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Turnurile rotative din Dubai si Moscova
Des gratte-ciels pivotants à Dubaï et à Moscou

Pivoting skyscrapers in Dubai and Moscow

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Dr. David Fisher, Arch.

An Italian architect said he is poised to start construction on a new skyscraper in Dubai that will be "the world's first building in motion," an 80-story tower with revolving floors that give it an ever-shifting shape. The spinning floors, hung like rings around an immobile cement core, would offer residents a constantly changing view of the Persian Gulf and the city's futuristic skyline.

A few penthouse villas would spin on command using a voice-activated computer. The motion of the rest of the building would be choreographed in patterns that could be altered over time. Speaking at a news conference in New York on Tuesday, the building's designer, David Fisher, declared that his tower will revolutionize the way skyscrapers are made -- a claim that might strike some as excessively bold.

He graduated from the University of Florence and also was a lecturer of architecture. restores ancient monuments and works with prefabrication-construction technologies. the same university. structural engineering. . He has designed some rotating towers.David Fisher is born 19?? as an italien architect in Florence. Fisher designs buildings.


which will contain office space. the first of several Fisher hopes to build with a similar design.900-square-foot villa. and lifts will allow penthouse residents to park their cars right at their apartments. "You can build anything. who attended Tuesday's news conference. has never built a skyscraper before and hasn't practiced architecture regularly in decades. Fisher declined to say exactly where in Dubai the tower will be built or when site work might begin. through his New York publicists. that factory production is set to start within weeks and that the tower." Fisher said. Fisher's publicists said in an e-mail that the information has been removed from his bio "because he wants to be entirely accurate and cannot be with this information. saving tens of millions of dollars. wouldn't the building be a maintenance nightmare? Fisher said the building's modular construction will allow easy access to parts that need to be replaced. How would the plumbing hookups work in an apartment that is constantly moving? Fisher said the pipes will connect to the core via attachments similar to the ones used by military aircraft for in-flight refueling. however. Even the method of construction would be unorthodox. "I did not design skyscrapers. including Leslie E.000 per square foot. and Columbia said it had never awarded Fisher an honorary degree. for a total cost of $700 million to build. Sales of individual apartments will begin in September. would cost about $4 million and the largest. a luxury hotel and apartments. The smallest. He insisted. Robertson. Asked again to clarify the name of the school that conferred the degree. On its face. which is near Columbia's campus. but is "absolutely" buildable. With so many moving parts. says Fisher.300 feet. the project seems to pose a number of complicated engineering puzzles. at over 1. will require only 80 technicians and take only 20 months. John the Divine. at 1. would have a retractable helicopter pad. would be taller than the Empire State Building. came to New York in the mid-1980s and later developed hotels and ran a company that specialized in stone and prefabricated construction materials. Giant wind turbines installed between every floor. The rotations will be slow enough that no one will notice." No such institution exists. Robertson. In a biography he had been distributing for months. Fisher said.330 square feet. he said. a 12. the structural engineer for the World Trade Center and the Shanghai World Financial Center. with asking prices of around $3. Twisting floors are just one of several futuristic features in the building. that he had been awarded the degree by the Catholic University of Rome during a ceremony in 1994 held at the Cathedral Church of St. will be complete by 2010. Both structures.Fisher acknowledges that he is not well known. he said he graduated from the University of Florence in 1976. Skeptics might question Fisher's credentials to pull off the job. he said. Fisher said each floor will be prefabricated in an Italian factory. Chicago Tribune .7 million. $38. then shipped to the site to be attached to the core. which has attracted top design talent. said that the skyscraper might be unusual." he said. however. but I feel ready to do so. A second version of the tower. smiling. The biography also said he received an honorary doctorate from "The Prodeo Institute at Columbia University in New York. Wouldn't people get dizzy? No. But he insisted his lack of experience wouldn't stop him from completing the project. will generate enough electricity to power the entire building. Asked to explain the discrepancy." Copyright © 2009. Assembling a building in this fashion. to be built in Moscow.

