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Vol 36, Issue No. 846
Founder: Vishwa Nath





Amit Wadhwa

Dr S. N. Khosla
Aruna Anand 76
Anil Merani

Vikas Kumar Jain 26 Dr Parveen Parkash


Sakina Maniar


S. N. Khosla Gayatri T. Rao

Aruna Anand
Suman Bajpai
Puja Sharma

in this way
or serve
the stuffed all the dates
silver warq.and serve as a
as part

of the many

for Holi.
● Stuffed Dates FOOD FO DEEP FRIE

INGREDIENTlour – atta

Deep Fried Wheat

al of

95 CATCHING AIR WITH ● The festiv 2 cups wheatfseeds

is a 1 tsp ajwain into a
colours, Holi 1 cup ghee for deep frying and coconut
milk and pour
off the heat a small pan heat
ration. ghee or
oil Fish in Mustard g Put dish. In
time for celebyou Keep stirrin add the
salt to taste a time. serving ghee and
little at the water the remaining and
so that green chillies

We bring For the
dal contin uously atta without forming ajwain seeds, r. Add
to the
h 1 cup thuvar mixes into
the is thick to splutte serve with the
recipes whic


the batter d allow dal and
2 tbsp ghee powder lumps. Once a rimme d grease a prepared
ks, it in it on
include snac
1/ tsp haldi as per cakes.
2 or jeera spread ately place ing wheat
1/ tsp ajwain thali. Altern used for prepar pin
se and 2
main cour your taste into halves rolling board a rolling

Fish in Mustard and

chillies slit roll out with in thickness.

pamper 2 green rotis and
desserts to during AND
half inch for 10-12
salt to taste to at least
a this aside a cutter
ts METHOD tbsp of ghee
in Leave Then with
your gues fry minutes to set. round portions

on. Heat 1 lour and for
e seas the wheatf light cut it into small round katorie
the festiv Corn kish
DATES kadhai. Addlow fire till it turns use a Heat
on Add a You can r cakes.
colour .

Coconut Milk
Ghosh. the atta cut circula fry
By Roma low heat brown in e to stir this too to for deep frying and a
and on S:
oil and continu up oil or ghee a few at DIENTS: any other fish
in the spices the corn, and use on low fire
to cook a INGREDIENTseedless dates little more
on low fire a little at a these cakes on top on
low INGRE rahu or
contin ue back of 6-8 pieces
H whole and cook Fry till brown

with the continue to 12-15 adding in cakes with 1 tsp haldi powde the
mashi ng you at For the stuffin
g: all the gheeatta is a nice golden5-6 time. these wheat is deep frying
spoon as heat for fire. Serve preparation d mustard oil for
S: wooden over low a 1 cup sugar syrup time till the r pan heat dal. The
In anothe the lukewarm thuvar ki be enjoye
INGREDIENT cook. Cook adding ghee colour.

Coffee Walnut Pastry

io nuts but can fish

niblets 2 tsp pistach nuts water. Add fried atta
a rather heavy . to taste
3 cups corn least 8-10 cups of the festiva l season
dal in salt :
1/ cup ghee powder little at a
time. paranthans 2 tbsp
water slowly
into during the dal: Soak the the gravy
2 masala cut the of : wheat cakes For the minutes. Drain out For mustard
1 tsp garam dana powder To serve: Place a portion To serve for decoration Deep fried English
s. water for
15 of ghee 2 tbsp green chillies

annar triangle on these warq 1 tbsp
1/ tsp into red corn as silver Heat and 2-3 slit
2 powder the prepa and serve all the water. pressure cooker chilli sauce t milk
1/ tsp jeera and
chilli powde
r triangles METHOD the cashe ws in a pan
or a . Add 2 2 tsp coconu
paranthan . for one minuteand salt 3 tbsp thick

1/ tsp red small pieces

. Break the dal :
a starter nuts into and add the fry
cups of
the For garnishing
salt to taste pistachio and a half and cook pistachio
Stuffed dates
sugar syrup nut pieces. powder . You cherries and
To serve
: or jeera Heat the and haldi
r paranthans and cashewkeep stirring but not mushy want
pistachio dal till tender water if you METHOD fish and sprinkl
e salt
2 Malaba low fire and begins to
paranthans Cook on can add
more . If you are Clean the t of the
the syrup fruits get ency thinner the the amoun
add so that dry the consist water then bring to and half aside
METHOD ml of water and is and the r and keep

thicke n syrup. Once adding more allow it ic powde
Boil 350 Once the water the sugar room boil and s. turmer
coated in is dry cool it to
into dal to a a further 2 minute
salt to taste.the corn niblets mixture as a filling for
corn the to use it
place a simmer
boiling dropwater and allow temperature 2009
s. Carefully March (First)
the boiling in it for 2-3 minute for the dates. filling in the centre Woman’s
Era ●
r water. this the
to simme portion of
all the excess ck from whereWrap

Sweet Rajasthani
Drain out of ghee in a non-sti of the dates

Heat 2 tbsp Fry the corn niblets been remove
seeds have
pan or a
tava. doing so
s and while that
for 2 minute g the corn so
Mix (First) 2009
keep mashin coarsely.
crushed Era ● March

these get Woman’s

Kachorie 52

36 CORPORATE MOTHERS WAR ● Egyptian Pulao ● Sabudana Khichidi

Amandeep ● Mushroom and Spinach ● Omali
Savita Shetty
Cake ● Spinach Pie
44 A SLICE OF HOPE ● Tri Decker Pastry ● Balushai
Supriya Saraswati
● Corn Kachorie ● Mawa Ladoos
● Sabudana Pakora ● Yam Fry



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SKIN SO SOFT! Remedies to beat your bleach problems...
How can I remove hair from I have brown pigmentation When I apply bleach on my
inside skin without getting any marks on my cheeks and nose. face, my eyes would start watering
pain? Please suggest a quick and easy after a couple of minutes and turn
Facial skin is very sensitive. If the remedy to solve my problem. red. Also, irritation and rashes
degree of pain is the clinching factor You can apply lime to the affected develop on my skin?
in your choice of a hair removal area at night once in a while and You should have gone for a patch
method then bleaching is the most wash off in the morning. Bleaching test on a small part of your hand
suitable option for lightening facial the affected area once a month will before you apply on your whole body.
hair and works best on short, fine and lighten it too. Wait for 24 hours to see if you have
dark hair. no irritation or rashes. If the same
Which bleach is the best one develop, you should stay away from
I have dark skin and dark without much side effects? Is that bleach cream.
hair on my face. I have tried there a different bleach for arms
bleaching but it contrasts with my and neck or the face bleach can be How often should I bleach my
dark skin and gives a very ugly used for the same? face?
appearance? Mild cream bleach with natural You should bleach once a month,
Read the instructions on the extract is certainly the best. Jolen is otherwise the chemicals in the bleach
package carefully. Mix in the powder an international brand and contains can roughen our skin over the period
and cream in right proportion and natural extracts, so no worries of side of time. Always apply a moisturiser
apply on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes effects! Yes, you can use the face after bleaching and never go out
only. bleach for arms and neck as well. without applying sunscreen.

ews of arrest of a notorious lady named Sonu resently, the entire world is reeling under
Punjaban has been hitting the headlines for widespread recession and something called
quite some months now. Media, especially the financial meltdown in economic jargon. Almost
newspapers, are publishing the developments everyday, news of some company winding up its
regarding her case after adding much spice to the real business or laying off jobs in its drive to downsizing is
matter. Arrested last November from a posh south hitting the headlines. Nobody in the market is sure that
Delhi locality, the lady in question originally hails from his/her job will be safe tomorrow. So everybody is
Punjab and had been charge-sheeted for luring young happy with what he or she has in hand and, for the time
innocent girls into the much despised trade. being, wants to retain it at any cost.
According to the police sources, Sonu had illicit Amid such disappointing and gloomy scenario,
connection with a number of men and, surprisingly, market experts predict that the employees in India
whichever men established intimacy with her had fallen would enjoy maximum hike in their salaries – up to 8.2
to police bullets some months later. How Sonu herself per cent – in the year 2009. Their prediction is based on
got sucked in crime world is another story. But she has the report of a survey conducted by Hewitt, an
won undisputed title of ‘the Queen of Call girls’ and international consultancy firm on human resources
presently she is under judicial arrest. development.
Since long, law enforcement agencies have Although this incremental percentage
been expressing concern on the increasing is slightly less than the previous year
incidents of human trafficking, especially the level of 13.3 per cent, yet it will be much
cases involving disappearance of young girls higher in comparison to salary hikes at
and women from comparatively poorer states global level including Asia-Pacific region.
of India. Recently, the United Nations has The survey is based on the responses
released a Global Report on human trafficking. received from 480 companies active in
The report is based on the data collected different sectors and it also reveals that
from 155 countries including India. It reveals a the rate of salary increment may fall
startling fact, which is so far unheard of, that during few months to come. But then it
now even the womenfolk are running the will correct itself.
human trafficking rackets. Their networks have Experts maintain that the widespread
spread to international levels. Being women is recession has hit the global economy
a plus point for such woman, as everybody believes a hard; especially the nations dependent on the US are
woman easily. feeling the brunt more than other countries. But even
What is more stunning is that most of the women then, economies like India and China are growing with
indulged in this crime, were once themselves victims of more than seven per cent rate. Recently, in the interim
some kind of atrocities. In fact, they are being misused budget also, caretaker finance minister Pranab
by influential men, who remain in the background and Mukherjee has talked about achieving around seven per
operate the entire ‘business’. cent growth rate.
It is a well-known fact that sex is the main motive Last year, the Central Government had implemented
behind human trafficking. Incidents exposed so far 6th Pay Commission report and increased the salaries
reveal that women gangs are active in the country, of its employees exuberantly. Government’s decision
which lure a large number of young girls and poor was followed by an unprecedented price rise and rate of
women from Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and inflation broke all previous records. But all the hue and
Northeastern states and bring them in the capital for cry of the commoners fell on deaf ears, as the
supplying to rich men for satiating their hunger for sex. government got busy with manipulating data.
A detailed statistics reveals a large-scale failure of During the winter, when prices of vegetables fell,
law-enforcing and justice-delivering machineries so far. inflation rate also dived to record low, thereby, giving
Everyday, news of raping and molestation appear in the government an opportunity to pat its own back.
newspapers prominently. But how many of the culprits Now, when general elections are round the corner,
are booked and convicted by the courts is a subject of report of maximum salary hike has come like a breather
concern. In the final analysis, it is the male-dominated for the public, which may once again put its faith in the
society which is responsible for this sorry state of government. After all, it is the hope that keeps
affairs. everything running. write to: We

6 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

arriage is made in heaven But what are the statistical resistant to heart disease and this

and it is primarily a matter observations about the lifeline immunity confers on them a definite
of mutual destiny. amongst men and women? advantage over the males.
Marriage is a sacred union According to Dr David Patts, “The Women differ in a number of
between a man and a male seems to be less fitted to deal ways, because of chromosomal
woman and it entails in with survival under adverse circum- differences, lowered body metabo -
both the partners to look stances.” In the USA, women lism and bodily functions (like
after the welfare of each outnumber men at all ages and in an menstruation, pregnancy, lactation)
other. The sanctity of elderly age group, for every 1,000 and these influence to a great extent
marriage and the home men there are 1,276 women. The their whole attitude towards life. As
has to be upheld by both life result – widows outnumber widowers compared to men, women are
partners. John Gay wrote: 3 to 1. So what is all this about? supposed to have a more living
If the heart of a man is depressed In a majority of living species, the attitude, compassion and sympa -
with care. female (despite all notions) is the thetic outlook while men are always
The mist is dispelled when a stronger sex and outlives the male. under great pressure to climb up the
woman appears. Is it that nature has endowed ladder and most of the time are under
females with some natural resistance stress and so are often fretful and
This aptly summarises the whole or are there some other factors which restless. Women can express their
philosophy of a man-woman relation- play an important role? Traditionally, emotions while men have to
ship. But if man is the provider of the males were indoctrinated to protect suppress them most of the time since
family, then it is the lady of the house females. But this is different it is not manly to cry.
who plays a major part in maintaining presently, now women have to play a Treat your husband with an
the health of the family and the bread different role and act as protectors of attitude of understanding. Do not
winner. the family. Women, in their younger become complacent. Be attentive to
age and prime of life because of their each other’s emotional needs. Be a

ARE YOU hormonal influences, are more part of his worries and emotional ups
and downs. When you have argu -

ments, the wife can make her point
without hurting the husband’s
feelings. Forget the fact that you
have to be a winner. All problems
and fights can be solved amicably in

a family, nobody is the winner. All
have to live and love each other, the
wife should try to boost her man’s
ego. And it does not cost much, does
How to help your All this implies a great
responsibility on the young brides,
husband live longer. wives and mothers. Small fights,
pinpricks in daily life, can lead to
By Dr S. N. Khosla nothing but strain on the body, with
fatal results. Have you, madam, at
any time, asked yourself this
question, “Am I killing my man in my
Some may laugh it off. No woman
in her senses can kill the most
precious person in her life – the man
(husband, father, son). Let us look at
this paradox:

Heart trouble: A majority of men

die at the prime of their lives because
of heart attacks, the deadliest enemy
of life. Most of the heart attacks can
be prevented if the wife takes full
precautions in this regard.
Preservation instinct: Women Stop nagging: Do not nag your
TREAT YOUR have a natural urge for preservation. husband. Even if the husband is late
HUSBAND WITH AN They want to look smart, trim and and has not been able to maintain an
ATTITUDE OF attractive. As a result, they eat
somewhat less or avoid rich foods.
important social commitment, do not
flare up without really ascertaining
UNDERSTANDING. DO Moreover, women lead an active the reasons.
NOT BECOME physical life. On the other hand, men
take less care of their food habits and
One must understand that many
men are carrying some inner conflicts
COMPLACENT. are lazy by nature. that are suppressing them to reach
BE ATTENTIVE TO EACH It is the duty of the wife to ensure
that the man takes regular exercise.
their goals. Encourage your man to
unload himself. Be understanding
OTHER’S EMOTIONAL It need not be a strenuous one but if and sympathetic.
NEEDS. the timings of the family can be
adjusted, the man must be prevailed Restrain your impulses: Do not
upon to take exercises or walks daily be impulsive. Many young women
in the morning, since physical activity become angry and impulsive on
has got a great role to improve trifles and this spoils the peaceful
cardiac efficiency. Similarly, never atmosphere of home, putting extra
burden him with any strenuous job, strain on the family.
howsoever important when he
returns from his job in the evening, Make your home congenial:
since it could precipitate a heart Develop a way of life by which the
attack. atmosphere at home is congenial.
The house should not have an
Avoid undue demands: Many atmosphere charged with electrifying
women have the pernicious habit tension. Tension either at work or
of making undue demands home is a big killer.
on their husbands. The You may not be able to relieve
result? Tension on the tension at the place of work but a
mind of the husband and wife must at least contribute her mite
emotional conflicts. In fact, by removing minor irritations in one’s
Many men overeat and often this constant conflicts and unhappy home daily life.
habit is being perpetuated by the situations are major causes of In fact, in the West a majority of
young bride who naturally is pleased shortening the lives of the husbands. industrial empires are now insisting
if her cooking is liked. The same Stress is part of every job. Men who that a high executive should have a
holds true at other phases of life are happy with their work and in their sympathetic wife as a prerequisite for
since most of the women always homes, always live longer than those employment since they rightly believe
make efforts to reach the hearts of who are unhappy in these situations. that a congenial atmosphere at home
their man through their stomachs, The best contribution towards the and an ever-helpful wife are the
hardly realising how much harm they longevity of her husband a woman backbones of being a successful
are doing to their life partners. can make is to create a congenial executive.
The risk of a heart attack in an atmosphere in the house, not to nag
overweight individual is twice as and see that there is a relaxed Make mutual adjustments:
much as to a person with normal atmosphere. The day in any couple’s Married life means a period of mutual
weight. Obesity and overweight are life should start with pleasant adjustment to give and take. It is
enemies of a healthy heart. So do not thoughts and actions. It has been essential that the wife must
let your man get overweight. Keep a rightly said, “ Do not start your day encourage the husband to lead a
check on his weight by balancing the with a bang and end with a whimper.” healthy and sane sex life since it is
caloric intake and energy nature’s tranquilliser in reducing
expenditure. Shun addiction: Do not let your stress and creating a general feeling
It is for the wives to see that the husband become an addict to of relaxation and well-being.
family is provided with the right food smoking or alcohol. More deaths are One sexologist has rightly
– i.e., well-balanced nutritious food now being caused by heavy smoking summarised that “in day-to-day living,
containing less fats and less rich than by any other addiction. A way of the man who is diminished by a world
foods which should preferably be persuasion should be adopted. The that forces him to compromise or
avoided. Plan a diet which consists same applies to alcohol. An occasional accept defeat, finds total acceptance
of proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits drink taken as social drinking may in the arms of the woman who loves
with drastic cut in fats. become a habit, so avoid it. him. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 9

The world is
changing at a fast
pace and at faster
pace is changing
the status of
women. So much
so that very soon
women will rule the
world, taking along
the men with them.
By Suman Bajpai

RULE THE WORLD enuka Chowdhury, Union and duly acclaimed as “firebrand” for

Minister of State (Independent her candid nature, she is a versatile
Charge), Women & Child conversationalist, and has a number
Development, belongs to of literary, artistic and scientific
Indian National Congress accomplishments to her credit. She
Party and is one of the most has enthusiastically associated
renowned politicians in India herself with various social and
today. A postgraduate in cultural organisations and has been
industrial psychology, she contributing zealously to the field of
took up politics and social women and child development and
work as her profession and began welfare.
her active political career in 1980s. Renuka Chowdhury has special
She has been the Rajya Sabha interests in art collection. Reading,
member twice. She was elected to gardening and music are her
13th Lok Sabha in 1999 and held a favourite pastimes. She has visited a
number of significant positions like: number of countries like Canada,
Member, Rajya Sabha (two terms) China, Denmark, France, Germany,
Chief Whip, Telugu Desam Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA and
Parliamentary Party, Rajya Sabha former USSR. She loves reading
(1986-98); Union Minister of State, Woman’s Era. She feels it is a best
Health and Family Welfare (1997-98); gift to give.
Member, Committee on Finance When she first entered Parliament
(1999-2000) and Member, as a young Rajya Sabha MP, she
Committee on the Empowerment of was hailed as the real-life Rajni, after
Women (2000-2001). a popular TV character who took up
Apart from being politically active cudgels for the underdog. With

12 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

characteristic candour, the feisty trying to achieve now is to gender
minister demystifies the latest issues mainstream. I believe it is not about
in an exclusive interview. replacing each other, but it is about
working with each other. That is how
What are the steps that are perspective has to change. So we
necessary for the development of are bridging it, we are putting bridges
children? across not just to talk about the
As, first step historically we have gender divide anymore, that is little
set up is National Commission for the passé. But that we gender
Protection of child Rights. It is on the mainstream, we gender integrate.
level of National Commission for That is the new keyword.
Women and National Commission for
SC/ST rights. This is to promote that What steps have you taken in
child is an individual and they are this regard?
entitled to rights. We have amended Gender budgeting is our
the laws on Juvenile Justice Act, we programme in this regard which has
have streamlined adoption, so that it been a quantum leap in gender
is easier for all communities, perceptions. We have 56 Ministries
including single mothers or single contributing to gender budgeting in
women who are not married but want the government of India and more will
to adopt the child. We have brought be conducting gender budgeting. As
about legislations such as Prohibition well as we are pressurising State
which has replaced the earlier Act for governments to come forward for
the prevention of child marriages. In gender budgeting and with this is one Will the law on domestic
short, we have created a wonderful stroke cuts across on all economic violence eradicate domestic
safety net to protect the child and disparity. It also changes the violence?
also to help integrate the child into orientation of men towards women. It will. Men who grow up believing
mainstream life. that it is part of their role play to slap
Does mental status of the men a woman around, laws have
You give stress on the need to be changed? empowered them to say that I can
importance of gender gap, what Actually, this is a real problem. kick you out in the midnight, I have
are you doing to bridge that gap? Women have gone ahead, but it economic identity and hence you are
I would say that gender gap and takes the men a longer time to accept helpless, you are a liability and I am
gender divide is historical, defined by that, they do subconsciously, but they an asset. The kind of structure which
historic reasons and legislation which are handicapped as to how to is structured by society has to be
were prejudiced, so we have a translate that into the male behaviour deconstructed now. So we
gender divide which put woman in a without it threatening their own deconstruct and help men change.
stereotypical role-play. What I am sexuality or their own individuality. Laws may not give you instant
overnight reactions, but it is also
preparing the next generation. The
youngsters are growing under this
visual impact that I can’t slap women.
We are setting up parameters,
frameworks, to change the male
orientation towards women. Laws are
not made for now or yesterday, they
are also made for tomorrow.

What steps are you taking on

child protection, especially after
Nithari incident?
It is horrible that it took Nithari, it
took Arushi, and it took the
Mangalore pub incident for us to
wake up to say that children need to
be protected. Other than beyond
parental control, that as a society, as
a civilisation, we should recognise

16 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

that we have concrete frameworks, and to prevent. If they don’t want to money is returned which is
so amendments of the Juvenile call it sex education then they can tremendous.
Justice Act and establishment of the call it something else.
ICPS (integrated child protection What do you have to say
scheme). What you have to say about regarding the present scenario,
We are taking huge steps towards female foeticides and dowry culture or society?
more democratic structures of cases? I would say it has a tornado effect.
protecting children. We have set up These are the biggest challenges It is very wrong to say that nothing is
helpline for child, working on an on- before us because dowry cases and working that women are still dying,
line consultation service. It has a female foeticides don’t take place still have dowry deaths. Yes on the
major impact. I believe that it is going only among illiterates; in fact it is one hand we have that, but on the
to create ripple impact. We throw the much less comparative to literates. other we have a whole society that
stone into the murky water and it To stop this we have to look into the is in the transition, transition where
should now carry a momentum. root cause of this. a daughter will go to school, she
does not have to marry before she is
You are in favour of sex How can we empower women, 18. My child will not go to labour and
education, how are you pursuing especially through micro-finance it is okay to have two daughters and
it? and self-help groups? men are not leaving women because
We have to deal with the word sex Micro-finance is the greatest they give birth to daughters. Because
from having sexual intercourse to instrument of the silent revolution that the men have realised that
approach it in its academic interest is taking place across the country. It genetically they are responsible for
of what sex education is. Maybe the is not just about giving credit to a the birth of a daughter.
term sex education is not the right woman, but it is to empower her, to We have women achievers like
term because people are so get economic identity, which was not Kiran Majumdar Shah, Indira Nooyi,
conditioned to think of term sex as there in our early markets. Micro- etc., women who have broken the
an act where it is not, it is basically a finance restores her ability to have glass ceilings and in spite of that two
definition of the biological awareness credit identity and to raise money in extremes are going on. There are
of what happens in a reproductive the market and she is restoring her wonderful women at grass-roots
stage. self-confidence also. level, winning Panchayti Raaj. The
Today in an era of IT and an All of this goes towards enhancing men, who subjugated them, today
Internet when there is so much her self-image, hence her self- bring the wife forward, without
information upload, where there is so esteem and then encourages her realising that they have crossed the
much unprotective pornographic participation in decision-making. She lakshman rekha.
exposures to children, a lot of them gets power to say that I will not go Such a pity that media’s attention
don’t know how to handle it. for sex determination; I want to or any attention does not go into
Sex education is an empowerment access immunisation for my existing these achievements. 60 lakhs women
tool that empowers the children to children. I want to work for family across the country every 5 years are
protect themselves, to be planning after my second child. My sitting up and say that I can also be
accountable and take responsibility children will go to school and not for the part of the show and I am the
labour. It is awareness boss. We have lot of criticism but I
about malnutrition and see men as facilitators. We are not
micro-nutrition. If trying to define men; we are trying
anyone asks me what about defying ourselves that men
is single success story must learn to accept our new defini-
I will say it is micro- tion. We are accepting ourselves.
finance. It raises her You can’t hold back change.
status and life in family Change is inexorable. We are 5000
and the society. We years evolved society and every
have formed the SHGs generation has always witnessed
that outstripped men in change. Our culture is not so fragile
terms of good credit in that we change completely. There
terms of economy are hundreds and thousands women
markets because we like us who balance both worlds. We
return the credit we are the cradle of civilisation. That is
get. These groups why we are Shakti , that is why we
save and invest and are strength of this nation. It is certain
help each other and that women will rule the world with
make sure that the taking men along with them. We

18 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

requirement to the body per day.
● Turkey: Turkey has no fat and
is easily digestible.

7 Mutton:
● The nutrients: Mutton contains
proteins vitamins and iron.
● How much: Not more than
three times a week.

5 Eggs:
● The Nutrients: Both portions of
egg contain different elements. Egg 8 Citrus Fruits:
● What are they good for:
yolk has fat protein, Vitamins A, B, Vitamin C safeguards body from
D, E and K, iron. While egg-white infection and helps in repairing skin if
contains protein and some minerals. there is any cut or a bruise and
● What are they good for: wounds.
Maintain overall a healthy body. ● The nutrients: Citrus fruits like servings a day are required. It can
● How much: 3 eggs per week. lemon, orange, sweet lemon, etc. be 125 grams of cooked rice or forty
grams of brown bread.

6 Fish and Poultry:

● What are they good for: For
non-vegetarians fish and poultry help 11 Oils and Fats:
● The Nutrition value: Oils and
you to maintain good health. fats provide vitamin A to save body
● The nutrients: Minerals, from various infections and keep our
proteins and B vitamin and some oily eyes healthy. Vitamin D helps in
fish have vitamin D and vitamin B. keeping the bones strong, it works
● How much: 4 times a week is with calcium and phosphorus and
ideal, while fish serving can be 175 vitamin E, protects cells of the body.
gr. cooked oily fish serving, cooked ● How much: Body needs only
125 gr. Chicken and turkey can be thirty grams of polyunsaturated butter
175 gr. cooked. and 125 grams of polyunsaturated
● The fitness factor: While fish oils per week.
does not have any fat, so it should ● Don’t forget: Coconut, palm
not be added while cooking but after Contain plenty of Vitamin C which is and groundnut oils are rich in
the masala is ready just at the final an essential component for having saturated fats. Soya, Corn, Safflower
stage. healthy body. and sunflower oils contain
● Oily fish such as mackerel, ● How much: Daily one citrus polyunsaturated fats.
salmon, tuna, sardines, etc. contain fruits or 150 ml. juice.
polyunsaturated fatty acids which Treat Vegetables as Fast Food
lower the bad cholesterol.
● Chicken: Has less fat, so it can
be digested easily and its liver is
9 Other Fruits:
● How much: At least one fruit
everyday approximately 1 kilo. per
Put freshly cut vegetables in a
pan, pour hot-boiled water on top,
cover and cook for minimum time.
good for blood and vitality. Chicken – week. Eat them fresh with little salt and
liver can provide 40 per cent of iron ● The nutrients: All fruits contain pepper and dash of lemon juice.
fibre minerals and some have vitamin
C. Apples, bananas, melons, Read labels and ingredients and
strawberry and other berries have date of packing and expiry: While
plenty of vitamins and soluble fibre. buying ready-to-eat food items. This
habit will raise your awareness of the

10 Chapatties, Breads and Cereals:

● The
flour made
food you are eating.

Right Eating style:

chapatties or breads provide 1. Eat when you are really hungry.
carbohydrates, protein, fibre, calcium, 2. Stop eating when you are less
iron and vitamin B. than full.
● What is the benefit: Create 3. Eat slow because brain takes
good health. about 10 minutes to realise that body
● How much: Three to four is being fed. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 29

Lifestyle – Sweden – Arctic Marriage
A couple poses for pictures in an ice hotel in Jukkasjaervi,
shivering more from excitement than cold, bride clad in white
silk and fur all melts into the snowy background as she and
her groom become one of around 150 couples to tie the knot
at Sweden’s Ice Church this year.
Global beauty pageant

US Nikkitasha
Marwaha (C) is
crowned Queen
during the 18th Miss
India Worldwide
2009 Beauty
Pageant in Durban.
25 girls from all over
the world
participated in the
annual event. She
was crowned by
2008 winner
Shagun Sarabhai
from India.

