ANOTHER LIE BY Annabella Jacobs


No one could understand the joy I felt that day, the day the Cullen’s transferred to my school. It was like no other to see them walk into the canteen as though they were the only people there. Rosalie and Emmett were the first to enter they were talking to each other looking deeply in to each others eyes as though the other was more important then themselves. Alice and Jasper followed next. Jasper was walking with Alice as though in a dance he span her gracefully to their table. The next to enter were the most stunning, Edward and Bella (Isabella) walked in and got about half way to the table when suddenly they locked in a passionate embrace. “Ok you two love birds break it up” spoke a voice behind them which sounded like some one singing. It was of course Renesmee (Nessie) the last of the Cullen’s and the only one eating so far. She was gorgeous! I watched as she effortlessly pulled the two away from each other and took a bite out of the apple she held. They looked well and truly embarrassed as a parent would be caught kissing in front of a child… Strange why did I think of that? I stared at Renesmee thinking how great it would be for me to be her boyfriend when suddenly two pairs of topaz coloured eyes looked at me in one sudden movement. I saw Renesmee reach up to Edward’s neck she placed her hand there looking concerned his lips moved in something I couldn’t hear and then Renesmee was looking at me the blush barely visible in her cheeks. It went all the way up to her deep brown eyes such a lovely colour they made me want to look in to them forever. As I stared I

had the faint awareness that my mouth was open so I moved my hand under my chin just to be sure it wasn’t. Edward was talking again, Bella nodded and looked at me again before turning her gaze back to Edward I saw them nod then continue walking Renesmee was stood there still looking at me. “HELLO?! Anybody in there?” a voice asked beside me. I felt a sharp jab in my ribs, ouch, causing me to look away from Renesmee who was slowly making her way in this direction. “What?” I asked startled. I turned to look and my mate beside me “sorry dude I spaced out.” I told him “S’Ok” David said with a shrug, “Anyway as I was saying do you want to come to the party at mine next week?” he asked. “What day is it?” I asked genuinely interested I hardly ever go to parties. “The 16th the only day my parents aren’t in town.” he told me glumly. We all knew about his over dramatic parents. They wouldn’t let him do anything fun at all! “Sorry dude! I’ll have to bail I have to take Sonya to the cinema she wants’ to go see ink heart.” I explained. “Excuse me?” an angelic voice asked. I knew who it was straight away. I turned in slow motion. “Yes” one of the girls on the table answered, “what do you want?” “Erm I was just wondering if this young man would like to come sit with me and my family?” she asked looking straight into my eyes. “Me?” I asked the words barely a whisper. Was this true the beautiful new girl wanted to get to know me?! “Who else?” she answered. Then she took my hand and started walking toward the table where the Cullen’s were sat. They were all looking at each other till they heard us approaching then they all turned toward us. The first thing I noticed about them was that they were all undeniably beautiful and all had the same topaz coloured eyes except

Renesmee. I built up the courage to tell them who I was. Still mesmerised by the eyes that were looking at us. “Hi…” I started “Hey everyone this is Jonathan” she said introducing me with ease. Wait a sec how the hell did she know my name!? I turned to here a little shocked but then I realised she was smiling at me and as soon as I saw that all my fears flew out of my head. I felt like I was sinking. “Ahhahahaha” I felt everyone turned to where the sound was coming from. It was Edward he was laughing so hard that he almost fell out of his chair. “He,” he said pointing to me, “doesn’t even know what he is!" At this point he started laughing again. I looked at him confusion in my eyes noticing that everyone else did to. “Seriously?!” I heard to my left, Bella, she sat there disbelieving, “No! Really? Wow! I can’t believe it!” she just sat there looking shocked. “NOOOOO!” Some one screeched not loud enough for anyone but the ones stood at the table to hear, “I can’t see him at all this cant be true!” I realised it was Alice and that she was sat there looking a bit out of it jasper holding her hand asking her something I couldn’t hear. “I think we should take this somewhere else” Bella said, “It would be much easier to explain, I should think” with that everyone at the table rose and started to drift toward the door. I looked after them startled at this sudden choice, when I felt something warm in my hand as I watched them dump there uneaten food in the bin. “Don’t worry they get a bit confusing but you get used to it after a while” she told me seeing the bewildered expression on my face, “don’t worry were not going to eat you!” after a while?! just how long were they planning on talking to me? I was walking behind them now Rosalie and Emmett were leading with Alice and Jasper behind then Bella and Edward just like the way they entered. I heard wolf whistles, knowing who it would be, I


