

Since then he had been the recipient of her anger, disgust, and contempt. Today she had shown him that she lusted for him but Sonny decided that it wasn’t good enough, he wanted more. He wanted that look of love from Alexis all to himself with a much deeper meaning than friendship behind it. With her hand resting at her throat, Alexis turned to face Sonny after feeling herself being watched. When her gaze locked with his there were no misunderstandings between them. The desire and want were laid out as naked as he intended her to be. Alexis decided to put their bet on hold, drop all pretenses and let everything she felt shine through her eyes as well. Sonny smiled sincerely at the passion he saw there and nodded. Alexis played with the rim of her glass as he did the same, both of them acknowledging that tonight would be the night, with only the initiator to be decided. They stayed fixated on each other for a while completely oblivious to their guests until Max’s voice broke the trance they were in. “Sorry boss, but Ms. Davis, your umm…delivery has arrived,” he informed, holding the white box up by its string.

Game on Alexis thought, flashing a beaming smile “Thank you Max. You can just place it right here on the table.”
“What’s in the box Alexis?” a curious Sonny asked. Alexis leaned her body into the middle of the table and opened the box. Before revealing the surprise to everyone, she looked into Sonny’s eyes with a grin still on her face. “This…is dessert,” she answered. “That smells delicious,” Carly exclaimed, trying her best to get a peek. “What is it?” “Strawberry Shortcake,” Alexis replied as she slowly removed the dessert from the container, her eyes still on Sonny. Sonny swallowed hard as he looked from the plump, red berries adorning the cake to Alexis’ mouth as the words he uttered so long ago came back to bite him in the ass. "That’s a turn on right there. There’s nothing sexier you know than a woman biting on a strawberry." “Carly, Jax, Goodnight,” Sonny said without an ounce of hesitation as he stared into Alexis’ smiling, confident face. CHAPTER TEN “But, Sonny…dessert,” Carly started. Jax got the hint after observing his favorite ex-wife and the mobster “Come on babe, let’s give them their privacy.” “Oh alright, see you this weekend Alexis." After quickly escorting their guests to the door Sonny walked back into the dining room to see Alexis slicing cake and placing it on plates. “After what happened earlier I thought a winner had been decided but I guess I was wrong. Apparently we’re still playing.” Alexis looked up at him then as she licked whipped cream from her fingers “This is divine. Your father really outdid himself with this cake.”

“Alexis?” “What? Oh and about what happened earlier, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she declared her eyes boring into him as she bit into a strawberry. Sonny’s eyes darkened at the move as he nodded “Okay then, I guess I’ll just have to remind you.” Sonny sat in the chair next to Alexis as close as humanly possible and let his fingers start roaming while whispering seductively in her ear. “Are you sure you don’t remember? Are you positive nothing is coming back to you?” “N…No,” Alexis breathed heavily. “I don’t believe you Alexis but just for the sake of argument, we were sitting over there and my hands were doing this,” Sonny demonstrated the maneuver and Alexis moaned. “And then you started squirming in your seat like you were about to open for me, invite me in, which means you surrendered? Does that ring any bells?” he asked while lightly kissing her on the side of the face. “Vaguely but I was just trying to find a comfortable position.” “Of course you were. But if you only vaguely remember what I was talking about that means I’m not doing something right.” Sonny slid a finger inside Alexis and kissed her mouth as she gasped “Is this what you wanted from me when you were moving around like that?” Alexis bit down on her lip and moaned as a lie escaped “No.” “Oh, it’s not?” Sonny asked with a smile withdrawing a his finger while Alexis protested with a whimper “Maybe this is what you were after then,” Sonny said plunging two fingers inside her this time around. “Oh my God!” Alexis cried out reveling in all the wonderful sensations Sonny brought to her body as he worked her. “Not God baby, it’s just Sonny. But I swear I’ll make it feel like heaven if you just admit what you wanted and surrender,” he promised kissing down her neck to the swell of her breast. After eyeing the strawberries sitting in the whip cream on top of the cake, Sonny used his free hand to grab one, making sure plenty of whipped topping accompanied it. “Open your mouth for me Alexis,” he ordered. Rotating her hips in sync with his fingers, Alexis realized she would do just about anything for the pleasure he was supplying and quickly obliged. “Now bite,” he said. Alexis eagerly did as she was told and was rewarded with the speed of his fingers increasing. “God that was sexy,” Sonny proclaimed before licking and sucking away the leftover cream and juice from her mouth and adding, “That’s what my mouth would be doing to you right now if it were down there instead of my hand,” he said with a smile. Alexis looked at Sonny through the narrowed slits of her darkened eyes, her mind hazy as she panted out, “God Sonny, what are you doing to me?” “Loving you,” he answered dipping his head low and tugging at the material of her dress with his teeth until one of her breast sprang free. Not wasting anytime, he greedily sucked it into his mouth as Alexis’ fingers dug into his hair holding him in place. Alexis breathed out through heavy cries as she explained “Sonny, I’m close. I’m about to…” “Cum,” he finished the sentence for her “Good I want you to and I’m gonna watch.” Sonny quickly flicked her nipple with his tongue once more before looking up just in time to watch Alexis’ facial expression as she exploded around his hand. Sonny stared in delight as she rode out the wave of pleasure. And when she finished and with her eyes still closed, he removed his hand and pulled her to him, crushing his mouth to hers while their tongues warred. “Damn you’re beautiful,” he said after they released their hold on one another. Alexis’ head fell onto his chest as she gasped for air while her body calmed down. “And you are wicked,” she replied with a laugh, feeling herself return to normal. Sonny cupped her exposed breast and massaged it as Alexis undid the buttons of his shirt, kissing down his bare chest, moving lower and lower. “And now who’s the wicked one?” Sonny asked, tightly fisting his fingers in her hair. Alexis looked up at him and smiled sexily as she shrugged “What, you don’t want me to be like this? You want me to stop?” “Hell no,” Sonny replied. “I didn’t think so,” Alexis said confidently before getting back to the task at hand. Knock. Knock. Sonny sucked in a breath before running his fingers through his hair and exhaling “Who the hell wants to get fired so close to Christmas?” “You will do no such thing,” Alexis laughed. “I’m sure it’s important,” she reasoned, sitting up straight in her chair so they could both make themselves as presentable as possible. “Come in,” Sonny bellowed a few minutes later.

