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Mayor Alan R. Lambert Chief Robert Dickerson March 29, 2013 Resignation as Chief of Police/ Public Safety Director Chief Memo: 13-23

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday afternoon, and again earlier today to listen to my concerns and pleas as to why I feel you should immediately resign from elected office as a result of the current investigation being conducted by the Michigan State Police. Your decision to stay in office, in light of what has transpired recently, has left me no choice but to submit to you my resignation as the Chief of Police / Public Safety Director. As you know, over the past eighteen months I, along with our police officers and command staff have worked diligently in rebuilding our community’s trust, faith, image, and support. I strongly feel that your decision to stay in office while the MSP Investigation continues will no doubt have a negative effect on the progress we’ve made with the community. All public safety personnel understand and generally support the concept that police officers, firefighters, and elected officials are held to a higher standard when it comes to behavior and or misconduct in and out of office; and as you’re aware, as a result of these mandated higher standards, five police officers that were involved in the previous criminal investigation in 2011, no longer work for us. Your serious lapses in judgment, whether legal or illegal, which were ultimately followed up by the embarrassing police raid of your residence has led me to believe that you can no longer capably meet the “higher standards” mandate as described above. To put it simple Mayor, hypothetically, if one of my police officers or firefighters showed the same lapses in judgments that you did and brought the same type of shame, mistrust, and embarrassment on the community, I assure you, that under my leadership they would not be working for us today. In my mind, there cannot be a double standard just because you are the Mayor. In closing, I’m hopeful that sooner, rather than later, that you would consider doing the honorable thing for the community and resign from office, and allow the city to move forward without the “circus like atmosphere” that your personal decisions and legal situation has created.

Cc: Romulus Police and Fire Personnel

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