turned to see David stood there waving to me. I smiled at him hoping my confusion didn’t show in my eyes. “Where are we going?” I asked when I thought I had built up enough courage. We were heading towards the car park at the front of the school. “My house of course!” Renesmee said six pairs of eyes turned to look at her, “fine then ‘our house’ happy!” she said glaring at them. They all turned around again and started walking towards the car park. I wonder if there going to kidnap me? Edward laughed his loud laugh making me jump. Then Bella laughed I didn’t get the joke but oh well. That was when I saw what car we were heading towards the red Ferrari F430 and the silver S60R Volvo. I stopped dead, I could feel Renesmee tugging on my arm but it did nothing to me all I saw was the cars. “We’re riding in them?” I asked still looking at them I could see everything the Volvo looked like a 224 kW Engine 305 Ps and 300 hp. The Ferrari looked like a 360.4 kW (483 hp) 4.3 L V8o. As soon as I looked at the cars I almost fainted I know wimpy for a boy! But they were so nice! I broke my hand free of Renesmee’s and ran to the car I was there in about one and a half seconds I was there before Rosalie and Emmett, who looked startled as I ran past them. “Sweet!” I shouted as I approached the Ferrier, I could feel everyone stop dead behind me but I didn’t care, “is this your car?” I asked looking it up and down. “Yes” Bella answered me a shocked expression appearing on her face, “one thing before we go would you like to explain how you got to the car that fast?” her voice sounded weird on fast but I was to taken in by the car to notice anything else. “Oh that…” I said turning to face her they were all lined up behind me looking at me, “it’s easy. I’m the fastest runner in the school, I run the 100m in three seconds” I explained feeling a little uncomfortable with 7 pairs of eyes staring at me like they could see in to the back of my head. Renesmee laughed a joy full laugh something that made my heart flutter, something that I enjoyed.

“I see what you mean Momma” she said, ‘gasp’ the six of them turned to look at her as soon as she said it. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to it just slipped out I know I know you told me to be careful and I was its just that he makes me so happy that it just slipped out!” she pleaded. “I know darling it’s hard for you” Bella said walking up to her and hugging her then still hugging Renesmee who looked like she was about to cry, “you wont say anything will you?” she shot a desperate look at me and carried on, “we’ll tell you everything once were back at the house its not safe here” she gestured over her shoulder. I saw about half of the school gathered at the edge of the car park, to see what was going on, that was all it took I nodded once. As soon as I was in the car it peeled off going faster than the speed limit I was sure but I didn’t care I was getting to ride in a Ferrari F430! And Renesmee had chosen to sit with me rather than go in the Volvo with Edward (I’d learnt that he was her dad), Rosalie, Emmett and jasper. “Are you sure?” Alice asked Bella, “I mean I know I can’t see him and everything but to tell him something like this don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous?” she said casting me a quick backwards glance. “Yes I am Alice” she said firmly but with a slight hint of laughter in here voice, “I know you can’t see him but I know what he’s capable of my shield told me that! Just trust me!” Shield? I wonder what the hell they were talking about but it didn’t bother me as I thought it would do. I was to busy watching where we were going when I realized. “STOP!” I screamed. The car stopped automatically as soon as the car had completely stopped everyone turned to look at me, “I can’t go anywhere yet” I told them. “Why?” Alice and Bella asked in unison. There confusion showing on there faces. “I need to get someone,” I told them reaching for the door, “I’ll be right back” and with that I sped off looking behind me as the silver Volvo pulled up behind the Ferrari. I knew that they would be

