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Being able to take the place of a leader or a worker under management, I can fit into almost any level of a position. I learn quickly and can work in the entire design to manufacturing process. I would prefer a job similar to my current position at Google. I enjoy creating a product I know will accomplish its goal and filled its niche. The most satisfying part of any work for me is to have an end product and think of all the hard work my teams and I put into it.

5/2017 Google Mountain View, CA Present Technical Program Manager, Operations (Hardware Engineering)
Manage the operations side of large scope projects from initial builds though to ramp, and serve as technical lead in resolving complex issues during bring-up and life of product

Work with Platform Engineers to identify manufacturing processes to meet product design as well as partner closely with the Engineering teams and SQE during all phases of development and product introduction

Work with suppliers and platform engineer to develop fixtures to ensure correct performance and mechanical requirement, provide technical assessment of existing or new manufacturing partners and develop test processes to ensure quality

Serve as operations technical lead / manager and team up with SQE during all engineering builds as well as ramp; Ensure smooth handoff of product to Supplier Quality Engineering

Identify, prioritize and manage key technical changes and risks of a given product; ensure all technical risks associated with a product are identified and closed or mitigated to enable the quality ramp of a product

1/2013 - 9/2015 ATA Martial Arts Petaluma, CA Instructor After gaining enough experience, I eventually moved up in the ranks and became one of the handpicked instructors. I designed lesson plans, taught students ranging from four years old to adults, and ran the cash register at times.

8/2015 University of California, 12/2018 Berkeley Master's Degree Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Berkeley, CA

10/2009 Taekwondo ATA Martial Arts 9/2015 I started in the seventh grade and was intrigued by the concepts taught as well as the Martial Art itself. The philosophical portion instructed me on working by myself and with a group functionally and effectively.

CAD I have in-depth experience in both SolidWorks and AutoCAD/Autodesk softwares.


Todd Creighton Casa Grande High School Teacher 707.778.4677 cgscienceteacher@a