Models display
Changing style

outfits in the Barbie

Runway Show
during the 2009
Mercedes Benz
Fashion Week in
New York on 14
Love despite protests
A labourer in Amritsar on Valentine’s Day attaches
Marvels of the age

balloons to form the symbol of heart on a

billboard, though Shiv Sena, strongly opposed
Valentine Day celebrations. A Mexical couple
(inset) seen kissing.
In Tokyo a set of true gold “hina” dolls for the girl’s
Festival Day is on display. The 10 cm tall dolls represent
ancient Japanese monarchs. They will go on sale for
$1,10,000. The next displays Cyber-shot mobile phone,
produced by Sony Ericsson, the other too is Hitachi’s
“Wooo mobile phone”, showing 3D images with all the
latest additions. The last photograph shows toy giant
Tomy’s robot toy called “Transformers Disney Label”. It
changes shape from a trailer truck to Mickey Mouse –
shaped robot.
A helpful look at
the biggest killer after
breast cancer.
By Dr S. N. Khosla


ut of all the cancers in

females, cervix cancer has
assumed menacing
proportions and it is said
to be the commonest form
of cancer of the genitalia
in females. More and more
new cases of the disease
are being seen now. An
WHO estimate puts about
75,000 deaths in women annually
from the disease. Worldwide, cervix
cancer is the second most common
form of cancer in women next to
cancer of the breast.
What is cervix cancer? It is a
malady which arises from the lining
over the lip of the neck (cervix) of the
womb (uterus) and may remain
confined to that part most of the time.
The changes that the diseases
causes may not be noticed for a long
time, the sufferer being not aware of
it. And this is the most dangerous
part as the disease lies dormant for a
long time and by the time the disease
is noticed it may be too late.
When the disease causes

26 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

changes in the cervix, these are along with India present a dismal
noticed even on naked eye picture of the disease.
examination. It may be the invasive As per WHO records about 5.1
or pre-invasive type. The pre-invasive lakh cases of cervix cancer are
type does not show its presence. reported each year and out of these
Sometimes, there may be erosion in about 80 per cent are from
the cervix which might have been developing countries. The socio-
ignored. In the invasive type, the economic status, poverty, poor
spread may be by continuity. The hygiene, and lack of education
disease spreads to the vagina, account for the major factors
urinary bladder and the rectum. responsible for the disease. The
Lymphatic spread to distant lymph factor of early sexual relationships in
nodes in the body is also more than
It may invade the muscular wall of
the cervix, ultimately eroding it, and
form an ulcerating lesion or a
proliferating tumour that grows out of
the cervix. There are mainly two
types of cancers of the cervix –
squamous carcinoma and adeno
The sufferer who is generally
between the ages of 40 and 55
presents with intermenstrual bleeding
which is a very common feature and
may follow sexual intercourse or after
heavy exertion. In some women of
this age group, the menstrual period
may be prolonged while there may
be bleeding in the post-menopause
period or spotting between periods.
There may be unusual vaginal
discharge for several months, often young girls in poorer sections of contraception like the use of
ignored as simple leucorrhoea till this society cannot be ignored. But in the condoms may afford protection
discharge becomes blood stained present-day society this holds true for against the development of cervix
and draws attention. other girls belonging to the middle cancer since there is less trauma to
and upper strata of society as well. the cervix.
The factors of early marriage and There are certain communities in
THE PAIN the indulgence in sex at a younger the world where marriages are held
Pain is not often complained of. It age and in extramarital affairs also late and sex before marriage is
is in the form of low back pain has an important role to play in the strictly taboo. Such women are
radiating to the front or to the groin. causation of the disease. Promiscuity comparatively safe and the incidence
In some women there are features of and sex with too many partners is of cervix cancer in them is very low.
increased frequency of micturition or equally dangerous. Black women in the USA have twice
difficulty in the passage of urine. Single or unmarried women are the incidence of the disease as
Surprisingly, most of the symptoms less likely to suffer from it. It is compared to white women. Similarly,
may be unrelated to the female probably due to less trauma to the Jewish women are infrequently
genitalia and that is how the cervix and fewer chances of infection affected since communities in which
detection of the disease is delayed. which act as protective factors. there is a practice of circumcision,
It is estimated that eight women Elimination of cervix infections at the the incidence of the disease is low. It
die every hour of cervix cancer in earliest will act as a safeguard in is not, however, proved that the
India which is a very alarming figure. protecting the cervix.Hormonal human smegma acts as a
What are the factors which account influences also have a role to play. carcinogenic or not, but women of
for this malady? Certain regions of While oral pills have been such men have comparative
the world and races present different incriminated as a factor which immunity from the diseases.
pictures of the disease. South-east predisposes to the development of The role of viruses in the
Asian and South African countries cervix cancer, the barrier method of causation of cervix cancer is equally

28 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

unusual bleeding or discharge must ● Lead an active healthy life. Eat
be looked into. plenty of fresh fruits and green
A PAP test is most important. It is vegetables. Avoid excess fats in your
a standard way of detecting cervix diet.
cancer where lab analysis of cells ● A healthy sex life should be
scraped from the cervix is carried out. led. Do not indulge in extramarital
The American Cancer Society affairs. If unmarried, avoid multiple
recommends that all women who are partners or too many sexual partners
or who have been sexually active or as these are not good for cervix
who have a major risk factor for health. Do not lead a promiscuous
cervix cancer need a PAP text once a life.
year. But if the woman is at low risk ● Any infection of the genitalia
and the last three annual PAP tests must be treated at the earliest.
are normal, then the tests may be ● Keep meticulous hygiene of
done less frequently. your private parts.
PAP test is an important screening ● A vaccine Gardasil, known to
important. Earlier, the genital herpes test, is simple to perform and a useful be effective in protecting against
virus (HSV-II) was considered to be aid in detecting the disease. When in cervix cancer, has been approved by
the culprit but now it has been proved doubt, the cervix is examined by the the US FDA. It is a recombinant
that the human papilloma virus types instrument called a colposcope and a vaccine that is given as three
16 and 18 cause more than 70 per biopsy is taken to confirm the injections over a six-month period
cent of cervix cancers. diagnosis. and is said to be very effective. It is
The saving grace is that this is Once the disease is confirmed, on a trial stage in India.
one carcinoma where early detection, treatment is either by radiation or ● Have regular medical check-
diagnosis and treatment carries good surgery depending on the stage at ups. Any unusual vaginal
prognosis. which the disease presents. bleed/discharge must be reported to
Every woman after reaching the Can we prevent cervix cancer? your doctor at the earliest. An early
age of 50, should have a complete There are certain broad guidelines diagnosis shall be the passport to
gynaecological examination. Any which can be helpful. your future health. We

them where they got them. The man gave Rs 100 thinking that the balance
said that they had bought them from money would come back.
Akkamma of their lane. He also Akkamma went to the market and
added that there were many dresses came back with two bags full of
for sale and the poor people like them vegetables. She kept one bag near the
Clothes merchant were pouring into her hut. My wife door and gave the other to my wife.
In the eighties there was dearth of looked at my face and I looked at hers. My wife set her eyes on the bag at
maids at Mettur Dam. So we had Remembering the good lesson taught the door. Akkamma smiled and said,
been forced to shake our heads for by Akkamma, nowadays we give used “It is for me, madam. Your vegetable
everything that our maid Akkamma clothes to needy people only. cost Rs 50 and mine Rs 50. The
asked for, so that she may not move – S. Palanisamy, Madurai whole money you gave has been
to other homes. Once, she asked my spent.”
wife, “Madam, many of your used Coolie for extra work My wife’s face reddened. She said
saris are lying idle in your almirahs. In the eighties there was a heavy sharply, “Akkamma, if you want
Why don’t you give those faded ones shortage of maids at Mettur Dam. So, vegetables for your home you would
to me?” in order to keep their maids at their have bought it with your own money
Pitying her, my wife gave all her homes all feared to give extra work to but not with mine.”
faded saris to Akkamma for her use. their maids. But unfortunately my wife Akkamma coolly said, “Yes,
Akkamma requested for my used gave an additional job to our maid madam, I bought them with my
pants and shirts too for use by her Akkamma. money only. The coolie charges for
husband. Retaining a few new ones One day my wife felt a severe leg my today’s market work is Rs 50,
my wife gave all mine to her. pain. So she asked Akkamma to go to madam.” My wife and myself were
Three days later, when my wife the market and get some vegetables. stunned. From that day onwards
and I went to the temple, we saw a She gave her Rs 50. But Akkamma whenever we see vegetables we
man in my clothes. His wife too wore said it was not enough and demanded remember Akkamma.
my wife’s sari. Shocked, we asked Rs 100. Without argument my wife – S. Palanisamy, Madurai.

30 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Every ageing
woman wants to
look younger.
Here’s how to go
about it...
ost women over the age of injecting chemical fillers like Botox

By Anil Merani 30 are worried about the and Restylane. But many people
growing wrinkles and have questioned the safety of
frown marks on their artificial injections. Also, you have to
faces. This is a normal keep taking fresh doses since the
ageing process, as years effects start to wear away once the
pass by the skin's natural chemical gets absorbed in the blood-
elasticity starts to go stream. Another common problem
away. This results in the with chemical fillers is that the skin
facial muscles getting starts to look plastic after repeated
loose. Earlier, the only solution was intakes.

32 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2008

But now a new international
surgical skin rejuvenation technique
called autologous fat transfer is
beginning to become the rage here.
According to Dr Purnima Mhatre, this
minimalist invasive technique takes
10-12 years of your face in a matter
of hours.
Skin rejuvenation takes place at
2 levels, one at the skin level and the
second at the deep-tissue level,
which is below the skin. Medical Millions of Aspirated Defined Population of
cosmetologists deal with the latter Adipose Tissue Regenerative Cells
where the real rejuvenation takes Fragments
place. Until and unless blood vessels ● Adull Stem Cells
● Blood Vessel Producing Cells
get dilated or the tissues move, our
● Growth Factor Secreting Cells
skin can’t get healthy. One common
example of one skin rejuvenation
would be how to fill acne
depressions. We push the depressed
skin upwards and fresh skin is born.
Here, there are also 2 branches –
i.e – skin treatment and skin Skin-tightening and procedure. A thread is entered
wellness. The former deals with skin- polishing below your skin which pulls up
treating problems like acne, etc, while However, if you have minor muscles. This makes the face skin
the latter is concerned with keeping wrinkle problems and are in the 25- tight and taut.
good skin healthy for a longer time. 30 age bracket you don't need Botox Since these modern surgical
Autologous fat transfer and Botox are autologous fat transfer. You can go methods don't leave scars and have
components of the latter. for non-invasive treatments such as minimum recovery periods it's a good
skin-tightening and skin-polishing. option as well.
Autolougous fat transfer These are done using the latest laser
transformation at lunch break. machines. Similarly, if you have post- Tip to make your skin look
It’s a simple procedure which pregnancy marks modern technology young and healthy.
Always use skin block.
Get a facial done every other
month as that will help to remove
dead cells.
Take lots of fluid – lack of which
causes wrinkes to appear.
Consume certain vitamins the skin

Do certain facial expression

But always remember to go to a
proper cosmetologist for such beauty
practice (facials).
Normal parlour hands are not
Before After trained – for example they use
entails extracting fat in a micro- can get rid of those marks as well. gylogical acid at safe concentration
syringe from your inner thigh and Removal of pigmentation is also a limits as they are not sure how much
injecting it into your face after treating pretty common procedure these to use for different skin types, but that
it . As you are putting in your own days. will not do your skin good. On the
body fat, there are no chances of any other hand, if you go to a trained
reactions or side effects, which Botox Surgical facelift doctor he or she will only use those
can entail. Secondly, the fat does not You can even opt for surgical products (herbal and natural)
move and get absorbed in the body, methods – i.e., a facelift – to make which really suit your individual skin
hence its effects last much longer. your skin tight. It's a pretty simple type. We

34 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2008


Corporate Mothers
A high-salaried pro’s chat with a self-made housewife
is an eye-opener. By Amandeep

feel really scared at the thought of quitting my as educated as Satish and earning equally well.
highly paid corporate job. To quit the job Then why should I be the one chosen for this job?
would mean staying at home, minding the Why can’t we share this too, just like we share our
house and looking after my son. I don’t household expenses? It’s so unfair.
particularly like that format. Also, notice that My employers are already throwing hints about
my offspring is in singular. It’s because I find my rapidly depleting earned leave. I am the only
managing one possible and two, unthinkable. one at work who does not have a mother or a
Rohan, my son, goes to a school-cum-day care mother-in-law staying with me. Really, life is so much
centre in the vicinity. He leaves at 8 with my easier for a working mother with some support
husband and I pick him up on my way back from system. But I am determined to make the best of my
work about 7. Now, I say about seven because the situation and so what if all my leave gets spent
day care timings are until 7.30, but invariably I am taking care of Rohan. I will apply for unpaid leave,
late, and keep getting calls from the next. The only problem is that it reflects
supervisor there. In fact, I can visualise her badly on me, as if I am not serious about
right now, arms akimbo, brows raised, This only my work.
herding my son out of the door, strengthens my I did take Rohan to the specialist to find
exasperation written all over her face. argument that out the cause of his frequent bad spells. It
I do believe that day care is a much children are seems that children who go to childcares
better arrangement than leaving a child much better off centres often suffer from multiple infections.
alone with a maid, at home. Just last at day care Now that is the only downside of a
week, our neighbour’s maid absconded centres as childcare centre, as far as I can think.
and no one showed up to pick up their 5- regards their My mother is horrified by the way I am
year-old at the bus stop in the afternoon. safety, as I bringing up Rohan. According to her, she
The child went over to a friend’s house have repeatedly should never have sent me to ‘that MBA
and spent the remainder of the day there. course’ as I seem to have changed
pointed out to completely after that. She never thought I
Late in the evening when his friend’s
mother requested him to leave, did it come my husband, would ever send Rohan to a childcare
to light that the maid was missing and the Satish. centre and continue working.
house, locked. After that, there were

frantic phone calls to his parents, the police, etc. ren’t all mothers just the same? What about my
Our neighbours have been quick to put this happiness? No one seems to care about that.
incident behind them and they have brought in a Why should I sacrifice my life and become a
new maid. Life goes on just as usual for them, I housewife just like her? I have seen the look in
suppose. women’s eyes when they discover that I hold a high-
This only strengthens my argument that children profile job. Of course, my mother just doesn’t get it.
are much better off at day care centres as regards The thrill of getting ready in the morning, the clothes
their safety, as I have repeatedly pointed out to my and once at office — the work, the meetings, closing
husband, Satish. deals worth billions of dollars — it makes me feel so
I hate the days when Rohan falls ill. It’s as if his important and useful.
well-being is entirely my responsibility. After all, I am One winter morning, as I was returning from a

36 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

morning walk, I met Sandhya. I have often seen her “So, did you get back to work after the baby?” I
at the yoga class conducted early in the morning on was trying to draw up similarities between our lives.
our housing society lawns. “I tried,” Sandhya sighed. “But since I wanted to
I met her in the elevator and got talking. work from home, no one was willing to bend the
Somehow, she didn’t appear impressed by my high- rules for me. You see, I didn’t want to leave my little
flying corporate career. Nor did she look ashamed one alone with a maid. So I became another
when she said, “I stay at home,” unlike so many frustrated housewife, like the ones you keep meeting
other women that I had encountered. from time to time.”
Something prompted me to ask, “Don’t you feel “Then how come this change?” I was terribly
bored at home? I feel very worthless whenever I curious. “You don’t look like a trapped housewife
have needed to stay at home. I just don’t know what any more.”
to do, how to pass time. Household chores are so “Well, it’s taken me a decade to get here and I
meaningless and have no value addition. I feel must say this is the most peaceful phase of my life.
totally wasted.” The transition was not easy. At first I was upset with
The elevator stopped. This conversation needed my parents and husband for pressurising me to have
time. “Why don’t you come over to my place and a baby. Even today I wish that the decision had
we’ll continue over tea?” Sandhya invited. been mine, not theirs. I was just not ready to be a
Somehow, I was completely drawn to her. “Sure,” I mother and handle all the responsibilities that come
replied. along with it. In fact, that is one of the things I
needed to learn — to take my own decisions and

couldn’t help marvelling at the serene interiors of not put others in charge of my life.”
her house. Creamy whites and neutrals accented
with lush green plants instantly soothed my mind. Herding my son out
With my feet curled under my thighs, I settled down of the door,
on the sofa. exasperation written
all over her face. I do
Sandhya smiled at me. “Let’s talk first and then I’ll
believe that day care
make the tea. If that’s okay with you.” is a much better
“Yes, of course.” I really needed to hear arrangement than
Sandhya’s perspective on life, work, etc. “You leaving a child alone
know, you are the only person I’ve met so far who is with a maid, at home.
peaceful about staying at home. Generally, the
others look to be a pretty unhappy lot.”
“You’re right,” Sandhya wore a serious look on
her face. “I too have been in the same
place as them. Now I am comfortable
being anywhere, doing anything. I
have really stopped planning my days,
my life. I take each day, at a time. I
don’t know where I will be 5 years from
now but I am comfortable with that
knowledge. Does this sound really vague
to you?”
“Not at all. I think the older
generation like our mothers and
grandmothers lived like that too,” I
“I quit work when I heard that I was
pregnant. We were in Mumbai and it
was a new experience to be at home,
alone, until my husband returned in
the evening. It was very hard. I
didn’t have any friends too, but in a
few months I managed to find my
rhythm. I mostly spent time reading
and walking,” Sandhya had a
faraway look in her eyes.
“And you have been home ever since?” I asked. I just need to find something that interests me and
“Oh no. I tried all sorts of things. Teaching, allows me to channelise my energy.”
holding tuition classes at home and what not. But “But don’t you feel cheated? After having studied
none of these was as appealing as the job that I had so hard and worked for so many years. I don’t think
quit — that of a financial analyst. Somehow, that I can ever do what you did. There’s no way I am
overshadowed everything else. Finally, I gave up all going to sacrifice my life, pull my child out of the
efforts to ‘work’. Needless to say, I had spent day care centre and sit at home. No way!” I said
considerable time and energy pursuing all these emphatically.
various options and I was quite tired.” “Wait. Who said anything about sacrifice. I have
“And then...?” Sandhya’s story held me not sacrificed anything. To give personal attention to
spellbound. my child and house is also my need, just
“I could no longer run away from the “I quit work like the need to use my potential, my
thought of being a housewife, I was one. when I heard talent. I am going to address both of them.
Believe it or not, that is when I began to So what if I have had to quit the job I
that I was
transform.” loved. It involved a lot of travel, something
“How? I mean how did you change?
pregnant. We that I can no longer do. So, I am going to
Did you decide to sacrifice your dreams were in find something else equally good that I can
and just accept whatever came your way? Mumbai and it do out of my home.”
Became passive?” I was using strong was a new “You certainly seem to have worked
words. experience to be things out according to your
“First of all, I decided to relax. You at home, alone, requirements,” I complimented Sandhya.
know what that means. It means to stop until my “I have learnt a lot from your experience.”
chasing. It means just living for the husband “Oh! I totally forgot about the tea,”
moment. As if nothing in the past or future returned in the Sandhya stood up.
matters. It means taking responsibility for evening. “Let’s do that another time.” I had to get
your happiness. You know, I changed ready for office.
because I was affected by inner turmoil. I remember that, as I rode the elevator
With calmness came a realisation that the need to to our penthouse, I felt somewhat disturbed.
utilise my capabilities, my potential, remained Sandhya had stirred up some best-buried-not-to-be-
unfulfilled. That was causing me distress. Once I examined feelings that surfaced within me from time
understood that, my problem was half-solved. Now, to time.

“You know,, you are the only person I’ve met so for who ike at the school picnic when only my kid took
is peaceful about staying at home. Generally, the others
packaged food bought from the supersmart. Or
look to be a pretty unhappy lot.”
in the evenings when I pick him up and he is the
last one out. Or even during weekends, with no
friends to play with, Rohan, sitting in his room, all by
himself, chattering away with his imaginary friends.
Yes, since that day with Sandhya, my life has
changed. I am looking at Rohan with different
eyes now and I am concerned. He cries every
morning to go to school and, for the first
time ever, his cries are reaching my heart.
The packaged juice and a jam sandwich
in his lunch-box are making me
wonder. Is this even good for his
I know that my moment of truth has
arrived. I have begun to ask myself
some difficult questions about how
well I am taking care of Rohan. I
don’t know what my decision will
be, but it will be a unique solution
to my unique needs.
Sandhya, the housewife, has
shown me the way. We
Dr Kiran Bala
One of the hallmarks of depression depressed individuals conscious
is that people with the condition seem effort to recalibrate their emotions
eople with severe depression to be unable to pull themselves out was thwarted by dysfunctional brain

respond to negative stimuli of a funk or black mood. In order to circuits.
differently. Studying the figure out what goes awry in these The researchers speculated that
response of depressed people situations, Johnstone and his signals from the prefrontal cortical
to negative stimuli, researchers colleagues conducted an experiment area of the brain are not getting
found that they have disrupted on a group of 21 depressed people through to the amygdala in the
circuits involved in controlling and 18 healthy controls. depressed individuals for reasons still
emotions. People with clinical Researchers tried to manipulate unknown.
depression may be unable to “snap them into a negative state of mind The findings suggest that
out of it” because of faulty wiring in and then watched how well they cognitive behavioural therapies that
the brain according to a new study could bounce back. A series of hold that individuals can change the
released by Johnstone a images of things such as car- way they feel about a situation by
neuroscientist at the University of accidents or threatening-looking changing the way they think about it
Wisconsin – Madison’s school of animals was presented to the may be counterproductive for some
medicine and public health. subjects and their response noted. In people. We
Winsome wonder

Unique ancient
hairdos for a classy
‘you’ inspired by
the days of yore
with influences of
retro style.

Coiffure with a class

Whimsical waves

Touch of tradition

Gothic glam Twist with tresses

Reviving eras of elegance,
incorporate the vintage look of
Crowning glory
ancient times!
Created with hot iron, the waves
are arranged around the head
and brushed to back or top of
the head in varied styles. Look
modern and whimsical with your
most prized possession...

Lustrous locks
A Slice of Hope
Five months after Keya’s birth, her mother discovers the miracle
of motherhood. By Supriya Saraswati
What is life, one wonders and called her name “Keya,” but she did not
Power? Glamour? Wealth? Nope ! respond. Neither did she look at me nor did she stop
Life is just a slice of hope. crying. Maybe she did not recognise the unfamiliar
The sun, the breeze, the rain, the thunders sound or maybe the maid called her by some other
Create together that driving force name – I did not care. I just wanted her to shut up.
Life springs up from this single source.

rritated, I came up to my room and closed the

he universality of our dreams and emotions door. I diverted my attention towards the meeting
leads me into believing that perhaps my story scheduled that evening. I had little reasons to
isn't very different from yours and that the fear. My strategies, my staff, my company, never
same dream, the same emotion must have failed. In the rat race of business, victory almost
touched you at some phase of your life; that always kissed my feet, rendering my competitors
you too must have craved for that one reason mere also-rans. The glamour, the power associated
for your existence, one reason to smile, one with a company branded with an international status
ray of hope for warmth, a breeze to break free from did not permit me to get disturbed by a five month-
the smokes of suffocation, the tides to push you old and deviate thus.
ahead, not letting you stagnate, the colours that But what was wrong today? Why couldn't the maid
paint your life with exuberance. handle the baby today? Keya's screams grew louder
When was it that thoughts ceased to penetrate my and I made several unsuccessful attempts of ignoring
mind, emotions stopped touching me – is not in my her but, as I dressed up, she became quiet and the
memory but life lost its appeal, its charm, its magic.
The sun shone on me and the breeze aided the tides
to push me ahead, so what? What was I but a dead
And then one day rain fell in torrents. Completely
drenched and on the verge of drowning and getting
lost in the depths of the ocean, I felt black, nothing
but black. Blackness engulfing me, choking me. I
looked up, perhaps for the last time before black
became me – slowly but surely black ceased to flow
in. It was a spectacular sight, blending into a single
gigantic force that radiated truth, peace, love, hope,
energy, faith and purity. That magnificent piece was
full of life, full of magic, full of colours and there was
no place for black in it.
I felt liberated at long last. Finally, my
rainbow had arrived and I breathed.
19 March 2005, at 5 months of age, all
Keya did was to cry out. It wasn't any
different that morning. She coughed, sniffled
and wheezed, but her wailing did not cease,
it was only broken by her hiccups. I wondered
what took the maid so long to sterilise her
bottles. Fed up with the noise I went to her room
sudden silence in the house steered my thoughts back
to Keya. She must have fallen asleep, I thought, as I
prepared to leave. I saw the clock ticking and
her up; it was magic.
Her tear-filled eyes
shone, there was a glint

frantically searched for my car keys -–in my purse, on in them that held my gaze. She seemed to
the rack, in the cane basket. But the keys were radiate energy, radiate colours, radiate life –
nowhere to be found. In the silence that filled my my rainbow was born and it now emerged
house I heard a rattling sound – as I whirled around. I from its birthplace, my daughter's eyes.
found myself witnessing a spectacular sight. Keya was As I brought her closer to me, she
struggling to sit upright. She did manage that for a clutched my hair and let her gums dig into my
moment or two but then she nobbled and fell back, chin. A toothless smile was never so beautiful.
only to try again. She sat up, her hands Her small, chubby hands were
outstretched, my car keys dangling from her slapping my cheeks and as I held
As I brought her tight, she kicked me, her legs
right hand.
her closer to barely reaching my belly. As she
me, she

couldn't remember the last time continued kicking, I was taken back in time
something had intrigued me to this clutched my when Keya was still within me and I
extent, something that captivated me, in hair and let declared unceremoniously that I had felt the
spite of myself. I was getting late. I walked her gums dig first kick. Today, it was nothing less than a
to her and gently disentangling the bunch of miracle. A feeling seeped inside, an
keys from her hands I headed for the door.
into my chin. emotion filled my cold soul with warmth, a
What made me turn back and look at her is A toothless dream came to life, colours hustled out of
something I haven't yet been able to fathom. smile was blackness from me. Keya wasn't a reason
I saw tears trickling down her cheeks. I never so for me to live, she was life itself.
rushed to her. For the first time I touched her beautiful. Finally, I felt I was a mother, finally I felt
– she was so delicate, so fragile. I picked I was alive and, I breathed. We
An exquisite range of gorgeous
diamond necklaces – wonderful to
flaunt when doubled with beautiful
pair of danglers.

Pure passion:
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enhanced with rubies
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old-world charm.

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necklace studded with diamonds and
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necklace and earrings
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An elegant diamond necklace and
danglers studded with emeralds and
one ruby in the centre. Beads in pink
look captivating.
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A glittering diamond set in
floral and leafy designs
enhanced with rubies
and pearls.