Viola stepped through the door walking halfway into the room “Mr. Corinthos, Ms. Davis, I don’t mean to disturb but I can’t get the girls to go to sleep.” Alexis looked at her watch “They’re still awake... at this hour?” “I’ve tried everything, but Kristina insists that they won’t go to sleep until her father reads them a bedtime story. It seems they’ve gotten used to it.” “You read to them?” Alexis asked, stunned. “Usually every night, but tonight I was a little distracted,” Sonny said as he let his gaze leisurely travel Alexis’ body. “Well I guess I better get upstairs before they come and drag me away.” “Good plan,” Alexis agreed. CHAPTER ELEVEN Alexis made her way to Kristina’s room in time to hear Sonny saying “The End” as Molly slept in his arms and Kristina smiled up from her place on his thigh. “Wow, Molly’s out cold,” Alexis said walking into the room. “Yep, she lasted all of five minutes,” Sonny laughed as Alexis took the child and placed her in her crib while he put Kristina to bed. “Good night my angel,” Alexis said to Kristina as she bent down in front of Sonny to kiss her while Sonny’s hand rubbed at her behind. “Go to sleep girl” Sonny said winking at Kristina who covered her mouth to hide her shy smile. “Mommy, what were you and Daddy doing downstairs?” Alexis’ face flushed as she thought of a watered down, kid-friendly lie to tell her daughter “We were having dinner with Uncle Jax and Carly. Lots and lots of grownup talk, really boring.” “You left out dessert” Sonny teased. “Ouch,” he yelled from the pain of Alexis’ elbow being shoved into his chest. “Cool it, Sonny.” “Mommy, were you talking about the little baby brother you’re going to give me?” “I thought I explained that to you already Kristina. Besides you have a little brother in Morgan.” “I know but it’s not the same. He’s older now and he’s Daddy’s with Carly. I want a brother from you and Daddy.” “Kristina-” Alexis started. “We’ll see princess,” Sonny said in spite of Alexis’ shell shocked face. “Now get some sleep.” ********* Once they were outside Kristina’s door Alexis repeatedly slapped at Sonny’s upper arm and chest “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing, getting Kristina’s hopes up for a baby brother?” “Unless I’m mistaking, we are going to do what it takes to make one. Am I correct?” “I’m not so sure anymore. I mean you can’t go around promising babies left and right unless nature has finally turned a corner and you can carry a child and give birth all on your own, because my days of reproducing are over.” “Why would you say that Alexis?” “Why wouldn’t I? And you need to really think this thing through; do we honestly need to populate Port Charles or the world for that matter, with more Corinthos?” “What is so wrong with that? I mean how cute would our son be? I can see him now, a perfect mix of us Alexis. He would have my dark hair and dimples…” “Once again it’s all about you. I should have known, you egomaniac…” “You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say, he would have his mother’s heart.” “Very smooth save, Sonny.” “Come on Alexis, we could even name him Davis Corinthos-Davis or Davis Davis-Corinthos.” Alexis laughed at that “That’s cute Sonny… but let’s just say no to babies.” “I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you. I’ll have you begging for triplets by the end of the night.” “And no more bets for us. Speaking of bets…who won or lost or whatever?” Alexis asked honestly confused. “Well seeing as how you’ve climaxed and my snake hasn’t even been let out of the cage, I would say you lost.”

“That’s not right,” Alexis declared. “You had your hands…and mouth all over me, making you the loser.” “And you wanted them there. I dare you to say different,” Sonny said kissing her pout away. Alexis placed her hand on her hip and stared at him “You’re not giving in are you?” “No, what about you?” Sonny asked. “Not a chance in hell,” she replied. “So I guess we keep going then?” Alexis looked down at the bulge in Sonny’s pants and smiled “We keep going until one of us lets the snake out of the cage.” *************** Sonny and Alexis’ bodies slammed their way down the hall heading for the bedroom while their lips stayed locked. Tongues darted and dueled in and out and from side to side as Alexis tried to remove Sonny’s jacket. He put a halt to everything for a moment to cup Alexis’ face and stare into her eyes “Wait a minute, does kissing count?” “And if I say yes,” she asked. “I’ll stop right now,” Sonny answered seriously. “Then no, God no, kissing doesn’t count,” Alexis said while pulling Sonny back to her to continue what they were doing. As they made their way to Sonny’s bedroom the flickering of light caught Alexis’ attention, causing her to curiously disentangle herself from Sonny. “What’s all this?” she asked stepping into a room filled with candles. Sonny stood behind Alexis and placed soft, wet tongue kisses on her back as she stood mesmerized by the scene. “This is just a little something I had Viola help me out with.” He looked up and saw a tray that held bowls of regular strawberries and chocolate covered ones as well as the strawberry shortcake from Kelly’s. “Now that, I have no idea where that came from.” Alexis looked back at him, smiling “That’s just a little something I had Viola help me out with.” After their laughter subsided, Sonny started to notice the soft music playing in the background. “If you tell me Viola’s responsible for that, she’s getting an even bigger raise.” “I thought it was your doing,” Alexis responded, starting to softly sway in Sonny’s arms. “Actually, it would be mine” Max proudly announced, walking in from one of the other rooms within the bedroom. Alexis yelped at the bodyguard/driver’s surprise appearance which made Sonny hold on even tighter as she jumped in his arms. “What are you doing in my room, Max?” “I was helping Viola get Ms. Davis’ clothes in the closet before lighting the candles. I mean we didn’t want to start a fire or nothing. And while I was at it, I popped in this cd for the two of you, since you said I couldn’t listen to Robin Thicke anymore while I drove you around. I thought you could make good use of it…if you know what I mean,” Max winked. “Oh, my God,” an embarrassed Alexis groaned while Sonny laughed. “Thank you Max, Alexis and I can take it from here." CHAPTER TWELVE “Mmm...and just what do you think you’re doing, mister,” Alexis asked with a smile on her face as Sonny stood behind her nipping at her earlobe and kissing at her neck. Sonny looked up but continued to let his hands run up and down Alexis’ thigh “Well I was trying to turn you on but apparently I’m losing my touch since that’s the second time you’ve asked me that tonight. I guess I’ll just have to practice on you all night so you’ll never have to wonder again.” Alexis turned in Sonny’s arms to face him with a surprised expression on her face. “Again, as in a more than one time thing?” “Damn right.” “Sonny, look-” Alexis didn’t have the chance to protest because Sonny captured her mouth with his and kissed until all thoughts were erased from her mind. He squeezed, molded and shaped her backside until she rubbed against him and moaned. And when she finally became successful in removing Sonny of his jacket, Alexis promptly started working on the buttons of his shirt with a quickness that had Sonny pulling back with a confident smile on his lips “Slow down Alexis we have all night. How about we toast instead?” he asked walking over to the tray to pour them both a glass of champagne. “Didn’t we already do that downstairs,” Alexis reminded. “Among other things,” Sonny added. “I’m sure you wouldn’t object to us doing those again would you?” Alexis narrowed her eyes on Sonny and glared at him in all his cockiness “You’re such an ass, Sonny.”

