ABN: 92 001 807 245 Factory: 59 Moxon Road Punchbowl NSW 2196 Australia Postal: PO Box 312 Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Communications: Telephone(02)9708 2200 Facsimile (02)9796 3069 Emergency 0418 247 853 Email: Date of Issue: June 2008 Pages: 1 of 3

CLASSIFICATION Product Name Other Names Manufacturers Product Code UN Number Correct Shipping Name Dangerous Goods Class & Subsidiary Risk Hazchem Code Poison Schedule Number Use : : : HAZARDOUS. According to criteria of Worksafe Australia. EPOXY TAR HARDENER HARDENER COMPONENT PART B

: :

1323 1263



: : :

3.2 See Health Hazard information 3[Y] P.G. III

: :

Not available Hardener/Curing Agent for Epoxy Tar Base Part A.

Appearance Boiling Point C° Melting Point C° Vapour Pressure 25 C° Specific Gravity : : : : : Black Viscous Liquid with strong odour Not measured Not available N/A 1.140

Aromatic Solvent CAS Number Proprietary Proprietary 1330. None. Move to fresh air. Inhaled : Chronic other : FIRST AID Swallowed : Get IMMEDIATE medical attention. Skin : Wash with soap and water or cleansing cream. Repeated or prolonged contact may lead to dermatitis effect. May cause headaches and dizziness.Tar Hard. Cause severe irritation of respiratory tract. Seek medical attention.. Administer artificial respiration if necessary. Vegetable oil may be used to remove large splashes. with eye lid open for at least 15 minutes and Eye seek medical advice.20-7 Proportions 50-60% W/W 18-20% W/W Up to 100% W/W HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION Health Effect Acute : : This product is of Coal Tar origin and prolonged contact over a long period can result in appearance of Tar warts which require IMMEDIATE treatment. give water or milk to drink. Liquid cause burns. Risk of Skin Cancer is very low when simple preventative measures are used. Dermatitis or allergic response. Swallowed Eye may Skin : : Wash skin. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Do not induce vomiting. : Flush with water... Flashpoint C° Flammability limits: Solubility in water : 37 Not measured : Insoluble INGREDIENTS Chemical Entity Coal Tar Distillate Polya... Medical supervision is advised. Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause Asthma..Page 2 of 3 – Ep. Eye wash facilities and showers should be available on site when being used. along with excellent personal hygiene. Inhaled : First Aid facilities : Advice to Doctor : . If victim is conscious. Apply skin cream. Keep warm and rest. Will cause severe damage to mucous membrane : High concentration of vapour causes severe irritation.

and disperse accordingly to Local Regulation. drinks and clothing. sawdust or earth. use barrier cream.Page 3 of 3 – Ep. When sanding. hence all dust generated should be removed by a vacuum cleaner. Flammable Liquid Class 3. Handle with care. State and Territory Regulations. No liability whatsoever can be accepted with regard to handling. Cured material made by using this product if machined or sanded a combustible explosion hazard may occur. Spills and disposal : Wear personal protection before handling product. processing or use of the product or products concerned. combustion may produce toxic fumes and fire fighters should wear safe contained breathing apparatus. . Fire/Explosion Hazard : Contact Point: Mr Brett Mould NORGLASS LABORATORIES PTY. PRECAUTION FOR USE Exposure standards : No precise data. Use only in well ventilated areas. Engineering controls : Personal Protection : Flammability : SAFE HANDLING INFORMATION Storage and Transport : Store in cool and well ventilated place. Special ventilation is required if used in confined areas such as a spray booth. ingestion. Observe good personal hygiene. Avoid inhalation. Wear overalls. Avoid eye and skin contact by wearing chemical resistant goggles and gloves. sparks and naked flame. Sparks or naked flame. eye or skin contact at all times. Strictly follow Federal. Not to be stored with food stuff. Do not use disposable dust masks. Keep out of reach of children. avoid breathing dust or vapours by wearing proper respirators. Class 3 label according to Dangerous Goods. hence avoid exposure by use of proper ventilation and/or personal protection. Absorb split into sand. LIMITED The information contained in this material safety sheet is based on tests carried out by our research centres and data selected from literature. which in all cases be employed with due regard to all relevant regulations and/or legislation in the country or countries concerned. Keep containers well closed at all times.Tar Hard. Product contains Coal Tar and some aromatic compounds. Store away from heat. but shall in no event be held to constitute or imply any warranty or understanding. Use foam or dry chemicals/carbon dioxide no hazardous polymerisation. Keep away from heat. Flammable liquid. Prevent runoff into drains and waterways by sandbagging or earth. Other Handling Information: Avoid contact with strong oxidising agents. mineral acids or epoxy resins under controlled conditions. DO NOT SMOKE OR EAT while using the product.2. Keep away from food.

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