Diocese of South Carolina


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 28, 2013 For more information contact: Jan Pringle, (678) 667-6169 jpringle@dioceseofsc.org IN RESPONSE TO TODAY’S LEGAL ACTION BY TEC, BELOW IS A STATEMENT BYJIM LEWIS, CANON TO THE ORDINARY

There is little to say about the counterclaims filed in Circuit Court by The Episcopal Church and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina. We are saddened they filed their suits on Maundy Thursday in the middle of Holy Week and that they have made the lawsuit personal by suing individuals who make up the leadership of our parishes. However we are not surprised that TEC’s filing now makes clear its intention to seize all the properties of the Diocese of South Carolina and its parishes. The court filings are consistent with the scores of lawsuits The Episcopal Church has filed against dioceses and parishes across the United States. We pray the denomination’s legal actions do not distract members of the Diocese during the holiest week of the year, when all our thoughts should be on things far more spiritual and far more important.

Because of it being Holy Week, we will not be available for questions until Monday. Thank you.

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