LEARNING TO GROW Matthew 5:1, 2 The last Old Testament prophet, Malachi spoke 400 years before the coming of Christ. It was the coming of Christ that broke the silence that happened in between the two periods. Jesus came to reveal His word to man. He is the Saviour, Lord and Teacher. His teaching brought transformation and peace to His hearers. Until a sinner repents, there is nothing Christ can teach him because he is dead in sins and trespasses. When the sinner hears the word of God and obey, Christ will transform him into a Christian, full of hope and the Spirit of God. During Christ's earthly ministry, different kinds of hearers heard His preaching. He taught His disciples, the multitude and the people (Matthew 5:1,2; 7:28,29). Disciples are learners who grow to become apostles. 1. LEARNING IN HIS PRESENCE Matthew 5:1,2; John 3:2; Matthew 22:16; John 8:2,28; Matthew 11:29; Isaiah 50:4 Jesus moved to the plain so that He will be heard by all the multitude of people. Jesus is not only the Saviour and Lord, He is also a Teacher. People in His time knew Him to be a teacher of a higher level. He was a teacher come from God because He was teachable before the Father. Likewise, we cannot be effective teacher unless we are teachable. From the ministry of Christ, we learn that (i) he taught without fear, without favour (ii) He taught with focus and freshness (iii) He taught with firmness and finality (iv) He taught faithfully and fearlessly 2. LEANING ON HIS PROMISES Matthew 5:1,2; Deuteronomy 31:12; Philippians 4:9; John 13:17; Romans 8:3,4; Ephesians 3:20 Christ is "a teacher come from God" indeed. The difference between Christ and other teachers like Moses, David and Daniel was that His word proceeds with transforming power to accomplish in His hearers His good purpose. The Old Testament teachers could not transform people they taught but Christ had the power to teach and transform the people. While the people of Old Testament could not find grace to obey the truth they were taught, the people Jesus taught received grace to obey His word. This

2. every believer must in faith assure himself that " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" . . We can only enter heaven through obedience to God's word. LIVING BY HIS PRECEPTS Matthew 5:1. The indwelling Christ is He that enables us to obey His word. title etc0 that will take us to heaven. Likewise. money. we attend service to listen to the word of God. they received the fulfillment of His promises in their lives. This is because Christ's teachings are supernatural. We also need to lean on the promises of God to be able to practice the word of God. Luke 8:15. 7:24-27. and we need supernatural power to be able to do them. It is our Christian lifestyle ( not signs and wonders. James 1: 21-25 3. Those who refused to live by the word of God are described as "foolish". We teach people so that they can practice the word of God (Matthew 7:26.27. Revelation 22:14.happened as they listened and leaned upon the Lord for grace to obey Him. Only those who keep to the word of God truly love God. Christ taught people so that they will live by His teaching. Believers must endeavour to receive grace from God to obey His word.27). Matthew 7:26. Against doubts. As the lean on Him.

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