“And you have such great one, Alexis” Sonny smiled, handing her a glass filled with champagne. “To us and to the dance that we do. To winning and losing because either way, we’ll both end up satisfied.” “My, my, you’re so sure of yourself,” Alexis teased. Sonny smiled at that and stepped so close into Alexis’ personal space that he could feel the heat shooting off her in waves “All you have to do is give me another try and you will be too,” he said before lightly kissing Alexis on the lips. Alexis drew back and stared into Sonny’s eyes that held such wicked promises, prompting her for the second time that night to down her drink in one gulp. When she felt excess liquor dribble down the side of her mouth from drinking too fast, she extended a finger to wipe it away. But Sonny saw it also and gently grabbed the finger, stopping her and slowly placing her whole hand behind her back “I can do that so much better than you,” he explained. Sonny released his tongue to seductively clean up the champagne around Alexis’ mouth. “Oh…my God,” Alexis breathed before their mouths connected in a frantic rush. Still kissing, Sonny pressed his body into Alexis’ as they dropped their empty glasses to the floor, leaving Alexis’ hands free to grab at the nape of Sonny’s neck and then travel into his hair. With both of their bodies on fire with need for one another, he hurriedly walked them backwards to the bed and they fell on it, Sonny landing on top. He stared at Alexis lovingly and intently as she lay surrounded by black satin sheets. Watching him watch her, Alexis threaded her fingers through Sonny’s hair and sighed as his hands wandered feverishly all over her body. At first they released her breast and then moved to the zipper at her behind, starting a slow unpeeling before changing their mind and cupping her buttocks by going from ankles, all up her long legs and thighs and then under her skirt, around to her backside. After devouring one breast and then the other with his mouth and tongue, Sonny used his teeth to mark Alexis’ bosom, causing her to cry out from the sweet pain of it all as she removed his shirt. When Sonny decided to use the same technique on her neck, Alexis took the opportunity to softly whisper in his ear with a breathy, challenging tone “I need you Sonny, so please just do it. Do it now. Take it, take me Sonny. Finish it.” Sonny looked up into Alexis’ eyes and swallowed when the depths of her words registered within him. Seeing a range of emotions swirling in her eyes caused him to think on the seriousness of what they were doing and what would come next. He realized that no matter what and for the rest of their lives that he and Alexis were family and he honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. But if they did this, crossed the line and made love, the bet would be over. And since he had already scrapped the Carly/Jax breakup plan there would be no reason for her to stay with him or even talk to him for that matter. She would probably take the girls and leave as fast as she could and he couldn’t have that. He had become too attached to the giggles, the playtime and the tottering about that Molly did as she learned to walk. He had definitely gotten hung up on their mother again and needed her, all of them in his home and in his life. With matching deep breaths, Sonny rested his forehead on Alexis’ as his lower body nestled deeper into hers “I can’t do it Alexis. Not with the bet going we have to call it off. When we make love it has to be because we want each other and want to give each other pleasure, nothing else, no games involved.” A confused Alexis looked into Sonny’s eyes and became even more confused by what she saw there “I don’t understand, Sonny. Why are you doing this? What are you trying to…?” The crackling of the baby monitor interrupted the rest of Alexis’ question as well as Sonny’s answer. Kristina’s small voice came yelling through “Mommy, Daddy, where are you?” Sonny gently held onto Alexis to calm her as she jumped “I’m sure it’s just a nightmare because she’s been having them every now and then.” Needing to hear no more, Alexis started to fix her clothes and hair sliding from the bed as Sonny kept his eyes on her. “Look, I’m in no shape to check on her Alexis so it seems you’ll have to slay the dragon all by yourself.” Before Alexis completely left the room she turned and winked “Slay the dragon, huh? That’s exactly what I had in mind with Papa Corinthos before he put a stop to it.” *************** After reassuring Kristina and getting her settled down, Alexis walked back into the bedroom only to find it empty. She looked around to see the candles and music low and when her eyes swept over the floor she saw Sonny's expensive suit thrown about and decided to follow its trail. Alexis' bare foot came in contact with Sonny's boxers at the same time she heard water running in the bathroom. Then and there she decided to follow Sonny's lead and strip. With water pouring down his body, Sonny turned at the sound of the door opening to see Alexis standing before him radiantly naked. Before that moment he thought that he was right to stop things in the bedroom for he knew that he would want more than he had a right to ask of her. He already did. Yep it was the right thing to do. Fuck he thought to himself as Alexis' chest heaved up and down. Not trusting himself one bit where she was concerned, Sonny closed his eyes and spoke "What are you doing in here, Alexis?" The slight grimace Alexis had on her face from the cold water disappeared once she saw how she was affecting Sonny. Smiling now, she answered him by saying "I was going to use the other shower but it's so big...and lonely" looking at his penis and referring to his erection that was still rock hard despite the water temperature. "It's a good thing I changed my mind because I have brought the heat." Alexis walked as close as she could to Sonny without touching him and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it.

Full of awe and desire, Sonny watched Alexis as she threw her head back, smoothed back her hair and laughed as the water sprayed her completely. Then his eyes became transfixed on her nipple as a bead of water seemed to pause there before moving down her body, lower and lower, past her navel. When Sonny looked back into her eyes and when Alexis accidentally grazed his chest with her nipple, he lost it. Sonny pushed her backwards and ate at her mouth, forcing his tongue inside. Finally Alexis thought feeling Sonny's resolve weaken. Satisfied, Alexis opened her mouth wider to receive and to participate in the passion Sonny showed for her as the water rained down on them. Sonny placed his hands in Alexis' hair as she kissed all over him and when he felt her moving lower, he grabbed at her making her stand to face him. "The bet's off the table Alexis. I want you for more than that, do you want me too?" Slightly taken aback by his admission all Alexis could do was nod yes. "Good, but do you understand that if we go any further I won't let you walk away from me? That if you let me come inside that's it for the both of us? No one but you and me from now on? Can you handle that?" "Yes, as long as you can do the same," she responded. After their agreement the only utterances between them were moans and cries of pleasure as Sonny lifted her and entered with one fluid push. Amazed at the feeling that overtook them as they reconnected, both of them still and stared into each other's eyes while Sonny caressed Alexis' water slicked hair. And after holding out for as long as they could, Sonny began slow, lazy strokes as Alexis wrapped her legs even more tightly around him. Trying with all his might to take his time and then finding himself quickly losing the battle, Sonny gave in, thrusting faster and faster until he took them both to the place they had longed to go, together. CHAPTER THIRTEEN “Where are we going, tiptoeing our way through the halls at this hour?” Alexis whispered to Sonny as he led her by the hand through Greystone. “I mean I didn’t think things were going too shabbily in the bedroom and now this. And why did you insist on me wearing this?” she motioned to his black shirt that was on display from underneath her open robe. Still silent despite what had to have been Alexis’ millionth question; Sonny abruptly stopped walking which caused Alexis to run smack dab into him from behind. After taking a moment to enjoy the feel of Alexis’ body against his, Sonny turned around and backed Alexis into a wall. Now that all games had been put away and they had laid all their cards on the table there was an old familiar easiness and comfort between the two and when Sonny’s mouth swooped down upon Alexis’ there was no hesitation, no resistance, just acceptance amidst confidence. She quickly and eagerly permitted his tongue before it moved down her neck to kiss at and bite, before traveling to the exposed skin of her throat, then chest while his hands ran along her thighs, up his shirt that she wore so well. After a several seconds Sonny reluctantly pulled back, giving them both the chance to catch their breath “I’ll answer all your questions in a minute and I promise you that it will be worth the wait. Do you believe me? ” he asked, rubbing his middle against hers. Before letting things get completely out of hand in the hallway Sonny removed his body from Alexis’ and held out his hand and she accepted it once again. ********* “Okay one more question, but it doesn’t pertain to us so it shouldn’t count anyway. Did you see that?” Alexis asked. “What?” Alexis gently tugged Sonny backwards and pointed “That.” Sonny squinted momentarily as his eyes tried to adjust to the figures sitting in the darkened movie room “Is that Max and…?” “Viola,” Alexis finished. “Get out of here,” Sonny gushed but then leaned forward in disbelief “Oh hell no. Look at this Alexis, he’s gotta be shitting me. Tell me she’s not wiping tears from his eyes. What the hell are they watching anyway?” Alexis stared at the screen a moment before answering “I think that’s Sleepless in Seattle.” “A chick flick, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” “Why? Stranger things have happened in this house tonight. I think we’re a prime example of that. Just look at us and tell me who would’ve thought?” And that’s exactly what Sonny did for a long time, drinking in Alexis’ beautiful body and face “Yeah but we’re different, we’re a good kind of strange.” *************** “I know I promised no more inquires so you can just blame the lawyer in me for this one. Can you please tell me why we are returning to the scene of the crime?” Sonny opened the doors to the dining room and then whirled around to Alexis, cupping her face and kissing her. Holding her as close and as tight as he could, he bit at her lips while talking “There’s something in here I want to share with you, show you.” he explained. After ushering Alexis into the room to stand in front of the dining room table, Sonny chose to stand behind her and hold her at the waist. Alexis bit down on her lower lip before looking back at Sonny curiously “A table... okay. Sonny, it’s a very lovely, very exquisite piece of furniture but did we really have to come downstairs in the middle of the night to keep it company? I mean I know you probably paid a fortune for it, so does it do something unique like spit splinters when it gets lonely or something?”