• Iata un turn care se invarte singur ca o femeie. . dupa dorinta locatarului. dupa vant. dupa soare.

• Proiectul arhitectului David Fisher. Turnurile Rotative Dubai si Moscova sunt date in folosinta din anul 2010. .

Fiecare nivel din cele 80 este independent in rotatia sa pe axul central in beton-armat .• Denumit "Dynamic Architecture" acest tip de constructie este in rotatie continua.

.• Rezervatia apartamente a inceput la 1 Iunie 2008. suprafatele variaza intre 37 si 297 mp.

Amenajare etaj in Vila de o familie Amenajare unui etaj in apartamente .

Turbine de vant ajuta la rotatie economica Asamblare de modul prefabricat Panouri foto-voltaic sunt plasate sub podea .

unul special pentru automobil. . care contine doua scari si cinci elevatoare.• Fiecare etaj se invarte independent in jurul axei stabile de beton-armat.

• Cateva imagini in rotatie. .

foarte rezistente (fibra de carbon) atasate si fixate una de alta. Comanda miscarii se face prin voce din fiecare apartament. . in jurul unui stalp central de beton-armat pe care pivoteaza fiecare etaj. rotatia intreaga dureaza aproape 3 ore.• Fiecare nivel se compune din piese de marimea camerei din materiale usoare.

.• Fiecare locatar are masina parcata la acelas nivel cu apartamentul sau. deplasare la sol se face rapid cu un elevator mare.

bazinul are jeturi cu apa minerala.• Sala principala de baie are vedere direct spre ocean printr-o sticla-zid pe toata lungimea. .

realizarea constructiei. .• Explicatia tri-dimensionala.

Urmatoarele proiecte pot fi in New York. Korea sau Switzerland.• David Fisher doreste sa ridice alte TurnuriDinamice. • Costul informativ pentru un turn de 80 etaje cu 120-200 de apartamente este de aproape $700 millions. Romania nu e inscrisa inca. Germany. Italy. . sau in Canada.

• Pentru arhitectul David Fisher. turnul-dinamic este o filozofie de rezolvare in spatiu si timp. Solutia usureaza viata in timpul modern al zilelor de astazi. .

Propunerea de la Chicago: .

Propunerea de la Chicago: .

Vedere dela etajul 80 catre Chicago: .

proiect realizat 2010 .Propunerea de la Dubai.

html .net/home.dynamicarchitecture.http://www.

Italian leader for special construction materials. a construction management company • Abita . a completely new approach to the construction industry. • Kriston Enterprises Ltd of Greece. Italy.H. Principals: • G. Lally • Sheikh Mejren bin Mohammed bin Sultan Among the Dynamic Group companies: • Rotating Towers Dubai Development Limited • Dynamic Communications Limited • Rotating Tower Industries Italy Srl The DYNAMIC CLUB is devised of a group of world leader “Associated” companies involved in the Design and Engineering. Robertson (LERA) is the main structural engineer of the Rotating Towers and is in charge of the overall engineering aspects of the towers. maintenance services and other contributions that may be integrated in the development of the Rotating Tower.ABOUT DYNAMIC ARCHITECTURE GROUP: Rotating Tower Technology International Ltd. • Rotating Tower Technology International – is the owner of the exclusive rights to exploit the „invention' (patents pending. manufacturer of luxury marble bathrooms. The Group controls the technology of the Rotating Towers and offers the following: • Design and engineering services • Supply of complete turn-key Rotating Towers The Group is also active as a developer and co-developer of Rotating Towers. • Bosch Rexroth (Bosch Group). engineering of all systems related to the mechanics of the revolving floors and the interfaces (Plumbing. Electricity. know-how and technology) of the Rotating Tower. etc) between the rotating floor and the core as well as the computerized control system. supply of technology. is in charge of the design.UNIVERSITY CENTER • Gruppo GE. products. • Leonardo da Vinci smart bathroom. World leader for drive and control systems.an Italian Contracting and Construction Company .DI . Founding Members: • Leslie E. a United Kingdom company. Associated Members: • Kerakoll SpA.

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