SAP Workflow : General Transaction Code Transaction Code SW10 SWB3 SWB_COND Description Delivery Verification Maint.

of Conditional Event Linkage Maint. Condit. Linkage (BC-BMT-WFM)

SWB_PROCUREM Maint. Condit. Linkage (Procurement) ENT SWDC SWDD SWDD_CONFIG SWDM SWDN SWE2 SWE3 SWE4 SWE5 SWEAD SWEC SWECD SWECPLGRM Workflow Definition: Administration Workflow Builder Workflow Configuration WF: Workflow Explorer Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDID Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages Display Instance Linkages Change event log status (on/off) Checks for Event Linkages Event Queue Administration Event Linkage for Change Documents Call RSWE_INVOKE_CHANGE_DOCU Configure Selective Logging

SWEC_OLD_VERS Linkage: Change Doc.->Workflow Event ION SWED Assignment chng.doc./WF object type

Inst. (W/O Sel.Infotype Operation (SAP) Event-Infotype Operation (Customer) Display Event Instance Linkages Display Evt. for Queueing Events Event Queue: Selected Events Event Queue: Excluded Events Maintain SWEQCONT Delete Event Queue Table Maintenance SWEQENABLE .SWEF SWEHR1 SWEHR2 SWEHR3 SWEINST SWEINSTVC SWEL SWELOG SWELS SWEM SWEO SWEQ SWEQ1 SWEQADM SWEQADM_1 SWEQBROWSER SWEQCAND SWEQCAND0 SWEQCAND1 SWEQCONT SWEQDEL SWEQENABLE Field Restrictions for Change Docs. Links.) Display event log Maintain Event Log Switch Event Trace On/Off Configure Selective Logging Switch Event Log On/Off Configure Selective Logging Batch Job Event Queue Event Queue Administration Queue Administrator Maintenance Event Queue Browser Maint. Linkage: Object Type to HR Infotype Event . Trans.

Container Display/Maint. Event Type Linkages Test Environ. for Change Documents SWE_SET_DELEG Create Delegation in BOR ATION SWF3 SWF4 SWI1 SWI11 SWI13 SWI14 SWI2_ADM1 SWI2_ADM2 SWI2_DEAD SWI2_DIAG SWI2_DURA SWI2_FREQ SWI3 SWI30 WF: Workflow Wizard Repository WF Wizard Repository (Development) Selection report for workflows Where-Used List for Tasks Task Profile Workflows for Object Type Work items without agents Work Items with Deleted Users Work Items With Monitored Deadlines Diagnosis of Workflows with Errors Work Items By Processing Duration Work Items Per Task Workflow Outbox Unlock Workflows .SWEQENABLE2 Enable Event Queue SWEQSHAREDBU Call rsweq_shared_buffer F SWEQUEUE SWEQVIEW SWETYPV SWE_CD_TST Maintain SWEQUEUE Maintain Join Event Queue.

SWI4 SWI5 SWI6 SWIA SWID SWL1 SWLC SWLD SWLD_INPLACE1 SWLD_INPLACE2 SWLO SWLP SWLV SWNWIEX SWO1 SWO2 SWO3 SWO4 SWO6 SWO_ASYNC SWPA SWPC Task Analysis Workload Analysis Workflows for Object Selection rep. for work items(admin) Diagnosis of Workflows With Errors Settings for dynamic columns Check Tasks for Agents Workbench for Workflow 4.0 Demo Embedded Inbox Demo Embedded Inbox (Professional) Display work items for objects Copy a Plan Version Maintain Work Item Views WF Notif: Edit Work Item Business Object Builder BOR Browser Business Object Builder Business Object Repository Customizing Object Types Asynchronous Method Call in BOR WFM: Runtime System Customizing WFM: Continue Workflow .

SWPR SWRK SWRP SWR_WEBSERVE R SWT0 SWU0 SWU1 SWU10 SWU2 SWU3 SWU4 SWU5 SWU6 SWU7 SWU8 SWU9 SWUA SWUB SWUC SWUC_01 SWUD SWUE WFM: Restart Workflow Administrtation using work areas Dummy for IAC Workflow Status Customizing Web Server Configure workflow trace Event Simulation User RFC Monitor Delete Trace Files Event RFC Monitor Consistency check: Customizing Consistency Test for Standard Task Consistency Test for Customer Task Consistency Test for Workflow Task Consistency Test for Workflow Templ. Workflow Trace: On/Off Display Workflow Trace Start Verification Workflow Workflow RFC destination maintenance Customizing decision task Document Template: Customizing Diagnostic Tools Initiate Event .

SWUF SWUG SWUH SWUI SWUI_DEMO SWUI_SINGLE SWUI_VERIFY SWUJ SWUK SWUL SWUM SWUN Administration of Runtime System Generate Workflow Start Transaction Test method Start Workflow Start Demo Workflows Start Workflow (Parameter) Start Test Workflows Test role Mapping form type .mail address Customizing: Process Administrator Create/Edit Document Template WF Number Range Maintenance: FORMABSENC Test Report for Workflow Documents Deletion Report for Workflow Docs Switch SAPforms Trace On/Off SAPforms: Form Wizard Send mails for work items Shell for Starting Workflows Namespace for Form Transactions SAPforms: Diagnosis Send R3F Messages Once Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIID SWUOCHECK SWUO_DEL SWUP SWUQ SWUR SWUS SWUT SWUU SWUV SWUW .

Display Workflow trace . Doc.SWUX SWUY SWUZ SWU_EWBTE SWU_EWCD SWU_EWLIS SWU_OBUF SWWA SWWB SWWD SWWH SWWL SWW_ARCHIV SWW_SARA SWXF SWXML SW_WW10 SWDP SWEQBROWSER SWF_TRC SWF_TRC_ALL SAPforms Administration WF: Workflow-Message Linkage WF: Generate Tasks from CATTs Wizard for Event Linkage (BTE) Wizard for Event Linkage (Chg.Display All Components s .) Wizard for Event Linkage (LIS) Runtime Buffer PD Org Start Monitoring Report RSWWDHIN Restart of background job SWWDHEX Activate error monitoring WIs WIM: Delete Work Item History WIM: Delete Work Item Display Workflows from Archive Archive Work Items Form Uses: Initial Screen XML Document Selection IAC Product Catalog for SAP Store Graphical Workflow Log Event Queue Browser Workflow Trace .

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