Sonny laughed and kissed the side of Alexis’ temple “Have I told you how much I missed having you in my life like this?” “Yep, once, but a girl can always stand to hear it again.” “Well Alexis, I missed you, I missed you, I missed,” Sonny said kissing her. “Now back to the table, I brought you here so it could help us out, not the other way around.” Sonny reached around her and put his hands on the table “I must say right about now this is looking like one of the best investments I’ve made in a while. Nice and sturdy. Perfect,” he smiled. “Sonny, what are you talking about?” Alexis sighed. Sonny stood up straight after hearing the exasperation in Alexis’ voice and moved all of her hair to one side, so that he was free to nibble at her neck and then back up to her ear. Satisfied with himself after hearing her moan, he whispered in Alexis’ ear “All through that damn dinner you teased me, before that actually, when you came prancing downstairs in my shirt, knowing what that would do to me,” he added as his hands roamed her body, massaging shirt and curves alike. “Yes, Alexis, you were testing me, playing with fire and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, thanks to out guests. So I had to sit there and imagine, fantasize about what it would be like having you laid out on this table. Lucky for us our guests are gone.” “Yeah lucky for us,” Alexis agreed as she turned her head slightly, giving Sonny the opportunity to capture her lips with his own all the while unbuttoning the shirt that only Alexis could taunt him with. “That feels like heaven,” she sighed as she held Sonny by the nape of his neck while his hands molded and shaped her breast. “And it’s only the beginning,” Sonny promised, stripping Alexis naked of all her clothing. “You know, I was just gonna lay you out and show you what I really wanted to eat for dinner but I’ve changed my mind,” he said as he quickly discarded “But I guess this is one of those times when having a big appetite can come in handy.” Sonny placed a hand on Alexis’ back and pushed her forward; bending her so that her upper body lay against the table as he swiftly entered her from behind. After their simultaneous gasp of pleasure from being connected once again, Sonny ran his hand from Alexis’ hair all down her back before kissing along the same path. “Don’t you think that a big appetite can be a good thing, Alexis” he asked thrusting in and then out. “It’s a great, excellent, very, very good thing,” Alexis breathed out through moans as her hands grasped at the table. Leaning down to kiss her bare back, Sonny responded “I think so too.” CHAPTER FOURTEEN Alexis sat at Sonny’s desk in the living room of Greystone reading over papers while massaging at her neck. With the girls at the park and Sonny running last minute errands, Alexis thought that she would have a few minutes of uninterrupted alone time to just relax before heading to Vegas. But with the surprise that had awaited her when she descended the stairs she found that hope quickly dashed. It’s not that she craved solitude, far from it. She had just wanted a few minutes to reflect on how drastically her life had changed within a matter of days. Alexis smiled briefly as she thought about how except for meals and playtime with the girls, she and Sonny spent every waking minute in bed or on some available surface ‘reconnecting’. She was slightly mystified at how easily they had fallen into such a passionate, all-consuming routine, but didn’t question it, only enjoyed everything that came along with it. Last night and this morning Alexis would have said that things were going great, her life close to perfect, and now this. She looked at the papers one more time before hurling her empty glass across the room, it smashing right into the wall and shattering. “Fucking Cock-sucker,” she yelled before massaging her forehead. “Alexis what’s wrong?” Sonny asked from behind as he stepped into the room. Alexis quickly jumped up from her seat when she heard Sonny’s voice and ran to him to explain. But before she got the chance, the front door burst open, letting in Molly, Viola Kristina, and Max. Happy to see the girls, Alexis and Sonny hugged and kissed on them until Viola came to take them away for lunch. Observing the shattered glass and knowing that he wasn’t the one who did the damage, Sonny questioned Alexis “You want to fill me in? I came into the room and you were swearing like a sailor. You’re were obviously upset and then there’s this to prove my little theory,” he said waving his hand around at the broken glass. “It’s Ric, your little idiot dick of a brother. And just when I thought he would actually do something right for a change.” Sonny’s eyes quickly blazed upon learning who caused Alexis’ distress. “What did he do now?” “He divorced me!” Sonny’s heart stung Alexis’ admission “Wait a minute, that’s what you’re mad about? You didn’t want the divorce?” he asked, his heart racing faster and faster. “Of course I wanted it. But the little weasel, wormy, asshole didn’t even give me the satisfaction of doing it myself. And then for the kicker, I swear you should find a seat for this one, I mean he’s had to have stolen a pair of balls from somewhere for this. Your brother, my ex-husband, has the gall to sue me for sole custody of Molly. Something about my ongoing association with a known criminal and all of us living under one roof, I guess you are said criminal.” “What the hell is little Ricky thinking?” Sonny wondered aloud. “Obviously he’s not because he has to know there’s no way I’ll ever let him take Molly. I’ll see him dead first.” Sonny stepped closer to Alexis then, cupping her face as he stared into her eyes with a dangerous expression on his face “All you have to do is say the word and it’s done,” he promised in all seriousness. Alexis knew that Sonny meant exactly what he said and she suddenly experienced a surge of reassurance as his protective nature surrounded her, making her feel safe and loved, knowing that this man would kill for her if she asked him to. Alexis placed her hands on Sonny’s shoulders before letting them rest at his behind while kissing at the skin of his chest that lay exposed from undone buttons “I don’t want to talk about Ric right now and I don’t want to think about him,” she murmured against Sonny’s chest.

With his hands fisted in her hair, Sonny pulled Alexis’ head back to look into her eyes “Well then, what do you want?” he asked knowingly, a smile creeping up on his lips. “You. I want you, Sonny. I need you, Sonny. Now.” Feeling herself getting bolder and bolder, Alexis quickly unbuttoned Sonny’s shirt, kissing her way down his body until she was on her knees. When her hands came in contact with Sonny’s belt buckle, he had to call upon all the willpower he possessed to stop her “The plane Alexis. If we do this now we’re gonna be late.” “That’s alright with me. You do own the plane after all, so it’s not like it’s leaving without us,” Alexis pointed out while releasing his belt from his slacks and then throwing it to the floor. “Well what about the girls? They’re just in the next room having lunch, what if they walk in and see?” Sonny closed his eyes and sighed as Alexis kissed him through his boxers. He couldn’t believe that between the two of them he was being the cautious one, the sensible one. Alexis looked up at Sonny as her hand stroked him, encouraging him to come alive “Molly doesn’t have a lot of teeth so they’re going to be a while, but I’ll stop now if you want. I swear I will,” she teased, slowly removing her hand. “Don’t you dare!” Sonny shouted, placing Alexis’ hand back where it was, moving it up and down to help her find her rhythm again before letting her go it alone. When he could stand it no longer, Sonny yanked Alexis up and crushed her body to his “Fuck Alexis, you just had to go and get me started. Now we’re going to be very, very late.” Hearing Sonny’s frustration and desire rolled up together as he spoke, all Alexis could do was giggle and bury her head into Sonny’s shoulder as he picked her up and carried her to the couch. CHAPTER FIFTEEN “That shirt looks so good on you,” Alexis purred into Sonny’s ear as he held her close on the airplane’s leather sofa. “Yeah? You think so?” Sonny asked with a smile on his lips as he kissed at Alexis’ cheek and caressed her thigh. “Even if it does, I bet it’s gonna look one hundred times better on you.” “Uh, Uh, we’re not using the b word anymore, Sonny. No more bets for us.” “But we’re on our way to Vegas, baby!” “Yes we are and seeing as how this is for Carly and Jax, don’t you think it would have made more since for us all to travel together?” Sonny shot Alexis a look of slight shock and utter disgust “I know you don’t mean that. You want to be stuck in Carly’s presence just about as much as I want to be in Jax’s. So, no, attending this wedding is all they’re going to get from me.” "You’re right about that but I still think that one of the reasons we’re going separately is so that all you rich, powerful men can meet up and show off your toys. That way you can compare assets.” “Compare assets, huh?” Sonny asked, flashing a dimpled grin. “Yes.” Sonny leaned in so close to Alexis that she could feel his next words on her face as he whispered “I don’t want you to ever worry about my assets Alexis, because they will always be the biggest. Don’t you think so?” he asked, taking Alexis’ hand and placing it on his throbbing erection. “Touché,” Alexis smiled, sealing her lips to his before greedily searching for a taste of his tongue. “Alexis, Alexis, Alexis,” Sonny said as his teeth held on to her bottom lip. She breathlessly replied with a “Yeah” after he released her. “Tell me how you feel about me. I need to know, I need to hear it from your beautiful lips.” “Well, I…I…I…I don’t dislike you,” Alexis stammered, feeling the pressure in her chest at being put on the spot. “Oh, that’s good to know,” Sonny smiled into her neck as his fingers danced at the visible cleavage made possible by the cut of her dress. Thankful for his playful attitude, Alexis decided to keep things light “I can actually tolerate you for longer periods of time now. Minutes even.” “This just keeps getting better and better,” Sonny replied, his hands finding the tie of her burgundy wrap dress. “I almost feel happiness when you’re around,” she joked. Sonny looked at Alexis and saw an identical smile to his own so wide that he was sure her face felt like it was about to burst as well. After lying on top of her, he chuckled “Come on with all the sweet talk and bring it home!” he encouraged. In serious mode now, Alexis stared at Sonny as she stroked his face. In his eyes she saw her best friend, her lover, her sometimes enemy and didn’t know where to go from there. So she lay there, looking on in awe at the man who always seemed to be there for her when she needed someone, helping her, taking care of her, being her rock if that’s what she desired. Even now, when he had asked a serious question of her and she responded in lighthearted jest, he didn’t push or demand an answer, leaving her be until she was ready to

