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CDAE  195:  Athletic  Event  Planning    
Summer  Session  2013  /  Course  #61122   DRAFT  as  of  March  27,  2013    

Krista  Balogh  ’02,  MPA  ‘07   Assistant  Director  of  Athletics,  Marketing,  Promotions  &  Special  Events   University  of  Vermont  Athletics   97  Spear  St.,  224  PFG   Burlington,  VT    05405   W:  802.656.1744   E:  Krista.Balogh@uvm.edu  

  Office  hours:    By  appointment     Dates  of  the  course:    Tuesday  7/16  through  Friday  7/19  and  Monday  7/22  through   Friday  7/26  from  9:00am-­‐1:00pm  (Summer  session  dates  7/15-­‐8/9)     Class  Location:  Room  118  -­‐  located  in  the  PFG  athletic  complex     Required  Text:  No  text.  All  readings  will  be  provided  on  Blackboard.     Pre-­‐requisites:  None   Credits:  3  credits     Course  Overview:    This  event  planning  course  focuses  on  providing  students  the   basic  knowledge  and  skills  of  event  planning.  Sponsorship,  fundraising,  marketing,   promotions,  licensing/branding,  ticket  operations,  and  staff  &  risk  management  that   support  event  production  are  areas  this  course  will  cover.  Through  guest  speakers,   readings,  class  discussions,  and  attending  a  real  event,  students  will  gain  a  thorough   understanding  of  the  event  planning  process.    Students  will  work  in  teams  to  plan   aspects  of  upcoming  events,  communicate  with  partners/sponsors,  understand  the   logistics,  and  problem  solve  foreseen  concerns/situations.    Students  taking  the  class   must  be  present  for  the  event  on  the  date  agreed  upon.  This  is  a  chance  for   participants  to  work  as  a  team  and  build  their  resumes  with  real-­‐life  application.     Learning  Objectives:   • Students  will  acquire  a  basic  knowledge  of  event  planning,   fundraising,  sponsorship  marketing,  promotions,  licensing/branding   and  event  management.   • Students  will  apply  and  share  their  skills  and  experiences  throughout   the  event  planning  process.     • To  gain  experience  working  together  as  a  team  while  gaining   communication  skills  and  networking  abilities.   • To  experience  professional  growth  through  the  process.     Description  of  Class  Assignments:  Daily  assignments  will  include  selected   readings,  class  discussions,  writing  reflections,  and  presentations.    There  will  be  a   number  of  guest  speakers  and  some  class  time  will  be  spent  at  a  Lake  Monsters   game.    Each  student  will  be  responsible  for  keeping  an  electronic  journal  on  his  or   her  experiences  throughout  the  class.  

  Grading  will  be  based  on  the  following:   • Course  Assignments  (Class  reading  assignment  presentation,  reading   quizzes,  miscellaneous  assignments,  and  written  reflections):    30%   • Final  &  Journal  Submission:  30%   • Participation  &  overall  attendance:  40%       Class  rules:   • Participation  is  very  important  in  this  course.    There  will  be  many   class  discussions.   • When  guest  speakers  attend  class  you  are  expected  to  have  at  least  2   questions  prepared.   • Please  turn  your  cell  phones  off!       Syllabus       Tuesday,  July  16  –  First  day  of  class   • Introductions   • Explanation  of  syllabus     • Discuss  the  basics  of  event  planning  for  athletics   • Guest  Speaker:  Lake  Monsters  -­‐  TBD     Wednesday,  July  17-­‐  Sport  Promotion     • Reading  due:   • Guest  Speaker:    Erica  Hunt  –  Marketing  &  Promotions  Coordinator,   University  of  Vermont  Athletics     Thursday,  July  18-­‐  Sponsorship  Sales   • Reading  due:     • Guest  Speaker:  Vermont  corporate  sponsor-­‐TBD   • Writing  reflection  #1  due  and  reports     Friday,  July  19  -­‐  Ticket  Operations  &  Retention   • Reading  due:     • Guest  speaker:  Mike  Cairns  -­‐Ticket  Operations,  University  of  Vermont       Monday,  July  22  –  Licensing,  Branding,  E-­‐Commerce     • Reading  due:     • Guest  Speaker:  Chris  McCabe,  Asst.  VP  Business  Development  –  Vermont   Athletics       Tuesday,  July  23-­‐  Fundraising  &  Special  Events   • Reading  due:     • Guest  Speaker:  Katherine  McGinn  –  Victory  Club  Coordinator  –  Vermont   Athletics   • Writing  reflection  #2  due  and  reports    