Spark of love:
Diamond set
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embedded in it
for a sparkling

Pearl passion:
Sparkling diamond set
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Neck charm:
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necklace to adorn your
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Sparkling splendour: Diamond set

with emeralds embedded in it!
Jewellery: MB Jewellers & Sons Pvt. Ltd.
(Brij Mehra Group)
New Delhi. Mob: 09811301212
200 gm of flour
180 gm of oil

4 slices of tinned pineapple
1 tsp of baking powder
1/ tsp of sodi bi carb

3 eggs
1 cup of thick hung curd
8-9 tsp of sweetener
Here are some desserts to complete METHOD
your dinner. By Roma Sift together the flour, the
baking powder and soda, and the
CHIKKU KHEER sweetener. Beat the eggs in a
mixer. Mix in the oil and also mix
INGREDIENTS: in the hung curd. Blend the
3 chikkus mixture to obtain a smooth
1 litre of milk mixture.
4-5 tsp of sweetener – you could Place the sifted flour into a
increase or decrease this mixing bowl. Slowly add the egg,
amount as per your taste curd and oil mixture and blend
METHOD well to obtain a smooth batter.
Peel the chikku, remove the
seeds and mash the pulp with a
fork. Keep aside. Place the milk
in a thick-bottomed pan and bring
the milk to boil. Continue to boil For garnishing:
till till has been reduced to less a few pieces of
than half its quantity. Mix in the raspberries
sweetener and stir gently. Add the
fruit pulp and boil 3-4 minutes METHOD
more. Remove the thickened Soak the gelatine in
kheer and serve cold or at room half cup of lukewarm water
temperature. and leave aside for 3-4
minutes. In the meantime - wash
the raspberries, cut into halves Place the pineapple pieces on the
and then place in a mixer and bottom of a baking tray.
RASPBERRY churn to obtain a puree. In the You could cut the pineapple
SOUFFLE same mixture, add the hung curd,
grated paneer, the sweetener
into halves or leave the slices
whole. Pour the batter over the
INGREDIENTS: together with the fruit pulp and pineapples.
200-250 gm of raspberries churn the whole mixture gently. Place this tin in a preheated
200 gm of hung curd Pour into serving bowls and allow oven and bake at 180 degree for
150 gm of grated paneer to set. Before serving garnish with 40 minutes or until a needle
5-6 tsp of sweetener the berries or any other fruit and comes out clean when inserted in
21/2 tsp of gelatine serve. the centre of the cake. We

48 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

The festival of
colours, Holi is a
time for celebration.
We bring you
recipes which
include snacks,
main course and
desserts to pamper
your guests during
the festive season.
Corn kish
By Roma Ghosh.

CORN KISH coarsely. Mix in the spices and on

low heat continue to cook the STUFFED DATES
INGREDIENTS: corn, mashing with the back of a INGREDIENTS:
3 cups corn niblets wooden spoon as you continue to 12-15 whole seedless dates
1/ cup ghee cook. Cook over low heat for at
least 8-10 minutes adding ghee a For the stuffing:
1 tsp garam masala powder 1 cup sugar syrup
1/ tsp annar dana powder little at a time.
2 2 tsp pistachio nuts
1/ tsp jeera powder To serve: cut the paranthans
into triangles. Place a portion of 2 tbsp cashew nuts
1/ tsp red chilli powder
2 the prepared corn on these To serve:
salt to taste
paranthan triangles and serve as silver warq for decoration
To serve: a starter. METHOD
2 Malabar paranthans or jeera Stuffed dates Break the cashews and
pistachio nuts into small pieces.
METHOD Heat the sugar syrup and add the
Boil 350 ml of water and add pistachio and cashew nut pieces.
salt to taste. Once the water is Cook on low fire and keep stirring
boiling drop the corn niblets into so that the syrup begins to
the boiling water and allow corn thicken and the dry fruits get
to simmer in it for 2-3 minutes. coated in the sugar syrup. Once
Drain out all the excess water. the mixture is dry cool it to room
Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a non- temperature to use it as a filling
stick pan or a tava. Fry the corn for the dates. Carefully place a
niblets for 2 minutes and while portion of this filling in the centre
doing so keep mashing the corn of the dates from where the
so that these get crushed seeds have been removed. Wrap

50 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

each of the stuffed dates with allow to splutter. Add to the
silver warq. Prepare all the dates prepared dal and serve with the
in this way and serve as a starter wheat cakes.
or serve as part of the many
desserts for Holi.
2 cups wheatflour – atta 6-8 pieces rahu or any other fish
Fish in Mustard and coconut milk 1 tsp haldi powder
1 tsp ajwain seeds
1 cup ghee mustard oil for deep frying the fish
little at a time. Keep stirring salt to taste
ghee or oil for deep frying
continuously so that the water
salt to taste For the gravy:
mixes into the atta without forming
2 tbsp English mustard
For the dal: lumps. Once the batter is thick
2-3 slit green chillies
1 cup thuvar dal spread it in a rimmed greased
2 tsp chilli sauce
2 tbsp ghee thali. Alternately place it on a
1/ tsp haldi powder 3 tbsp thick coconut milk
2 rolling board used for preparing
1/ tsp ajwain or jeera as per
2 rotis and roll out with a rolling pin
your taste to at least half inch in thickness.
2 green chillies slit into halves Leave this aside for 10-12
salt to taste minutes to set. Then with a cutter
cut it into small round portions .
You can use a round katorie for
Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a
this too to cut circular cakes. Heat
kadhai. Add the wheatflour and fry
oil or ghee for deep frying and fry
the atta on low fire till it turns light
these cakes on low fire a few at a
golden brown in colour. Add a
time. Fry till brown on top on low
little more oil and continue to stir
fire. Serve these wheat cakes with
and cook on low fire and use up
thuvar ki dal. The preparation is
all the ghee adding a little at a
rather heavy but can be enjoyed
time till the atta is a nice golden in Cleanse your face twice a day with a
during the festival season.
colour. In another pan heat 5-6 gentle soap free cleanser. Give head-
For the dal: Soak the dal in to-toe moisture treatment to your skin.
cups of water. Add the lukewarm Nutrition is the basic building block to
water for 15 minutes. Drain out all
water slowly into the fried atta a any skincare system. Spring time is
the water. Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in the time to take advantage of fresh,
Deep fried wheat cakes a pan or a pressure cooker and green vegetables and fruits.
If using the foundation, then opt for a
fry the dal for one minute. Add 2 light weight one with SPF protection
and a half cups of water and salt of minimum 15.
and haldi powder and cook the Spring season triggers off many
allergies which can flare up and cause
dal till tender but not mushy. You puff eyes, swelling, redness, etc. A cool
can add more water if you want compress before applying cosmetics
can help prevent minor allergies.
the consistency thinner. If you are Use Vitamin E oil before you sleep,
adding more water then bring the this will refreshen the skin, which has
grown dull after winter.
dal to a boil and allow it to
simmer for a further 2 minutes.
Put off the heat and pour into a
serving dish. In a small pan heat
the remaining ghee and add the
ajwain seeds, green chillies and

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 51

For garnishing: To prepare the icing: Mix the
cherries and pistachio nuts coffee in 2 cups of water and
allow the mixture to simmer over
low fire. Mix the cornflour in 3 tsp
Clean the fish and sprinkle salt
of lukewarm water and add to the
and half the amount of the
coffee mixture. Continue to
turmeric powder and keep aside
simmer and keep stirring till the
for 10 minutes. Heat enough oil
mixture begins to thicken. Put off
for deep frying the fish . Fry 2-3
the heat and mix in the brown
pieces of the fish in hot oil ,
colour. Cool to room temperature.
turning once so that both the
Cut the cake into pastry sizes.
sides are fried crispy and brown.
Use a butter knife to lace the top
Remove and keep aside.
of each pastry cake with the
Remove most of the oil leaving Coffee walnut pastry coffee icing and garnish with
only 2 tsp in the pan. Mix
pieces of walnuts. Keep in the
together the mustard with 2 tbsp Place in a mixing bowl and keep fridge for the icing to set
of lukewarm water in a mixing aside. Grind the sugar in a mixer. completely. Take out from the
bowl to get a smooth paste. Also, Mix in the eggs and beat well in a fridge just before serving.
add the chilli sauce to this paste. mixer or with a hand blender. Add
Now mix this paste into the oil in the butter and blend again.
the pan and place on low fire. Add Continue to blend and mix till the
2 cups of water and bring to a
boil. Now add the fried fish pieces
mixture is smooth and fluffy. Add DECORATED
and allow the fish to simmer in the
this mixture to the sifted flour
mixing continuously as you do so.
sauce for 3-4 minutes. Allow the This is a colourful dessert to go
Mix the sifted flour and the egg
sauce to thicken and then add the with the colourful mood of Holi.
mixture together, ensuring no
green chillies and the coconut Easy to prepare, it adds colour to
lumps form. Grease a cake tin.
milk. Stir gently and remove from the Holi special meal
Pour the cake mixture into the
fire. Garnish with cherries and cake tin and bake in a preheated INGREDIENTS:
pistachio and serve with steamed oven for 40-45 minutes or until a 24 pieces fresh strawberries
rice or puris or paranthas. knitting needle comes out clean For the chocolate sauce:
when inserted in the centre of the 3 tbsp drinking chocolate powder
cake. Put off the oven and allow 2 tsp sugar
COFFEE the cake to cool 1 tsp cornflour – optional
WALNUT PASTRY Decorated strawberries
250 gm maida
225 gm sugar
200 gm white butter
11/2 tsp baking powder
11/2 tbsp instant coffee powder
3 eggs
For the coffee icing:
11/2 tbsp coffee
2 tsp cornflour
2 drops brown colour
For decoration:
Sift together the maida, baking
powder and the coffee powder.

52 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

METHOD strawberries well. Remove from Dampen the edge of the roti with
To prepare the chocolate the fridge just at the time of water and hold at 4-5 points at its
sauce: Boil 200 ml of water and serving. rim, bringing close at the centre.
add sugar to taste. Stir till the Press the points tightly so that the
sugar melts, Lower the heat and filling is sealed inside. Press this
mix in chocolate powder. It will be
advisable to mix the chocolate SWEET ball with your palm gently. Repeat
with other balls. Bake or deep-fry
powder in half cup of lukewarm
water and then add it to the
RAJASTHANI all the balls and keep aside to
boiling water which has sugar KACHORIE Prepare a chasni syrup of 2
dissolved in it. Pour the chocolate threads by dissolving 1 cup sugar
mix and continue to stir and cook in 1 cup water.
on low fire till the chocolate sauce For the dough: Make a hole of size 1 cm at the
begins to thicken. At this stage 11/2 cups maida top centre of each kachorie and
you may mix the cornflour with 2 2 tbsp ghee pour approximately 2 tsp of the
tbsp of lukewarm water and add a pinch of salt chasni into it. Pour some chasni
to the sauce. Continue to stir and For the filling: outside on the kachorie also.
thicken. Once the sauce thickens, 1 cup khoya – crumbled
remove from fire and cool at room 1 tbsp almonds – blanched and
temperature. crushed into small pieces
Wash the strawberries and dip 1 tbsp pistachio – broken into
the tip of a few of the strawberries small pieces
into the prepared chocolate 1/ tsp cinnamon powder
sauce. Dip each of the 1/ tsp elaichi powder –
strawberries one at a time. Place cardamom powder
on a serving plate. You could
even dip the entire strawberry into For the syrup:
chocolate and then roll it in 1 cup sugar
chocolate decorations or roll it in 1 cup water for syrup
tiny pieces of cashews. Place all METHOD
the strawberries on a serving Roll one ball to a size of about Egyptian pulao
plate and keep in the fridge for the 3 inch diameter roti. Place 2 tsp
chocolate sauce to coat the of filling stuff at its centre.
Sweet Rajasthani Kachorie PULAO
1 cup basmati rice
1/ cup or 3-4 tbsp sabot mung
1/ tsp or rosemary – dried or
fresh leaves
1 cup macaroni – any size or
shape – can be of two or three
varieties too
2 tbsp butter
salt to taste
Soak the rice and the dal
separately in water for 1 hour.
Drain out all the excess water.
Heat the butter in a pan and fry

54 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

the rice and the dal for 2 minutes.
Lower the heat and add 2 cups of
water, salt to taste and the
rosemary powder. Stir and bring
the water to boil. Lower the heat
and cover with a lid so that the
rice and the dal are cooked and
all the water is evaporated.
In the meantime boil the
different variety of macaroni till
tender. Drain out all the excess
water. Mix the macaroni into the
prepared pulao and serve hot.

MUSHROOM Tri decker pastry

AND SPINACH mixture. Pour this mixture into the removing the seeds and place it
CAKE spinach puree and mix well in a on top of the tart dish. Bake in the
INGREDIENTS: mixing bowl. same way and you need not over-
1 cup spinach puree Sift together the flour, baking turn the tart in this case if you
100 gm button mushrooms powder, herbs and the salt. Add want the red bell pepper to show
100 gm hung curd these dry ingredients a little at a on top.
125 gm refined oil time into the wet mixture. Mix
3 tbsp grated parmesan cheese continuously so that the
200 gm flour
11/4 tsp baking powder
ingredients blend well without
forming lumps. All the ingredients TRI DECKER
1 tsp mixed herbs should get mixed properly.
Grease a small oven proof tart
1 small size red bell pepper - To make one pastry you will
optional dishes. Cut circles of the button need:
2-3 pinches of salt mushrooms and place one or two
at the bottom of the tart dish. INGREDIENTS:
METHOD Balance the other slices of 2 slices sponge cake
In a mixer, blend together the mushrooms all around the tart, 1 slice chocolate cake
hung curd, cheese and oil. Run making the slices of mushrooms For the layering:
the mixer well so that the to stand straight against the 3-4 tbsp whipped sweetened
ingredients blend into a smooth raised rim of the tart dish. Pour cream
the prepared cakes mixture over 2-3 tbsp mixed fruit jam
the mushrooms. Place the tart 2-3 tbsp plum sauce
dish in an oven at 160 degree C
For decoration:
for 15-18 minutes or until the
tarts rise and begin to turn light
golden brown on top. Insert a METHOD
knitting needle in the centre To assemble the pastry:
which should come out clean Place one slice of the sponge
when the cake is baked. Put off cake on a plate. Cover the top of
the oven and remove the tarts this slice with the sweetened
and overturn these so that whipped cream. Place a piece of
mushrooms are seen on top. the chocolate cake on this. Mix
Variation: You could cut slices the strawberry jam with 1 tsp of
Mushroom and spinach cake of red bell pepper without lukewarm water so that it

56 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

becomes easy to spread over the 1 tbsp lemon juice Sabudana pakora
cake. Spread this jam over the 1/ -1/ tsp cumin/coriander
4 2
slice of chocolate cake. Now powder
place the second slice of the 1/ teaspoon turmeric
sponge cake. Spread the plum oil for deep frying the kachuri
sauce over it (if it is too thick then salt to taste
add half tsp of lukewarm water to METHOD
the plum sauce). Top with the Grind the corn kernels in a
raspberries and enjoy the tri mixer coarsely. Heat the oil and
decker cake. add the whole spices and allow
to splutter.
Add the corn and fry for 2-3
CORN minutes. Mix in the rest of the
ingredients for the filling and
KACHORIE continue to fry on low fire for a
INGREDIENTS: further 2 minutes. Remove and
keep aside.
For the dough:
2 cups flour - maida
Mix the maida, butter, oil and PAKORA
salt and add water to knead into a
1 tbsp butter INGREDIENTS:
firm dough. Divide the dough into
1 tbsp vegetable oil 250 gm Sabudana - sago
about 3/4 cup warm water 500 gm rice flour
Roll out each portion into a 3
(enough for a firm dough) 250 gm maida
inch round chapatti. Place a
salt to taste 200 ml curd
portion of the corn filling in the
4 onions
For the filling: centre and of each ‘chapatti’ and
2-3 green chillies
1 cup corn niblets/kernels fold to form a round ball.
1 inch piece ginger
1 tbsp fresh coriander leaves Flatten slightly with your palms.
1 tsp red chilli powder
chopped Heat enough oil for deep frying
1 tsp cumin seeds and fry the kachories on very low
curry leaves
2 tbsp oil fire.
salt to taste
pinch hing Fry 3-4 at a time till the
1/ tsp cumin/mustard/sesame
2 kachories are crispy and golden METHOD
seed mixture brown. Soak the Sabudana in curd for
around 5 to 6 hours. In a mixing
bowl, place the soaked sabudana
Corn kachorie and curd and mix riceflour, flour,
chilli powder, salt, chopped
onions, chopped green chillies,
finely chopped ginger, chopped
coriander, curry leaves. Add
sufficient water to this and mix
well. Prepare into a batter and
keep beating with your fingers so
that the batter is well mixed and
smooth. Heat enough oil for deep
frying. Use a spoon or even your
fingers and drop small portions of
the prepared batter into hot oil.
Fry on low fire a few pakodas at a
time. Fry till light golden brown.
Serve hot with chutney or ketchup
or pickle.

58 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

SABUDANA in the sugar and now also mix in
the soaked sabudana mixture and
KHICHIDI gently fry for 1-2 minutes, taking
care that the sabudana does not
Simple recipe but tastes good
become pulpy. Add the lime juice
when there is too much fried food
and toss gently and serve.
or too much sweets. A small
helping of this tastes good with
the rich food
1 cup sabudana(sago) INGREDIENTS:
50 gm peanuts 12-14 frozen puff pastry sheets,
3-4 tsp oil thawed
1/ tsp sugar 1/ cup chopped walnuts Omali
2 2
1 boiled potato peeled and cut 1 cup chopped pecan nuts
into pieces 1 cup raisins pieces and stir into nut mixture.
2 green chillies - chopped finely 1 cup dried coconut Spread mixture evenly in oven
1/ tsp mustard seeds
4 11/4 cups white sugar, divided dish.
1 pinch hing (asafoetida) 4 cups milk Bring milk and 1/2 cup sugar to
few curry leaves 1/ cup heavy cream a boil in a medium saucepan over
salt to taste medium heat. Pour over nut
For garnishing: O mixture.
Preheat oven to 180 C. Grease
50 gm or 2 tbsp bhujia, or mixed Beat the heavy cream with the
a baking dish.
hot gram - optional remaining 1/2 cup sugar until stiff
Place the pastry sheets in the
wash and soak sabudana in peaks form. Spread evenly over
baking dish and place the dish in
water for 2-3 hours. nut mixture in dish.
the oven. When the top layer
Place dessert under oven
METHOD turns crunchy and golden, remove
broiler until top is golden brown,
Heat the oil/ghee in a pan and it from the oven. Continue until all
about 10 minutes. Serve hot.
add mustard seeds. When the the sheets are cooked.
mustard seed crackle add cumin Preheat the oven broiler.
seeds, green chillies and curry In a bowl, mix together the
leaves. nuts, raisins, coconut and 1/4 cup SPINACH PIE
Add potatoes and stir well. Mix sugar. Break cooked pastry into INGREDIENTS:
For the crust:
11/2 cups flour
4 tbsp melted butter
salt to taste
For the filling:
2 cups chopped fresh spinach
2 cups parmesan cheese
1 cup milk
1 beaten egg
3 tbsp olive oil
3 pods chopped garlic
To prepare the crust: Sift
together the flour and the salt. Mix
in the butter with your fingers.
Now add just enough water to
Sabudana khichidi
knead to form a smooth dough.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 59

and put it in a sugar syrup and
BALUSHAI immediately remove it and place it
INGREDIENTS: on a separate dish.
1 cup maida To prepare the sugar syrup:
2-3 tbsp ghee Bring the water to boil and add
1 tbsp dahi - yogurt the sugar. Stir till the sugar melts
1/ tsp baking powder and continue to simmer on low
fire for around 10-12 minutes.. Stir
For the syrup: from time to time till the syrup is
11/2 cups sugar semi-thick in consistency. To test
Spinach pie 11/2 cups water if the syrup is ready take a spoon
of syrup and put it in a glass of
Balushai water. If the syrup settles at the
Place in a bowl, cover, and bottom, then it is ready.
refrigerate for 30 minutes.
To prepare the filling:
Heat oil in a pan and add
the garlic, and the spinach. MAWA
Sauté until soft and remove
from the heat. Keep aside.
Divide the dough into INGREDIENTS:
two portions. 2 cups wheat flour
Roll out both the 1 cup mawa
portions into circular 1 cup ghee
chapatti a little larger than 2-3 tbsp sugar or as per taste
1/ cup blanched and chopped
the size of the pie dish you 2
are going to use. Place almonds
one of the chapatti on the base of METHOD METHOD
a greased pie dish. Sift the flour and baking Heat a kadhai and dry-roast
In a mixing bowl, whisk the powder. Add ghee and mix with the wheatflour over low heat till it
milk and the eggs and also add your fingers. Mix in the dahi and turns light golden brown, stirring
the drained spinach. just enough water to knead into a all the time. Break the mava into
Pour this mixture over the smooth pliable dough. .Divide the small pieces – in fact crush it into
prepared pie crust and cover with dough into 6-8 portions and shape fine grains.
the other rolled out chapatti. Bake each portion into a ball. Flatten Add this mawa into the wheat
in the oven at 180 degree C for each of the balls. flour and allow the mawa to melt.
about 25-30 minutes. Then with your thumb and Add the sugar and keep stirring
Place on a serving platter, slice index finger press in the centre over low fire till the mixture begins
into pieces and serve warm. such that the centre part is thinner to thicken.
than the edges. Keep the Continue to fry, add the
prepared patties aside remaining ghee a little at a time.
Winner Heat enough oil for deep
frying. Fry the prepared
Once the mixture is almost dry,
put off the heat and add the
of patties on low fire, a few at almonds.
Friendship a time. The patties must be
fried on very low fire and
While still hot, shape into
ladoos with greased palms. The
Quiz the patties should take colour of the ladoos will vary on
Contest - 70 around 12-14 minutes to
rise and become golden
how much you dry-roast the
Dr Rita Jain brown. Once they are If you make it a dark golden
13-MIG, Near Tripathi Chauraha, golden brown, remove brown then the ladoos will be of a
Allahabad, Pin: 211 002 them with a slotted spoon darker shade. We

60 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

QA &
I recently got married and have to
often work in the kitchen. For some
also think of using a leave in
conditioner instead of the one that is
reason my cuticles keep getting washed off.
cracked and sometimes it is painful.
What can I do to fight this problem
as I already have short nails? My beautician says I need at least
Mash an overripe papaya and add three sessions of facial peel to get
glycerin to it. Apply on cuticles area the desired result. I am about to be
every day and leave for 15 minutes married in a few months time and
before washing off. Before going to money is not an issue but I do not
bed massage some warmed almond want to harm my skin by too many
oil or olive oil on the area and wear procedures. Is she being honest?
gloves to protect your hands from the You need to be more trustful
harsh and hurting detergents. towards your beautician. Yes,

treatments like chemical peels,
micro-derma-brasion or even laser
I was told that honey can be used as procedures need more than one
a leave in hair conditioner. But I am session to give total effective results.
In summer I use curd as a base for sure it will be too sticky really. How to Ask a qualified dermatologist if you
my hair mask. However, it seems too use honey as a conditioner? want reassurance about how
cold in winter to use that. What is the Honey is a good moisturiser and if effective the treatments would be
alternative for this? you have dry scalp or any dandruff, it (especially if the recommendation is
I presume your hair is more dry is very good. It is best to mix a more than two of the same treatment)
than oily. You can use egg yolk as a teaspoon of honey in about 250 ml and ask for the correct time lapse
base, mix a teaspoon of oil if your of water. After shampooing your hair, between treatments.
hair is dry and if you have oily hair use this as a last rinse. It will not feel
you can mash up a fruit and add to it sticky. However, if you feel

(papaya and pineapple work best). uncomfortable you may leave it for My friend recently got married and
Leave for half an hour before about 10 minutes and then rinse swore that home treatments worked
washing off with tepid water. once again. wonders for her skin tone (they did)
and she said she used a lot of haldi
in her regime. Won’t that make me
I do not have much hair on my arms I am a working woman and when I look yellow?
and legs and tend to shave it when I am in a hurry I tend to always use a No, haldi or turmeric, if used
am wearing something sleeveless. Is hairdryer. Can this harm my hair? correctly will give the benefits of its
it harmful to shave too often? You should take certain care antiseptic qualities without leaving
You say that you do not have when using a hairdryer regularly. the yellow colour. If your skin is
much hair on arms and legs – then Don’t use it on very hot setting and normal to dry the combination of
why do you need to shave it at all? It use a nourishing conditioner for malai with besan (gramflour) and half
is a much better option to wax these healthier hair. a teaspoon of haldi used alternate
hair as that gives you smoothness for Also, towel-dry your hair as much days on face like an exfoliator would
up to three weeks. as possible before using the dryer. give great result.
If you are shaving your hair, Stop using the hair dryer before the You can also add it to your body
remember to use a gel afterwards hair turns totally dry. Leave it slightly scrub. Avoid using it for leave on face
that is moisturising and smoothens damp to minimise the harm. If your masks as that may leave a yellowish
the skin. hair is fine and long then you could hue.
An innovative &classy!
and fresh
boulevard of
traditional Indian
ensembles with
a unique
majestic look... Pink is in:
Captivating pink
suit with churidar
accentuated with
half jacket and
edged with
brown fur.
Fabulous fusion:
Blending tradition
and modernity, the
lovely kurti in
green with
patchwork designs
is teamed with
brown churidar.
Magic of black & blue:
A unique kurti in
flowing fabric
beautified with half
jacket edged with blue
fabric border is
coupled with matching
Beautiful blend: Polka
dotted A-line shaped
kurti in blue accentuated
with paisley motifs
paired with churidar – a
concoction of east and
west, reflecting the
inherent Indian soul.
Romance in style:
Intricate embroidery
on this lovely half
jacket worn over
saffron kurti matched
with maroon tights,
takes you back to the
era of romance.
Pretty in pastels:
Celebrating the
quintessence of bling
and glamour, the kurti in
subtle shades
accentuated with floral
patchwork, border and
lace is paired with
tights n hues of beige.
Pretty in patchwork:
Striped patchwork in
hues of golden beige
and mouse and
beautiful design in
patchwork edging the
hemline on this kurti
teamed with matching
churidar and dupatta
is captivating.
Regal touch:
The lovely polka-
dotted kurti in
golden beige
beautified with
intricate embroidered
work teamed with
churidar and dupatta.
Touch of luxury:
Brocade shirt in pink
embroidered work is
coupled with
matching dupatta
and churidar.
Dressed by: FI – Fashion & I
Courtyard Mall, Delhi-110 017
Ph: 011-46010377
QA &
Are you a working woman who has
to leave her alone for prolonged
periods? Has she suffered from a
recent emotional trauma like
displacement in your attention and
affections due to the appearance
of a sibling or recent separation on
account of school?
Is there a family history of pica
and the child is merely following
the example set? As for
management of the situation, try
distracting her whenever she starts
scratching the wall, instead of

scolding and beating her. Give her
I have a five-year-old daughter. She a lot of love and attention. Try
is in the habit of scratching the wall substituting the plaster with chewable
and eating the plaster. Please tell me calcium tablets. Get her haemoglobin
how to make her stop this habit. I am tested since pica can be associated
afraid that it may cause harm to her with iron deficiency anaemia. Intake
My son is four years old. He is very body. of dirt can lead to worm infestation
short tempered and naughty. When Your daughter has a condition which has to be looked into.
he gets angry he starts throwing called pica which means a desire to
things around and screams loudly. eat non-edible things. Though the
He does not come around with cause is not known, it is often My elder son, aged 13, has started
words. Please tell me how to manage associated with neglect, deprivation behaving very strangely with his
him. He is our only child and we have or insecurity and even child abuse. father. He gets frustrated with
lessened our pampering. whatever his father says. On his part,
You have indeed pampered him my husband too keeps nagging him
I have a seven-
and in the process made him the and later says he said it for fun but no
years-old son. He
indisciplined brat he is today but all is one thinks it funny.
does not like to
not lost. You have to regain control My son has begun to shun us and
go out and play
over him so that he grows up to be a generally behave in an arrogant
with friends. The
responsible human being. You could manner. Kindly tell us how to manage
whole day he
begin by being firm and not relenting him as we are at a loss about what to
watches CDs on
whatever means he adopts to make do with him.
the computer.

you come around. Your son is going through a
Due to this, he
The next time he throws a confusing phase of life –
does not even complete his
tantrum, just ignore him. Let him adolescence. The hormonal surge is
homework quite often. Please tell
throw things around (keep valuables creating havoc with his psyche and
me what to do.
safe from him) and scream to his a nagging father in such a situation is
You will have to firmly restrict
hearts content. Do not pay any certainly not what he needs. Saying it
his time in front of the computer
attention and do not betray by word was all in fun will only worsen
no matter what it takes; even if it
or deed that his acts of defiance are matters. You will have to handle him
means keeping it under lock and
having any effect on you and do not with love and care and give him a bit
key. Let him rave and rant but do
give in to unreasonable demands. of space.
not give in. Make him understand
Tantrums are an attention- If he is arrogant and back-answers
that you will allow him time with
seeking device and if you react in any do not turn it into a shouting match.
the computer provided he finishes
way, it will have the effect he desires Talk with him when he is in a calmer
his homework and goes out to
and he will continue to do so. On the frame of mind and ask if anything
play for at least an hour.
other hand, if you pretend that specific is troubling him.
When he finally does come
nothing is amiss, he will give up the If he is not close enough to you
around, keep the computer in the
habit by and by. Later, when he is in both and does not open his heart to
living room so that you can keep
a calmer frame of mind, you can talk you, you could take the help of a
an eye on what he is watching, for
matters over with him. You could also psychologist. Most schools have
children as young as him get
hug and kiss him to let him know that teachers/sociologist who take care of
hooked onto sites not meant for
you love him but not that particular such issues.
act of his. – Dr Amrinder Bajaj, MD.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 71

t is a proven fact that seduction is

an art. Hot babe Nikita always
does something different to
attract her guy, turn him on, and
let him explore his wilder side to
its best when it comes to taking a
leap on the bed. On the other
hand, Tanya who is physically
more attractive than Nikita,
always finds herself in big trouble
in a situation like this. She runs out of
new ideas and struggles to explore
the naughty side of her guy. She
finally ends up losing the sex battle.
This is not the story of Tanya
alone. Many females like her in this
whole wide world fall prey to such a
situation. “What to do?” is the
question that arises here. Does a
Nikita kind of babe is having a magic
stick in her hand? The answer is NO.
You can also be full of witty, whacky
and wild ideas that can make your
man go down on his knees.
So, to make your sexual relation-
ship a healthier one, here are some
of the coolest ideas:
Dress to kill: An attractive, sexy
outfit plays a major role in winning
the heart of the one you love. Your
guy would love to see you in a
transparent attire. So keep this in
mind and wear a see-through night
gown late evening to seduce him. Also
remember, do not put on any lingerie
to add a ‘little more’ to his excitement.
The touch game: They say
everything starts with a touch. You
can also play the touching game with
your guy to add more zing to your
relationship. Try to identify his
sensitive body parts like his neck,

ears, tummy and areas below the
belt. Now touch and lick him there to
turn the heat on. Also, try moving
your hand on his chest and then

slowly coming down. It can be truly

TIPS sensational! Running your fingers

from head to toe can really put the
oil in the burning flames.
Go the ‘reel’ way: Movies, or the
Don’t let him make reel life, can act as your best

MAKE all the hot moves.