open up. Feeling herself getting drawn in deeper and deeper to Sonny, their connection strengthening, Alexis lightly kissed Sonny’s lips before changing the subject. “What are you wearing?” Sonny looked at her in confusion “It’s a shirt. The purple shirt Kristina got me for my birthday. The one I'm sure you picked out on her behalf” “That’s not what I’m talking about. I was referring to the wedding. Even though I have to say that most men couldn’t wear that color and still be dangerously sexy. However, you Mr. Corinthos, are the exception.” “Thank you. Now, as to the question about my circus attire, come here and I’ll show you.” Sonny walked Alexis over to a closet and unzipped his garment bag and she whistled her approval before he said “Now that I’ve shown you mine, you have to show me yours,” he smiled. “You dirty, dirty man,” Alexis joked before revealing her choice for the wedding. Sonny looked at Alexis as if she’d gone bananas “Alexis I know that you’re going to this event with me, but I’m afraid you have your occasions confused. It’s a wedding, not a funeral so you’ll have to veto the black suit and veil.” “Why the hell should I? Another Carly wedding is bound to be the death of civilization anyway.” “Alexis you agreed to this, you agreed to be a witness to their forever love. God help us and all of Port Charles,” Sonny shuddered as he actually thought about it. “Hey, I only agreed to show up. I made no promises on my behavior once I got there.” “Alexis you’ve got to drop this and let it go. How would you feel if Jax wanted you away from me?” “He does,” Alexis answered point blank. “And what if he worked to tear us apart, how would you take it?” “I wouldn’t. I would just kick him in his…” “My point exactly,” Sonny said. “Well, it’s a moot point,” Alexis declared “Because Jax wouldn’t waste the energy this time around. Years ago he spent a lot of time trying to warn me off of you, saying you would break my heart and I wouldn’t listen.” “Did I, Alexis…break your heart, I mean?” “You know you did,” she answered honestly before looking up to the ceiling to hide the tears she felt coming on. Remembering there were to be no more games between them, Alexis stared at Sonny with tears shimmering in her eyes as she laughed bitterly “Damn you, Sonny. You are the only person in this whole world who could have broken my heart and given it to me at the same time.” “How do you mean?” Sonny asked curiously. “After our one night together, everything in my life went straight to hell in a hand basket; our daughter growing inside me was the only thing that kept me going. So that’s how.” “Alexis, I’m sorry for everything that happened between us after that night, your sister, the fights, the anger, all of it.” “I know you are because I am too. And we have left it in the past where it belongs. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to use the restroom.” As Sonny watched her go, he was more determined than ever that no one would break Alexis’ heart again. Pulling out his cell phone, Sonny dialed an all too familiar number and waited. “Yeah, Jason, it’s me. Alexis and I have a problem that needs to go away and fast. For some reason my little brother has it in his head that he needs to keep on making Alexis as miserable as possible. Pay him a visit him and make him understand that it stops now, that him being in the lives of Kristina, Molly, and Alexis is no longer an option. And after you leave him, I want you to tail him until we get back in town to make sure he doesn’t go near the girls. I mean it Jason; you need to stick so close that you can hear him breathe. Hey, if you have to…but he stays alive. That’s Alexis’ call.” Sonny quickly and angrily closed his phone as thoughts of his idiot brother made his blood boil. When he looked up to see Alexis watching him without judgment, that’s when the calm came. “So you sicced Jason on Ric?” “Yeah, just to talk to him and to keep an eye on him. He’s not getting Molly, Alexis. And he’s never coming near any of you again.” “Do you think he would try something now? Maybe we should go back home.” “Nah, they’re fine and they’re gonna stay that way. I explained everything to Max before we left so he’s stepping up security and he’s guarding everybody with his life and they have Jason, and you know his Ric radar works overtime. So just relax with me for the next couple of days.” Sonny begged. Alexis smiled and took Sonny’s hand to lead him back to the couch. “I have a better idea, how about starting the relaxation right now?” she suggested, surprising Sonny by shoving him onto the seat. Laughing at being caught off guard, Sonny’s lightness quickly turned to dark, serious desire as Alexis hiked her dress and straddled him.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Alexis.” Sonny informed her as his hands slid under her dress to squeeze at her buttocks. “Well, can you think of a better way to go?” she asked, whispering in Sonny’s ear before biting down on it and then soothing it with her tongue. Needing to feel her desperately, Sonny crushed their mouths together so that their tongues could dance as he quickly undressed her. As his head dipped low to devour a breast, Alexis held on to him by tightly gripping at his neck while she moaned. Frantic to have his skin against hers, she worked at the buttons of his shirt. “I know I said it looks good on you, but it’s nothing compared to your skin, your body,” Alexis said letting her fingers travel to his belt and zipper, releasing him. Alexis then put her free hand to Sonny’s chest, stopping him from shifting his weight into her to lay her down. “No, let me do this. I want to do this.” "Then by all means, don’t let me stop you,” Sonny smiled seductively as he once again indulged his fascination with her breast. Concentrating solely on the nipple now, Sonny looked into Alexis’ eyes as she lifted her body slightly and took him inside of her. Their moans and gasps mingled as they reveled in the delicious feel of being united while Sonny brought Alexis’ face down to his for a smoldering, erotic kiss. It seemed like minutes passed before they came up for air and when they did, Alexis smiled, threw her head back and started to rock back and forth. With his hands running up and down her back and then into her hair, Sonny bit down on Alexis’ neck as he was taken on a ride he had never experienced before in his life. Feeling her body beginning to spasm, Sonny knew that he was losing the battle as well, so he held her tighter, closer and warned her “Alexis, I’m close…I’m about to…” Shaking her head in understanding, Alexis answered him and moaned “Me too,” As they went over the edge together, Sonny kissed and hugged her, gripping her, before grunting and pouring himself into her. ***************** Sometime later, Alexis threw her warm, relaxed body into Sonny’s as they came off of their high. Once their breathing returned to normal, she looked up and cupped his face. “I love you, Sonny. Earlier you wanted to know how I felt about you, so I’m telling you. I love you Michael Corinthos Jr.” After recovering from the shock, Sonny kissed Alexis’ mouth, then eyes before pulling her to him “And I love you, Alexis Davis.” he whispered into her ear. She looked at him, every bit as shocked to hear it from him as he was from her. “Really, what kind of love? The mother of my child kind of love or the friend’s forever kind or….?” “Alexis…” Sonny called, trying to stave off one of her rants “I love you, the real deal.” “Are you sure?” she asked with just a small amount of uncertainty. “Yes, I’m sure. But I guess I’ll just have to prove it to you over and over again,” Sonny said before gently pushing Alexis to the couch and covering her body with his to prove his love over and over again. CHAPTER SIXTEEEN As Sonny accepted the hotel key from the desk clerk, Alexis threw herself on him and hugged from behind. Laughing, he turned to her “What was that for?” “I’m just happy that we’re on land again,” Alexis explained. Sonny then took her hand and pulled her to him as he walked them through the lobby. “Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed our time in the air, it just felt like we were up there for weeks. Uh-oh,” she said quickly, changing her tone to fit the subject. “Uh-oh, what uh-oh?” Sonny asked after the smile he had disappeared. “That uh-oh,” Alexis answered, nodding straight ahead. When his gaze shifted to where hers had already landed, Sonny and Alexis’ eyes rested on two, tall, tanned and blonde individuals who could have easily passed as Nordic twins to complete strangers, but to them they were simply Carly and Jax. “Look, Sonny, its Ken and Barbie Doll-Jax,” Alexis said through gritted teeth. “Play nice, Alexis,” Sonny whispered in Alexis’ ear before kissing it. “I don’t want to play with anyone but you,” Alexis responded as she watched Jax and the frighteningly happy Carly. “Sonny, Alexis, you guys! I’m so thrilled that you decided to come earlier too,” Carly beamed as she embraced one then the other. “Oh…okay,” Alexis said as her shocked, widened eyes locked with Jax’s. “Yeah…um…Alexis and I decided we needed some extra, uninterrupted alone time.” “Excuse me, did you say alone time?” Carly repeated in stunned disbelief “That will never do. I need Alexis with me. We have shopping, mani-pedi’s, massages, the works. It’s going to be so fun doing all the things that best girlfriends do,” she sighed. “Best girlfriends?” Alexis asked, looking at a glowing Carly and then to Sonny for a save, praying that he would come through…. “That all sounds nice Carly, but we just checked in, we need to get settled first. At least give us a chance to look at our room before you go dragging Alexis all over Vegas.”