wondering what was going on but I didn’t have time to explained. I carried on running hoping I would make it on time. I was aware of someone behind me but I didn’t have time to turn around to see who it was I had about five minutes. I could see the entrance ahead of me know it was just about to open I was there on time thank god. “J.J.!” I heard a little cry as I was running up. Then I saw her, Sonya, running towards me her little bag swinging at her side. I opened my arms for her she gladly jumped into them burying her face into my neck. “Heyy that tickles!” I told her. “What brought on this then?” my question was soon answered. “Who’s this then?” a familiar voice asked, I turned and sure enough there was Renesmee stood behind me like it was the most natural thing in the entire world. I wondered if she was the person who had been behind me. “Err… it’s my little sister,” I told her, “Her names Sonya, say hello to Renesmee” the last part I said to Sonya who still had her face buried in my neck. I realized that it was strange for her to not want to speak to someone, maybe she was just being shy! I mean as soon as she met my friends from school she couldn’t stop talking, maybe it was just something to do with the fact that she was a girl and there was no one else with me? Who knows! “Hello Sonya my names Renesmee” she said holding her hand out towards Sonya. Sonya took one quick look and then shoved her head back in to my neck. “Ok, Ok I think I get it” I told her stroking her long flame red hair, “want me to take you home?” I asked. I felt her move her head up and down. “Ok then lets go” “Wait” she said, “are we running or going in your car?” she asked me finally looking in to my eyes. I stared in to her big green eyes and remembered that I had left my car at school. Damn. “We’re running” Curiosity passed through her eyes, “I left my car at school!” I explained knowing she would understand.

“Silly Bwuderr!” she told me tapping my nose. I laughed. “Hold on tight” I warned her. Then I set off speeding down the road Sonya had her head buried in my neck and I had Renesmee hot on my heels. I felt the wind on my cheeks and felt happy almost ecstatic but I knew this would soon end the happy feeling that is as soon as I got her home. “Bwuderr sing to me” A tiny voice asked. I looked down knowing I wouldn’t bump into anything. There wasn’t anything to bump into on this road. “Ok what song do you want?” I asked her knowing what it would be. Her favorite the one her mum used to sing to her back when everything was happy. “Can you sing that one that mummy used to sing to me? Dream Fairy?” she asked me looking up for the first time since we had started running. “Yes I will but you have to promise you wont cry like usual” I warned her, she nodded so I began to sing. “A little fairy comes at night, Her eyes are blue, Her hair is brown, With silver spots upon her wings, And from the moon she flutters down. She has a little silver wand, And when a good child goes to bed, She waves her hand from right to left, And makes a circle round its head. And then it dreams of pleasant things, Of fountains filled with fairy fish, And trees that bear delicious fruit, And bow their branches at a wish.” I sang softly at first and then louder as we got further and further away from the pre-school. I looked down at Sonya she was fast asleep. I sighed then remembered Renesmee at my side and hoped she hadn’t heard me.


“You know for brother and sister you two don’t look anything alike” she told me her voice matter of fact. I looked at her but her eyes were locked on Sonya. I slowed down and as though she could read my thoughts Renesmee did to. “To tell you the truth we’re not” I started then stopped as I saw the look of shock on her face but she just nodded once so I carried on, “my mum died just after giving birth to me and my father disappeared before I was born” I told her with a shrug, “So my mum’s sister, her mum, took me in it caused a lot of problems with her and her husband as when I got to 15 I just stopped growing no rhyme no reason I just stopped” I told her with another shrug. Renesmee stopped then just stood there on the pavement frozen to the spot her face dumb-found nothing but a gasp escaping her lungs. I wanted to reach out and stroke her long bronze coloured hair. Caress her pale white skin on her cheek flushed red with what she had just heard. I wanted to take her in to my arms and show her that everything is all right but I couldn’t. Number one I had Sonya in my arms and number two we were stood right in front of my Auntie’s house. “Errmmm ill be right back” I told Renesmee looking towards the house and back to her hoping she would get it. “Oh” she gasped realising what I meant, “Oh… could I come in with you?” she asked. I nodded and with that we started up the stone path towards the front doors. I held Sonya with my left arm and reached into my pocket and pulled out a set of keys, Renesmee still following behind, I put the key in the door and opened the double doors which were brown with glass in the middle my Auntie Joyce had, had them stained so as not to let anyone see in from the outside. The thing I liked about my Aunties house was that it didn’t have an upstairs it was one level and long it went very far out and the living room connected to the dining room on my left which connected to the kitchen which was through the door in the dining room. On my right was the door that led to my aunty and uncles room, I wasn’t allowed in there, and then further down was the door to Sonya’s room.