Start making them
companion when the two of you are
under the same bedsheet, sharing

the same bed, of course. So, get into
yourself. the bed having some naughty DVDs
to watch with him. Tell him that you
By Amit Wadhwa want to enact a naughty scene
playing in the movie with him. He is Dirty dancing: Dance is not by passionate look; speak with your
going to love this for sure. chance, it’s always a part of fun- sexy eyes, to have the time of your
A piece of advice: Pure porn/ - loving romance. Dance with him in life. Always remember the fact that
hardcore/XXX should be avoided in your room to a very romantic musical slow and steady always wins the race.
such a situation. number. Try ballroom dancing to a Lick, lick, lick: To seduce him in
Try love bites: Ever tried biting soft number while the two of you are a sexy and stylish manner, get some
on your partner’s body? If not, then wearing almost nothing. It will be ice cream or liquid chocolate. Of
let me tell you it is a REAL turn-on. great fun for sure. Also, when you course, it is meant to be eaten – but
So try it at least once. To start with, two are at home alone, slowly start in a more passionate way. All you
run your fingers between his upper undressing each other and shake a need to do now is, take a scoopful of
and lower lip so that he takes your leg together. This will turn out to be a the ice cream or chocolate and put a
finger in his mouth and starts sucking hot dancing affair that you will few melting drops of it on his body
it. Now move forward slowly and let remember for life. parts. The areas to be attacked on a
your breasts get closer to his chest. Act slowly: Always act as a slow priority basis are the lips, neck and
It’s the right time now to give him love poison. Do not give him everything cheeks. Now start the licking game.
bites on his ears, shoulder and neck. all at once. Make him wait; reveal Lick all that you have dropped on
This will surely have a crazy effect your assets like cleavage, in bits, but him. You will relish – it and he will
on him. not completely. Give him a cherish it! We
in the uterus and diseases like excessive loss of hair is generally
endometriosis, etc. may be responsi- due to nutritional deficiencies,
ble. It would be better if you see your following fever like typhoid, crash
doctor who after examining you will dieting and local diseases of scalp.
be able to decide the cause and treat Too-tight knotting or hair curling and
you accordingly. use of dyes may be other factors. It

would be better if you see a specialist
in haircare who will be able to solve
I am 32 years and have been having your problem.

menstrual problems. My doctor has
diagnosed it to be due to
endometriosis. I am worried. Please I am 40 years, overweight and have
help. recently developed dilated veins in
I hope your doctor has really done my legs. My doctor says these are

tests to confirm it. It is a condition in varicose veins. Please advise.
which the inlands of tissue from the Varicose veins are as a result of
lining inside the uterus invade the the defective functioning of the valves
surrounding structures and become in the veins with the result that blood
embedded in them. Trouble begins which travels in the veins upwards
when the monthly bleeding irritates towards the heart does not do so
surrounding tissues. properly. Due to of its sluggish flow,
A woman who suffers from it may blood accumulates in the dilated
have pain during sexual relation - veins and the circulation becomes
ships. Some women suffer from poor.
I am 30 years old and a teacher by sterility. Your doctor will be the right Due to poor circulation there is
profession. Of late, my voice has person to advise you on the course of hypoxia. If this process is allowed to
become husky. I have taken many treatment. continue varicose ulcers may form.

treatments but had no help. Please Sufferers from varicose veins
advise. generally complain of aching and
Huskiness of the voice occurs in I am a college girl of 18. Recently, I swelling of the legs after prolonged
people who have to speak, much like read about a disease called ‘kissing standing. Women who are over -
you. There is swelling of the vocal disease’ what is it? weight are more likely to suffer from
cord which settles down after giving Kissing disease is so called varicose veins.
rest to them. But if this persists, firstly because it spreads by the act of There are two ways of treating it –
you should consult your ENT kissing. It is caused by the Epstein- the use of support stockings, and
specialist who after examining you barr virus and the disease is called keeping your feet up after standing.

will be able to plan the line of infectious mononucleosis. Generally, Long-standing cases of varicose
treatment. For your information there are symptoms of sore throat, veins may have to opt for surgery.

huskiness of voice is common in headache, fever and enlarged glands
smokers and people with frequent in the neck. It is a self-limiting
throat infections. Polyps in the vocal disease and the person recovers My problem is that when my 12-year-
cords areas, poor functioning of the after a few days of bed rest in an old son takes bananas, eggs,
thyroid gland and, lastly, persistent uncomplicated case. chocolates, etc. he starts having a

huskiness may be early sign of throat pain in the abdomen. Our doctor says
cancer. that he is allergic to these food items.
I am 35 years old. Recently, I have Please advise.
noticed that clumps of hair come out Allergy to certain foods is quite
I am 30 years old and married. My when I brush. At this rate I am afraid I common and many people are not
problem is that my periods are quite may become bald. Please help. aware about it. Your son, unfor -
irregular. Sometimes, I skip a month Before we talk of your problem let tunately, is allergic to the foods you
and then there is heavy bleeding and us understand the problem Normally, have mentioned. The only solution
two periods are back to back. Please you lose about 60-70 hair per day. for him is to avoid these foods.
advise. These are being replaced by new Beyond that nothing much can be
Your irregular periods point growth. done. Many people advise desensiti-
hormonal imbalances. Besides this When the new hair start growing sation procedures. But these are very
factor of stress, increase in weight these push the old hair out. So it time-consuming and generally not
and excessive exercise in addition to means your hair loss is probably due recommended.
factors like the presence of fibroids to the problem of hair turnover. But — Dr S. N. Khosla, MD.
A hot idea to bring back
the lost glow. By Vikas Kumar Jain
ave you ever tried icing to you do not want them to melt within returning to your eyes a few

bring a glow to your face? minutes because it has got to be moments later. Apart from making
Icing not only brings a glow, rubbed over a fixed period of time. your eyelids glow, it will also freshen
but also removes black Wrap a piece of the ice in cotton up your mood. Nature therapists
patches from your face. So cloth. Always use a soft cloth, often use ice on the eyelids to de-
icing is one of the best otherwise it may cause injury to your stress their patients.
home-made remedies to get skin. Once the ice has been wrapped Now, it’s time to stop. Like excess
a healthy, mark and spot- up, wait for half a minute. The piece of anything is bad, excess of icing is
free face. But how to do it of cloth will become cold and wet. bad, too. Stop after 15 minutes. By
remains a question. The You can now use it to ice your face. that time, your piece of ice will
answer is: the method is as simple probably have melted entirely. If it
as it is effective. So get ready. melts too early, get another – two-
Freeze water. Get a steel bowl, fill DE-STRESS THERAPY minute icings are of no great help.
it with water, and put it into the Begin icing by dabbing at your After going through the icing, dry
freezer. The reason for opting for a cheeks. Dab at your cheeks with the your wet face with a soft and clean
bowl, and not for ice-cubes, is that cloth containing ice. Then travel up towel. While using the towel, never
cubes melt too quickly, and returning your cheeks, moving the cloth in a rub your face. Instead, dab at your
to the refrigerator every two minutes gentle, circular motion. face with it until you feel that your
can be a irritating. Moreover, ice Continue this motion all around face is dry enough.
cubes are smaller. your face. If you have pimples, pause Icing your face once will be not be
Empty the bowl and break the ice. over them and softly press the cloth good enough. Once you start icing,
Once the water in the bowl has into your skin. This may cause your stick to it if you want to see results.
frozen, take out the ice. Hold the pimples to subside. Ice your forehead Repeat it once or twice every day,
bowl upside-down over a dish or pan and chin. especially at night before going to
in a sink, and open the tap. The tap Rest ice over your eyes. Ice and bed or after you have worked or been
water will cause the ice in the bowl to eyes are good for each other. Close outside in very hot, dry or rough
gently slide into the dish or pan your eyes and press the cloth over weather. And remember – when
underneath. Now smash this mass of them for a few minutes. If you feel icing, ''gentle'' is the keyword. After
ice into smaller pieces. Make sure too cold, stop doing it after half a all, you do not want to end up with a
that the pieces are not too small – minute and turn back to your cheeks, red face! We

WONDERS WITH reasts are not just bags of

fluid fat. They are beautiful
works of art and symbols of
desire for men. For most
women, breast size is an
important part of feeling
good, desirable and normal.
Understand that a ‘normal,
healthy breast’ comes in
many different shapes and
sizes. In fact, ‘normal’ covers a wide
range of things. Normal for you may
be quite different from what it is for
other women. Furthermore, ‘normal’
also changes through the life stages.
For instance, before you reach
puberty and begin menstruating, your
breasts tend to be quite smooth.
Later, hormone changes tend to bring
on more texture and size. Through
pregnancy and feeding, your breast
size increases four to five times. Most
women never go back to their original
size after a baby. The bottom line
really is that big breasts can be
healthy and normal and loose,
sagging breasts can be healthy and
normal and firm, perky breasts can
be healthy and normal. Let us learn
to appreciate nature.
In fact, most pairs aren’t of the
same size. Asymmetry in a pair is
more common and more normal than
not. So don’t fall for the idea that
Baywatch breasts — usually hard as
rocks and almost pointing to the
ceiling, with lots of cleavage and a
perfect tan — are normal. Indeed,
they are desirable, attractive and can
be had for a price, but they are not
Usually, the difference in a pair is
so small, a woman only notices when
she examines herself closely. In
some cases, the discrepancy is much
more obvious — up to a full cup size.
The easiest way to correct the
difference is by placing a pad on one
Here’s how a woman can
make her natural assets more appealing.
By Dr Parveen Parkash
side of your bra. But if one breast is believe non-matching breasts are a
at least half a cup size larger, breast- risk.
reduction surgery in the bigger
breast, or an implant in the smaller Guidelines for the little girl who
one is the option. Talk to your gyno is growing into a young woman for
about risks, which in some cases selecting the perfect accessory:
include permanent scarring and loss ● There is no one ‘right’ age for
of breast sensitivity. Your nipples young girls to start wearing bras.
may not match either. This is normal, Depending on breast development, a
so don’t worry about it. The only time girl can start as early as 8 or as late
you should worry is if one or both as in her teens.
nipples suddenly change direction. ● To get the right bra, go into the
This may indicate a breast tumour. If changing room and try on a number
this happens get it checked by the of different bras. Once you find a
doctor. Asymmetry probably isn’t a suitable one, you should check for
health danger. Most doctors don’t proper support by jumping a little.

Finding the right bra to keep your

pair in tip-top shape
A bad bra is aggressive and ● A bra that fits you perfectly
harsh. Get a bra that fits you not only prevents back pain and
perfectly. For a smooth look and an provides much-needed support, it
excellent fit, there are micro-fibre also shapes your bust to look
bras, which are the ultimate in fabulous.
comfort. ● A bra with supporting
You can go sexy in satin, wild underwire is the best thing for a
in racy animal prints and feminine large bust.
in pretty floral prints. ● Your bust should be
Here are tips to calm the storm contained in the bra and not spill
in your bra cup: out from the sides or below. This
● Holding your bust up with gives the illusion of extra fat.
proper support via a good ● A bra that’s too tight can
bra can make you look restrict blood flow causing mastitis
a lot slimmer. during lactation.
Women can look ● A too-loose top can cause
least one size ‘Cooper’s ligament’ and fibrous
smaller when they tissue in your twins to stretch,
wear the right-size resulting in an aching and even
bra. premature sagging.
Lean forward in the mirror to see that practically go straight to your chest. Your guy complains of lumpiness
the cups hold the breasts properly. With the current trend of looking slim, Some women have lumpier
● A new bra should be fastened breast size becomes the casualty as, breasts than others, so it could just
to the last hook as it will stretch with in the process of losing weight, fat is be the way your boobs are. But if
wear, and tear. also lost from the breasts giving them he’s touching them the week before
● Start with training bras or a smaller, sagging appearance. your period, the lumpiness is most
sports bras and then gradually shift to Repeatedly gaining and losing kilos likely a side effect of PMS when
soft demi or full-cup bras. forces the delicate skin of your hormone changes swell breasts.
breasts to expand and contract over Extra blood flows to the breasts tissue
The seductive bra that instantly and over again. The result: harmless can leave your pair swollen with fluid
makes you a glamorous woman but unwanted red or white streaks. making them feel heavier and more
There is a Millennium Bra spun in So think again before you skip sensitive. This bump is totally benign
24-carat gold thread and studded lunch. Studies suggest that over - and usually goes away post-period,
with a 15-carat diamond, costing $1.9 weight women increase their odds of so don’t worry yourself sick.
million. It’s been developed by the developing breast cancer fivefold.
well-known lingerie-maker Triumph The reason: Fat cells produce Your guy wants you to linger on
International, Japan. It weighs 421 oestrogen, a known breast-cancer his nipples
gm, about 8 times the weight of a trigger. The more fat cells you have, A man’s nipples are loaded with
regular bra. the greater the amount of oestrogen just as many nerves as a woman’s
circulating in your blood - are, and they, too, deserve some
Healthy eating keeps stream. Several other love. According to a study published
your boobs hot studies have pointed to in the Journal of Sexual Medicine ,
Breasts are mostly the association of more than half of the men aged 17
made up of fat, and high-fat diet and to 29 surveyed reported that nipple
any excess kilos obesity and the risk stimulation not only enhanced their
of breast cancer. arousal but sparked it. That’s
Besides fat, because, when they’re stroked, the
caffeine can also muscles surrounding the headlights
disturb fragile stiffen and blood vessels swell,
breasts. It causes creating a ripple effect that takes over
water retention, exacer- the entire body. Don’t just wait for
bating the hormone- him to request hot-nip action. Take
induced breast tenderness matters into your own hands.
that occurs just before your periods.
So cut down on caffeinated coffees, Show concern about the health
teas and soft drinks until your flow of your precious pair
arrives to ease the PMS-induced Take good care of your pair.
pain. Protect them from steadily rising
Further, couple your healthy diet mercury levels and dry days. In most
with exercises such as push-ups, or cases, problems are not only
use the chest-press exercise treatable but also entirely
machine. It works to firm up the preventable. Remember, healthy
pectoral (chest) muscles beneath breasts are an ideal investment for a
your breasts. This causes breasts to newborn baby. Here are some tips:
look firmer.
Daily soap them up in water
Breasts hurt after a bedroom Washing once a day and always
session after a workout with a gentle mois-
Firm, tight and non-saggy boobs turising soap helps prevent break-
are sexy and the first object of desire outs which are caused by bacteria
for men. Breast tenderness after a breeds in the sweat on your skin.
bedroom session probably means Keep in mind, frequent application of
your man was a bit too rough. soap has the opposite effect and can
Because breasts are sensitive, it may make the skin excessively dry and
not take much to leave them tender conducive to further damage. In
or bruised. Caress them and addition to this, prevent the skin on
appreciate their form. Cup them in and above your twins from becoming
both hands and softly embrace them. itchy and irritated. Keep them

78 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

hydrated with a fragrance-free, oil- Knock out nipple upheavals
free moisturi sing lotion after your during nursing
morning shower and again before Mild nipple discomfort at the
going to bed. beginning of feeding during the first
few days of breastfeeding usually
Look and feel them over needs no treatment. When the baby’s
Make sure that you set aside time mouth opens wide, the baby should
once a month after your bath or be quickly pulled towards the breast
shower to give your pair a thorough so that the nipple and as much of the
once-over in a well-lit, full-length surrounding areola as possible is
mirror. During the week after your grasped by the baby. The best
period, when breast tissue is at its position is the one that is comfortable
least dense, slowly glide your fingers
over each breast and up into each
armpit. Scan the skin on, under and Your breasts ache
between your boobs for new or Aching twins are a sign
different-looking moles, an unsightly of ovulatory cycles and
mark or red patches that may be a not a cause of concern. It
precursor to infection or, in rare is caused by prosta -
cases, skin cancer. glandins, hormone-like
substances your system
Get them checked by your gyno produces just before your
yearly period. Reduce prosta -
Don’t ever miss a yearly breast glandin levels by taking
examination by your gyno. 400 IU of vitamin E per
day. An over-the-counter
Give them some air to the mother. Dry, sore and cracked painkiller can also help banish breast
Steadily rising mercury levels nipples are important obstacles to the tenderness.
during summer mean that the area establishment of a smooth transition
around your boobs will trap sweat from the initiation of breastfeeding to You have a reddish bump on
and trigger growth of zit-producing the development of a confident and your boob
bacteria and yeast. Banish blemishes beaming mother-infant breastfeeding If the bump hasn’t changed size
by wearing thin, breathable tops relationship. or colour since it appeared, chalk it
made from natural fibres, such as The availability of an emollient in up as a harmless skin change, like
100-per-cent cotton. the form of a lanolin USP is a boon in dilated blood vessels. But if it’s the
the field of lactation management size of a pencil eraser, contains two
Inspect your bra collection after since mothers and health or more shades of red, or has a
6 months professionals are comfortable with raised, jagged border, have it
After wearing a bra at least a few the use of such a safe and effective checked out by a dermatologist.
times a week for several months, it formulation. It helps soothe sore or
loses elasticity, setting you up for cracked nipples by using the concept Breast pain is not always
breast pain and, or backaches. of ‘moist wound’ healing. cancerous
Pre-menopausal and post-
Never run without a sports bra A coloured discharge comes menopausal women experience a
Just a few minutes of excessive out of the nipples sensation of burning or stabbing
breast movement — brought on by A yellow, greenish or white frequently in the sub-areolar or medial
running without a bra can irreversibly discharge is nothing to worry about. area of the breast. This condition is
stretch your Cooper’s ligament. Once One likely cause: a harmless cyst called costochondritis. Breast pain is
they’re stretched, your breast will sag that may drain out when you pinch also common in pregnancy.
and nothing can lift them, apart from your peak. Breast cysts are generally
surgery. benign fluid collections in the breast Breast sagging makes you shy
tissue and are usually symptom-free away from breastfeeding
Maintain your nipples dry unless very large and painful. If they A new study indicates breast -
It is imperative to keep the nipples are very large, bigger than 3 cm, they feeding won’t make a new mom’s
dry. For nursing mothers, this can be may be aspirated and the fluid sent breasts sag, but more babies might.
done by gently patting the nipples dry for cytological examination. Another The main factors that did affect
with a clean cloth after nursing or by culprit could be a clogged milk duct, sagging were age, smoking and the
letting them air-dry for 15-20 minutes. which usually goes away on its own. number of pregnancies. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 79


Subtle make-up strokes

to make you look lovely and
radiant just naturally.

cleansing and
apply Face
and Body
Model without make-up Illuminator
(FB-1) on face
for highlighting
Use concealer from Cream and glowing
Make-up Palette to conceal problematic areas effect.
and to give evenly tone to the skin.

Apply Coloressence loose powder and

pancake to set the make-up.

Sweep mauve pink from Coloressence

pearl eyeshades palette EP on the
socket eyes and electric blue on outer
corner. Highlight the brow bone with
pearl white and inner corner with pearl
white. Sweep electric blue eyeshade on
the lower rim just like a liner. In order to
fill up the gaps, sweep black eyeliner
also very close to the eyelashes.
Contour the
cheekbones with
amber peach
Highlight the
Colour in the lips jawline with
with maroon satin beige
colour from blusher from
Coloressence lip Coloressence
palette. Trio blusher set.

Use shimmer powder on face and neck for

shimmering effect.

Wow, put your best face forward!

Use silver white with tints of mauve pink from

Coloressence for the eye make-up. Highlight the
inner corner with silver shimmer for a glam look.

She is just a stunning

sensation! Make-up: Nature’s Essence, Suneeti Soni,
L-17A, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.
Ph: 011-26673045/65, Mob: 9899801623
You can walk your way
to health.
By Sakina Maniar

alking, the easiest

exercise, can be done in
any open space, at a
suitably convenient time
and at any age. It’s a
wise investment for a
healthier life, and
requires no special
equipment except a
proper pair of light,
comfortable, well-cushioned shoes.
To keep fit and feel good, a
20-minute walk about four times a
week can be easily incorporated in
one’s normal schedule. Try to walk
on a clear, even surface like an
asphalt road instead of concrete
pavement and take firm, even strides
and swing your arms leaning slightly
forwards from the ankles.
Muscles of the legs are the largest
and strongest of all muscles. They
support body weight, maintain the
posture and help the blood plays a prominent part in fat loss and
circulation. in intensifying metabolic activity of FOR A WELL-
As legs move, the muscles the body leading to effective burning
squeeze the surrounding veins which of calories and maintaining a well- TONED, AGILE
force blood back effectively to the proportioned figures. BODY REGULAR
heart making it work better. Also, the A brisk walk for 15 minutes burns
dormant capillaries are roused that about 50 calories
nourish the leg muscles. So a brisk Moving rapidly up and down the ESSENTIAL. MAKE
walk stimulates development of blood stairs burns 60 calories
vessels in the muscle tissue and Walking at a stretch for three
makes legs shapely and strong. miles burns 300 calories NEARBY PLACES A
For a well-toned, agile body Lack of this easy exercise can add
regular use of legs is essential. Make up to a kilogramme of weight in a
walking to nearby places a habit. month. Not just cutting calories but THE MARKET,
Walk to the market, movies, mall,
library and, if your workplace is not
regular physical activity aids in weight
too far, then go on foot instead of AND LIBRARY.
waiting for the bus. Even if you have
your own conveyance park it at some MAINSTAY ACTIVITY as much as they can to reduce their
distance and walk up. Avoid the lift For most elderly, walking problems. Those who suffer from
and take the stairs ascending and becomes a mainstay activity to enjoy arthritis find walking gives them relief
descending. the fresh open air and take in from knee and ankle pain.
Men have more muscle than fat sunshine. It plays a crucial role in Alzheimer’s disease can be staved
on their bodies than women and as strengthening and toning most cells off as one stays mentally alert. The
muscles burn more energy than do of the body and also does make brain releases ‘endorphin’, a
fat, they have a much lower tendency many feel rejuvenated. The eyes chemical that makes the mind strong
to put on weight. Most women have become brighter, skin gets clearer and sharp, preventing the onset of
fat immediately under the skin and and spirits soar higher. dementia.
plump arms and heavy hips are Try some bending and stretching After the age of 50, high blood
stubborn trouble spots for a few of movements before setting off for your pressure (hypertension) is much
them. Due to poor blood circulation walk. Increase distance and speed more in women than in men and
fat deposits occur in certain areas of gradually but never go out late in the tends to increase further as years
the body. Putting movement in evening and in remote areas. While pass by. This psychological situation
routine chores makes leg muscles walking in the park or neighbourhood is often caused by mental stress,
flex easily and the pelvic saddle to be certain that people known to you financial and family problems, fear,
swivel effortlessly. Wrong eating are around. loneliness and also negative
habits and a sedentary lifestyle slows Diabetics whose general emotions. But a brisk walk boosts
down body metabolism. Exercise circulation is poor are advised to walk stamina, enhances confidence,
ensures better sleep, augments a
cheerful disposition and within a few
weeks, makes you feel a new person.
In fact, nothing can be equated
with fitness and even if the weather is
wet, windy or cold, don’t cut back on
this pleasant outdoor pursuit. For, by
not finding time to exercise, you’ll
have time for some illness.
It was over 2,000 years ago that
Hippocrates, father of medicine
advocated: “All parts of the body
which have a function, if used in
moderation and exercised in labours
in which each is accustomed,
become thereby healthy, well-
developed and age more slowly; but
if unused they become liable to
disease, get defective in growth and
age quickly.” We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 83

high-profile lyricist today that late
Sahir’s song in Hum Dono (abhi na
jaao chhodke) was a tender duet; in
the opinion of this writer, Javed’s own
song (ik ladki ko dekha to aisa laga)
in the film 1942 – A Love Story was
equally tender and popular. Javed
gave almost a dozen smiles to
describe a girl’s beauty, a feat
unlikely to be surpassed. What do
you say, Javed Sahib?

elieve it or not Salman Khan has

B been credited with the story of
Veer set in another era. Did he get
some help or inputs from father Salim
of Salim-Javed duo? Salman will also
have a chance to flaunt his six pack
abs of which he is so proud.

kshay Kumar has taken a big

A leap forward both on the
professional and personal fronts: in
addition to being in the top league as


riyanka Chopra who has bagged rubbing shoulders with Ch.

