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Fishbone Diagram Generator 2.

Welcome to's Fishbone Diagram Generator 2.0. Following the four simple steps below allows firm to identify, analyze, and graphically depict with increasing detail, all potential causes related to a proble current condition in order to discover its root causes. This software is a free service developed by Kevin Doug and Tom Smith of the Quality and Manufacturing Management program (QMM) at The Pennsylvania State University.

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Problem Statement
Enter the problem you are trying to analyze in the white box below. Include as much information on the "what", "when", and "how much" of the problem. Click "finished" to continue.

Invoices Not Posted to PMS

Major Cause Catagories

Fill in general cause catagories below. For suggested causes, click on your business type.You can add or change suggested causes if you choose. Click "finished" to continue.

1 People 4 2 Source Documents 5 3 Procedures 6

Measurement Environment Systems

Specific Causes
Enter specific causes associated with respective major causes below. Be #1 People ----> Not Trained ----> ----> ----> #2 Source Documents ----> Not Available ----> Wrong Documents ----> ----> #3 Procedures ----> Not Documented ----> Not Followed ----> Not Well Defined ----> #4 Measurement ----> Wrong Metrics ----> No Tracking at All ----> ----> #5 Environment ----> Not Accounting Oriented ----> Not Important to Leadership ----> ----> #6 Systems ----> No Integration of Data ----> No Single System ----> ---->

e four simple steps below allows your ential causes related to a problem or service developed by Kevin Dougherty nt program (QMM) at

This software best viewed with 800 x

Management program contact

Fishbone Diagram
Environment Procedures People

Not Well Defined Not Followed

Not Important to Leadership Not Accounting Oriented Not Documented

Not Trained Invoices Not Posted to PMS

No Integration of Data

Wrong Metrics No Single System

Not Available

No Tracking at All

Wrong Documents



Source Documents