I looked at Renesmee who was stood behind me sucking it all in. “Go look around if you want to” I told her, “just don’t go in that room” I added pointing to my aunties room. I laughed at the confused expression on her face. Which made her glare at me but she started laughing to. Then I made my way to Sonya’s room as Renesmee went and sat on the sofa in the living room. I liked Sonya’s room it was painted baby pink with a baby blue ceiling my colour scheme I knew her taste well. I laughed softly to myself as I moved the netting around the bed pulled back the quilt and placed Sonya in the bed I pulled the quilt back over her and tucked her in pausing only to kiss her head then I drew the curtains and walked out shutting her door behind me. I froze as I stepped into the wide hall, Renesmee was still sat on the sofa staring in to space, and heard a car pulling up on the drive. I could tell whose car it was straight away. It was uncle jack and as I listened I realised that he was drunk and had brought friends. “Renesmee” I whispered thinking she would hear me, “get Sonya and get out use the back door” I said as soon as I said her name she was at my side. “Why John? What’s wrong?” she asked me shock showing clear on her face. “Is something wrong?” she carried on. “Not yet but if you and Sonya don’t get out of here well…” I drifted off looking towards the door. I started getting twitchy as I heard the footsteps get closer I knew what was coming and I didn’t want Sonya in the house when it happened. “Please don’t ask know I’ll tell you later just please get Sonya and get out of here go to the park we passed on the way here and I’ll meet you there” I said as I took her shoulders and looked pleadingly into her eyes. She studied me for a moment, nodded once and was gone. I heard the back door close and was glad they were gone. Then the front door opened. I braced for the worst. I knew what was coming. But no-one else needed to know that. The front door opened. Three drunk men walked in. They saw me stood there crouched defensively teeth showing.


They laughed but I saw the fear in their eyes. “Go away stupid boy!” one yelled. I hissed. He backed up. “John it doesn’t have to be like this” my uncle said. I hissed again. He smashed the bottle he held in his hand off the wall, little shards of glass shattering on the floor. I took one step forward a growl coming from my throat he backed up the broken bottle in front of him, “get going your not wanted here orphan!” he spat the last words out thinking it would make me flinch but I made no move I just stood there looking at him. “If I was an orphan, which I’m not, that would mean both my parents were dead” I told him my voice barely hear able the shock showed on his face, “which you and I both know is not true is it?” I half asked half told him. I knew and he knew that he was the reason for my father’s disappearance. That my mother had died because my father, a doctor, suspected that my mum might have problems giving birth to me. He was going to help until my uncle had driven him away saying that it was his fault that he hadn’t been able to have his way with my mother. You see my uncle, he wasn’t my uncle till he married my mothers sister, had wanted my mother and when she chose my father over him he took it really bad! That was a lot of strain on my mum who was pregnant with me at the time. That pushed her over the edge she started to lose it after she heard what had happened to my father. My mother never even got to hold me in my arms because the day before my birth my uncle had tried to kill her saying he didn’t want my fathers demon spawn in this world and when the sudden plummet of my mothers heart rate had attracted the attention of the doctors. It was too late for her but they could still save me. The reason my birthday is on the 11th of February and not the 10th is because of the fact that my uncle couldn’t stand me, my mother or my father for that matter. This is all information I got off my aunt no- one else would tell me what happened to my parents not even the hospital I’d been born at would tell me how she died.


“Why don’t you just get the hell out of my house?” He spat moving towards the living room where his two friends now were. He looked at me with disgust about the same amount as I was looking at him. “Firstly it’s not your house” I told him, seeing his face angry was pleasant for me, “you didn’t buy it you don’t pay to help keep it my aunt does all of that, whilst you spend all your money on booze and secondly I would gladly oblige! I can’t spend another minute in this stinking hell hole with you!” I told him. Then when I knew it was safe enough for me to move without being attacked I stood up from my defensive pose and walked to the cupboard at the end of the hall. Took one blanket out, for Sonya, and was on my way out of the front door faster than he could blink. “Sayonara” I shouted over my shoulder loud enough for him to hear. I could feel the confused expression on his face and that made me start smiling to myself I had won. At least for the moment anyway. On that Note I headed toward the park. Toward Renesmee and Sonya. Toward my future. Towards a new way of life.