P the best actor (female) Award for
her performance in Fashion has
Amar Singh of Samajwadi
Party. How and where the
Sanjay Dutt with wife.

come a long way in the last few screenplay took a turn, as it

years. A grateful young girl, she says happens in film scripts, only
“I owe this award to director Madhur Sanjay knows? To make full
Bhandarkar who was very persistent use of his stardom,
about his wanting me to do the film.” Samajwadi Party has decided
to hold free shows of not only
erhaps Sanjay Dutt was in a Sanjay Dutt starrers but also
P confused state of mind when he
took the crucial decision of taking a
those of his father Sunil Dutt
and mother, Nargis Dutt in
plunge into politics. While one some of the cinema halls of
English daily quoted him saying that Lucknow. BJP’s response to
he will not contest against stalwart this will be worth watching.
Atal Behari Vajpayee from Lucknow
as he respects him as a father-figure, hereas one agrees with
mother daily carried his photos W Javed Akhtar himself a

84 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

an actor, on the personal fronts he Akbar have bagged the best actor
organises Special Olympics every awards, how could the captain of the
year for children suffering from one team Ashutosh Gowarikar be left out
disability or the other. He’s running in the cold? He bagged the Best
an organisation which looks after 5 Director Award. And rightly so.
lakh children! Laudable. He has also
bagged the Most Popular Actor veteran by now, Anil Kapoor has
Award for his performance in Singh
is Kinng.
A taken a global leap forward with
his performance in Slumdog
Millionaire as a TV host. After
usic maestro A. R. Rahman has reaping rich harvest of praise in the
M created history by becoming the
first ever Indian composer to bag the
USA. he visited a school in a remote
hamlet in Bharatpur, Rajasthan,
golden Globe Award for his music in since he is the brand ambassador for
Slumdog Millionaire directed by the NGO supporting the cause of
Briton Danny Boyle. The film female children.
revolves around Dharavi (Mumbai),
Asia’s biggest slum. Now that the trendsetter! A style icon! And an
film has been nominated for an
Oscar in different categories
Music maestro A. R. Rahman. A ace actress! A perfect combo of
talent and style! Is Kareena Kapoor
including music, Rahman’s chances only in nominations but also bagged the queen of Bollywood! Besides
of bagging on Oscar have also the same Best film Award in the just back-to-back films that are keeping
improved. Good luck, Rahman. concluded Nokia 15th Annual Star her busy and in the news, Kareena
Screen Awards. But the moot point is the only actress that top
t is indeed amazing that a low- is, can there be two bests in any companies are vying for their brand
Ibudget film titled A Wednesday
(cost Rs 3.5 crore) gave a tough
competition? endorsements. The A-list companies
want Kareena as their brand
competition to lavishly mounted film hen both the hero and the ambassador. Brand Bebo endorses
Jodhaa Akbar (cost Rs 37 crore) not W heroine of the film, yes, Jodhaa as much as 12 brands at a time
which itself speaks for her success.
Akshay Kumar has a She has had a string of hits like
golden heart. He is looking Chameli, Dev, Omkara and finally
after 5 lakh disabled she managed to win everyone's heart
by performing great in Jab We Met
sweeping away all the awards. The
Rotary Club recently honoured
Kareena with the Vocational
Excellence Award for being the
youngest achiever of the film industry
by Bansi Dhurandhar Dist. Governor
RI Dist. 3140.
Bebo has already started the new
year with a bang. She will receive the
India Today Woman Award, 2009 for
her contribution to the world of art
and cinema..And guess who is she
gonna receive the award from? Well,
none other than Erin Brokovich! Erin
Bro is an American legal clerk and
environmental activist.
Bebo is not only the highest paid
but also the most in demand actress
with her line -up of prestigious
movies coming up like Raju Hirani's 3
Idiots, Rensil D' Silva's next
(produced by Karan Johar),
Kambakkht Ishq (the most awaited
film of 2009), Main Aur Mrs Khanna
and Agent Vinod . Name it and ollywood's charming and dimpled
Kareena has it in her kitty, whether it
is a list of A-grade projects under big
B beauty Preity Zinta celebrated
her birthday recently…but in a unique
banners, huge endorsements or way. Preity has always been known
modelling assignments, the actress to lend a helping hand to social
is making hay while the sun shines!!! matters. This time around too she
had a list of priorities ----she will
hile Hrithik Roshan has bagged support a campaign called Light a
W the Best Actor Award for
essaying the role of Akbar in Jodhaa
Billion Lights where one can sponsor
electricity to a whole village in India.
Akbar, Aishwarya Rai bagged the This electricity will be generated by
most popular actor (Female) Award using solar energy. This campaign is
for her performance in the same film. the India's first 24 -hour Greenathon
where one can sponsor electricity
anna know how film-maker through solar energy. She also feels
W Rakesh Roshan may have hit
upon the title Kites (making brisk
that we as citizens of India should
stop thinking about social matters
progress) for his son’s starrer. and start implementing them in our
Hrithik Roshan bagged Best Actor Award own way rather than depending on
Rakesh has a fixation for titles
in Jodha Akbar.
beginning with the letter ‘K’. Proof? others. One major problem she feels,
A few of his earlier films are: hile on Amitabh, one cannot is that as citizens of Mumbai, we
Khudgarz, Kaho Na Pyar Hai and
Krrish. Kites also stars American
W help wondering how he has
been left out in the Nokia Screen
need to confront the problem of
illegal immigrants especially after
beauty Barbara Mori and Kangana awards. His daughter-in-law Ash has Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai or
Ranut. bagged the Most Popular Actor rather India will be portrayed as a
(female) award and son Abhishek slum altogether. She also wants to
aima Sen, the granddaughter of shares the award with John Abraham sponsor education to underprivileged
R legendary Bengali beauty and
actress Suchitra Sen will soon be
for their performance in Dostana.
Couldn’t he be considered for a

seen sharing space with Amitabh ne can well imagine how thrilled
Bachchan in Teen Patti being made
by Leena Yadav.
Lifetime Achievement award, or does
he think he’s rather young for that
O Dharmendra must have been
when he inter-acted with the
Rotarians during his recent visit to
Jaipur. When he was talking to them,
Abhishek with wife Aishwarya Rai – winning laurels. a few young Rotarians started
dancing and singing his song from
Pratigya: Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana.

t’s indeed good news that Tabu, the

I winner of a National award, will be
back to Mumbai, albeit temporarily,
to work in Tips’ Toh Baat Pakki. The
film is a romantic comedy to be
directed by Marathi director Kedar

t is the need of the hour today to

Ifight back terrorism by spreading
the message of peace and non-
violence to one and all. With this in
mind and also in honour of Gandhi’s
death anniversary, Shemaroo
Entertainment added to its History
Series a DVD titled ‘The Path of Non-
Violence – with Mahatma Gandhi and
Nelson Mandela.
This title features documentaries
on Gandhi and Mandela, who have

86 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

been the unanimous messangers of Greetings. In fact, Amrita reminded
peace and non -violence. Shemaroo Nandana of Goldie
has exclusively licensed this content, Hawn. "Amrita's oomph brought
from American Institute of Education, Goldie Hawn's earlier roles to my
for release on the home video format. mind. Amu is totally chilled out and
fun to work with--and not at all like
eil Nitin Mukesh (the grandson of the imperious diva she plays in the
N singer Mukesh, of Awaara Hoon
fame) who made quite an impression
film! As for me, I play this simple girl
–next- door whose nose is buried in a
in Johnny Gaddar is surely forging book, but she has an open heart and
ahead. He’s working in many films an uncontrollably wild side," said
including Yash Raj’s film New York. Nandana Sen.
He recently shot for the film in New
York with Katrina Kaif. o work professionally as a

jay Devgan has moved

T composer and singer may be
easy in words but not many could do
A home…..Well, no
permanently…but the actor has
not it as well as Mithoon Sharma, the
power behind *'Maula Mere Maula'*
shifted base to his farmhouse in from *Anwar* and *'Aadat'* from
Karjat for a brief period of time. Ajay *Kalyug*. The wiz kid started
who is shooting for Vipul Shah's composing and arranging at the ripe
London Dreams at the ND Studio in age of sixteen and today, at twenty
Karjat, thought it better to remain two he is almost on the threshold of
closer to the location. We wonder if releasing his first non-filmy music
Salman Khan also plans to do album--- Tu Hi Mere Rab Ki Tarah
somewhat the same considering his Hai with T Series' Gulshan Kumar.
little abode is not too far away in Mithoon says, "Tu Hi Mere Rab
Panvel. Ki Tarah Hai is my first full-
Hrithik Roshan probably wished fledged non-film album as a
he himself owned a farmhouse in composer and singer. Mithoon
Karjat, which would have spared him has always been crossing
all the hectic (and expensive) boundaries in quest of good
chopper tours during his shooting of music; he now has gone all the way
Jodha Akbar.
Neil Nitin Mukesh is making waves
ove thy neighbour… that is
L the new mantra for the year
from NDTV Imagine.--- from
in the film industry.

Friday to Sunday every week

at 9:30 p.m. as NDTV Imagine
Ajay Devgan
and Shah Rukh Khan’s Red
shifted closer
Chillies Idiot Box presents to the location
Ghar Ki Baat Hai, an irreverent, for the
roller-coaster ride of humour, shooting of
fun and interesting takes on ‘London
everyday life. Ghar Ki Baat Hai Dreams’.
marks the debut of Red Chillies
Idiot Box on to the small

ill now one had only heard

T about cat fights between
two actors especially when it
came to the lesser species. But
there's some maha female
bonding happening between
Nandana Sen and Amrita Arora
on the sets of Seasons

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 87

innovation, professionalism and
touching people's heart."

ctors never like being asked what

A their dream role is because it's
so hard for them to choose just one.
But ask Sophie right now and pat
comes the reply. She is dying to play
the role of Noor Inayat Khan .Sophie
says she is incredibly inspired and
moved by this story .Considering
Sophie has lived and studied in Paris,
has even done a thesis on women in
the French resistance and is very
passionate about this role, which she
has studied in depth, we think she
would be fantastic for the part
…..Quite frankly we couldn't think of
a more perfect lady to play the spy
princess. (We hear Shyam Benegal
Mugdha Godse is in filmy ‘Jail’. is planning to make a documentary
and seriously thinks he needs to
to the United Kingdom to rope in look no further than Sophie to play
musicians! Mithoon has worked with Noor).
musicians of the famous
Philharmonic Orchestra. ikram Bhatt rang in his 40th

ugdha Godse is completely

V birthday (Jan 27) with his
daughter Krishna. A source close to
M focused on her next film 'Jail'
opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh directed
the director said, "It was Krishna's
surprise treat for her father. She had
by mentor Madhur Bhandarkar. organised it out of her pocket
The leggy lass' effortless debut money. The two had a private dinner
performance impressed everyone at Sun N Sand." Krishna had lovingly
including the director so much so arranged for Vikram's favourite
that he cast her again in his dishes. On his birthday, the gifts that
forthcoming film Jail. Vikram has been flooded with are
Ganpati idols and the Bhagvad Gita.
hahid is an enthusiastic bike "I am on spiritual journey and all my
S lover…..recently he got himself
a new bike. Not many know that the
friends have gifted me an idol of
Ganesh and the Bhagvad Gita. They
younger icon of India got this bike want me to take sanyas," he laughs.
only after his parents allowed him to
do so. And for that he had to assure hemaroo Entertainment
them that he would ride safely!
"Shahid loves biking. When he
S launched ‘Rhyme Time in
Toyland’ DVD at the Toddlers
was shooting with Ahmed Khan for Activity Centre (TAC), recently. Raell
Ishq Vishk Pyar Vyar, Shahid would Padamsee, veteran theatre
go with him for long bike rides along Shahid loves sports bike. personality and actress Perizaad
the Western Express highway. And stuff. He is very possessive about it Zorabian unveiled the DVD, along
now, he has gifted himself a new bike and insists on cleaning it himself,” a with Ananya Vij, the child actress of
but only after his parent’s approval. close friend revealed. the film.
Shahid's new bike is a midnight Recently, he was in the capital to Children and parents from the
black, air cooled, sportsbike with high announce his association with one of Toddlers Activity Centre were present
torque speed and 1670cc machine, the biggest brands-- Pioneer. Says at the launch and enjoyed the
costing around Rs. 15 lakh..He chose Shahid, "I have always felt the need screening of the film, followed by a
black as he doesn't like anything to attach myself to brands that unique Musical Minis workshop
bright, flashy and over the top but exemplify the core values that I try to conducted by TAC.
rather classy, understated and subtle live up to in everyday life - growth, – Deepak Puri & Sudha Hariharan.

88 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

The concept
of beauty
is no longer
weighed down in

our country,
despite your
being stout and
inally a website that attempts across the globe are warming up to

to break age old adage ‘You the idea of finding romance online.
have it. You flaunt it.’ to Registration is free for everyone.
widen it to ‘You have it more. Using this basic membership,
You flaunt it better’ Bringing members can create their
this thinking to life profile and
is a revolutionary portal, upload their photographs. They can be online in minutes and can search
Brainchild of two sisters, Aditi for suitable profiles and express
Gupta and Megha Singhal, interest in them. For more facilities, is a humble premium membership options are
attempt to help the plus sized find available. Premium members can
their life partners. send personal
Obesity previously seen essen - messages to other
tially as a western phenomenon has members and view
caught up with India as well. their validated contact
Go to any typical Indian household numbers as well. “Veri-
with a girl of marriageable age and fication of members is
you will find that all her aunts and thousands of plus size very important,” says
family members would be pestering people who are hard The site has equal
her to ‘lose’ her weight if she wants to pressed to find their life number of registered
get a good match for herself. partners. Launched in men and women. “If
So is it impossible for the October 2008, this not all women are size
overweight to find their ‘happily ever website has brought 500 zero then not all men
after?’ people all across the have eight pack abs
“Not any more!” Says Aditi Gupta, globe in touch with each either. The problem is
founder of a other leading to two the same across both
matrimonial portal that promises to pairings. genders. When they register on our
deliver king-size romance to the The response has been website, their weight is no longer a
overweight men and women. overwhelming. From Delhi to stigma. That's why people ranging
With this belief emerged Mumbai, UK to USA and from UAE to from plump to obese register with, targeting Brazil, overweight people from all us,” says Aditi. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 89

f your flame of passion has lovemaking in your relationship

decreased to a few burning (when just got married) when both of
embers: don’t get discouraged you had expectation, eagerness and
because even a little spark can excitement. So to revive the same,
REJUVENATE become a bushfire. The truth is
however much you love your
we suggest seven-step makeover to
perk up your intimate love-life.

husband, wife, the long-time
monogamous couples fall into a To keep the love and relationship
situation where lovemaking can alive between two people Kahlil
become stale. But being in Gibran says, “Let there be spaces in
twenty-first century with lots of stress your togetherness and let the winds
and so many temptations and of heavens dance between you”. So
titillations around you have to jerk very right by the deliberated space
yourself to keep the sexuality of your created between couples makes the
relationship alive. hearts grow fonder – the conscious
The spirit of adventure and decision is to deny sex for a certain
experimental attitude could make a period (decide mutually), otherwise
person look around to fantasise or... no is a very strong word – so make
(lose him/her). Before you face such sure no one of you feels rejected,
a situation you must understand that cold – shouldered or unappreciated.
intimacy being together overtime Otherwise you will be heading in
makes lovemaking satisfying but different directions. Instead of just
takes away the mystery unknown and saying no you can offer sensual
you slip into lazy cosy comfort zone. alternative to intercourse. i.e. “No, but
Lovemaking becomes a routine: a I would like to kiss you.” “No, but I
Saturday night special are a quickie would really love lying with you and
now and then the same bed, same talking.” The idea is to say no with
music, the same song and dance. love.
Thus, the excitement of making love There is a huge difference
withers away. between when you don’t have sex by
You have to devise new ways of choice and when you face the sexual
making love and bring mystery of denial. In the first incident it will go
unknown of the initial time of unnoticed, so it doesn’t matter but

A seven-step
makeover to perk
up your intimate
By Aruna Anand
when it is denied it has the power to Sex is supposed to be romantic and good initiators and stimulators during
enhance the sexual excitement and sensuous. Concentrate on your the sexual sessions but some of oils
feeling of desire and love. When you sensations, feel the pleasure of can create holes in the condoms.
are longing for your partner it is a touching each other all over. Check or replace the condom before
very emotional state of mind. Caressing, kissing are some of the final insertion.
Abstaining from sex for some time ways to excitement. And explore the If imported sex-toys are being
augments passion and by the time areas which have maximum used always soap-wash and clean
denial period is over the excitement passionate possibilities. Even if you them before your passion-play to
and anticipation reaches its peak to feel it is funny don’t bother but make protect yourself from the seminal and
light up your sexual fire with fresh sure you don’t laugh at each other. vaginal fluid left on the toys during
verve and enthusiasm. Rather laugh with each other. It your previous session.

would be fun because sex in fun you The lubrication gels and creams
In long-term relationship, sex needs should enjoy it, love it. used during the act can cause

extra effort to keep it new, so use allergies to your internal body parts if
your imagination. Don’t assume that Teasing your partner while the chemicals don’t suit the skin.
since you have partner you can stop touching can really boost the desire Have a patch test, apply little
grooming yourself. Exercise to keep to have more and more You can lubricant on the forearm or inside of
yourself in shape and dress nicely. tantalise at every step of the sexual your elbow. Leave it on for an hour, if
Your feel-good hormones will keep session, savour each sensation of there is any adverse effect i.e.
you healthy and happy. For special your body to get optimum pleasure. itching, redness or brightening of the
nights with your partner think what’s Titillation could be oral or manual, the skin avoid the use of this cream. Go
your attire tonight: sexy lingerie, dirty aim is to stimulate. Don’t hurry up in ahead and enjoy if it agrees with your
talk, moans and groans. Purpose is the frenzy of your desire to move on skin.
to tease and please each other. fast. Take time, go slow, very slow. It is always better to play safe
French knickers, G strings, lacy While teasing each other you will rather than facing any discomfort
garments are some of the things to come to know your pleasure points after having great sex.

put you in mood. One idea could be and moan zones which would give
to wear any beautiful dress on top of you the monogamy advantage for Now comes the time to
your sexy inner garments. Start your better sex life. interconnect and enter. An American

foreplay with clothes on as the sex researcher says, “Mostly couples
passion fever rises, peel off your No doubt everyone is getting more close their eyes which blocks out the
clothes or remove each other’s dress and more conscious of the final sensations but the enjoyment
to reveal the natural you. You could temptations and flirtation available all gets manifold stirred if the partners
devise new ways to make your around and ready to explore and get blindfold each other turn by turn.”
sexual pleasure a delight to keep the adventurous in bed. India has given Kama Sutra to the
feeling of ecstasy pulsating. Whatever type may world. The erotic sculptures

be your relationship long of our Ajanta Ellora and
Create an ambience to heighten and steady or the Khajuraho caves are still
your sexual urge. Soothing atmos - shorter one. Hold on a relevant in the world of
phere to erase stress can be moment and find out the YOU HAVE TO pleasure. Skills of
developed with satin sheets, candles, do’s and don’t about DEVISE NEW seduction reveal the
aroma potpourri perfumes, flowers using different props forbidden desires.
feathers to tickle, chocolates, ice during you sexual WAYS OF And what you desire
creams, honey, erotic movies are session. MAKING LOVE you cannot resist. Once
some of the things which can pump Ice creams, choco- your sexual desire is
up the libido. Perfumed massage oils, lates and honey, etc. AND BRING reawakened your fantasies
vibrator are said to be great soothers offer great fun and MYSTERY OF come true to pleasing
and exciters. Soft music playing in stimulation during the
the background and candle-light foreplay of your passion
UNKNOWN satisfaction. You don’t have to be
dinner could be your beginning point – session. Sprinkle – lick OF THE INITIAL fully guided by the Kama
so just don’t despair anymore, or smear-lick off or just Sutra postures. Follow your
experiment with all these props and tease-eating provide
TIME OF heart and mutual
get started with your passion play with exciting sensation. LOVEMAKING comfortable position.
lots of imagination and sexual dreams. But be careful, never Don’t get hooked to one

stuff anything eatable in posture of making love,
Don’t get into wham-bam-over the vaginal tissue and RELATIONSHIP. experiment and play
routine of sex. Intercourse should not cause bacterial infection. with different styles and
be the only goal between couples. Massage oils are the angles. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 91

About the artist
Name: Biplab Biswas
Born: 12 July, 1957 (Kolkata)
Education: Diploma in fine arts in
1980 from Indian College of Art and
Draftsmanship under Rabindra
Bharati University.
Teacher’s training of art in 1981 from
Calcutta University.
Solo shows
2006: An exhibition of paintings at
Lokakat Art Gallery, Delhi.
1997: Technology, Pilani, Rajasthan.
1987: Britania Engineering Company,
Kolkata, in 1987, Academy of Fine
Arts, Kolkata.
1982: Exhibition of paintings at
Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

Group shows
2007 at Shanta Art Gallery, Delhi. ABSOLUTE NARRATIVE
through faceless dimensions
2006-07 at Krishna Collection Art
Gallery, Delhi.
2002 at Lalit Kala Academy,
New Delhi.
1979-80-82, at Academy of Fine
The artist believes that
Arts, Kolkata. “art and time are synonyms with each other”.
1979-82-84, at Birla Academy of
Fine Arts, Kolkata.
By Our Correspondent
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, ine-drawn lines, graphic The ‘women without a face’

New Delhi linearity, realistic touches depictions evoke mythical goddesses
Awards etched by the lines, give the of matchless beauty who today
art works of Biplab Biswas a become epitomes of the contemporary
1978 : Annual exhibition in Indian resplendent outlay, couched Indian woman. The more angular and
College of Arts & Draftsmanship, at times, in an arousal of direct portrayals are pictorial and
Kolkata. curiosity. After all, what is it relate to a rural construct.
Workshop: Painting woodcut etching that these images of men and
linocut organised by Birla Academy, women, so close and yet so What about the woman of
Kolkata. severely demarcated by today, living in our cities and are
Lokakat Art Gallery, Delhi. dividing lines, are trying to convey? mothers, daughters, sisters and
Participation The answer lies in a voyage of wives?
discovery, about the portrayal of These are symbols of domesticity
1980-90 : All India Fine Arts Annual femininity, under the guidance of and become powerful metaphors,
Exhibition, Kolkata. Biplab Biswas. sometimes tweaked to create
1980- 90 : Birla Academy of Fine mirages of bliss and satisfaction,
Arts, Kolkata. What is the essence of thought whose actual plight is hidden in the
Experience that lies behind your folds of the mind’s eye,
varied portrayals of and which can be
15 Years illustrations work, lots of feminine forms, since they unearthed only through a
magazines, papers, calendars, etc. range from front-face tryst with romanticism.
Collections depictions to faceless
creations? What do you actually
Indian Oil Petroleum Corporation I am drawn towards want to portray by
Jeevan Beema Nigam Office, Kolkata. womanly forms in art, but I making the woman
P.D. Advertisement Agency, Kolkata. portray them with incomplete figure in your art an
Monar Hotel LImited, Kolkata. facial features, or even emblem of romanticism?
Bangalore, Haryana, Vadodara, Ujjain, totally faceless forms. Without being romantic
France, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai
Femininity relating to a rural construct.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 93

himself, no artist can draw heart- sees the work very carefully, one can
touching, soul searching, natural imbibe that inner feeling captured
paintings. An artist must have a momentarily, through one’s own
strong visualisation, as well as a soft, feelings, moods and sensibility.
sensitive heart. To bring in all these
diverse elements on the canvas is Tell us something about your
what is meant by romanticism, works in the context of your
according to my understanding. philosophy.
Painting is a divine experience
In more conventional terms, and through it I portray my strong
nature is regarded as the cradle of imagination. I have not chosen a
romanticism. Does this view relate specific medium. My works are in
to your concept of womanly realistic, semi-realistic and non-
romanticism? realistic figurative styles. I have not
Of course: nature is itself a great limited myself to paintings. I do
artist. In the manner of a great artist, sculpting also. I am inspired by the
nature has been drawing great feminism very much. In almost all my
sketches on the canvas of this earth paintings you can almost witness a
and filling it with marvelous colours. little touch of feminism.
Just see the composition of the
clouds; the shape of trees; the peaks When did you first discover
of mountains and the curves made your artistic talent?
by the wind on unending sand dunes. Sorry, I am unable to recall it.
Finally, come to the woman in this
surrounding and you will realise that How do you choose a subject?
she is a symbol of matchless I draw my subjects from real life
craftsmanship divine. She is blessed and events happening around me.
with a number of virtues, like Sometimes, I get ideas in my dreams
tolerance, creativity, passion, also.
innocence, beauty and a sense of
humour, too. Tell us something about your
You seem to be transfixed to a I don’t know what it means and
time of mythical belief about the how to do it. I think there must be one
creation of our earth. How do you definition of struggle. Look, you do
depict the fast pace of our world your work with your best effort and
of today, when you are transfixed leave the rest to viewers. If you are
with notions of romanticism, an artist, you struggle till the end of
womanly virtues and so on? your life.
For me, art has no time limits. In
fact, art and time are synonymous How do you see yourself
with each other. An artistic creation progressing in this field?
tells you about the moment of its I pour my creative thoughts out on
creation. A deft artist captures and canvas. My fans come and buy it at
visualises the exact moment of my price. I am happy with that. I do
creativity on his canvas and if one not aspire to be a great artist, but I
want to leave a mark on the
enchanting world of art. I feel I have
lived well if I have touched your soul
with my creations and that alone is
the driving force and goal of my

Who is your inspiration?

Anything or any work well crafted
or attractive is my inspiration. It can
be the marks left on the shore of the
sea by its swirling water. We
n a first look, Bhaskar Singha’s

canvases wear a soft, gossamer-

like imagery, that transform visual
structures into relationships
between nature and woman. For
him, the woman in his art works is
the symbol of nature and nature in
the works is a way of depicting the
many manifestations of the air WITH A
around us. In his personal
contention, the air that influences our
lives, is not ‘seen’ by the naked eye.
But each one of us feels the air,
particularly its power, when it
manifests itself as a violent storm, a
cyclone or even a gentle breeze. In An artist who
all these forms it mirrors the feelings
of a woman, he feels, the feelings
depicts characters
that range from fear, violence, or
sheer joy, evident in the form of
from films of a films of Satyajit Ray’s classics, as the
basis of his art. Productions like
breeziness. Adding to the air of world-renowned Charulata and Apu’s Sansar hold
mystique that envelope his canvases special meaning as Apu grows from
is Singha’s use of colour. The light movie-maker. boyhood to manhood in a series of
blue merging with vermilion, the his canvases. These aspects of
sinuous forms, the emblematic lotus By Our Correspondent vibrant imagery and translucent
and the ascetic garb of the monks, colour applications have made his
enhance this overlay. Life seems to works acquire a sensibility that few
emerge from behind a tracery of others can achieve on their
dragonfly wings, where texture and canvases.
colour applications cease to be Excerpts from an interview:
technique and become a way of You chose Satyajit Ray’s
expressing the narrative behind the movies as you subject. Are’nt you
painting. scared of critics?
In yet another metamorphosis, Everyone takes inspiration from
Bhaskar Singha has used somewhere like landscape,
contemporary cinema, particularly the construction, feelings and other
Resisting a violent storm to save himself from any harm coming his way.

96 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Your works you say, are
energised by air. How do you
personify air in your work?
Air is life. It is power and much
more powerful. It gives life and can
also ruin existence. I took air as the
theme of my works. In my paintings
you can clearly see how man resists
violent air in order to save himself
and go ahead. My paintings also
imbibe fire and rays. These are all
forms of energy. When they are
normal life flourishes. But
massiveness of air, fire, rays creates
a calamity and destroys life. It has a
great message for society.