“Yeah babe,” Jax chimed in, “let’s give them a couple of hours.” “Okay…but only a couple. Then I’m coming for you Alexis,” Carly smiled and then added. “I’m getting married, you guys,” hugging them once more. “Oh…my…god, what was that?” Alexis asked Sonny as they left the engaged couple behind. “It’s like being in a different time zone has birthed this Alternate Reality Carly, so creepy, it’s almost like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers even. I was just waiting for a sleepover invite, where she’d want us to braid each other’s hair and bake cookies or something.” Sonny laughed and kissed the top of Alexis’ head as he held her close “It’s just the euphoria of it all kicking in for her. Weddings are like crack to Carly,” Sonny explained.

“Alexis. Alexis, where are you?” Sonny called some time later as he was re-entering their suite. In the distance he heard her voice faintly reply “Why don’t you come find me?” Flashing a grin, Sonny decided to do just that by following the dimmed lights and low music that led him to the expansive bathroom. After slowly opening the door, Sonny was greeted with a bubble covered Alexis, who was washing at her skin while smiling at him. Sonny drank in the sight of the glistening woman with the tempting smile and groaned “Christ, Alexis, I believe you really are trying to kill me.” “Never that, dear,” Alexis smiled, “I just want to love you. But believe it or not, this is not a seduction attempt. I was thinking maybe we could have an early dinner and then maybe you could hold me close on the dance floor while music played.” “You mean dancing?” “Whatever,” Alexis said. Sonny chuckled at that “Sounds good but why so early?” “Because then Mr. Corinthos, we can come back here and have plenty of time for the real seduction attempt.” “Believe me baby, you seduce me just by being around.” “You flatterer you,” Alexis grinned. “No, for once in my life I’m being an honest man. I swear from now on I’ll always be honest with you and to you Alexis,” Sonny declared. As he watched tears start to pool in her eyes, Sonny took a few quick steps and was by Alexis’ side in a flash. Kneeling, he placed a kiss on her that she eagerly returned. “Where did you go earlier,” she asked after separating her lips from his. “Mmm…later…it’s a surprise,” Sonny answered, trying his best to rekindle the kiss. Pouting, Alexis shook her head, hindering Sonny’s plans “I hate surprises, tell me now.” “No…later.” “You’re really refusing me? And what if I refused you something later?” Alexis teased. Sonny’s eyes darkened at Alexis’ words but he remained silent and just let his hand dip into the bath water. As his hand moved about, fingers danced upon leg, then thigh onto the stomach until it quivered and then back down until one then two fingers disappeared inside of her, stealing her breath away. Stunned by Sonny’s move, Alexis quickly released the sponge she was holding as she gasped and gripped for the edge of the tub. “Open your eyes, Alexis,” Sonny commanded. “Are you really going to refuse me this? Because if you do, you’ll suffer too,” demonstrating by withdrawing his fingers from her. After that stunt, Alexis looked into Sonny’s eyes and whispered “Son of a…” “Hey, I’m just trying to prove a point. You’re a lawyer, you should respect that.” Alexis sat up straight and smiled, knowing that Sonny’s attention was going elsewhere as the bubbles faded “I do respect that sweetheart. But just keep in mind that it’s my area of expertise before you go starting up another contest between us,” she stated while planting a kiss on Sonny. Laughing as their teeth touched throughout the kiss, Alexis’ hands threaded in Sonny’s hair as his stroked her back and then up to the bun on top of her head. “What are you doing?” she asked. “I’m letting your hair down so I can run my fingers through it while we…you know,” he explained, reaching for a pin. “Nope, that’s not on the schedule. We have dinner then close holding on the dance floor, so I need to finish my bath.” “Fine, whatever you say Ms. Davis.” Alexis watched Sonny as he rolled up his sleeves and extended his hands “Now what are you doing?” “You need a bath…I’m going to give you a bath,” Sonny replied, his hands coming in contact with Alexis’ skin, causing her to immediately close her eyes.