I reached the park in no time. I scanned it nervously hoping Renesmee had known where I was talking about and if she would be here. When I saw her sitting on one of the bench’s on the other side of the park I sighed with relief. As soon as I did she looked up from


where she was sitting her eyes wandered for about half a second before they settled on me. She smiled and waved saying something to the bundle in her arms. I smiled back and made my way towards her too edgy to go round the play ground I just walked straight through. I had the blanket draped over one arm as I moved swiftly not stopping for anything I just had to get to Sonya and make sure she was ok before anything else happened. I got to the bench as soon as I did Renesmee held out Sonya to me who was still fast asleep I was grateful for that as soon as she was in my arms I felt my self settle a little. “What happened?” Renesmee asked me carefully picking out her words. I could see unease in her eyes but it wasn’t something I could talk about here. Not in front of so many people. I shook my head softly as I wrapped the blanket round Sonya who was sleeping heavily. “Not here” I said gesturing to the people around us. That’s all it took. She nodded her head once. “To my house then?” she asked and before I could answer she had my hand in hers and we were moving swiftly towards the edge of town, “do you feel like running? Its just that we would get there faster and by know everyone’s probably really worried about me not being home yet” she asked me. “Sure” I answered then decided to add, “Running will take my mind off things” she nodded and dropped my hand which I used to clutch Sonya closer to my chest. “Lead the way” I told her gesturing that she should start moving. She ran fast for her size. I could keep up but I just wanted to stop and watch her run it was mesmerizing. Seeing her hair streak out behind her, hers eyes totally focused on where she was going but kept looking back over her shoulder every few seconds to make sure I was still behind her. Her brown eyes searching for something in my face to tell her that something wasn’t right, something there that would bother me, something she would stop for as soon as she saw it. It was… hmmm what the word for it… accelerating. The rush of the wind as I ran through it, it was like nothing I’d felt before, the shock as I realized I could see everything every speck. There was something about Renesmee… something that brought out the best in me. I loved it! I never wanted it to end.


“we’re close know” Renesmee spoke her voice, which brought me so much joy, was barely a whisper, “when we get to the house you’ll have to wait outside for a minute” she paused, “so I can tell them about Sonya” I nodded the rest of her family wouldn’t be expecting another guest, let alone one that was asleep. “Do you want me to wake her up and tell her what’s going on?” I asked knowing I would probably wake her up anyway. “It's your choice but if she wakes up in my house she might get a bit scared!” she added laughing her laughter sounded like music to my ears, “You know waking up somewhere she doesn’t know” “Ok while you’re inside I’ll tell her” I said as we approached a house. I took one look and was breath less. The house was really, really breathtaking. It was really modern and very open. It was about 4 stories high and most of the walls, that I could see, had long glass windows in the walls next to the windows were made of wood the slope on my left lead to three garage doors, they must all have there own cars, which were open. I could see 6 different cars through the open doors but I was sure there would be more where I couldn’t see. The walls which were next to the wood were painted white. The house felt very open and homely. I just stood there taking it all in. “I’m going in I’ll be back out in a minute” Renesmee told me. I nodded in response not trusting myself with words. I watched Renesmee walk up to the front door, which was also made of glass, and shut it gently behind her. “Sonya” I whispered gently shaking her, “Sonya rise and shine!” I said hoping it would work. I saw her stir in my arms. “Come on Sonya that’s it wake up” I said again “Errrhhhh…” Sonya said stretching awake, “what is it Bwuderr?” she asked. “Your not at home Sonya” I told her showing her where we were, “we’re at my friends house.” “Did Daddy come home drunk again?” she asked. That’s the only reason she’s ever at mine or my friends because of her dad, my uncle,

and his friends. I nodded once and she understood. “Is this that girls house?” I looked at her confused, “the one who came with you to pick me up” “Oh you mean Renesmee” I answered she nodded, “yes this is her house. I started to take the blanket form around her and then I set her on the floor. She looked up at me with her green eyes, “It’s not going to set a very good example if your asleep when we walk in to someone’s house is it” I told her eyebrows arched. “Yeah I guess your right Bwuderr” she answered nodding her head, she was very smart for her age, “I can still hold you hand though cant I?” she asked hand out stretched in front of her. I nodded and took her hand. As soon as I did Renesmee walked out of the house and beckoned us to her. “Let’s go!” I told Sonya, she smiled at me showing a set of white teeth, then we headed toward the house. As I got to the door and looked in side I almost stopped breathing. It was the home I’d all ways dreamed off. The living room stretched all the way to the back wall there was a flat screen on one wall facing an arch which leads to the kitchen. In the far end of the living room near the windows at the back was a black grand piano. “Do you play?” I asked Renesmee, she followed my line of sight. “No but my mum and dad do” she told me shaking her head, “do you play?” she asked. I nodded still looking at the piano. “Bwuderr are you going to play?” Sonya asked me. “No” I told her, finally tearing my eyes away from the piano to look at her, “It’s not my piano ill play when we get back to my flat” I told her. The piano in my house isn’t as grand as this one but it played well and that was all I wanted. I turned back to look at the piano. “Do you want to play it?” Renesmee asked me. I nodded, “Then go ahead and have a go no one will mind… unless you play really badly that is!” she laughed as she said this.