Another set of works is on

characters in Satyajit Ray’s movies.
What angle in these inovies
inspires you to work on them?
Mr Ray’s movies and the actors
sources. If one mulls over of those movies are excellent. The
an excellent film-maker’s world knows it and has seen it. But
movies and works on the only a few people work on them.
characters from the Artists take inspiration from some-
movie, then what’s wrong. where. Some take it from a woman
I don’t think my work is running down the street, and some
criticised in a wrong way, from a child playing in mud.
and I don’t fear the critics. I took my inspiration from
Critics are essential, but Charulata and Apu, who runs away
must be fair as well. from her home to see the train
Excerpts from an interview: passing by the very first time in his
life. The expression is distinct
How were you uncommon. So I portrayed Apu
attracted to art? with my brush.
I got art naturally in
inheritance. My father was an Besides painting what else do
amateur artist. In tiny you do?
childhood days I would do I am a teacher, a father and a
carvings on wood after husband. And these all are important
returning from school. as well. I teach fine art in DAV School
While most of my friends in Delhi and many subjects to my
used to play on ground I children at home.
played with wood and wall.
Later, I started drawing What is on the easel taking
and putting exact shape for the future?
dimensions of the things I have a plan to do an enthusiastic
that I liked to put on paper work on Gurudev Rabindranath
with the help of pencil and Tagore’s short stories. I am fond of
sketch pen. As my aged Gurudev’s literature and willing to
relatives say I was master give visuals to them. It is my dream.
in depicting anyone with But the coming days are for my ray
feelings on paper. Later, I based works to be released. The
received art education Exhibition of my paintings is
profe ssionally from scheduled at Studio Vasant, Hauz
Rabindra Bharti University Khas Village in Delhi, from 23 to 29
in Kolkata. March, 2009. We

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 97

About the Artist
Name: Harish Srivastava
Phone: 9811560442
Qualification: Graduated from
Meerut University, National
Diploma in applied art from
College of Art, New Delhi, 1970;
art master’s training from College
of Art & Crafts, Lucknow, 1960.
Solo Shows
Sridharni Gallery New Delhi-1973;
Taj Gallery Bombay 1990; Juneja
Art Gallery, Jaipur in 2001;
Krishna’s Collection & Art Gallery,
New Delhi in 2000; Jehangir Art
Gallery Mumbai-1985, 86, 87;
Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi-
1989; Aurobindo Gallery, New Delhi.
Indo-Russian at Russian Centre
New Delhi-1999. Bajaj Gallery,
Mumbai-2003, LKA, New Delhi-
2003; Nehru Centre, Mumbai-2003,
P.S.K. New Delhi-2005, Greenwood
Art Gallery, New Delhi-2006, Indo-
Korean Artists Exhibition at An artist’s tryst with nature. By Puja Sharma
AIFACS-2006 and many shows...
All India Sr Artists Camps at f you’ve never had a chance to sense of joy and pleasure to the

Patna, Port Blair, Patnitop, visit the lofty mountains, then just eyes, with their juxtaposition of
Hyderabad, Maharani Bagh, make it a point to visit a showing colours like greys and blacks, with
S.K.Parishad, Dhoomimal City of the works of artist Harish reds and yellows, and also greens
Gallery, Art Mall Orissa National Srivastava. This eminent artist and lemon. His palette is clean. He
Camp 2008 has perfected the art of making does not use a wide pallete, as most
Awards mountains in such a spectacular of the colours are repeated on
manner, that the original different canvases. Such a controlled
National Awards of LKA in 1980; Himalayas, after which they are palette allows him to have a unified
AIFACS, New Delhi, 1983; All India fashioned, begin to pay a experience. There is controlled
Exhibition of Shilpa Kala Parishad, thumping salute to his creativity. For energy at work since each stroke
Patna, 1981; All India Exhibition of decades now, this leading master of finds its rightful place in the overall
Orissa LKA in 1980, Annual Indian art, has been having an ‘affair’ appearance. Despite this rigour
Exhibition of Sahitya Kala Parishad, with the Himalayas. His everlasting executed during the work, there is no
Delhi, 1986; Sr Fellowship by Deptt. romance with the mountains is as hint of a limited ambience in the
of Culture – Government of India. much as 35 years, starting off with mountainscapes.
He is ex-deputy sec. (prog.) of his first exhibition in Jaipur, which set The forms that appear in the
LKA, ND., ex-asstt. Sec. of S.K. critics on the roll and which made him paintings convey the movement in
Parishad, ND., ex-vice president, an instant favourite with the art-loving the art works to the viewer. It can be
India – Soviet Nikolai Art Club, New public. seen in the snow as grey and white,
Delhi. The magic he creates amongst or the rippling waves of the sea in
the ranges is worth appreciating. The light and darker blue shades, the
oil painting of Harish Srivastava deep shades of brown for the land.
conforms to his special feelings and His strokes overlap in a particular
attachment for the mountains, as movement and sometimes,
they vibrate with bright shades. Both interruptions in the motion are also
as a painter and as a human being, visible. He uses fresh colours spread
he seems to be fascinated by the over large areas resulting in the
majestic beauty of the mountains. forming of sweeping lines of
The beauty of the panoramic mountain peaks. The red at the
views are enchanting and create a bottom areas of the landscapes is a
Woman’s Era

March (First) 2009
Magic in Mountains – The range by Harish Srivastava.
altogether.” He further says, “I visit
hill stations to draw a sketch of the
mountains and ambience around
them and then return home.”
Even at this age he devotes at
least four to five hours daily in the
very dramatic contrast to it. early mornings to his work. He says
The water colour technique of his the more he works the younger he
earlier years is unique in the sense feels as it gives him new energy and
that he maintained the transparency satisfaction in life. He has guided
of the colour and managed his many upcoming artists in all respects
texture variation with deft handling of and included them in camps, shows
the wash technique. and exhibitions co-ordinated by him,
Harish Srivastava’s love for the providing them with a platform in the
mountain is so deep that one can field of art.
fathom a mountain view even in an His advice is to keep working to
ordinary conversation with him. He get along in this field. Some day, he
says: “The mountain with the yellow assures, a day of perfection will be
hue looks different at noon, while the felt by the pursuer of art. Presently
same mountains with the sun setting he is working as a co-ordinator of Art
behind them give a different view Mall in Delhi. We

100 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

QA &
I am 30 years old and I had an Since you had an arranged
arranged marriage six years ago. marriage, you didn’t enjoy the thrill
My husband is a good man and we of falling in love, realising that the
get along well. man you loved, loved you, being
Last year a man of about my courted, receiving a proposal and
own age was transferred to the dreaming of married bliss with the
branch where I work. We became man you loved. This is why you are
friends and soon I realised that he being carried away by the love this
had fallen head over heels in love colleague has for you.
with me. You say that you don’t love this
Now I find myself being drawn man and that your husband is a
to him. No, I am not in love with him better man in every way. Will you
and I know that my husband is a then give up a better man for a man
better man in every way. you don’t love and cause an
But I like the feeling of being upheaval in two families, just for the
loved! I have no children. Should I high that being loved romantically
divorce my husband and marry this gives you? Think it over and take a
man? mature decision.

again. But I feel that it is unfair to ask result, I fell in love with him as I grew
the woman to leave when she has up. I declared my love for him to him
paid me in advance and has spent a four years ago. At that time, he told
I am a married, 30-year-old woman lot of money setting up her boutique. me that he loved me too and that he
with two children. My husband is What should I do? would marry me when he was settled
34 years old. I am a full-time home- Your anguish is understandable, in life. But since then, he has had
maker. but you have to get on with your life. many girlfriends and written them
We have a big house and some You may take a long time to learn to passionate e-mails and met them. I
months ago, I got the idea of letting trust your husband again, but you know this because I know his
out the front portion to a tenant. I have to give him a chance for the password and access his e-mail
then found a woman who wanted a sake of your children and because account when he is not at home.
portion such as we had to offer. you are not financially independent. When I confront him he always
The woman was attractive, warm Again, though your husband might apologises and says that he will not
and friendly and frankly told me that have the best of intentions as far as have any more girlfriends, but when I
she had left her husband because he forgetting the woman and being true go into his email account, I invariably
beat her. She said that she was a to his family is concerned, it is better see sexy and passion-filled mails.
fashion designer and that she would that he doesn’t face temptation. So My cousin continues to say that
open a boutique in the hall opening speak to the woman and tell her the he will marry me. But I am not sure.
onto the street. truth. She may then herself think that Should I tell his mother (my aunt)
I let her have the portion and she it is better to leave. However, she about his affairs and ask her to get us
promptly paid me a year’s rent in may also refuse to leave on the married right away?
advance. But I am now regretting grounds that she has paid you in Parents make a very serious
what I did because my husband has advance and spent money setting up mistake when they put ideas about
fallen head over heels in love with her boutique. You can then do love and marriage into young and
our tenant. nothing except keep an eye on your impressionable minds. It is probable
He often went to visit her in her husband. You should also provide that you and your cousin “fell in love”
boutique and even started helping him with a loving family atmosphere only because you were told that you
her in transporting materials, etc. so that he is not tempted to stray. Be would be getting married. In your
Finally, he told me that he loved her friendly with the woman if she stays case the love was deeper, perhaps
and that he was going to try and get so that she stays loyal to you. because you were younger than your
her as his mistress. cousin, but in his case, the “love” was
When I created a scene and brought about by a sense of duty
reminded him about his children, he I am a Muslim girl aged 22. In our rather than by true attraction.
gave in and told me that he would community it is common for cousins This is why your cousin is
never talk to her again. He also told to marry and since I was a child I was behaving like any man of his age
me to tell the woman to leave. told that I would marry a cousin who would and has girlfriends whom he
I am heartbroken and am not sure is five years older than I am and who is attracted to. There is really nothing
whether I can ever trust my husband lives next door to my family. As a wrong in his behaviour.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 101

QA &
You must accept that your cousin
is not really in love with you, at least
My seven-year-old son has great
difficulty with writing and spelling,
something that happened in your
childhood. If you understand what
at present. He only says that he will though he seems to understand this is and come to terms with it, you
marry you because of a sense of things all right. He also has a very will stop obsessing about things.
family duty. You should not complain short attention span. His teachers are If you are not able to do this on
about him and force him into a fast getting fed up with him. Should I your own or you feel that your
marriage because it may then not be change his school? The attitude of obsessions are growing stronger, you
a happy one. his teachers is having a negative need to see a counsellor or
Instead, stop nagging him and go impact on him. psychiatrist.
on with your life. Study, pursue your Unless your son’s problems with
interests and work if you want to. writing, spelling and concentration
Leave marriage for the future – are dealt with, changing schools will My father is very domineering and I
whether it is marriage to your cousin not help. Your son may be dyslexic have always had a problem with this.
or to someone else. because dyslexics have the kind of When I was a child and teenager I
problems he is having. So get him got angry but kept my feelings to
assessed by an educator who has myself out of respect for him. But
I am 25 years old and am in love with specialised in this area. All our now I am 27 and have a good job
a man slightly younger than I am. We metros and big cities have centres and I am rebelling much more. As a
plan to get married. My problem is for dyslexics and your paediatrician result we have huge fights.
that this man is very lazy. He has a will be able to help you find a I am engaged to get married (it is
fairly good job and though he claims specialist. If he is diagnosed as a love marriage) and my mother tells
to be ambitious, I do not see him dyslexic, your son will need special me that since I am a woman, I must
working harder than is necessary or help either part-time (before or after learn to control my tongue. Now I
planning how to achieve his school) or full-time (leaving school for have suddenly become scared. What
ambitions. some time) to sort out his problem. if my husband turns out to be like my
I myself am hard-working and He can then proceed with his father?
ambitious and I don’t think that I can education. Many great and Since yours is a love marriage,
be happy with an indolent man who successful people were or are surely you have got to know your
does not try to achieve anything in dyslexics. These include Einstein and future husband well? Or have you
life. What should I do? Can I change Tom Cruise. So don’t worry. been seeing him through rose-
this man? coloured spectacles because of your
People can and do change, but it love for him?
is usually because they want to – not I am 23 years old and I tend to get If the second is the case, take a
because someone tries to make them obsessed with whatever I become deep breath and try to see your
change. So do not pin your hopes on interested or involved in, whether this fiancé as he really is. See how he
changing this man and making him a is cleaning the house or playing deals with disagreement and whether
dynamic achiever. You are more computer games. I feel that I am he always likes to have his own way
likely to make him angry and wasting my time. What can I do to whether it is choosing which movie
resentful. get over this habit of mine? to see or which cuisine to have on a
This means that you should not People who become obsessed date. If you decide that he is
continue your relationship unless you with things generally have a domineering, talk to him and then
can accept him as he is. Only then psychological reason for doing so. take a decision on whether you want
can you both be happy. Of course, So, do some introspection and see if to go ahead with the marriage.
this does not mean that the man will there is anything which is causing Remember that it is a proven fact
not wake up and change – perhaps you pain or fear, making you feel that girls tend to choose men very
that will be when he has the inadequate and incomplete or giving like their fathers while men tend to
responsibility of a wife and child. you a sense of loss. This could be choose wives like their mothers.


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Ch i t - C h a t
A CULTURAL OFFERING Giuliano Modarelli is an eclectic
guitarist unique in his style. Giuliano
with and comfortable with each other.
Quite different to this performance
FROM ITALY is a guitarist of modern times who was the solo dance performed by Dr
The world of music and perfor - went through many different types of Ileana Chitaristi. She is a classical
ming arts does not acknowledge music: from Western Classical to Indian dancer and did an Odissi
boundaries. When the India Inter - Rock. Having studied Jazz at performance at the Epicentre in
national Centre and Italian embassy university, he went on to develop Gurgaon. Ileana is a Padmashree
cultural centre got together for a through the Indian classical tradition and a doctorate in Eastern Mythology
fusion of Eastern and Western music studying under the renowned sitarist and Psychoanalysis.
it was expected to deliver some great in UK, Dharambir Singh, Indian She has been living in Orissa
result. The Giuliano Modarelli concert classical maestro Buddhadev since 1979 and is a disciple of
saw four musicians come together. Dasgupta and Pratyush Bannerjee. Kelucharan Mohapatra. In the past
Guitarist Giuliano explored a new His unique style is a subtle blend of few years Ileana has performed
dimension with collabor ation of World Folk, Arabic, Flamenco, Latin almost at all major festivals in India
santoor maestro Sandip Chatterjee, and Eastern European. His breadth and also in Italy, Argentina, Poland,
the renowned mridangam artist, Sri of knowledge and soulful improvis - France, Germany, Holland, Denmark,
N Shankar and the highly ation make him a musician well worth Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, USA,
accomplished tabla player, Soumen listening to. The hall was full of music Australia, Israel, Canada and South
Sarkar (disciple of Pandit Anand lovers showed their appreciation and Korea. In Bhubaneswar Ileana is
Bodas). The evening was full of for once the Western musician was imparting training in Odissi and
sounds of Jazz, Mediterr anean prepared for the in between Chhau dances to local as well as
flavours mixed with sounds from appreciation of ‘wah…wah...’ rather visiting students in her own institution
North and South India. then waiting for the official end before ‘Art Vision’.
Lleana Chitaristi performing Odissi dance.
breaking into a round of applause. Her commitment and
Incidentally, Giuliano Modarelli understanding of Indian classical
has collaborated for music for famous dance is praiseworthy and she has
films including the latest of James her own dedicated fan following.
Bond’s Quantum of Solace and Mira It is easy to find Indians promoting
Nair’s film Little Zizou. Ghosh is also Indian art in its pure traditional form
composing for a mystery thriller in but when one sees a foreigner doing
Hindi based on a Sherlock Holmes it with commitment and panache it is
story – so these people are familiar indeed a proud moment.

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22/22K DIAMOND JEWELLERY Diamond Jewellery

1st Floor, Shop No. F-2, 4, 6 & 8, Shopper’s Point, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati - 781001, (Assam)
Ph. : (0361) 2542767, 2636102 Fax: (0361)-2602269
KOLKATA:Ground Floor, Shop No-G 1/2/3, Vardaan Market, 25 A, Camac Stree,
Kolkata 700016Ph.: (033) 3022021, 3022031 E-mail :
another day and they do not they had the first ever presence of
plan anything specific or special, but Avocado Oil from South Africa.
for the common public the pressure is Avocado is technically a fruit but is
on to impress their ‘love’ with considered a vegetable when it
expensive goodies. comes to enjoying it in salads or
An innovative idea came from F sauces. The production of edible
Bar & Lounge in Ashok hotel where avocado oil is not that old even in
they began the celebrations on 13th South Africa.
night, just before midnight and for the The company Westfalia in South
Valentine day special cover was Africa has mango and avocado
declared for young lovers who could orchards. They have been exporting
not get away in the evenings due to the oil to cosmetic companies in
curfew or choice and could enjoy an Europe and America for the last few
afternoon with their special friend years – almost 80% of their
while the DJ belted out the love production. However, the edible oil is
songs and dance numbers of not only delicious when enjoyed with
Bollywood. Anything for earning that crispy bread it is healthier than many
extra buck! other edible oils, almost at par with
olive oil. Except it has one advantage

Valentine Mania. AVOCADO OIL over the olive oil too. As its burning
point is a lot higher than olive oil, it is
LAUNCHED more suited for Indian style spice
IFOWS is an annual show for food tempering and deep frying without
VALENTINE FEVER and beverage lovers in Delhi, and of breaking the oil.
Even as political goons beat up course trade people to decide what to Apart from cooking in it, the oil is
young girls who are in the pub and import in India. In the last few years it being infused with other essential oils
threaten to disrupt the events of has been beverages and food items
Valentine by harassing young lovers, like olives, olive oil and many other
the fever of Valentine is not to be delicacies that have now become
ignored. Though not so old in the available in India. In the past they
Indian cities, this celebration of young have had gala dinners and gourmet
love has really taken off. safaris that have provided immense
Literally every restaurant and pleasure to food lovers of Delhi. This
every hotel has been offering special year the show, held in January, was
deals, musical events and other ways smaller due to many cancellations
to entice the business of youngsters following the Mumbai terror attacks.
and mature revellers alike. Shopping However, it is not often that one
malls have had their foyers decorated finds a brand new product. This year
with red and white balloons and other
festivities like loud live bands are Launch of Avocado oil in India on
there to take money out of your IFOWS platform.
Probably in the end it becomes
less about celebration or love and
more about consumerism as one is
expected to give expensive gifts and
declare one’s love. People forget that
Valentine is not just about love
between a boy and a girl but
also love and respect to your
teachers or others where the notion
of sex does not even enter the
Film stars like Kareena Kapoor
and Saif Ali Khan whose love story
is more public than private have been
on record to say that in their busy
lifestyle the Valentine Day is just

106 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

making it perfect for salads and activities of the day the
other uses on boiled and assassination of the father of
braised food – meats and India. Lapierre said he did not
vegetables alike. Currently they know how the keeper of the
are infusing it with basic oils Gandhi memorial would react but
like garlic, chillies, basil, was amazed how the Godse clan
Mediterranean herbs and considers Nathuram as the real
lemon. As a gourmet cook you hero and still keep the shirt he
can even combine any two to wore when he was executed.
make your own cocktail. There is a sense of surrealism in
Technically, the avocado oil is narration like these. Personally, I
cholesterol free and is a natural just wish there were more
source of Beta-Sitasterols photographs in a book such as
which have a lowering effect on this. But, it must have been
LDL cholesterol and effectively difficult to select even the ones
reduces the risk of heart that are there – the first official
disease. When delicious taste pictures of independent India and
is combined with health Pakistan and of the famous one
benefits, any product is bound of 1931 Round Table Conference
to be popular among health where Gandhiji arrived in his
conscious housewives. dhoti and cotton shawl to later
Currently, the oil availability comment on the ostentatious
is restricted but Indian dress of King George V to say,
Author Dominique Lapierre with wife in
importers are negotiating terms with Delhi on the re-launch of his book
‘The King was wearing enough for
the company and it might soon be ‘Freedom at Midnight’. both of us.’
available off the ordinary stores’ The sense of humour when one
shelves, just as olive oil has become political figures like Gandhiji or finds it is macabre but it is real, these
so popular. Nehruji, or even Indira Gandhi and are the days when India was torn
Interestingly, the company also others but people like Mountbatten. apart. Before the birth of Pakistan
has sundried mango strips which was Apparently just before he undertook and in the following weeks the
very like the home made ‘aampapad’ writing of the book Dominique had mayhem both countries faced has
except it had no added sugar and the chance of talking in detail with been described in a somewhat non
that made it a healthier option. Mountbatten who invited him over to emotional but real way by this French
Hopefully, some importer will show his place and Dominique got to see writer.
interest in these two as they make all the paperwork that Lord Often one can feel the urge to
delicious snacks with low sugar and Mountbatten had kept. It seems that stifle a sob, wipe a tear or just feel
can be added to salads as well. every official and unofficial event that angry at how cruel the politics and
Mountbatten attended he kept the petty desires of individuals killed the
FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT official menu of the event. The first
one was of his own baptism which he
spirit of people and paved the way
for legacy that continues till date
– RE LAUNCHED could not probably have remembered between India and its neighbour
When a book, non-fiction and but there it was with all the others. Pakistan. Talking with Dominique
covering an important subject like the Lapierre then recounted the lunch Lapierre is like talking to a library of
freedom of India and subsequent he had with Sir Cyril Ratcliff who was events, his memory is crystal clear
partition is a complete sell-out it is the man responsible for drawing the and he does not fumble for words
time to relaunch it with pomp and line of partition between India and either when speaking face to face or
show. This is easily achieved when Pakistan and how after lunch they when he is at the mike. Even this
the author of the book is as erudite went into the kitchen and Sir Ratcliff evening, everybody hung on to his
and vocal as Dominique Lapierre. He washed the lunch plates. Definitely a every word and few would have
was present in Delhi for this re- change from his life in India, complained or desired food or drinks
launch, accompanied by his when he would have been like a while he talked. As for the book
charming wife. Not only did he royalty, waited upon by dozens of published by Vikas and priced at
sportingly sign all the copies bought servants. barely Rs.425/- it is surely worth its
that evening, he shared his memories Many years after partition, weight and 750 odd pages. Prices of
with the select august crowd. And Dominique Lapierre also met the books in India make it easy for us to
what memories they are! brother of Nathuram Godse, the not only read these books but
Imagine meeting people who assassin of Mahatma Gandhi. He possess these gems of literature.
created history, not just the Indian wanted to re-enact the day and – Sona Sharma.

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Courses offered by Exclusive School

Beauty, Hair & Skin Treatments
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Body Tattoo and Personal Grooming

Dr. Sangeeta Chauhan

Silver awardee among Global Hairdressers in Europe-2008
Cosmetologist, Aroma Therapist, Naturopathist
Make-up Training from Bangkok, Singapore, London
Winner of L’oreal Creative Hair Dresser Award 2000

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A lot of
can be asked
about the past
of Sheila
his period is very crucial for

Assembly on 28.11.08 gave a

Delhi. Sheila Dixit’s 3rd term surprise mandate to Sheila Dixit to
Government? shall be very eventful as the rule over Delhi for 3rd consecutive
Common Wealth games will term for 5 years. Such results in
What about her be held in 2010 and their favour of Congress inspite of the
success shall depend upon preceding unusual and anarchic
third term? Sheila Dixit’s astute planning prevailing circumstances before
in reshaping Delhi for the elections like Mumbai terrorist attack,
By K. M. Sharma games. Metro shall be skyrocketing prices and disturbed law
entering in its 3rd phase of and order problem, etc., exposing the
implementation. Delhiites may total failure of the government, came
witness extensive reconstruction as a bolt from the blue. Everybody
programme wherein it is quite expected a non-Congress
possible that trees will be denuded, Government as a natural corollary of
useful marshland may be encroached people’s complete disenchantment
upon, nature’s gift greenery may with the Congress’ questionable
vanish. So any environmentalist will governance. But the fact is that
have an hawkish eye on such Sheila Dixit’s government being in
developments. There shall be lot of power could manipulate the purchase
exhilarating activities in the times to of the slipping victory by doling out
come. various populist measures one after
The election results of Delhi the other, just before elections.

110 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Govt. Approved Valuers


SINCE 1937
G.F. - 10, JMD Kohinoor Mall, Savitri Cinema Road, Near Masjid Moth,
G.K.-II, New Delhi-110048 (INDIA)
Certified Ph.: 29211955, 32019555 E-mail:
It is nothing but bribing the voters. east Delhi has been given compete
Why the Government preferred to facelift (her son’s constituency)
remain silent all the 41/2 years? Has popular scheme etc., etc. It is her
the government thoughtfully own assessment no doubt, but many THE ELECTION
calculated the financial implications
of these fanciful schemes which will
people don’t accept it and I am one of
them. I have however touched here
be requiring a huge financial outlay. some critical aspects of her rule in ASSEMBLY ON
From where this huge amount
resulting in several hundred crores of
10 years affecting the life of the
common man quite adversely.
28.11.08 GAVE
rupees shall be arranged as the Transport policy: As such there A SURPRISE
population of such beneficiaries MANDATE TO
are in lakhs? Whereas the
government feels reluctant to SHEILA DIXIT TO
increase the pension on amount RULE OVER DELHI
of ex-army men who have
sacrificed their lives for the sake FOR 3RD
of the country. These ex- CONSECUTIVE
armymen were on hunger-strike
at Jantar Mantar Delhi to press TERM FOR 5 YEARS.
the government for the increase
in their meagre pension. Does it
not appear shameful for a
democratic government to
become so insensitive to the cause of
the armymen? Simply because their
vote percentage seems to be
insignificant to the overwhelming
number of jhuggi dwellers.
If we recount and recapitulate the
unpraiseworthy days of Sheila Dixit
government during 1st and 2nd term
we can easily conclude that she has
immensely contributed to the
destruction of the peace, tranquillity,
grandeur, culture and heritage of this
beautiful city. Once a peaceful and
manageable city has now been
transformed into a mega city badly
As such, there is no transport policy of Delhi Government.
governed, shockingly stinking,
dangerously polluted, lamentably is no transport policy of Delhi comparatively higher. These buses
unsafe for ladies, where influx of Government. Everything looks are plying on selected routes with
population remains unchecked, hotchpotch. As usual, blue line buses irregular time table and are in league
where people cry for far from the have claimed their 10th victim. In with blue line buses.
maddening crowd”. Everywhere in 2008 the figure was 200, in 2007 it From the nodal points, these
the city we find a jostling crowd was 298, so on and so forth. Even in buses in the group of three start
consisting of interstate migrants from the face of the public outcry Sheila simultaneously and consequentially
Bihar, UP, southern states, illegal Government did not phase out these run half-full. The report about these
migrants from Bangladesh, Pak, buses on one pretext or the other. In low-floor buses is very adverse
Nepal & various other countries. This a span of 10 years she could not including my report. They are not as
city is vunerable to all sorts of manage any alternative and viable spacious as DTC buses. The
terrorist activities and shadow of proposal for their phasing out standing capacity in these buses is
terrorism always looms large over programme. Somehow the killer only for a line and there the
this city. She, however, fought this buses are on the roads and shall passengers can’t cross without their
election with full emphasis on the remain so. Now the government in a clothes being torn or buttons
development work done by her. She hastily formulated policy ordered low- dislocated and dress spoiled. They
asserted, “I have transformed the floor buses of green colour non-air carry lesser number of passengers.
face of this city by making lots of conditioned with the ordinary fare and As the engine is on the back side so
flyovers, giving red light-free travel, red colour A/c buses but their tariff is the temperature in the bus increases

