REC co-hosts 3rd EC2 E-learning Training Course

Presentations focus on urban sustainability and green economy The REC Conference Center served as one of the venues for the 3rd EC2 E-learning Training Course, which took place on March 21-22. The course focused on Chinese and European practices related to urban sustainability and green economy. Students attending various universities in Hungary heard live presentations from a wide range of speakers, and also heard from speakers from China whose presentations were pre-recorded earlier in the day. The Szentendre presentations reached an incredibly wide audience, as they were broadcast to more than 2,000 participants throughout 20 cities in China, including a number of governmental and municipal officials.

NEAR AND FAR: E-learning allows partipants to share from a distance. Photo: Nathan Johnson While there are clear logistical benefits to be gained from the expanded possibilities of elearning capacity, a fairly simple calculation also demonstrates the environmental benefits of this type of learning platform, especially for the engagement of participants separated by a significant geographical distances. The calculation factors involved for this particular training course are: 113 gm/km of CO2 emissions for a long-distance flight, over a distance of 7,791 km between Budapest and Beijing (round-trip equals times two), and 2,000 participants: i.e. [0.113 x 2 x 7,791 x 2,000 = 3,521 tonnes of savings on CO2 emissions]! Please visit to learn more about EC2 and the E-learning Training course. EC2 is a project co-funded by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.
*Ekološki bilten**Eko-NEC*
Elektronski dvonedeljnik za čistiju prirodu Srbije!/ekoneckg
* Ekološki bilten** Eko-NEC * je od 10.11.2009. godine upisan u Registar javnih glasila pod brojem IN000004. Osnivač i izdavač : Udruženje " NEC - RP ", Milisav Pajević, urednik Igumana Pajsija 10, PAK 556116, 34113 Kragujevac, Republika Srbija. Matični broj: 17532545 PIB: 103157855 Tekući račun: 170 -8425-56 , UniCredit bank Srbija a.d. E-mail: ; Tel.: +381 (0) 61 130 97 55 ; +381 (0) 63 166 55 15 .!/ekoneckg

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