How do whirlpools form?

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Magic but real experiments
Eddy in a bottle

Any time water flows through a narrow path, it forms at least a partial whirlpool. As the water passes through the narrower opening, it accelerates and forms a more powerful force. If the downstream area then enlarges, it can mature into a complete whirlpool. As water is pulled into an opening by gravity, it begins to spin. Once this begins, it intensifies and forms a cavity in the center of the drain. The cavity creates a vacuum into which objects such as bubbles, water molecules, and other floating objects are pulled. As these objects are sucked into the vortex, the centrifugal (outward) force maintains the hole in the middle through which air passes.

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Eddy in a bottle

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How to make this experiment : an eddy in a bottle
In order to make our experiment we needed two plastic bottles of 1´5 liters. When placing the bottle in the superior part, water does not fall by the little compressibility of the air locked up in the inferior bottle that does not leave space to the water that falls. When the eddy is generated when moving the superior bottle, it is put in communication the air that is in both bottles and the water of the superior bottle falls easily in to the inferior bottle. When the bottle with water is on the empty bottle it is observed that the water does not fall easily to the inferior bottle, but if we give a circular movement to the superior bottle is generated an eddy and the water falls easily.

In the first place, we perforated a hole of 1 cm in the corks of the two bottles .Soon we filled one of the bottles with water until approximately three fourth parts and if united the two bottles by the corks. In order to unite the two bottles insulating tape can be used. Is very important a good union between the bottle.

Eddy in a bottle
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