COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering

Checklist for COEB314: Industrial Training Academic Semester 1, Year 2012/ 2013 Student Name: ID: Host Organization: Items 1 2 3 4 5 Logbook IT Report [Hardcopy and CD] IT Completion Certificate IT Completion Report Form Stakeholder Survey Form

Visiting Lecturer Name: ID:

Items 6 7 8 9 Logbook Evaluation Form IT Report Evaluation Form Oral Presentation Evaluation Form Visiting Supervisor Evaluation Form


10 Grading Form

Signature of Student:

Signature of Visiting Lecturer:

Submission Date:

Documentation Date:

Important!  A Pass or Fail grade will only be awarded if all items 1 – 5 are submitted by the student to the visiting lecturer.  A Pass or Fail grade will only be awarded if all items are recorded, compiled and graded by the visiting lecturer. Otherwise, the grade will remain as BS grade. The BS grade will automatically be changed to a Fail grade after a stipulated date by the Registrar Office. Visiting lecturers are to keep all items for at least 7 years. This is especially important for audit, accreditation and referencing purposes. Please submit a copy of the Checklist and the Grading Form to the Department IT Coordinator.