“Are you serious!” I said looking at her, she nodded “I can have a go?” I asked she nodded again, giving me a look that said ‘just go ahead all ready!’ “Thanks!” I told her letting go of Sonya’s hand and running to the piano. I jumped down the steps around the piano which made it look a bit like a coliseum. I slowed down when I got to the piano. I walked round the side of it tracing my hand over the wood. “Was this made in 1965?” I asked Renesmee looking up only to make sure I wasn’t talking to my self. “Yeah it is,” she said sitting down on one of the steps near the top of the piano, “How did you guess that?” she asked. Sonya walked down the steps towards the stool. “I didn’t I thought it was, from the wood” I told her finishing my walk round the piano and sitting on the stool ready to play. “My grandpa’ used to have one like it, so I was just wondering if it was” I told her shrugging. Sonya was stood next to it her hands opening and closing on thin air. I laughed, “Want to sit here?” I asked her, she nodded so I hooked her under the arms and pulled her on to the stool next to me. I sat there wondering what song I would play when I heard a voice in my ear. “That’s a really beautiful song” the voice whispered. I didn’t recognise who it was so I turned to look. That was when I saw that most of the Cullen’s were sat around Renesmee watching me sit there in thought. “Err… thanks but I haven’t played anything yet,” I whispered looking down, ashamed, I didn’t even know what to play yet! “Why don’t you play the one you played for your aunt’s birthday last year?” Alice said to me, “It would be a really good choice” “Wait a sec…” I said as I turned to play, “how did you know about that?” I asked her. Looking her strait in the eyes, she shrugged. I didn’t ask any more about it I just played. I played a song I had written my self for my aunt’s birthday which I had hoped would take her mind off all the things that had happened in her life. She had liked it a lot and so I recorded it for her and gave it to her as an extra gift. As I played I could feel everyone behind me become very still. I wondered why but I was too lost in my song to ask, I could feel Sonya leaning against me. I looked at her for a few seconds and realised she had fell asleep again. I sighed as I realised the song was coming to an end.

“That was a really pretty song” I heard the catch in there voice as they spoke I turned to see who it was. There were more people now. I guessed that they were Dr. Cullen (Carlisle) and his wife Esme. They were both very beautiful, and they both had the same eerie topaz eyes as the rest of them but other than that they looked very young for there age. I remembered what I heard about Esme not being able to have children and that’s why her and her husband had adopted seven teenagers. From what had been told the school I knew that Edward, Bella and Renesmee were related (little did everyone else know that Renesmee was there daughter) and Rosalie and Jasper were twins and that they had chosen to keep there second name ‘hale’ when they were adopted. That I also knew was a lie the only people who were related is Edward, Bella and Renesmee. Father, Mother and Daughter. I had been trying to figure out this math in my head ever since I had found out but so far the answer had avoided me. “Thanks” I said, knowing who ever said it would understand that I didn’t know who they were. Then I remembered something I knew I shouldn’t ever forget, “what time is it?” I asked. “Its half four” Carlisle said, “why?” he asked. I looked at him. Half four! Crap! I needed to get to my truck soon. Damn! Id left that a school. Carlisle saw my expression, Edward was sat there laughing silently to his self, and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing its just I’ve left something important in my tuck and I need it” I said not able to keep the edge off my voice as I spoke. I hope he wouldn’t pick up on it but he did. I could see it in his eyes as he looked over me once then looked away again wondering what I was talking about. “Soon” I continued gravely. Now everyone’s eyes were on me to see what I meant. I sighed. It’s hard to explain to people about it so I thought over what I would say first. “I have a problem” a very big one, “and I need to take some medicine for it every four hours or else it gets really out of hand” “Has some thing bad ever happened before?” the one called Rosalie asked. “Yes once,” I replied gravely.

“What happened?” Edward asked. “I nearly killed someone” was my answer


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