112 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Dr. Vijay Kakkar
M.S,, F.I.C.S
How does the face age? placed within the natural creases in a deep-plane facelift is the same as a
As we age, our skin loses its front, within, and behind the ear. After mini-lift or S-lift, and bruising is often
elasticity and gives in to gravity. This adequate tightening of the deeper less, since the work is being
causes sagging of the neck and jaw structures, excess skin is removed performed at a deeper level. This
line as well as loose folds of skin from both sides and the incisions are type of facelift may also be combined
around the mouth. Some people may carefully repaired. The finest sutures with other facial procedures such as
also develop fatty collections under is used for closure of incisions, which blepharoplasty, brow lift, or laser
the chin, and others get thick cords in most individuals will usually fade resurfacing.
under the skin of the neck. Today, to a barely visible thin line.
men and women in their 50s and 60s What is a mini-lift or s-lift?
are healthier, more active, and more An S-lift or mini-lift is a technique
productive than ever before. of lifting the face with limited incisions
and minimal skin removal. Patients
What can a facelift achieve? with relatively minimal laxity (typically
A facelift can reverse many early to mid 40s) may be good
features of the ageing face and neck. candidates for this procedure.
Before After
The most dramatic improvement is However, because of the limited
seen in the jawline and the neck. A What is the best age to have a incisions and more conservative
facelift may be combined with other facelift? tightening and skin removal, this
procedures to help maintain facial One of the biggest questions our technique is not as effective as a
balance and harmony. patients ask is about timing of this deep-plane facelift for rejuvenation of
procedure. Some worry that if they more advanced sagging of the lower
have the procedure too soon they face, jaws, and neck. Most
may want to repeat it again later in individuals in their 50s and 60s with
life, while others worry that if they more advanced laxity are therefore
wait too long they may be beyond not good candidates for this
help. Most of our patients coming in procedure as they will not receive the
for face and neck-lift procedures are lasting benefits of a facelift. Because
in their late 40s to late 50s. They of its relative technical ease and
have started to show early sagging minimally invasive nature, the S-lift
Before After of the face and neck and are trying to or mini-lift is popular among many
be proactive about maintaining their non-surgeons who perform plastic
youthful appearance. Typically, face surgery.
and neck-lift procedures can set back
the clock by about 8-10 years. What is a ‘weekend lift’?
Although aging will continue, you will This procedure allows the sagging
always look better for your age than if neck tissues to be tightened through
you had not had the surgery. Face a very small incision under the chin.
Before After and neck-lift procedures can be Excess fat can be removed and
After adequate tightening of the safely repeated in 8-10 year intervals. neckbands can be improved.
deeper layers, the skin is redraped Because no skin is removed, there is
and excess skin is carefully trimmed What is a deep-plane facelift? no need for incisions around the
and meticulously sutured along the It is ideal for most individuals in ears.
incision lines. This results in their late 40s or older who wish to Dr. Vijay Kakkar
improvement of the laxity of the have a long-lasting improvement of M.B.B.S, M.S,, F.I.C.S
jawline and contour of the neck. their ageing face and neck. The Is a Senior Consultant plastic and
procedure involves a thorough cosmetic surgery with
Where exactly are the facelift tightening of the sagging muscles of Max hospital and Mata Chanan Devi
incisions made and how visible the lower face and neck, and can be hospital, New delhi.
are they? custom tailored to the specific needs Email:
Facelift incisions are carefully of each person. The recovery time for
in summer beyond tolerable limits exploitative and abusive of all the auto, because everybody knows
which is most uncomfortable feature regulations and rules and also the that they deliberately will not charge
of such buses. These buses are run terms of their contract agreement. In by meters or else the tampered
by DTC staff and they have not shed a way they are not out of control of meters generally show the inflated
the dirty DTC mentality i.e. allowing the government’s controlling fares. Mrs Sheila Dixit‘s government
the passengers to board from the exit authority, be it transport authority or in her last two terms obliged these
door and allow them to stand there traffic police. They don’t fear any recalcitrant and errant autorickshaw
creating hurdles for outgoing owners by revising their tariff
passengers. Driver’s seat is just near The public at large is most fed up schedules more than threefold. As a
with autowalas.
the exit door but still he does not result, they have become
check the passengers. They stop the expensive and out of reach of an
bus on request at a spot away from average citizen. She has miserably
the designated bus stop. In Singapore failed to discipline them and protect
and other advanced countries buses the interest of the public. This is a
run in proper discipline giving sad commentary on the part of the
passengers a joyful ride. But Delhi government.
has yet to develop such a civilised
culture for a bus journey. BRT corridor: This BRT
But the irony of fate is that, Delhi corridor is the concept of Sheila
Government has ordered for 2000 Dixit’s government. It has become
such buses. As far as passengers controversial and is proving to be a
convenience is concerned, these curse for Delhiites. It has proved to
be another killer of the commuters
and the pedestrians. This has also
proved to be a nightmare for the
people who happen to pass through
this corridor and who happen to
negotiate the failure of this system
and the experts have already
questioned its wrong designing of
space thrust on the road because
such a corridor is unsuitable to Delhi
commuters with a different mindset.
Crores of rupees have already
been pumped into this hastily baked
scheme but she is adamant to
continue the project. The confusion
on the BRT issue is not just confined
to the roads but also the minds of its
planners. Now there is a news that it
would be remodelled by a London-
based agency. We await with bated
breath the next plan to get the BRT
BRT corridor proved to be killer of the commuters and the pedestrians. up and running. The irony is that
buses shall prove to be a nightmare. complaint against them by VIPs and government officials don’t
It is advisable for Delhi Government passengers either for overcharging, like to obey BRT corridor rules and
to get the correction in their design refusing to go, tampering with the their vehicles have a free run in the
with body as large as DTC buses. electronic meters. Either no action is lane meant exclusively for buses and
Sheila Government would be taking a taken on such complaints by the this lane can only be used by public
wise decision if the huge orders for authorities or any action if at all taken service vehicle on emergency duty
further buses is cancelled outrightly. is so diluted with light punishment or such as ambulances, firebrigade and
mere a reprimand which has no police vans on duty. It is not
Three wheeler menace: Three salutary effect on these autorickshaw understood as to why she does not
wheelers in the city are an important owners. The public at large is most abandon this nasty corridor and
mode of transport to ferry people to fed up and they are nothing sort of maintain the status quo.
different destinations far and near in menace in the city. It is generally
the metropolis. Sorry to say that this seen that passengers normally settle Yamuna cleaning: Day in and
vital sector is most indisciplined, the fare to be charged before hiring day out the residents of Delhi are

114 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009





PH. 011-32602574, 32527175, 42542102
reading about the dangerously absolutely no doubt that the condition
polluted Yamuna river and lamenting of Delhi has deteriorated so fast and
their fate as Yamuna river is the so much that it has reached a THE RESIDENTS OF DELHI
helpline of Delhi, being its sole water
supplier. It is no more a sacred river
suffocating point. I was born in this
city in 1932 and since then I am
but a “ganda nallah” wherein most witnessing the changing phases of THE DANGEROUSLY
polluted water flows which is a
source of many diseases for those
this city which is most cruelly
trampled upon with lopsided
who take bath in it or use it in development and unmanageably AND LAMENTING THEIR
different ways. No doubt, various
schemes have been launched with
increasing population. In the late
evening one can see the layers of
fanfare to clean Yamuna with pollution engulfing the entire city. IS THE HELPLINE OF
budgetary allocations of hundreds of Even visibility becomes poor. Delhi DELHI, BEING ITS SOLE
crores. A period of 10 years for a being a very dirty city does not
government is not a small period to deserve to be the capital of India. WATER SUPPLIER.
clean Yamuna River. What is the Foreign dignitaries and tourists treat
result? Yamuna is as polluted as it this city with much disdain and feel
was and the entire budgetary funds frightened even to drink its not-so-
have gone down the drain. After all, clean water. Everyone in Delhi has
where this huge allocation has gone? installed Aqua Guard or any other
Can anybody clarify it and enlighten water-purifying device. Lesser
the public with some statistics? privileged people drink direct from tap
Instead of cleaning Yamuna, water which is heavily and injuriously
government departments are guilty of polluted.
polluting Yamuna river deliberately. This unfortunate city has been
Huge clusters of Jhuggis of Bangla developed and expanded by people
Deshis at Yamuna Pushta was the themselves. Encroachers are never
major source of pollution of Yamuna. punished, on the contrary they are
Even now while going to Noida one rewarded for encroaching on Safety of women always a question
notices thousands of Jhuggis right government’s precious land. mark in Delhi.
from Ring Road – point up to the red Indiscipline has been injected into the is that police deptt is not under her
light of Mayur Vihar on the river bed veins of general public. Has Mrs Dixit control, so she can’t do anything to
on the river side. Are the government or her son (MP) ever taken a round of control the law and order problem
authorities behind this perennial this city and seen for herself/himself affecting the ladies. It is a lame
problem of Yamuna pollution? how much mess has already been excuse and an alibi to cover up her
Amazingly, Mrs Dixit has not made created? Wherein ladies are not safe administrative ineffectiveness.
any promise or given any assurance at all and gents are killed due to any Madam, what about those
in her election manifesto to carry on reason. Road rage kills people, blue departments which are already under
vigorously Yamuna cleaning line kills the people and adulteration your control? Even foreign lady
programme. So it can’t be predicted kills the people as if killing spree is tourists who travel to Delhi alone are
whether she would be able to clean going on unchecked. Delhi Master not at all safe. There have been
Yamuna in the next five years which Plan 2021 and various notifications numerous cases when such tourists
are at her disposal. hastily worded issued by the have been raped, looted and killed.
government to circumscribe the The reason may be anything but it is
City’s condition: There is court’s order for sealing and C.M. who is to be blamed. C.M. can
Most polluted water flows in Yamuna! demolition of unauthorised construc- exercise her influence over Police
tion and encroachment, etc. have Department and carry out a joint
played havoc with the city and regulated programme ensuring the
emboldened them to engage in safety of the womenfolk. But nothing
unauthorised activities. concrete has been done and the
danger is looming large on ladies all
Safety of women and elderly: the 24 hours. They are molested in
The daily increasing incidence of overcrowded buses, in the busy
rape, molestation and killing of the markets and in localities. Their
ladies in Delhi has proved beyond chains, earrings and mobiles are
doubt that Delhi is most unsafe city snatched daily in every nook and
inspite of the fact that C. M. of Delhi corner of the city and they can’t
is a lady herself. Her lament always defend themselves. They are afraid

116 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

of coming out of their houses in the big social welfare department with meant for free distribution amongst
late evening and at night. It is an huge financial allocations. This the patients in good hospitals are
irony that ladies have cast their votes department runs various social rarely distributed to the patients as it
for her. schemes like “ran basera” “Juvenile is distributed (looted) by hospital staff
Similarly, elderly couples (single homes, Nari Niketan”, etc. In fact, the among themselves including Drs and
as well as with spouses) are soft working of these schemes are a nursing staff: Xray machines and
targets and are murdered blatant waste of money. There is lot other testing machines are usually
mercilessly. They are made to die of corruption in such projects, their found out of order creating problems
before the natural death comes. Can maintenance is pathetic. It is much for the patients.
Sheila Dixit explain as to who is better that such schemes are The conditions of the hospitals in
responsible for their safety? Has she discontinued as early as possible. the capital are so appalling that
opened reasonably good old-age Their allocated funds can be utilised people prefer to go to private nursing
homes where old people can live in other fruitful welfare and homes where they are also fleeced.
safely and comfortably without any development programmes. But the level of treatment is decidedly
hassles, no matter if they are Forever social welfare Minister Mr better. I can hardly give
charged tolerably boarding and Yoga Nand Shastri asked the general 3 out of 10 to such health services.
lodging expenses. Such old homes public to lift samples of food stuffs of As she is very fond of going abroad
are urgently needed to rehabilitate suspected adulteration and get them on one pretext or the other she must
the lonely and home-troubled elderly tested at designated laboratories. visit Cuba and see for herself what a
people. She can very well tie up with Alive magazine dated November - 08 really good health service is practised
corporate houses as a joint venture with a full-fledged article denounced in Cuba for all its citizens and then
to establish old-age homes. She will such a move of Mr Yoga Nand implement the same in Delhi.
be getting good wishes from such Shastri and advised the minister to Pollution, both noise and air in
elderly people. In fact, she would be tighten the indifferent working of his Delhi, is taking its toll on the health of
doing a great humanitarian job. “Inspectors” who are solely citizens, which has increased beyond
She has a full-fledged Minister of responsible for the large-scale tolerable limits. Even CNG
Social Welfare and under him runs a adulteration in food stuffs rather introduction has not brought any
exposing the public to lot of risks. relief to the city. Govt’s pollution
THERE IS The result is that adulteration is so control department can be charged
ABSOLUTELY NO rampant that you can’t get even
poison unadulterated. Is the removal
with the dereliction of its assigned
duties. The author of this article is a
DOUBT THAT THE of adulteration on war footing victim of this pollution as in Model
CONDITION OF somewhere on the agenda of Mrs
Sheila Dixit in her 3rd term?
Town a full-scale pollution creating
trading and industrial activities of
DELHI HAS unauthorised auto mechanics are
DETERIORATED SO Health services: Health services
conducted by Delhi Government are
going on unabated. All reports to
remove such illegal auto mechanics
FAST AND SO woefully inadequate. The condition of to police or MCD has fallen on deaf
MUCH THAT IT HAS government hospitals and
dispensaries are far from satisfactory.
ears of concerned authorities. Will
Sheilaji investigate these illegal
REACHED A Generally, medicines are not activities of auto mechanics who are
SUFFOCATING available in the hospitals. Patients working on roads and footpaths and
are supposed to purchase medicines don’t obey even court orders?
POINT. from the open market which are very
costly because government has Illegal Bangladeshi migrants: As
imposed 12.5 per cent vat on per latest estimates, there are more
medicines, even on life-saving drugs. than 12 lakh illegal Bangla Deshis
Even medicines sold over the counter residing in Delhi. Does Sheila
like digene, disprin, etc. have also Government not know the presence
become costly. In other words, if you of such a large population of Bangla
become victim of any serious ailment origin in the capital? If yes, then what
and if you have no money to afford drastic measures has she taken to
costly treatment you are destined to dislodge these dangerous Bangla
die an untimely death. Is this our migrants. Before this she is also
welfare state? It is alleged that milk, answerable to the public as to how
fruits and food supplementaries these Bangla migrants got ration
Health services conducted by Delhi cards, identity cards, entry into voters
government need to improve. list? Some of them even have pan

118 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Desire of every ®



nidco ®

A Complete Tonic for the WE LB

SHAKE djsa

Woman of Today vPNhrj

With kesar and &
many valuable herbs Tablets
and Minerals Gives
Improved Glow
Relief from Painful Periods
Vitality to overcome the daily Stress

Mfd. by : Mktd. by :
An ISO 9001:2000 & G.M.P. Certified Co. 46- Dispensary Road, Dehra Dun - 248 001 (INDIA)
46-A, Dispensary Road, Dehra Dun - 248 001 (INDIA) Ph.: 0135-2654884, Website :
Website : , E-mail : E-mail:
cards and passport as Indian used in the preparation of meals are
citizens. Can she deny a complete very sub-standard and of defective
collusion of her govt’s departments and expired quality. Educational
in facilitating these illegal Bangla authorities are very insensitive to the
Deshis for their stay in Delhi and health and growth of these students
enable them to cast their votes which and they not only deserve full
contributed substantially to her condemnation but should be
present victory. punished exemplarily. Is Madam
Their settlements in Jehangir Puri, listening? Lady teachers are
Madan Gir, Okhla, Seema Puri, etc. thoughtlessly put on election duty in
are always an eye sore to the local remote areas. School students are
bona fide citizens. They have beaten made to stand in scorching summer
the police teams as and when police or chilled winter for any or every
entered their settlements to catch a government-sponsored function. A
criminal or any wanted person. But
government would not retaliate to
cruel practice indeed! Selection
grade (APC) has not been given to
teach them a lesson and round them many teachers (especially ladies) OF THE HOSPITALS IN
up for deportation or take any
criminal proceedings against them.
even after the completion of 24 years
of service on one pretext or the other.
They indulge in all sorts of organised In other words, the educational deptt APPALLING THAT
crimes and government could not
check their menace by religiously
lacks transparency in its working and
suffers from bureaucratic snobbery.
following vote-bank politics. They are In fact, education directorate should GO TO PRIVATE
threat to the security of the country have a personnel department to NURSING HOMES
as they tend to act as the local handle staff-related matters on more
modules for the terrorists across the scientific lines instead of being run WHERE THEY ARE
border, either Pakistan or Bangla on personal whims of officers. ALSO FLEECED.
Desh. In such a scenario can India
ever be able to control effectively Multiple enactments: Delhi deliberately avoided and the result is
terrorism with so many “Chhipay Government under Mrs Sheila Dixit that there is no noticeable change in
Huae Gaddar” in the country? shows lot of enthusiasm to enact the situation.
various laws to prove that her Some years ago a law was
Educational policy: The situation government policies are very passed to ban throwing of litter on
on educational sector is far from progressive and keeping pace with road, footpath, near homes or
satisfactory. The condition of schools the times, if not moving ahead of commercial places as they constitute
is the clear index of any govt’s time. But their implementation is far an offence punishable by a simple
educational policy. Her Govt has also from satisfactory. Anti Smoking Act imprisonment or a fine or both. But
failed in this important sphere. The in public is such an act which the what is the result? Zero. Delhi is a
condition of most of the schools is people don’t bother to obey. You can stinking city with litters all around on
irritatingly bad. Many schools are still find people smoking everywhere roads, near houses, near shops and
being run in tents with no proper including Sheila’s own office and the other places. Government authorities
facilities. The schools which have rate of punishing the violators is are not bothered about the
their buildings are in no better negligible. Similarly, recently an order implementation of this important law.
position. Many buildings need prohibiting the use of plastic bags They have not even learnt from Delhi
repairs, water coolers, working fans, under Environment Protection Act Metro Management as to how such
good furniture and proper sanitation. 1986 has been issued by Delhi an act can be implemented in all its
It is well known that most of the male Government. It is a good sign that essentials. It is really creditable on
teachers run their private business Delhi Government has banned plastic the part of Delhi Metro that its
and somehow manage to remain bags. The ban follows Delhi High stations and adjacent environment
absent from school and their allotted Court order based on justice R. C. remains spick and span which shows
periods are taught by proxy. Chopra Committee report. that hygiene and sanitation are high
Adverse reports are daily pouring The problem with plastic is that on the agenda of D.M.R.C. which is
in that there is lot of corruption in the they are durable and degrade very totally missing with Delhi
midday meal scheme. Stale food is slowly. The ones above 40 micron Government. Will Mrs Sheila Dixit
usually provided to the tender are better. To make it effective constitute a committee to review the
students resulting in food-poisoning legislative measures would not be of implementation of the laws passed
cases, ill-health and lot of other much help because in our country the by its government to make due
physical complications. Ingredients compliance law is not only lax but corrections? We

120 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009


Mirror, mirror
on the wall

who is the fairest of them all?

Lovely lasses all set to captivate with their
enthralling looks. Smooth, flawless complexion
achieved with right strokes of make-up brings out the
best of their features. Sticking to the natural colours
of your skin, you too can add glam and accentuate
your favourite features.

7 11



1. The kohl-rimmed eyes on subtle make-up look

2. Soft ringlets flowing down the face and subtle make-up
complements the overall charm.
3. Twist hair from the front in small partitions adorned
with swavorsky.
4. Make-up is highlighted with golden shimmer on eyes
and lips.
5. The make-up artist styling the hair.
6. After the mesmerising make-up, finishing touch is given on
the lovely hair-do.
7. Lovely ladies striking a pose with their winsome smile.
8. A unique hair-do beautified with braids and subtle make up
enhanced with blue tones of eye shadow.
9. Right strokes of make up with luscious lipcolour add
deliciousness to her smile.
10. Bright make-up, red lipcolour and golden tints to
complement the outfit and ornaments.
11. Straight flowing hair on her lovely face enhanced with 19
13 subtle strokes of make-up!
12. A knot garnished with glittering hair accessories. Shiny
strokes of make-up brighten up her looks.
13. French roll enhanced with golden accessories and ringlets
on the top.
14. The frizzy hair from the back combined with braid and
accessories look stylish.
15. Soft locks falling on the shoulders. Red stones extending
from nose to ear, tints of green eye shadow and red
lipcolour complement the hair accessories.
16. Fresh looks with soft make-up.
17. Form small hair partitions from the front of the crown. While
twisting, back combed to make a heavy curly bun.
18. A trendy hair-do beautified with red tints.
19. Hair-do garnished with floral accessories – magical infact!
20. A glittering hair pin on the hair style lends a regal appeal! 20
21. Sweet innocent charms are enhanced with tints of pink.


Make-up & Hair Styling: Aashmeen’s Grace,

(Internationally experienced makeup & hair artist)
15 Ashok Vihar-I, Delhi.
Ph: 011-27222670, Mob: 9810077076
Often, it’s not just a backache that
affects a woman but much more.
By Dr S. N. Khosla
elvic inflammatory diseases but also long-term complications like

are the commonest cause of sterility in a young woman. These
morbidity and poor health in may be defined as inflammation of
young women of child- the genitalia due to infection either
bearing age. A great introduced from outside or by
percentage of women infection ascending upwards from the
coming to the clinics with cervix and vagina.
poor health and vague Of the various causes responsible
abdominal pain suffer from it. for producing pelvic infection, the
Often, these unfortunate commonest is injury to the genital
women are treated for vague organs during delivery when this
abdominal symptoms and pain in the becomes infected. Though this
back. It is a frustrating experience for incidence has been considerably
any woman when she finds that reduced due to the use of better
despite extensive medication there is aseptic techniques at the time of
no relief and in many women the delivery, in a great number of women
symptoms get exacerbated. who are delivered by local untrained
Pelvic inflammatory diseases dais in villages, the incidence of tears
assume significance because of not to the cervix with resultant infection is
only producing immediate suffering very high.

124 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Another cause of severe pelvic
infections is the instrumentation and
unnecessary handling while inducing
abortions. Many times, the abortions
are induced by devious methods like
the introduction of sticks and
medicated tampons with the result
that infection of pelvic tissues results
in inflammation of the vagina, uterus
and fallopian tubes.
One estimate is that morbidity
following such abortions is at least
20-25 times that of legal abortions
and that incidence of pelvic infection
even with legal abortion varies from
one to 10 per cent depending on the
stage of the pregnancy and the
method employed for inducing
abortion. It cannot be denied that the
incidence of trauma and pelvic
infection goes side by side with the
stage at which the abortion is suffer from this condition. These girls
induced, the longer the stage of have a highest risk of developing
pregnancy, the greater is severity of pelvic infections. A number of
infection. organisms ranging from N.
gonorrhoea to trichomonos and
candida, etc. are known to be the
THE INFECTION RATE causative agents.
Even when pregnancy has been This risk is also higher in women
terminated in the first three months who use oral contraceptive pills,
of pregnancy with a vacuum especially those containing high
aspirator, the infection rate is one to levels of female hormones
five per cent, while with D and C it (oestrogens). Other predisposing
ranges from five to 10 per cent. factors for pelvic infections are a
Though surgery is expected to be young age at first intercourse,
done under proper aseptic intercourse more than four times a
techniques, even in the best centres, month and indulging in oral sex.
infection occurs while operating on Sex during or soon after
the pelvic organs. In this regard, menstruation is another important tubes and the peritoneum. Many
improper sterilisation of the operation cause as in this case the natural times the female sufferer may remain
theatre and instruments, and protective mechanism is already unaware of her infection till a long
extensive surgery relaxation of broken and blood will provide a time passes and it is probably the
ordinary aseptic and antiseptic suitable medium for the organisms to resultant complications, which drive
techniques play an important role. grow. the woman to seek medical advice.
Of the various contraceptive Unprotected sex and sex with Very often, the symptoms are non-
methods employed, intrauterine multiple partners puts a woman at specific. Pain in the lower abdomen
devices act as an important source risk of acquiring sexually transmitted is by far the most frequent complaint
of chronic infection of the female diseases and along with it, other along with low-grade fever there is
genitalia, the IUCD helps the infections often. There is complaint diffused. Pain in the abdomen and is
organism in the vagina to travel along of a foul- smelling discharge. When present generally in the lower part.
it, causing a ready infection of the treating such women, men who act There is a vaginal discharge and
organs. as vectors must also be investigated, there is itching in the region of the
It has been rightly pointed out that examined and treated as these may genitalia and the adjacent skin of the
the three P’s – the pill, be the originators and perpetuators thighs. There is pain while passing
permissiveness and promiscuity – of chronic infection in the woman. urine. Frequency of urination is
are the root causes of pelvic infection Pelvic infections result due to increased and often there is urgency.
in women. Young girls who lead a ascending infection from the vagina Low backache is one of the
promiscuous life are more prone to lining of the uterus, spreading to the commonest distressing symptoms

126 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

AN EQUALLY complain of persistent abnormal
vaginal discharge, menstrual
responsible for severe itching in her
private parts.
IMPORTANT CAUSE irregularities and abdominal pain. In sum total, pelvic infection in
OF PELVIC INFECTION Very often, it is sterility in a woman of
the reproductive age-group which
women are contributed by several
factors. Infection is generally caused
IN WOMEN IS draws attention to the condition. by a number of organism and many
GENITAL Vulvovaginal candidiasis
another common form of infection.
is often coexist in the same person.
Women who have been subjected to
TUBERCULOSIS Candida is a normal inhabitant of the surgical procedures with inadequate
WHICH IS A VERY vagina and its growth is kept under sterilisation, abortions, medical
check by the normal vaginal flora. But termination of pregnancy or use of
IMPORTANT CAUSE it produces symptoms when a contraceptive devices and those who
OF STERILITY IN SUCH woman takes antibiotics or is indulge in permissive living, are the
immunocompromised as in diabetes, ones who are likely to fall prey to
WOMEN. HIV infections/AIDS. Pregnancy chronic pelvic infections with
exacerbates the condition. resultant morbidity.
Most of the sufferers come with
low-grade fever, backache,
THE SYMPTOMS abdominal pain, difficulty in passing
Symptoms are of a thick white urine, vaginal discharge and poor
vaginal discharge with irritation, health. Diagnosis is not difficult if
frequently worse at night and before these complaints in any woman are
menstruation. Candidiasis is further kept in mind. It should be made on
worsened by bubble baths, light- the history the sufferer gives and
fitting clothes like jeans, vaginal further tests like urine plus culture
sprays and deodorants, and the use and ultrasound of the abdomen. The
of contraceptive devices like treatment part is best left in the
diaphragms, spermicides and hands of your treating doctor. Main
IUCDS. Sufferers from candida aim is to alleviate the symptoms and
generally have pruritis and a thick. prevent long-term sequlae.
White vaginal discharge that But the important part is how to
resembles cottage cheese but is prevent the symptoms. Certain
generally odourless. There is often guidelines in this respect can be laid.
soreness of the private parts and a ● One should avoid promiscuous
burning sensation when the urine behaviour. Avoid sex during
besides referring to complaints of comes in contact with the vulva skin. menstruation. Preferably no oral sex.
vaginal discharge. There is pain during sexual contact. ● Avoid bubble baths and use of
When genococcol and other Most of the symptoms of candida feminine hygiene products like sprays
infections like trichomonos become begin just before menses. and deodorants.
chronic, the patient besides having Another source of chronic pelvic ● When using IUCD’s for
low backache and vaginal discharge infection is the frequent use of jellies contraception have a regular check-
(purulent) has not only low-grade and tablets for contraception. up since these are important causes
fever but also poor health and often Antiseptic solutions used for of acting as sources of chronic pelvic
remains ill. douching are also responsible for infection.
An equally important cause of causing irritation and infection. ● Vaginal infections thrive in
pelvic infection in women is genital An important factor to be moisture. So dry your part carefully
tuberculosis which is a very important considered in a woman with pelvic after bathing. Wear cotton underwear
cause of sterility in such women. infection is the organism, and do not sleep in underwear. Avoid
Patients are mostly young in the age- trichomonas vaginalis which involves tight-fitting clothes.
group of 25-30 years and the order of women in all age-groups, more so in ● Once you suffer from pelvic
involvement includes her tubes, adult women irrespective of their infection, get it treated properly and
cervix, ovaries, vagina and vulva. social status. Many times, the do not leave treatment midway.
The tubercule bacilli cause infection infection is introduced by the male Simultaneous treatment of your male
either via the blood stream or partner who may be harbouring the partner must be done to prevent
lymphatics or by ascending and organism in his prostrate or posterior reinfection. And lastly, if you are
descending infection from the urethra. A woman who suffers from it young, live within limits of society lest
neighbouring structures where the generally has a frothy, greenish- permissiveness takes a toll on the
disease is present. These women yellow discharge and this is beautiful years of your life. We

128 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Anoop Srivastava
Born: 31 March 1964 in Kanpur
Graduate in Military Sciences
Diploma in Fine Arts, Allahabad
Active in the art field since 1992
Taught art at Yuva Shakti Model
School, Rohini, Delhi
M: - 9810690230 An artist’s endeavour to take art to the
masses. By Our Correspondent
rtist Anoop Srivastava has facets of life very closely in his

grown up amidst a variety formative years. His experiences as a
of human sentiments. All child still leave an imprint on his
these sentiments have artworks.
played a crucial role in Excerpts from an interview:
moulding his artistic talent. When did you realise that you
The son of a medico father, should be an artist?
who was in the INA, and I am the only person in my family
later on, when the INA was to take up art as a profession. My
dismantled, joined the father was a medico in the INA and
Army Medical Corp of the Indian later on, in the Army Medical Corp.
Army, Anoop has seen different His job was transferable and as such
we never had a settled life. I have
had my schooling and higher
education in Allahabad, where we
were living in the compound of the
Swarup Rani Hospital. I had a strong
inclination towards art since early
childhood and used to draw on the
last pages of virtually all my

Who and what inspired you

most when you were learning art?
I had an Anglo-Indian friend,
Franky. He was a good artist and
would draw impeccable figures of
lotus flowers. His drawings inspired
me to try my hand at art. Those days,
there used to be a
magazine The
Illustrated Weekly of
India, in which the
Goanese cartoonist
Mario Miranda’s cari -
catures would appear in
the form of a woman in
western outfits sup -
porting a big dot on her
forehead. That appeared
quite remarkable to me
though I did not
understand its full
connotation then. I

130 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

The epicentre of entire creation.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 131

related that big dot to my mother, But I feel that when you do that then
who also used to sport a similar dot shade becomes the major concern
on her forehead. I would draw mainly and subjects become minor.
female figures just to satisfy my Personally, I am experimenting with
hobby. Imprints of those childhood my subjects. Earlier, women
years still continue to dominate my appeared in three-fourths of my
artworks. paintings, but now only about one-
fourth of my subjects are women.
What has played a crucial role
in moulding the artist in you? What is your opinion about the
I have always been a keen commercialisation of art?
observer. I still cannot forget those Commercialisation of art has three
heart-rending scenes in the hospital aspects. First, most of the people in
compound that I had witnessed India don’t have an evolved art
during my formative years. It would sense. Even between the two metros
suffice to say that I witnessed all – Mumbai and Delhi – much
types of human sentiments in the difference is seen in people’s art
hospital compound. Imagine a sense, which is much evolved in the
number of dead bodies lying all former and still immature in the latter.
around in the compound and their Secondly, big art galleries have
relatives moving around between begun to confine good art within their
them, trying to identify their near and warehouses.
dear ones. The expression on their In a way, these art galleries are
faces spoke volumes about what was acting like hoarders and promoting
going on in their hearts. I feel those already established artists. This
human sentiments have played a action on the part of art galleries is
crucial role in moulding the artist in also the greatest obstacle in
me. developing an art sense among the
people, as it scares the common
What are the subjects that you people away from art and artists.
take up, in your paintings? Finally, every effort should be made
I like to take up contemporary to popularise art and bring it to the
subjects. I believe that an artist masses. Art zones should be created
should not become typecast; in the country in the tune of cultural
otherwise his work would appear zones and greater interaction should
monotonous. An artist is the mirror of be ensured between the artists and
society, but this mirror should not the public. For this, space can be
show the same images again and Yamuna in Allahabad and on the reserved for the artists in marts like
again. bathing jetties in Varanasi. There is the Delhi Haat, where they can
Sufism in my paintings, which shows display their works on a weekly basis.
What theme would you strongly the transcendental trance –like
yearn to depict? experiences of the devotees. How do you see the future of
It is very painful for me to see that art?
family bonds are breaking up in What are the mediums you work There is no dearth of artistic
modern society. We are blindly in? talents and art lovers in the country. A
following the west. The media is also Earlier, I used to work in oil paints. number of talented artists are obliged
playing a decisive role in glamorising Now I mostly work in acrylic colours. to sell their art on roadsides, while big
western culture. I have depicted this Oil colours take long to dry, but they names are enjoying every comfort
agonising development in my are superb in creating realistic and being hung in cosy villas. A bright
paintings. Secondly, I believe that artworks, as they mix well. future for art can be ensured only
woman is the epicentre of entire when art is freed from the clutches of
creation. Our first acquaintance in Like many other artists, do you big galleries and brought among the
this world is with a woman. So I like also keep on experimenting with art? masses. Secondly, an artist should
to depict the womenfolk in different I do experiment, but not on a wide be allowed to retain his or her
moods. Finally, it is spirituality that scale. Of course, some artists are originality. For this, art critics should
has a far greater influence on me. I doing appreciable experiments with give a studied and impartial opinion
have closely seen this aspect at their art, like they are experimenting in their columns and do minimum
confluence of the Ganges and with fusion, creating new textures etc. meddling with the artworks. We

132 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

Tear this page along the perforated line and send it to the under mentioned address. Winner will be announced in the April issue.