“The sponge is…” she breathed. “Is not needed at all, I can promise you that,” Sonny smiled as he kissed her back. Sonny’s eyes glazed over Alexis’ body and then her face, looking on in pure satisfaction as the pleasure she felt, that he was supplying, became evident. His hands slowly, expertly traveled her body, rubbing, massaging along the way until they came to her breast and then stopped. Holding on to them, Sonny grabbed and squeezed and molded as the peaks became hardened. "See these...these have to be cleaned special," he explained to Alexis, who arched her brow at him. "Then it's a good thing you're on the job, isn't it," Alexis laughed before her laughter quickly turned to moans at Sonny devouring her breasts. "My God Sonny," she sighed as she encircled her arms around his neck "I need you. I need you now," she cried, pulling his clothed body into the tub on top of hers. "But what about...what about dinner," Sonny asked while hungrily nipping at Alexis' skin. "Never mind, we can make it quick," he decided once her hand went to his belt buckle. "No, no, no. I don't think so." Alexis moaned, her tongue flicking Sonny's ear. "Room service was invented for moments like this." CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Alexis smilingly drank from her martini and looked in Sonny’s direction as he drew circles on her thigh and whispered naughty things in her ear. After an invigorating bath time, they had decided to postpone another round in favor of going out to dinner. And with the highly recommended cuisine and romantic atmosphere, Alexis couldn’t have asked for a better dinner scene. Grinning, she opened her mouth to respond to one of Sonny’s comments, but was cut off when an all too familiar voice made itself known. “Well, well, well, fancy meeting you two here.” “Carly, Jasper,” Alexis greeted through clenched teeth. “Yes, it’s us, Carly and Jax. You know, the reason you came to Vegas in the first place. I gave you the ‘couple of hours’ you asked for and then when I came to your room, I still got no answer. I thought you two had fallen off the face of the earth.” “Bartender,” Alexis yelled, “keep them coming,” she said, holding up her glass after getting his attention. “What’s so funny?” Carly asked a laughing Sonny. “Nothing. It’s just that me and Alexis are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, you know? I mean shopping and massages, come on. She’s naked most of the time and I’ll be damned if I let some guy rub his hands all over her body. If Alexis is in need of a massage, I’ll give it to her. Isn’t that right baby?” Sonny asked, kissing Alexis’ temple. “That’s correct, my chauvinistic little pig,” Alexis replied. “Just how much have you two had to drink anyway?” Carly asked under her breath. “So,” Alexis said, turning back to Carly and Jax, “are you two just getting here, leaving or what?” “Actually we’re just arriving for our reservation, which seems to be ready now. Come on Carly.” “But…Jax…now that we’re here and they’re here, why don’t we all just dine together? I mean wouldn’t that be more fun?” Carly grinned at Sonny and Alexis while crinkling up her nose. Alexis stared at Sonny pleading with her eyes, but all she got was “Sorry baby, I’m out,” when he couldn’t think of a nice quick excuse to decline. “I’m cutting off your liquor right this minute, mister,” Alexis told Sonny before turning back to Carly and Jax “But don’t you two want to spend your last hours as a single couple together?” “Huh?” Carly asked “That doesn’t make any sense. We’re getting married to each other so we have the rest of our lives to have romantic dinners together.” “Damn,” Alexis said under her breath. “Whose liquor supply needs to be cut off now?” Sonny whispered in Alexis’ ear. “Look Carly, it’s obvious that we’re imposing,” Jax stated, trying to lead his fiancée away. “Jax…Carly…wait. Please stay,” Alexis offered after observing the hurt look on her friend’s face. “That’s my girl,” Sonny said proudly, kissing Alexis on the lips.

“So, I was thinking, maybe I could wear my hair like this or like this,” Carly said, showing off different styles at the table while Jax looked on lovingly, Sonny yawned repeatedly and Alexis nodded, all the wondering if Alternate Reality Carly had received peroxide poisoning from her latest dye job. After waving her empty martini glass in the air, Alexis received a fresh one that she quickly ingested upon hearing Carly mentioning something about her reading from a selection of poetry. “How many is that now?” Sonny asked.

“Not nearly enough, apparently,” Alexis responded looking across the table to see the beaming Carly still chattering incessantly. When Alexis started slurping from her empty glass, Sonny decided they had both had enough and that it was time to call it a night “Okay everybody, Alexis and I have had enough. We’ll see you tomorrow.” “Bummer, that’s too bad. I was just about to talk about the flowers,” Carly sighed. “Are you two going to be okay,” Jax asked “Do I need to get you a cab?” “We have a car, but thanks. Come on Alexis, let’s get you to bed.” Sonny replied. Alexis answered him with a round of giggles “Goodnight Jasper dear. Goodnight AR Carly,” she said while patting them each on the cheek “AR Carly, what’s that mean?” Carly asked Jax who could only shrug his shoulders. Thinking for a minute, Carly then called out to the duo who were almost out the door “Hold on a second guys, I’ve got an idea.” CHAPTER EIGHTEEEN “Knock, Knock,” Carly yelled as she beat on Sonny and Alexis’ door. “I SAID KNOCK KNOCK,” she screeched after receiving no response. “Wha…? Huh?” Alexis mumbled after groggily waking up and thinking what curses from the devil hangovers were. Running her hand along Sonny’s side of the bed, she was surprised to find it empty. Bolting straight up, Alexis clamped her hands over her ears as she tried to drown out the noise outside her door. When it didn’t help, she got out of bed and stormed over to the cause of the commotion. “My God…what is with the piercing shrieks?” she asked, while swinging open the door. “EEEEEEE!” Carly squealed while enveloping Alexis into a bear hug. “Ouch,” Alexis replied as she tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to wiggle free. “Carly you have to stop. I…can’t…breathe,” Alexis gasped. Carly sincerely apologized after she released her “Sorry Alexis. I’m just so happy…..EEEE!” she explained, dangling her left hand in Alexis’ face. Alexis took in the ginormous but familiar engagement ring and looked back at Carly “What?” “What do you mean what? Look closer silly,” Carly ordered as her ring finger wiggled back and forth. Getting dizzy from that tiny bit of movement, Alexis grabbed the finger and held it still as realization dawned on her “You have on a wedding band also. Which means you and Jax are married.” “Of course we are Alexis; you were there to witness it. Why are you acting so weird?” Alexis gave Carly a skeptical frown “I was?” “Yes, you were. You don’t remember? Man, you must have been much more wasted than I thought.” Alexis plopped down on the nearest couch and rubbed her forehead as images flashed and then quickly disappeared “Why do I recall a little elderly man and then an Elvis impersonator officiating?” “Oh,” Carly laughed, “that’s because during the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ bit, you hurled your guts out on poor little old Fred’s shoes. Him and his wife Millie took that as a bad omen and stopped the ceremony," she paused "But seeing as how you knocked back so many cocktails with dinner, I realized it had to come up sometime and I forgave you instantly.” Just then Alexis had a flash of Carly lunging for her, only to be restrained by Jax “You did, did you?” “Yep, I did. After you got cleaned up and insisted on us finishing, we found another chapel. That’s where Elvis came in. I’m officially Mrs. Jasper Jacks; I just wanted to stop by before we left on our honeymoon.” “Mrs…Jasper Jacks,” Alexis slowly repeated. “Don’t sound so sad Alexis. Jax and I totally, completely forgive you for almost ruining our wedding. So much so, that we were more than happy to stand up for you. Speaking of, where is your husband this morning anyway?” Carly asked, looking around the suite. As Carly talked, Alexis watched her as if legs were sprouting from her neck at that very minute. Then she quickly looked down at her ring finger. No rings. Carly must still be on the wedding crack. “Husband, what husband?” “Why Mrs. Corinthos, don’t tell me the honeymoon’s over already. I really, truly hope not. I mean I think this has been wonderful for all of us. We got married together which means we can celebrate our anniversaries together. EEEEEEEE…I just had a thought…what if we get pregnant at the same time? We can do the whole childbirth thing together, wouldn’t that be awesome? We can even help Sonny and Jax bond like we have.” “We have?” Alexis asked. “Oh, totally. Our relationship is going better than ever Alexis.” “Super,” Alexis smiled. As her mouth held a frozen grin, her brain swirled as memories of the previous night flooded her. All the while Carly’s voice buzzed in her ear, talking of combined family vacations.

