Carl Peckham

135 Corson Ave ● Staten Island New York 10301 USA ● 1-718-608-4094

Qualifications Responsible, organized, versatile and people-oriented, experienced with TEFL in Korea. Education 1994-1998 Topeka, KS Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Washburn University

2011 BridgeTEFL 100-hour TEFL Certificate Experience 2005-2009/2012-Present
Staten Island, NY


Every Thing Goes Companies

Mover/Intake Specialist Counter Clerk/Barista Housekeeping Assistant 2011-2012 Langcon English Academy English Language Instructor 2009-2011 Topeka, KS Assistant Chef Magic Meals Home Delivery Jinju, S.Korea

1999-2005/2009-2011 Topeka, KS Server/Bartender

Theatre Club of Topeka

2001-2005 Westaff (for State of Kansas) Topeka, KS Administrative Assistant 2000-2001 Historic Ward Meade Park Topeka, KS Concessions Manager Camp Counselor 1999, Spring Sheffel Theatre Clinic Topeka, KS Movement Instructor Volunteer Experience • Assistant teacher to children at Topeka Civic Theatre Academy. • Numerous performance credits at Topeka Civic Theatre. General Skills • • Basic computer literacy and intuitive learning ability. Basic truck and trailer driving.

Special Considerations & Personal References

Choi Jisoo 010-7167-3883 Kang YeonJoo 010-8837-0552 Park Hanna 010-6313-8094 . All of the following are former co-workers. Also.Teaching English in Korea is a career decision for me. It is not a temporary “adventure” for a year or two. Finally. I intend to continue in this work indefinitely. my year teaching in Jinju has given me strong working relationships and friendships with several native Koreans who can be contacted for both professional and character references. my time living in Korea has brought acclimation to Korean culture. lifestyle and language that applicants new to the country would lack.