Q1 When you are in a fight with him, he...

a. Acts calm and responsible, caring,
loving, and considerately.
b. Gets angry and leaves.
c. Hits me.

When you’re around him, he makes
you feel...
a. Truly beautiful, inside and out, genuinely
b. Generally unhappy, he treats me like dirt.
c. Somewhat excluded; like I not really there
with him.

the questions win a
grand prize...

winners will

Are you curious about whether this guy is
right for you or not, or could he be the one?
Although a quiz can’t answer everything;

hopefully this gives you and idea.
elected entries will be published in the
forthcoming issue of Woman’s era. Look out
get the for the 15 April 2009 issue
L ast date for sending entries: 31 March 2009
Attach a photograph of your friend for a better
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You both have differences, you
resolve them by...
a. Usually agreeing to disagree.
You both spend time together...
a. Hardly ever, he never seems to have
time for you.
b. Always hearing each other out and b. Sometimes, when it’s convenient.
appreciating what the other has to say. c. Whenever we can, although friends
c. I pretend that everything’s always perfect and family are also important to me.
and there are no differences between There is a balance.
both of us.

Q4 When you both hug...

a. It scares me.
Q8 You both can have fun together...
a. Usually we can’t have fun because we’re
always being so serious about everything.
b. Don’t have fun with him at all.
b. We both feel somewhat awkward
whenever the time comes. c. Just by being together, watching movies,
c. It feels right! cuddling...

Q5 Even when you’re not around him,

are you loyal to him?
a. Yes, he is my one and only
Q9 Small talk is...
a. Not important, it’s really the deeper content
that matters the most.
b. Very important to us both; I make sure to
b. Usually, but sometimes I get distracted. always ask how his day was.
c. It’s okay to see other guys, we both aren’t c. Somewhat important, every now and then
that serious about our relationship. I ask what’s up.

You took this quiz because...
a. I am serious about the relationship and
I really think it will work out.
b. I am hesitant, will this really work or are
If he popped the question,
you would
a. Say, yes, because it feels like the only thing
we simply too different? I can say to a proposal.
c. Just for fun really, I don’t care. If it works b. Say no, I don’t want it to get that serious
out, it works out. c. Say yes, in a hearbeat.

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well. When you treat yourself like an
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My problem is almost petty. I come

from a family of film lovers and my
husband and his family are book
worms who look down upon films
calling them silly and all that. I feel
as though they are insulting my
reasons. Maybe he does not want to intelligence when they say that
be seen to other workers to be because I am a qualified person I

favouring his wife. Maybe he feels happen to like films. How should I
that he is working more or maybe he handle this?
is just not doing it because you have You should not attempt to change
not asked him to! their opinion. It is a matter of
It depends on what your role in the personal likes and dislikes. You
business is – talk to him and define cannot make them like films if they
I work in a multinational company your duties and remuneration, tell do not want to. Yes, they should not
and have a great family life too. After him that you need that the company make you feel small about it and you
five years of marriage I am expecting respects your input and that you want have to be patient for a while but tell
my first baby and want to work for as to get your market value. But be them that they need to respect your
long as possible. Can I decline travel careful, at some point you have to be personal choices.
assignments now, and what do I tell ready to hear his point of view as It is always a done thing to make
my company? Also what kind of fun of a new bride, so maybe you just
clothes should I wear to work where need to give them some time.
most colleagues are men? I was a career However, do voice your views on
It is good that you have a good woman who got their inability to accept your choices
job. You have to tell the truth to your married and now and tell them that maybe, just maybe,
company about why you are had my first baby. I you are more tolerant as a person
declining travel jobs. They will know would like an other despite being qualified professional
soon enough. If you behave profess- child before going because you see films!
ionally they have the chance to find a back to working life.
replacement for your travel while you What is the right age difference
are indisposed. Remember, though, between children and how to I am the only child of an

that you might not be able to travel ensure that I can fit back into army family. As we kept
for quite a while even after the baby working life? moving and shifting with
arrives and if travel is imperative to Doctors and social support dad’s posting, I never had
your job, it might be a good idea to people suggest a three-year age lasting friendships and now
think of a job change though you can difference but siblings with less I am married and my
join again after your maternity leave age difference can also grow up husband has friends whom
and then look for alternatives. Wear well together. It depends on how he has known all his life. I feel so left
clothes that are loose-fitting made well you are coping with the baby out and jealous. What do I do?
with natural fabrics, cut to camou - and how supportive your husband Make up for lost time and make
flage the bump and something that is with home duties. Going back beginning of lasting friendships now.
you are comfortable in. to a career after a long break is Yes, it will be difficult but when you
never easy. get married you have a new set of
See if you can do something family and often inherit a new set of
I am as qualified as my husband and that gives you sufficient time with your husband’s friends.
help him in his business. However, I the kids at home or something Make a gesture to be accepted by
feel that of late he is constantly part time; or you can opt for them. After all the wives of his friends
putting me down and, while he takes working from home. However, are also new in the circle, maybe you
a lot more money than I, he does not remember that children do need can begin with them. If you make
increase my allowance when he the mother – that has not changed genuine efforts people will warm up to
increases everybody else’s. Why he and, while a career is rewarding, you in the same way that they are
does this? so is bringing up your children. close to your husband. Yes, it will take
There could be a variety of time but it will be worth your while.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 135

Tug of war
Sanjee’s proposed adoption by the couple who had brought her up caused
friction with her natural parents — until Sanjee found a more mature answer.
By Savita Shetty

anjukta was startled. She looked up at Nihal, On the way home, Sanjee was lost in whirl of
wondering whether she had heard right? Or thoughts. She had not even realised that Nihal was
maybe the signs and symptoms were already interested in her. But then, maybe, she hardly ever
there since long ago, only she had failed to noticed anything since her work was everything. She
notice? Nihal was good in all respects, no didn’t realise it when she reached home.
doubt. But she never... “What happened?” “Maasi! How come you are here?” Rushing
Nihal laughed. “You are looking as if I’ve said towards Mala, Sanjee sat near her and
something unspeakable...? Was it wrong to ask...?” affectionately pulled her by the arm, “Haan, I’ve
“Oh, sorry. No... I didn’t mean to be rude,” finished painting all the motifs and was going to
Sanjee said hastily, “but... but I never expected... bring your sari in the evening. You couldn’t wait till
anticipated this.” That was true, for her Nihal was then, ummm?”
just a friendly colleague. “I’ve not given marriage a “No, no... nothing of that sort,” Mala smiled. And
thought. I... you see, I’m so involved in my work... I then Sanjee’s father said in an excited voice, “Listen
hope you understand if I say that I’m not ready for to what your maasi has planned for you.” Was that
marriage...” a day of marriage proposals? Sanjee grimaced
“Your work, your research, is no problem. I’m in inwardly. Yes, last week, maasi had said somewhat
the same field and I know you are gifted. I respect mysteriously, “A surprise in store for you.” What
your talent. So I never intend to stop you from doing else, but an eligible boy?
what you love to do and tie you to the home,” Nihal “You know, Mala wants to officially adopt you,”
said. “I’m not saying this just to make you agree. I Sanjee’s mother explained, “As such, you were
mean every word. You just have to say yes...” more her daughter than mine. You almost grew up in
She was pretty confused. “This all is so sudden.” her home. Now, she just wants to complete the
She had never thought of marriage and surely not to official formalities...”
Nihal. How to say ‘no’ without hurting him? “I don’t Adopt? That was totally unexpected. And why
think that would be a good idea. I would be doing now, after all these years? What her mother said
injustice to you...” was true. When Sanjee’s younger brother and then
“No, you wouldn’t. Why do you worry when I am the sister were born in quick succession after her,
myself assuring you?” But she still seemed to be lost Sanjee’s mother was unable to pay attention to her
in doubts, so he said, “Okay, you take your time...” firstborn. Then close friend and neighbour Mala
stepped in and happily took care of
little Sanjee. At that time Mala maasi
Statement of ownership and other particulars about and Jeetu maasa lived next door in a
WOMAN’S ERA small two-room house similar to
FORM IV, See Rule 8 theirs. But Maasaji was good at work
and business, and he soon made so
1. Place of publication: New Delhi. 2. Periodicity of publication:
much progress that the couple moved
Fortnightly. 3, 4, & 5 Printer’s, Publisher’s, and Editor’s Name: Paresh
to their own bungalow. Of course,
Nath. Nationality: Indian, Address: E-3, Jhandewala Estate, New Delhi-55.
that wasn’t too far, just in the lane
6. Names and addresses of individuals who own the newspaper and partners
behind theirs. So, by only going to
or shareholders holding more than one per cent of the total capital: Delhi
the next building and passing
Press Patra Prakashan Pte. Ltd., E-3, Jhandewala Estate, New Delhi-55.
through its back gate, Sanjee would
I, Paresh Nath, hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to
be in front of maasi’s bungalow.
the best of my knowledge and belief.
The financial differences had
Sd. Paresh Nath, Publisher.
made no difference to the emotional

138 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

bond between the families, especially between Mala
and Sanjee. Even in that big house, a room was
kept separate for Sanjee, and Mala had decorated
always pranced in and
out of maasi’s house
without a second

it lovingly with all of Sanjee’s favourite things. thought. Even the transition from two rooms
Sanjee would stay there whenever she wished. For in a chawl to a spacious bungalow had not
her, there was no difference between the two houses made any difference to her. She plonked
or the people in those two houses. She always herself on the new upholstered sofa just as
thought she had two sets of parents and she loved she always had on the old, wrought-iron
them all equally. cot. Even this change had been quite some
So then why this sudden talk of adoption? Where years ago. But now... The same house,
was the need? She was Mala maasi’s daughter. same people and still she was a bit ill at
Maasi had looked after her, pampered her, scolded ease. Now she would be the daughter of
her while supervising her studies, sat by her bedside that house –!
the entire night whenever she was sick. When, after “Sit with me, Sanjee,” Mala maasi’s
years of waiting, she didn’t bear a child of her own, words broke into her thoughts. “You must be
Mala had showered even more love on Sanjee. All wondering why I ... we decided on
was fine, but then why this? adoption now after all these years? Well, yes, I
guess we should have done it long back. But, better

he had nothing against adoption, but... Leaving late than never... I don’t want to miss anything of
parents, changing everything including your life. We would like to get you married, I want
surname? And where was the necessity for it? to do the kanyadaan... all the pampering through
She was theirs anyway. Sanjee looked at her your pregnancy, and want to hold your hand during
parents and realised that they were quite happy, your delivery. Your small babies would call me nani
eager and excited with the thought. Naturally, and they would be my grandchildren... I don’t wish
because although Mala and Jeetu always helped to miss any of these things, so at least now.”
them as much as they could, but now it would be Sanjee didn’t know what to say, so she just
more than friendship, almost like a relationship or pressed her maasi’s hand.
the same family. That would help them as well as

their younger children. oth the families were happily looking forward
On the other hand, when Mala maasi had done to that occasion. Jeetu maasaji had started the
so much for her, she almost owed her life to maasi, paperwork necessary for adoption. As soon as
so how could she refuse her wish? Maybe at this the formal sanction came through, Mala maasi had
age, maasi had realised that she would never have planned to give a big party to make the
a child of her own and so now she wanted Sanjee announcement. She was busy preparing the guest
as only hers?
When everybody
looked so happy about it,
then how could Sanjee say
‘no’? Although she had
some apprehensions, she
successfully tried to hide
them and appeared as
happy as the rest of them.
There was no question of
her permission, everyone
had taken it for granted
that she would be glad to
hear the news. How and
why would she say no?
After two-three days
when Sanjee went to see
maasi, Mala made her
sit... she wanted to talk so
much. Sanjee felt a bit
awkward... that was quite
odd, actually. She had

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 139

list, menu, special dresses and delicate ornaments But as soon as Mala left, Sanjee’s mother burst
for Sanjee... the work was endless. For every small out, “What nonsense! You got the award just
detail she waited for Sanjee to come and give her because now you are going to be her daughter! Ever
approval. Sanjee sometimes felt guilty that when heard of such rubbish? Nothing doing, you’ll accept
maasi was so excited and was making so much that award as our child. And also the award money.”
effort, she couldn’t give all that much time to maasi’s And that was just the beginning of bitter
preparations. But her work... underlying currents. Outwardly, everything was very
And then Sanjee’s name was announced as the sweet and nice. But behind each other’s back, the
recipient of the national award for the young bickering continued to grow louder and more
scientist. Sanjee couldn’t believe it at first. Yes, she resentful. Mala maasi suggested why couldn’t
loved her work and was very sincere to it, but a Sanjee move to her house now itself — why wait till
national award? It was unbelievable. She had the sanction of the adoption papers? As such, she
developed a small instrument which could prove was taking maasaji’s help to deal with approaching
very valuable in laboratory work. Big multinational companies. When media people asked for her
companies could use it in their research and interview, it was mostly done in Mala Maasi’s
development departments. house, so then why not move totally?
On the other hand, her parents disliked it and

uddenly she was in the limelight. Naturally, tried to coax her into doing everything from their
Sanjee was invited by various magazines, home. “Why do you ask your Jeetu maasa
newspapers and other media people for everything?” her father would say, “He may be
interviews. She was also invited to the TV channels good at his work, but for this help we can appoint
for participating in the youth or science-oriented some professional manager.”
programmes. This was just the part of her

achievement. On the business and money front, s these cold vibes continued to grow, Sanjee
many big companies were approaching her. They grew more and more sad. What was wrong
were interested in buying her invention and the with her families? All were hers and she
amounts they quoted were pretty impressive. belonged to them, then why these uncalled for fights?
This was all so sudden and so new to her... At first, she thought that it was just the initial reaction
everyone around her was very happy that her work due to the sudden shock. Soon, both the families
had got recognition. Both the families were so would forget this silly rivalry and become one as
thrilled that their own little Sanjee was a national before. But there were no such signs of changes.
figure now... so proud of her. “Now, the party would be on an even more
“Oh my little girl” Mala maasi hugged her grand scale,” Mala maasi got busy with her new
affectionately. “We never realised that you had plans, “This bungalow wouldn’t be sufficient... a
grown so much. Not only in years but also as a five-star hotel, may be? We’d play the video
great scientist.” She had bought huge boxes of recording of you receiving the award. You know,
sweets and asked her driver to distribute it in the Sanjee, your family needs the money, so you give
entire locality. “You’ll be going to Delhi to receive them all your award cash, and whatever you get for
that award? Oh my!” She gushed excitedly. “Yes, I your invention. Who needs the money here? You are
guess the adoption formalities would be complete by our precious possession.”
then. So you would be “Stuffing our mouths with money? What do they
accepting that award as my think? How can anyone forget that she is our
daughter. Oh, you see, just daughter, after all?” her family would go on ranting.
as this adoption work Both the families had gathered in Sanjee’s small,
started, you got this two-room house. They were no more at ease with
great honour. So how each other. They were getting restless with each
lucky this adoption is passing minute. “Why has she called us here?”
for you,” she Mala maasi murmured. “And then why hasn’t she
beamed proudly. turned up?”
Just then Sanjee entered the house with a
handsome young man by her side. Everyone was
about to start talking at once, but looking at the
stranger with her, they were all a bit subdued.
When no one said anything, Sanjee cleared her
throat and spoke, “I have called someone with me
and I want to introduce him to you all. He is Nihal
Kumar, my senior at the institute. He... well, we
would like to get your blessings as we’ve decided to
get married. Our simple marriage ceremony would
take place on the morning of the award function.
And I would receive the award as Mrs Nihal
Shocked by this revelation, nobody could say a
word, and then suddenly all started talking at once,
“What is this?” “How could you.” “No, this can’t be
Sanjee tried to stop them and then spoke in a soft
voice, “I know it’s a shock. I’m sorry, but I had no
other go... oh... I know I’m too young and have no
right to talk to all my elders who have always given
me so much love. But that same love has given me laughed and said, “I guess it serves us right. We
the strength to speak today. Please, try to understand were all behaving... er... not in a right way and
me. I don’t know why all these differences have come beti, even being younger, you showed us elders how
up all of a sudden. Was it because of my adoption wrong we were. Now, my only request is, no need
or because of my award? But, whatever the reason, it to get married so hastily. You receive your award in
really pained me a lot to see my families, my people, whichever way you wish. And then we’ll... we all
drifting apart like this. It really made me very sad and together... will celebrate your marriage. Is that
so I had to take this step. I hope at least now there okay with you? Now please smile or else this young
won’t be any fights over anything. I hope I would get man would have a terrible first impression of his
my loving families back.” double in-laws...” Sanjee flopped down, totally
Nobody spoke as everybody was stunned. Then relieved of all tensions, as everyone laughed and
Mala maasi broke the uneasy silence as she greeted Nihal. We

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hospital set-up. Here, we do not see there is systemic involvement, which disorders and psoriasis.
these diseases very commonly, but is something more than skin ● Eczemas can be due to
they are there. In a big government involvement. Also, one should look something which has been applied or
hospital set-up, we see patients with out for sudden changes in a mole something they have come into
these diseases every third or fourth which may have been there for a long contact with or again an altered
day. These are blistering disorders time – if it starts showing changes, immunity, like childhood eczema is
like pemphigus. Other than these, especially in the middle age, like more immune-based rather than
there is a whole range of connective increase in size or change in shape anything they come into contact with.
tissue disorders or auto-immune or texture or ulceration on the mole, ● Drug eruptions are due to any
disorders like lupus erythematoses then this should be taken seriously. drugs the patient is sensitive to.
and scleroderma. ● Scleroderma and systemic
Then there is a whole range of What exactly is an ulcer in lupus erythematoses are due to
disorders because of leprosy. It can terms of skin? altered immunity.
be anything from a mild initial stage An ulcer appears when the
to involving many areas. Then there superficial surface gives away – i.e., Why is immunity affected?
is a whole range of sexually when there is a wound there. The No cause has been discovered till
transmitted diseases like syphilis, overlying skin goes off and we see now. Genetically, these people have
herpes and many manifestations the underlying tissues. If it is very more predilection or they have a
associated with HIV. Also, there are superficial, we call it an erosion. If it greater tendency to get these
some pigmentation diseases for is deeper – i.e., there is caving in – diseases. A particular HLA type may
which patients come for consultation. then it is an ulcer. have a greater tendency.
Then there are also vitamin If a mole starts showing these
deficiencies, which show up on the changes, then it has to be treated. What kind of treatment is
skin. Each disease has its own site, These can be early signs of recommended in the case of these
but we try to reach a diagnosis melanoma, which could become very diseases?
depending on various factors of aggressive if taken lightly. Mostly oral and topical treatment
which location also plays a major Any new appearance or growth, is recommended. Usually, injections
role. For example, a drug eruption in ages above 12 years, especially in are not given. But there are disorders
can be very generalised, it can be on people who are exposed to too much where one may have to be given
the entire body or just the mucosal sun or chemicals, needs to be injections. If it is an excessively
area, the oral, ophthalmic or the attended to. The appearance of these severe infection, then injections come
genital areas. growing lesions means you cannot into the picture. Or in diseases like
afford to wait, visit a dermatologist pemphigus, lupus erythematoses,
What are the signs and since this could be the beginning of scleroderma, severe drug eruptions
symptoms of these diseases? skin carcinoma. like Stevens Johnson syndrome. that
What is the right time to go to the is when the patient is admitted and
doctor? Why do these diseases occur? goes through the treatment.
Ideally, any skin rash which is not Each of these disorders have
responding to over-the-counter different causes: What is pulse therapy?
drugs, beyond a week, it is advisable ● Infections: It depends on the For example, in pemphigus, the
to visit a dermatologist, because this hygiene levels. Fungal and bacterial major line of treatment is steroids.
is a very vast branch. There are so infections most commonly are You can give the patient steroids
many diseases that mimic other because of unhygienic conditions, every day. Associated with steroids
diseases. They may look the same sweating or moisture accumulation or are side effects. This has to go on for
but they may not be the same. And patients are exposed to people months. By the end of it, pemphigus
the sad part is there are so many having these diseases, especially in is healed but the patient bears the
medications that combine everything the case of children. A viral infection brunt of the side effects of steroids.
– an anti-bacterial, an anti-fungal and like herpes zoster is because of Of course, some of these side effects
a steroid. altered immunity. The common name are not irreversible. In the past few
The other thing you have to take is nagin or shingles because blisters years, we have tried to reduce the
care of is when a lesion starts oozing, appear along one nerve. There are side effects of steroids by pulse
there is excessive itching, there is several other types of herpes – for therapy.
any mucosal lesion with a rash-like example one can get herpes around Injectable steroids or injectable
oral ulcer for a long time, if there are the mouth called herpes labialis. immuno-suppressants are given to
systemic complaints like a rash with ● Pigmentation and acne may be the patients over a period of three
fever, rash with joint pain, a rash due to hormonal changes. days. After that, we try to keep the
which is tender. These symptoms ● Stress may play a major role in patient off steroids or give them
should not be neglected because disorders like alopecia, pigmentary milder immuno-suppressants to save

146 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009

them from too many side effects of steroids. Of course,
there will be some, but not as severe as when a daily
dose of steroids is given.
This is to get better control over the disease. Studies
are still being carried out on this therapy. Some people
agree with it, others don’t. The patient has to be admitted
for three days and then let go for a few days. In some
places, they are doing it in day-care centres, where the
patient can return home after the day’s therapy.

Is surgery necessary in any disease? When? In

which disease?
Right now dermato-surgery is done other than for
cosmetic requirements, in case of:
● Loss of pigmentation like vitiligo. We do grafting in
stable vitiligo, when the patient has a patch which is not
responding to medicines. A newer technique is to harvest
pigment giving cells called melanocytes from the patient in
the laboratory and put it back into the skin of the patient
and stimulate their growth.
● Dermato-surgery may also involve electro-
cautering i.e., cauterisation or radiofrequency. It is used
to treat warts or molluscum, a viral infection common in
● Then you have nail surgery, especially of ingrown
nails or if a nail is destroyed by fungal infection. For Men Only
● Hair implantation is another type of surgery.
● Surgery for acne scars are also done. We try to
raise the underlying fibrous tissue by needling.
● We also remove tattoos by grafting or by derma-
● Laser surgery is used in the case of excessive hair
growth on the face, etc.
● When there is nerve involvement like in leprosy, a
plastic surgeon does the surgery. We

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About the artist
Name: Bini Roy
Birth: Kothamagalam, Kerala
Education: BFA in painting from
College of Fine Arts, Trivendrum

Solo Shows
AIFACS, New Delhi,
Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 2008

ISKA, Cochin, Kerala, 2008
Lalit Kala Akademy,
New Delhi, 2007
Lalit Kala Akademy, Kochi, 2006
Lalit Kala Akademy, Trivendrum, 2005
Le Royale, Phnom Penh,
Cambodia, 2001
An artist from ‘God’s Own Country’
Awards reviews her dedication to the creations
State award for painting from Lalit
Kala Akademy 2003 for Three of nature. By Our Correspondent
Collections ini Roy’s restrained but decade, particularly to South East

Bini’s works are with private powerful strokes of Asia, have had much say in the
collectors and corporate houses in aesthetic articulations have evolution of her work and style. Bini
India and abroad. firm roots in nature and is simple and straightforward in the
social realism. The figures natural selection of very feminine
in her works summon hope, imageries.
despite the surrounding An onlooker compulsively falls into
gloom. Her personal vision conversation with the lines, colours
seems to be successfully and forms of Bini’s paintings. This is
emulated in her works. And the power of her art. There is an
it is particularly feminine and ever-deepening experience and a
positively spirited. poetic contemplation to be
Her voyages during the past experienced when viewing her works.
Excerpts from an interview:

When did you realise that you

should be an artist?
I think I am born for art. Since my
early childhood I had a passion for
painting. At an age when most of the
kids would be involved in normal
activities, I found myself fascinated
by colourful nature around
me. The blue sky, white,
cotton-like clouds, a heavy
downpour, green expanses
of countryside in Kerala, the
seashore, with innumerable
coconut trees, flowers,
butterflies, bumble bees,
etc. – all fascinated me
beyond imagination. Since
those days, I found myself
a high engrossed in drawing
sketches on whatever piece
of paper I could get, and
even on my palms. So to
say, I realised quite early
that I should be an artist.
A woman shoulders in centrality, multi-layered responsibilities – be in the form of a mother, wife or daughter,
remains vulnerable, endures all sufferings heaped on her.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2009 149