A beacon of liquid gold light flashed through the warp, That blasphemous place of contradictions, that howling maelstrom

of unreal reali ty dominated and infused with energy, blistering through into the warp by the ebb and flow of a mortal man's mind A native of the material realm has dominated the formless spiritual Congregating that amoeboid energy into a form to bleed into our world And just as the energy was empowered in the warp, So to was it extracted from the warp and bound Bound to that skull shaped clay talisman that false cranium which bears the colors of change The sorcerer in the material world declares the working complete He cleanses his walless chamber And departs from his sacred space which dwells in the mind and is projected into the world Bound to his will, Than casts it free to roam the material world in his name The sorcer, the conquerer, the mystic

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