Alexis saw herself standing with Sonny before the Elvis impersonator, their hands joined and him flashing her a smile as she lovingly caressed his face with her free hand. Then she remembered her eyes, there were tears in them, or was it fear, maybe it was the alcohol she thought. Oh my God, I’ve gone and done it. I’m married to the mob. As Alexis hid her face in her hands and shook her head, the door to the suite opened and she looked up into the smiling face of Sonny, her husband. “Carly, if you don’t mind, I’d like some time alone with my wife.” “Sure no problem,” Carly said winking at Sonny and then Alexis before hugging Alexis once again “EEEEE! We’re married ladies,” she squealed. “Yes we are, AR Carly.” “Why do you keep calling me that?” Carly asked. “It’s just a pet name of affection for you, us being good friends and all.” “Alright, if you say so, goodbye you guys.” Even as Carly was leaving Sonny eyes stayed fixed on Alexis, trying to read her thoughts, her expressions, but after not being able to take it any longer, quickly walked to her and kissed her on the lips “Good morning, wifey.” “Oh hubby of mine, what have we done?” Alexis asked sadly. CHAPTER NINETEEN “Oh, hubby of mine, what have we done?” Alexis asked sadly. “What we’ve done,” Sonny replied as he joined Alexis on the couch and hugged her close to him, “is made a commitment to each other and to the girls for the rest of our lives.” “You say that like it’s so simple. I mean I’m still the District Attorney of Port Charles and you’re a… ‘coffee importer’ for heaven’s sake. Then there’s my psycho ex who suing me for custody of my child.” “Hey, Ric has been taken care of. I talked to Jason and he got him to back off. So he’s no longer an issue. And your job, you have to do what you feel is best there. All I know is you are my wife now and that’s the way I want is to stay. And the reason it sounds so simple is because it is. You told me you loved me, is that still true?” “Of course it is,” Alexis smiled. “And I love you. And now we’re married. So where’s the problem?” “Where’s the problem? Oh, I don’t know…how about the fact that within a week’s time we went from busting up that train wreck of a relationship between Malibu Barbie and Ken to a game of sexual one-upmanship to having sex in every available nook and cranny to marriage,” Alexis recalled, pacing around the room in Sonny’s lavender shirt. Sonny tried his best to stay focused on his wife’s ramblings but found it difficult with her legs peeking out from under his shirt. The one that he guessed would look fantastic on her and it did. Down boy, this isn’t the time. Our future’s on the line here. After shaking his foggy head to snap himself out of it, Sonny cleared his throat. “Let me get this straight. What you’re trying to say is…everything’s happening a little too fast. Is that it?” “You think?” Alexis shouted. “No, I don’t.” Sonny replied calmly “If you want me to be honest, like I promised you I would be. I think this has been years in the making. So, in no shape, form or fashion is this a spur of the moment type thing.” “Tell that to my blistering hangover. I’ll be honest and admit there is a part of me that always wondered if we could make it to this place, be married with children. But I imagined myself sober and surrounded by people I like, not with Bridezilla and martinis attacking my brain. I mean, we got married Sonny! I, Alexis Davis, wed Sonny Corinthos and I was so plastered that I don’t even remember it!” “You don’t?” “No, Sonny, hardly a thing…” “It was beautiful. You were beautiful. My most beautiful wedding and my most beautiful bride.” “Yeah, nothing screams beauty like vodka and vomit,” Alexis cracked. “Carly filled me in on that little horrendous tidbit,” she added at Sonny’s expression. “So, tell me groom, how the hell did we end up in front of an Elvis impersonator anyway?” “After witnessing Carly and Candyboy’s wedded bliss, you turned to me, eyes bright with love,” Or martini’s. I’ll go with love though, Sonny thought before continuing. “And said it looked like fun and that you wanted to try. I suggested you sleep it off but you weren’t having it. You said that you loved me and that marriage is what people in love do. You told me that you’ve always wanted to be my wife. Now how in the hell was I supposed to turn you down when you said everything I’ve ever wanted to hear?” Alexis stood in place and shook her leg, trying to distract her brain from the tears that threatened to flow. “And you didn’t see my drunken ramblings as a cry for help?” “No, I saw them for what they were. The truth and nothing but. And if it’s not, you look me in the eyes and tell me that I was wrong. That it’s not what you’ve wanted in your heart all along?”

Alexis looked down, afraid to make eye contact with Sonny and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt. “Sonny-” “No. Please don’t ‘Sonny’ me, Alexis. Tell me either way, so I’ll know what my next move will be.” Fearing the worst, that they would be over before they really got their second chance, Alexis looked up quickly “What next move are you talking about?” Sonny went inside the pocket of his slacks and pulled out a black velvet jewelry box “Last night when you were in the tub and you questioned me about where I had been, I told you it was a surprise. Well, this is that surprise Mrs. Corinthos. I found something downstairs in the jewelry store that was close to what I had in mind for you, but not quite, so they had to overnight the real deal from their New York chain.” Alexis looked from the box to Sonny back to the box again “Oh, Sonny, you didn’t,” she said as tears trickled down her face. “Yes, I did. I planned on asking you to be my wife before you actually became my wife. But since you already are,” Sonny got down on bended knee and held the box in front of Alexis “Will you stay married to me, Alexis Corinthos?” Alexis laughed as she wiped at her tears “I bet right about now you’re praying like hell that I love this ring, aren’t you?” “I already know that you’re going to love it,” Sonny smiled confidently “But just as an added incentive I made sure that it was bigger than Carly’s.” “Wow! You really are my husband aren’t you? I mean you’re already trying to come between me and my bestest friend ever. Ruining our sparkly new relationship before it even gets off the ground,” Alexis quipped. “Alexis, my knee,” Sonny reminded her as she babbled. “Oh, sorry. Can I take a peek at the ring first, you’ve piqued my curiosity. Wait, that was selfish of me, wasn’t it?” “Baby you can do anything you want to do. But please do it quickly.” Taking Sonny’s words as truth, Alexis opened the box and gawked with an open mouth at what she saw, stunned speechless and unmoving, until her eyes blurred. “Sonny,” she gasped, “this is the most exquisite, beautiful, and humungous ring! And it is so much larger than Carly’s. Noticeably, glaringly so. She’s going to hate me all over again, the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.” “Does that mean…?” Sonny asked cautiously. “It means yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. I will stay your wife. Forever.” Sonny took the ring from its box and slipped it on Alexis’ finger in a hurry. Once that was task was accomplished, he jumped up and crushed his lips to hers. “Thank God,” he panted after he released her, “I thought my knee would evaporate before you gave me an answer.” He continued on despite Alexis’ laughter “But in all honesty, I would have waited forever for that answer, the correct answer.” “So, that was the correct answer, huh?” “Uh-huh,” Sonny replied. “Well, it better be. It won’t be pretty if you prove me wrong.” “Never, dear,” Sonny said as he kissed the inside of Alexis’ neck and started to fumble with the buttons of the shirt she was wearing. Alexis wiggled her fingers in the air and watched the morning light connect with her ring “How did you come up with something as unique as rubies,” she asked in relation to the stone set in the center of her ring that was surrounded by diamonds on both sides. “I thought you should have it because it’s perfect for you. It suits you and reminds me of how you are with me. All that fire, heat and passion. I can’t really explain it exactly but whatever it is, it’s always been there between us in one form or another. Through the good times and the bad. ” “And I promise you, Sonny, it will be there forever. In the good times and the bad. We’ll just aim for more good than bad.” Alexis decreed before feeling Sonny’s hand cup her breast “Hey, what are you doing?” “Well, we’re married and married people take honeymoons. So, it’s time we got to it. Besides, Mrs. Corinthos, I’m about to go for my boy,” Sonny smiled. “Boy? What boy? I told you no more kids, Sonny.” “Uh-uh, that’s not what you said last night.” “But I told you I was drunk and that I don’t remember! Oh, God, did I really promise you more children?” “I’ll never tell. Why don’t we just try and see what happens. There can never be any harm in trying, can it?” Sonny asked as he swept Alexis off of her feet and carried her to the bed. “Not the way we do it, no.” Alexis sighed before letting Sonny's love sweep her under.

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