Wednesday,  July  24  –  Athletic  Communications  &  Social  Media   • Reading  due:   • Guest  Speaker:  Nich  Hall,  CatamounTV/UVMathletics.com  -­‐  Vermont       Thursday,  July  25-­‐  Budgeting  &  Customer  Evaluation  &  Retention   • Reading  due:   • Guest  Speaker:  Jeff  Schulman,  Senior  Associate  Athletic  Director  –  Vermont   Athletics     Friday,  July  26  –  Final  Day  of  Class   • Final  exam   • Evaluation       Journal:   Throughout  the  session  students  will  be  asked  to  keep  an  electronic  journal,   which  they  will  submit  on  August  8th  via  email.  Students  should  reflect  on   topics  discussed  in  class  throughout  the  session  including  real-­‐life  examples   they  experience.    Often  the  instructor  will  give  you  a  question  to  ponder  and   reflect  on.     Writing  Reflections:   There  will  be  two  writing  assignments.    Students  will  be  asked  to  submit  a  2-­‐page   reflection  and  give  a  brief  synopsis  of  their  finding.         #1  -­‐  Observation  Reflection:   Students  will  attend  a  Lake  Monsters  game  on  the  date  agreed  upon.    This   reflection  should  reference  two-­‐three  areas  of  observation,  for  example   ticket  operations,  customer  service,  in  game  promotions,  event  staff   dynamics,  etc.    A  connection  to  the  participation  reflection  should  be  made   and  suggestions  in  these  areas  discussed  should  be  notated.    If  an   opportunity  to  attend  another  athletic  event  (outside  of  Vermont  Athletics)   presents  itself  that  may  be  substituted  for  this  assignment  with  permission.     #2  -­‐  Current  Event  Research:    Students  will  be  asked  to  choose  one  of  the  following   topics  and  discuss:     • Research  how  social  media  has  changed  marketing  and  communications   within  a  sports  organization  (may  be  a  specific  team,  conference,  or  media   group).   • Research  2  promotions  executed  at  2  different  Universities.  Compare  their   strengths  and  weakness.   • Research  how  the  economy  has  affected  merchandise  sales,  ticket  sales   and/or  sponsorships  for  an  organization  over  the  past  2  years.   Ø Don’t  forget  to  site  your  sources        

Reading  Exercise     There  will  be  daily  reading  assignments.    Each  class,  one  team  will  do  a  30-­‐minute   max.  creative  exercise  on  the  reading  by  incorporating  the  following:   • Visuals   • Can  be  in  a  game  format   • Class  participation     • A  minimum  of  3  real-­‐life  examples  relative  to  the  subject  matter   *Please  think  of  this  as  a  25%  lecture  assignment  and  75%  activity  based   assignment   *A  group  evaluation  found  on  blackboard  should  be  submitted  the  day  of  the   presentation  for  full  credit.       The  Final:   There  will  be  a  final  exam  which  will  include  multiple  choice  and  true/false   questions  based  on  material  read  and  discussed  in  class.    Students  will  choose  3  of  5   questions  posed  to  discuss  (in  paragraph  form)  to  show  their  knowledge  of  real  life   event  planning  processes.    Taking  notes  throughout  class  are  highly  encouraged.       *Students  are  responsible  for  following  the  University  of  Vermont  Code  of   Academic  Integrity  and  conducting  themselves  in  a  fashion  conducive  with   maintaining  a  positive  public  image  for  the  University  of  Vermont*      

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